Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Elf Village Battle 10

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Elf Village Battle ⑩


What should I do?
Kyouya-kun has rushed out.

「Ojou-sama, what will you do?」

I want to ask that.
But, I should say something here, right?
After all, Kyouya-kun has gone arbitrarily, and I’m the highest in the position, isn’t it?

The pressure makes my stomach….
Let’s go with the strategy as usual here.

「Merazofis, I entrust it to you」

The leaving all to somebody else.
Although I was actually planning to leave all to Kyouya-kun, he has gone.

What kind of thing is it to leave me after his friend was found?
There’s no way I can command the army alone.

「What will Ojou-sama do?」

I answer Merazofis’s question after leaving a space in a relaxed manner.
Actually, I think about a good excuse in the meantime.

「The Hero is there. It’s rude if I don’t go to greet him as the Maou-sama’s retainer, right?」

What the hell.
I said it myself, and I draw back that this is slightly impossible.
To go and greet the enemy expressly, which evil Four Heavenly Kings is that.
(TL note: Not sure which reference is this. 悪の四天王)

「Oh? You don’t like it?」
「Never. Everything is Ojou-sama’s optional」

Merazofis who lowers his head respectfully.
I was able to deceive him somehow.
Then, let’s chase after Kyouya-kun.

I begin to walk slowly.
I walk on the battlefield where the Humans fight against the Elves elegantly.
Nobody notices such me.

While I walk, I confirm the present war situation.
After seeing it with “Thousand Miles Eye”, the central vicinity in the battlefield is in deadlock.
The Hero is also around here.
The right-wing and the left-wing are, ah, the Humans are almost annihilated by the Elf’s robots.
It can’t be helped.
If that robot is the opponent, the normal Human can’t win.

That old man is incredible.
The robot is being defeated.
What is Master doing?
Is the old man an acquaintance?

Well, if it’s Master, there’s no problem.
Kusama-kun is defeated by the robots and is withdrawing.
Well, Kusama-kun is not so strong, and just surviving after fighting against the robot is a godsend.
Or did the Elves overlook him on purpose because he’s a reincarnated person?
Thanks to the “Ninja” skill, he’s fast in escaping, so the possibility of escaping by himself is high.
I can’t say either.

Merazofis marches.
Well, I wonder if it’s a good time.
Most of the Humans except the center are useless.
Although I wanted them to do their best a little more, if the opponent is the robots, it can’t be helped.

Then, from this point, it will become the three-corner fight of the Demons army, the Humans army, and the Elves army.
Actually, because the Humans army is sandwiched between the two army will exit immediately, it’s the Demons army vs. the Elves army.

Is Merazofis all right?
Although he has the title of the Commander of the Fourth Demon King Army, he’s real strength is considerably inferior to us.
Although he’s stronger than the other decoration Commanders, still, I think that it’s severe if the opponent is several robots.

I will support him a little.
Skill, “Undead King” activate.
There’s a lot of bodies just right, and I can’t expect it as a force, but it can at least be a harassment.

The corpses everywhere in the battlefield get up slowly after receiving the power of my skill.
The movement is slow, and there’s no ability when it’s alive.
If it’s seen in ability, it’s the lowest.
However, because it doesn’t have a soul, it won’t stop until the body is destroyed completely.
Even if it’s stopped, experience point is not obtained because there’s no soul.
It’s really an unpleasant ability.
It stinks.
It’s disgusting.

I set the zombies’ target as the Elves, the Humans, and the robots.
I fix that those who die in the battlefield after this to become zombies automatically.
With this, it’s good.
It will at least be a meat wall.

Kyouya-kun has killed Natsume-kun.
Well, it’s fine though.
Won’t the Humans who are broken from brainwash be a chaos now?
Well, at any rate, Dustin-ojisama will do preparations behind-the-scene so that there’s no confusion.

Well then, I have come near to the Hero, so shall I erase my presence and watch the development?

「Kyouya, is it really Kyouya?」
「Yeah. The real Sasajima Kyouya. It’s been a long time, Shun, Kanata」
「Why are you here?」
「Un? Isn’t that obvious? It’s to destroy the Elves」
「Rather, as for me, I don’t understand why Shun and the others side with the Elves. Anyway, you’re probably deceived by the Elves’ cajolery」
「What do you mean?」
「The Elves are the harm of the world, you know? It’s insane to protect them. It’s not too late even from now. Can you withdraw?」
「There’s no way….」
「Kyouya, tell me in detail」
「Okay. But, Kanata, you have become very cute. I mistook you」
「Ahaha. Somehow, it seems like talking with different person」
「I can’t be the same in reality. The past and the present, the world where I live and the appointed circumstances are different. I think that it’s abnormal to not change」
「Certainly. Oops, let’s return to the talk」
「!! Wait! Who!?」

Was I noticed?
As expected, he’s a Hero even if he’s corrupted.
Then, let’s decide to appear splendidly here.

「How do you do?」
「Who are you?」
「Oh? Isn’t it courtesy to give your name first when you ask a person’s name?」
「I’m Shurein」
「It’s good that you are obedient. I am Sophia Keren. Please to make your acquaintance」
「It’s Negishi Akiko」

Why this man reveals my previous life’s name without lightly!?
I will knock you down!?


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