Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Chapter 201

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Changed Ogre to Oni(鬼). While the Ogre(オーガ) is kept the same.

201 The Demon King and the Queen

The passage that connects the upper layer and the middle layer in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
I was waiting there.
I who’s the Queen-in-charge, my present body grew up considerably.
I’m no difference with the former Queen just by the appearance.
Thanks to that, the passage that should be wide feels narrow.
When I think about such a thing, the expected visitor came.


The Demon King said so and greeted lightly.
Although I was told 「Because the Demon King is coming, run away」 by the main body, I judged that I should try to talk with this Demon King once.
And, the Demon King who came over changed completely from the time when I met her before, and greeted friendly.
Because I was killed without arguments when we met before, it’s a great difference.

I can’t talk.
Ah, I forgot about it because I usually do a telepathic communication with the main body through the path of the soul.
Although I had a feeling that calmness was added after fusing with the Queen, it looks like the carelessness is not cured after all.

『Ah, I see. If it’s not Telepathy, the words can’t be exchanged. Sorry, sorry』

The Demon King speaks with the Telepathy as if she saw through my thought.
Did the Demon King have the Telepathy?
Oh, well.
If I can speak with Telepathy, it’s convenient.

『So, which one is you now?』

It has been known that the connection with Maou-in-charge severed from us.
In other words, the Maou-in-charge lost in the tug-of-war of the soul, and as a result, the Demon King acquired the initiative of the consciousness.
It’s thought so.
But, the presence that I feel from the Demon King since a while ago is close to the Maou-in-charge.
I was not able to judge whether the Demon King won or the Maou-in-charge won when I see the real thing.

『I’m both. That’s the closest answer』
『What do you mean?』
『It’s the meaning as it is. I feel that the consciousness of Ariel is pretty much strong, but I’m aware that I myself is the Maou-in-charge. In other words, the state that we mixed and melted together』

Demon King Ariel has mix with the former Body-in-charge.
No, I did expect it.
It was not really unexpected, and I thought that there’s such a possibility.
But, when I actually see it, well.

『Too bad that you became the Demon King』
『Isn’t that harsh!?』

It’s actually so.
Where did the charisma when I met you before go?
Ah, come to think of it, it’s strange for me to speak with another person normally like this, huh?
When I think so, it can’t be think that it’s another person.

『So, what will you do from now on? If you want to pick a fight with the main body, it’s better that you stop. Because she is working immortality now』
『What’s with that frightening work?』
『Keep laying eggs to mass produce the evacuation site』
『Ah. So that’s the reason why she revived calmly even though I killed her before』
『Ah, oops』

The Demon King didn’t know about this information.

『Ah, it’s fine because I don’t have the intention to be hostile anymore』
『Ah, is that so? If so, it’s good』

Well, it’s hopeless because it’s already almost impossible to do something about all the eggs even if she know it.

『Un. Rather than being hostile, isn’t it better to joint struggle?』

The Demon King smiles.
I feel a freezing deep anger in that smile.
Such a place is the Demon King, huh?

『I see. Well, isn’t it fine? The main body thinks that she must do something to the world』
『Don’t you agree? Although it looks like Gyurie doesn’t notice it because he doesn’t have the interference right, the world collapse will start soon. That must be evaded no matter what it takes』
『Yeah. Well, because the main body seem to have annihilated some army at a considerable momentum, it might be delay a little』
『What’s that? Can you tell me in detail?』

I tell the story that the main body plunged into the war and massacred.

『Good Job!』
『Is that fine for you? It’s the religion that worships you and your Master』
『It’s fine. The Divine Word Religion is more decent than such people who lost sight of the essence』
『Is that so?』
『Yeah. The Divine Word Religion’s Pope has maxed the level of “Taboo”』
『Seriously. Therefore, that can’t be said as an ally, but that probably have the same thought as us to some extent. Well, Because that acts with the Humans survival as the top priority, That might not come to an agreement with us in the final point』
『Hmm? The way of speaking sounds that it’s fine even if the Humans perished?』
『It’s fine』
『Is it fine? I think that your Master will be sad if it’s done though』
『I’m resolved. I seem to have changed considerably after mixing with a part of you. My way of thinking changed considerably』
『Ah, I see. I don’t know whether it’s good or not though』

For the time being, the action of the main body doesn’t seem to have any problem for the Demon King.
Rather, it seems to be a good job.

『That’s why, I want to meet the main body for the cease-fire and joint struggle, but how is it?』
『Let me see. Wait for a while. I will confirm…』

Um, this, don’t tell me?

『Hmm? What’s wrong?』

Ah, seriously?
Main body, finally.
I mean, this is unexpected.

『Sorry. I will disappear』

There’s no time to explain it, huh?
Apparently, I will be absorbed into the main body by the main body’s apotheosis.
When it’s this condition, the other Queens are the same too, huh?

Well, it doesn’t means that I will die and I will only return to the original sheath, but will the existence called me disappear?
Although I don’t know what will happen to this body, does it means that it will die when the soul comes out?

As for the Demon King, the connection disappeared, so she will be safe.
If I had the time, I can guide her to the main body with Transfer.
I’m sorry, but please locate the main body by yourself.
I will cope properly at that time.

And, I was pulled by the main body, and I was extracted from the Queen’s body.


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