Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 7

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Blood 7 War

The war was unsettled.
Father’s army who returned is worn-out.
When I see the appearance, it’s like they returned because they lost, but they turned back because it’s not the time for a war.

The cause is that spider monster.
It seems that it didn’t died in the recent riot, and it appeared suddenly in the battlefield.
And, it massacres without the distinction of the enemies and allies, and at the end, they succeeded in exterminating it by shooting a great magic to the place where Hero-sama stopped it.

But, it seems that both armies have a considerably severe damage, and the continuation of the war is impossible.
I hear that both armies cease-fire once and withdrew.
Although I feel relieved because father returned safely, the anxiety to the present condition that’s only postponing the problem at the same time.

It seems that Hero-sama who was thought to be hit together with the spider was protected in secret by the empire’s great magician.
I hear that he can use the Transfer magic, and he rescued Hero-sama barely just before the great magic hitting directly.

Leaving that aside, the country is confused.
Because the army was destroyed partially by the other party who was worshiped as the Divine Beast.
Originally, this war is the revenge of the Divine Beast on paper.
Actually, there’s probably the friction with the Divine Word Religion over many years.
But, in this matter, the spider worshiped as the Divine Beast is just as the Divine Word Religion said, and it has been proven that it’s a dangerous monster.
A just cause was lost here.

Then, the Divine Word Religion is more reasonable.
That’s very bad.
It means that the chance to take advantage of the Sariera country is given to the Divine Word Religion.

Thanks to that, father moves around hurriedly after returning.
The war didn’t end with this.
Rather, I think that the future is the real thing.
The Divine Word Religion considers the Goddess Religion as an enemy, so I don’t think that they will miss this chance.
As expected, it will take quite some time to reorganize the army that has been destroyed partially, but the opponent is a large organization that has great influence in the Humans society.
It can be think that they will prepare the army besides the army that participated this time.

In contrast with that, the Sariera country only has the national power higher than the country around there.
But, the state of being isolated and helpless, and the army is in the state of partial destruction.
If I were to say whether there’s a winning chance or not in that state, I who’s an amateur can also answer “no”.

This war was a losing battle from the beginning.
Although if it’s only the Outsu country that takes the lead, the Sariera country is absolutely more advantageous, at the point in time when the Divine Word Religion is on their side, the wining chance becomes thinner.
In addition, if the even the empire supports the Outsu country, it was too strong as a push.

But still, not withdrawing is the scary point of the religious war.
Although it’s impossible to understand for me, there was no choice of not fighting for the Sariera country.
This was is the one to decided the victory or defeat with the fight of army vs. army.
And, the Sariera country surrenders without producing any damage to the commoners.
Although the army is wasted, I think that there was an ulterior motive called it will end by compensating for a loose condition by surrendering in the state with reserve strength and national power.

But, it has collapsed by the intruder who appeared in the battlefield.
Both armies damage is enormous.
And, the conclusion is vague.
The war will continue.
That’s also a bad condition for the Sariera country.

From here on, it won’t become a clean war that decides the victory or defeat in the battle.
(TL note: Heavy Object?)
It will become a battle of the marsh.
That would cause damage to the town.

And, the first one to be targeted is this town.
It’s close to the border with the Outsu country, and it’s the place where the spider monster in question spread its roots.

Father tried to advance the residents’ evacuation from early.
But, the time and the condition were bad.

First of all, the problem of time.
It was a problem that it has just entered the harvest season.
The territories that centered on the town where I live owned the vast fields that’s also the farming ground.
The harvested crops reach the town from the highway that extends around the town leads to each farm village.
Furthermore, it’s transported from the town to the whole nation of the Sariera country.

The harvest can’t be abandoned for the Sariera country.
Therefore, the evacuation of the people assigned to the work can’t be done.
Although the transporters were able to evacuate at the transported destination, the people engaged in other works were in the situation that evacuation can’t be done even if they want to evacuate.

And, the another one, the condition was bad.
The Sariera country’s government decided that this town will be made as a sacrifice.

In short, they decided to let the enemy to attack this town in this war, and surrender it.
This war can’t end unhurt.
Then, the intention of the country that said to make the wound as slight as possible.
Along with it, the evacuation of the crops and goods as much as possible, the evacuation of only excellent personnel, and the evacuation of the other commoners was not accepted.
In other words, they were presented as slaves to the opponent.

And, father who governs the town and his family.

Father was making great effort to somehow let mother and me escape.
But, that didn’t come true.
Although my grandparents tried to make preparations in secret somehow, that also seemed to have been crushed by our own country.

Perhaps, the dealing between our own country and the enemy has already been established.
If it’s not so, the movement is too limited.

The time overlaps with the harvest season, and anyhow, it’s too unlucky.
Because the separation of farmers and soldiers was firmly made in this country, there was no big serious wound in the harvest, but nevertheless, I can’t help but to say it’s unlucky.
If the enemy forecasts all these and moved, it can be said that it’s the Sariera country’s complete defeat.

The approaching enemy army was seen as death.


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