Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 8

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Blood 8 Decision

「Sorry. It’s my lack of ability」
「No. You made efforts for us 」

Mother embraces father gently to support father who hangs his head.

「Sophia, I wanted to be on your side until you at least become an adult. Please forgive this worthless father」

Father holds me up in his arms gently.
This might be the first time as far as I can remember to be held by father.
But, father’s love has been transmitted properly.
I receive a kiss from mother while being held by mother.

Speaking honestly, the thing called parent and child love was thin.
Because I have the memory of the previous life, the feeling of true parent and child was thin in me no matter what.
That’s why, there was guilty somewhere in my feelings when they pour love to me like this.
But, when thinking that this is the end, I regretted it oppositely.
I should have fawn on them more.

I still haven’t return anything to them as their child.
Because I have the memory of the previous life, I think that I took a fairly cold attitude.
If I fawn on them much more, the contact of these people with their child might be more assertive.
Then, we might have become true parents and child.
But, that’s already too late.

「Merazofis, Noiria. I entrust the future to you」

Merazofis and Noiria straighten up to father’s voice.
Both of them changed their clothes to the clothes that man and woman wear in the town generally from the usual attendant appearance.
Taking advantage of the confusion that the enemy invaded, both of them act as a married couple in order to let me escape.
If it’s as a ordinary baby of the town, I might be able to escape.
It was the last resort that the cornered father gave.

Besides that, there’s no one who remains in the mansion.
Everyone are mixed with the crops transporters, and they are made to evacuate from the town.
But, there’s a severe watch on mother and me by all means.
In order to escape, we have no choice but to take advantage of the confusion.

And, leaving aside that I’m a baby, there was no chance to escape for mother who had many exposure and her face is known.
It’s a matter of luck whether I can escape or not.
And, my father and mother won’t survive.
It was the final farewell.

The people who remain in the mansion now are many aged attendants who were resolved to follow such father and mother.
The young attendants were driven away by father forcibly to a distant place.
And, both Merazofis and Noiria said to remain here until the end.
That’s why, it can be said that the important task of letting me escape was entrusted to them.

I think that father knew that Merazofis adores mother.
On top of knowing it, I think that he trusted him.
Merazofis understood it, and served father on top of that.
Because I have not experienced love, I don’t understand both father and Merazofis’s feelings well.
However, there was a certain mutual trust.

「I will definitely protect Ojou-sama」
「Ah. I leave it to you」

Mother who embraces me and Noiria while shedding tears.
Father who hand over me to Merazofis gently.
That hand trembled faintly.

And, I bid farewell to my parents.
The farewell that we can never meet again.

When we go out from the back door of the mansion stealthily, the flames had already reached the vicinity of the town’s entrance at that time.
We slip into the wave of the escaping people successfully.
We follow the people’s flow like that, and head to the outside of the town.
But, the soldiers of the enemy country had already taken a stance at the gate that continues to the town’s outside.

「We will escape」

Merazofis pulls Noiria’s hand, break the people’s flow forcibly, and rushes into the back alley.
Then, my Presence Perception worked.

「I will have you to wait」

The shadow that appears at the back alley before we know.
The inner part of the alley, and the side of the alley.
Four people block us in each of it.

Should I consider this that we were marked at the moment we gone out of the mansion?
It was a desperate situation.

But, somehow, the state is strange.

「Who are you!?」
「There’s no obligation to answer. The protection of the baby」
「The target is the baby! Defend her to the last!」

The men in the side and the inner part of the alley run simultaneously towards here.
Although I don’t know the circumstances, the four people in the side and the four people in the inner part are from different organizations?
It might still be possible to escape by taking advantage of this confusion.

Such light expectation falls apart because Noiria cut the approaching man from the inner part of the alley.

「Hand over the baby!」

The point of sword that approaches Merazofis is stopped by the man on the opposite side.
At the same time, Merazofis’s body is pulled.
Merazofis uses the power and rams the man oppositely.
He tries to run through the back alley with the power.
But, that body fall down on the alley.

He make sure that I’m not crushed even though he fell.
An anguish expression is on the face of Merazofis who fell sideways.
When I try to look at him, a dagger was pierced deeply on his back.

The combat of the mysterious men continues in the alley.
Noiria lies down at their feet.
Overflowing blood and vacant eyes. It was realistically seen that she had already died.

At this rate, Merazofis won’t survive either.
I pull out the dagger pierced on his back desperately with my young hands.
The fresh blood that begins to overflow.
At this rate, he will die.
If Merazofis dies, next is my turn.

The way to reverse from here.
There’s only one possibility.
But, if I do it, my life as a human ends.
In addition, I don’t even know whether it will succeed or not.
I don’t know whether something can be done in this place or not even if it succeeds.

I look at Merazofis who seems to die at any time.
I see the grand feelings like cursing his powerlessness in his eyes.

「Ojou-sama, I am sorry」

The voice that gets hoarse.
I made a decision.
I stabbed my fangs to the fallen man’s nape.


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  1. ScarletFlames says:

    Half of the reincarnators had interesting enough lives that they could have had their own novels. Can’t wait for more chapters on the blood arc!

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    • RoflCat says:

      Well, she is on the demon’s side, so either they escape for now, or even after becoming vampire Merazofis wasn’t strong enough yet.

      Then Shiro and Ariel appeared and took them in, most likely after Sophia saw Shiro’s face + recognize that atmosphere similar to the spider, she blame it on Shiro for screwing her new life.

      Ariel then mediates to take them in and train them, so that the next time such an invasion come, she can defend her loved one.

      Best case scenario the parents will also be taken with them, but I kinda doubt that.

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      But with Blood and Oni side stories, it’s very close to Kumo’s time, especially Blood since she met Kumo + in the elf village part we know she become quite powerful (zombiesss zombiessss everywhere)

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