Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? – Blood 6

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Blood 6 Sudden change

When I became accustomed to a life that includes the existance of the spider, as usual in midnight, I stayed indoors in the study room and look through the books.
I predict the time when the sun begins to rise and sneak away from the study room quietly.

Because I continued living like this, my skills have rose altogether.
And because the level of Sleep Resistance rose, I can stay up all night long if I do my best.
Although it may not be good for my body growth, it’s fine if I sleep the equal time during the day.
Although Mother and the attendants were worried that I kept on sleeping during the day at first, eventually, they assumed that because I’m a child, they left me like that.

There’s a person who is caught in Presence Perception.
It’s Merazofis.
Merazofis goes out to the garden while holding a fake sword.
After that incident, Merazofis trained like this almost every day early in the morning.
It’s either because he’s very frustrated that he was cut by the bandits without being able to do anything, or because he thinks he must become able to protect Mother properly next time.
It’s the latter when I think about Merazofis’s personality.
Mother is absolute to him.
He will do anything in order to protect Mother’s happiness.
He’s such a damn serious guy.

It doesn’t mean that Merazofis is weak.
However, he’s not strong either.
Judging from the people who are staying in my house recently, I think he neither passes nor fails as a human.
Although I think he’s good enough as a butler, if the person himself doesn’t agree, I can’t say anything.

I return to my room while hearing the sound of practice-swinging.


Then, the incident happened.
On that day, I didn’t go to the study room.
Although there was a disgusting middle-aged man who ogled at Mother for a long time, it’s because that middle-aged man stayed up until midnight.
I wanted him to get out quickly because he’s disgusting and annoying, and I get sick of it because a guy like him will stay long.

If he opens his mouth, he complains.
He troubles our attendants by saying half-truths things.
He even speaks complaints with such extreme pretexts that makes me want to say 「What!?」 instinctively among that.
He smoked a day before, and in the next day, when he said 「This room stinks of cigarette. It’s not suitable! Drive out the fool who smokes in here from the mansion right now!」, I almost said “Then, go out” reflexively.
Even though the middle-aged man’s attendant told him that he was the one who smoked indirectly, he got angry reversely saying “Like there’s such thing”.
The pitiful attendant didn’t come the next day.
In fact, if I think of the thing after this, it might be better that the attendant left.

The middle-aged man died.
Although I stayed up at that time, I didn’t notice it at all.
There was no reaction in Presence Perception, and I only knew that the middle-aged man fell suddenly.

There was an uproar in the mansion even though it was late at night.
It was good that I didn’t go to the study room.
If I went there, I would have be found.

The cause of the middle-aged man’s death is unknown.
It’s whispered that it’s the Sacred Beast’s infuriated divine punishment.
Apparently, the middle-aged man seemed to have meddled with that spider.

Father gathers the middle-aged man’s attendants, and ask the circumstances.
Even though it seems like my five senses are excellent because I’m a Vampire, as expected, I can’t hear the conversation in the office, where Father is, from my room.
Won’t that spider use this as an opportunity to invade this town?
The noisy night passed as such anxiety rose.

Three days passed without that spider making any move, in contrast to my anxiety.
I don’t know in detail how that middle-aged man’s death will affect the diplomacy.
But, somehow, it seems like it has been expected that the middle-aged man would cause a problem in this country.
Although it’s vague, from what I eavesdropped on the attendants’ conversation, I concluded with such a guess.

If I predict further from there, I think that a war might happen before long.
Somehow, Father has the part that moves on the assumption of it.
He visits the people of the army often while being cautious of the spider’s movement.
Although it’s not decided that it will happen, it might happen.

While holding such vague anxiety, I dozed off because it’s daytime.
Then, because of the explosion and the earth tremor that sounded suddenly, I woke up forcefully.

While I was panicking, wondering what happened, I was embraced by Mother.
On her side, Merazofis watches the surroundings with a serious look.
We prepare so that we can evacuate immediately.
But, the explosion and the earth tremor calmed down in the meanwhile, and silence returned.

The attendants begin to investigate the cause of the situation while being cautious.
Father gives instructions, and everyone acts quickly.
I see it while being embraced by Mother.

The cobweb was destroyed completely, and the report that the spider became missing was reported to the mansion immediately.

From there, the development was like surging waves.
The Divine Word Religion announced that they defeated the fake Divine Beast that look root in the Sariera country towards the whole world.
The Sariera country is this country where I was born.
The Divine Beast is probably that spider.

The Sariera country protests against this strictly.
In addition of using military force without permission in their country, they demanded a compensation since they harmed the Divine Beast which the country was protecting.
The reply was “because we subjugated the monster, hand over the reward”. It was a too selfish complaint.

It’s clear that the Divine Word Religion has picked a fight.
On the other hand, the Sariera country was fully motivated for it.
Although I want them to stop it personally, there’s nothing that I, who’s a baby, can do.
I pray that we will win at least, and the army, led by father and dispatched from the town, was seen off.


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