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Chapter 12 Hero and the City of Magicians

As we walked leisurely on the highway, the outer walls of the magic city finally became visible.

Finally feeling relaxed, the girl walking behind me exhaled deeply.

[Finally, we’re here eh?]

“Don’t say it like that. She’s also trying her best.”

The travellers coming from the Magic city looked at me dubiously as I talked to myself. But soon their gazes would turn towards Miss Francesca walking behind me.

“Are you fine?”(traveller)

“Eh, yes, I’m fine. Thank you for worrying about me.”(fran)

I doubt they were acquaintances yet they were worrying for her.

It took 10 days to get here. Sleeping outdoors at nights and walking all the time during the day. We did get to stop at inns twice during the journey but the fatigue won’t disappear just by sleeping on a comfy bed once.

Her stamina should be at her limits already.

She’s still walking somehow but her legs are slow.

While talking with the passing by travellers, she’d take a rest by stopping her legs.

[You could have at least carried her luggage for her.]

Don’t say that. I lightly struck Ermenhilde inside my pocket.

If she’s an adventurer, she’ll have to learn to handle her own things.

After the travellers went away, Miss Francesca also began to walk again.

“Just a little bit more. Stay strong.”(renji)


Saying that, I also began to walk.

This girl is also very patient. During the 10 days we walked from that village to the Magic City, she didn’t complain even once.

Her pace started getting slower and slower day by day but she didn’t say anything like ‘take my luggage’ or ‘let’s take a rest’ even once.

At times her smile seemed to get clouded and sometimes distorted due to pain but that only made her look more favourable.

“Was the journey hard?”(renji)

Lining alongside her who was walking shakily, I asked.

Maybe she didn’t expect me talk to her, she looked at me with a hazy expression.

Her that stuck to her forehead due to sweat only made her look strangely erotic.

Am I also tired from the long journey? I shrugged my shoulders.

“This is the first time ever you’ve walked this much, right?”(renji)

“Yes. It is the first time.”(fran)

But for some reason, she laughed happily.

Understanding her reason somewhat, I also became slightly happy.

Journeying with an objective. Completing that objective. You start to feel the connection between people. You start to greet random travellers, adventurers while walking.

That’s something which has faded away in the modern world that’s why I love travelling in this different world which makes me feel like that.

Maybe, Miss Francesca also began to like journeying for the same reason.

Thinking that, I also became happy.

I guess, I’m also still young.

[You sure are getting along……..]

“Is that so?”(renji)

It seems Ermenhilde-san’s mood isn’t very good for some reason.

It’s probably sulking because I’m talking to Miss Francesca.

Since it happens sometimes, I decided to leave it be. If I was alone with no one around it’d be fine but this is the highway near the Magic City and Miss Francesca was right beside me.

There were a lot of people around.

If I talked happily to a medal here, I’ll only be seen as a retard.

No, I might be treated as some dangerous individual as well.

“Well, as long as you gained some good memories, it’s fine.”(Renji)


She looked at me with a wide smile this time.

That expression is really not fair. For a beauty like her to look at me with that kind of smile, I really think she’s too defenceless.

It’s not an expression you show to a man you started travelling recently. There’ll definitely be misunderstandings.

Getting a bit embarrassed, I shifted my gaze towards the Magic City in front of me.

Magic City Oufan.

As it name suggests, it’s a city filled with magicians who pursue magic, magic items and other similar techniques.

It’s one of the 4 major cities on the Imnesia continent.

Surrounded by huge walls, one would have to pass through one of the 4 gates under constant surveillance by soldiers in order to get in and out of the city.

To the east from here is the Royal Capital and further east of that is the Tactics City.

To the north of the Royal Capital is the Commercial Sciences City and to the south is the Steelworks City.

The Imnesia continent was made by the Roayl Capital in the centre, the 4 major cities in each direction and further branching countless villages.

Around the Commercial Sciences City, not just villages, but several well developed towns are also located.

I haven’t gone that side much though so I’m not very clear about it.

“I had always admired what is called as a ‘journey’.”(fran)

“It’s pretty common among nobles.”(renji)

[That’s true. Nobles wanting to be adventurers are filled with so much admiration and aspirations that it gets troublesome.]

I was not going to say that much though. I ended up smiling wryly.

We crossed many noble adventurers but they were all people who didn’t understand anything about being an adventurer.

Even though they were in the protection of their parents till now, they suddenly begin to travel the world without anything to try and make a living.

Well, without any aspirations, no one would try to become an adventurer either though, I think.

We were also the same. After getting summoned to this world, being made to fight something like a Demon God, but somewhere inside, we were still kind of happy.

A different world where we knew nothing. In the fights with monsters, even the quality of food was several levels below the current society.

At that time, it’s amazing we actually accepted something so dangerous like subjugating the Demon God. Even if it was this world’s goddess that asked us of it.

In that sense, the nobles who knew of this world better than us could be considered to have become adventurers with a much better reason.

There are those who become adventurers simply because they won’t be succeeding their house as well.

“The world of adventurers is one where you won’t move forward with just admiration alone.”(renji)

“Yes. I have learnt that perfectly well in the past 1 month.”(fran)

Saying that, Miss Francesca shrugged her shoulders while fixing her posture and luggage.

Seeing her actions that had become more adventurer-like than before, I laughed slightly.

“But still, I really had fun. In this adventure.”(Fran)

“haha—-Something like this is still faraway from an actual adventure.”(renji)

This girl had only seen a remote rural area.

Attacked by goblins, subjugating Orcs, and had simply walked back to the Magic academy.

That’s still nowhere near an actual adventure.

Elfreim, where the demi-humans live.

Abenelm, where the demons live.

Elves, dwarves, beastmen, fairies, spirits and many other races.

Demons and the Demon Lord and giant and strong monsters that don’t live on this continent.

Golems as big as small mountains, demonic beasts. Serpents and krakens that can sink ships. Griffons and Dragons that rule the skies.

And—-the Demon God.

“An adventure is to risk life and death.”(renji)

“fufu—-I had my hands full with just goblins though.”(fran)

“Well, that’s true.”(renji)

Normally, it is like that.

A single goblin would be a threat for a villager. That’s how dangerous this world is.

But I think, exactly because it is such a world, the bonds between people are strong and every day you feel truly alive and even walking like this while journeying seems so much fun.

Passing through strangers on the highway. Since the population of this world is not very high, you don’t meet too many people either. In a place like Tokyo, nobody can imagine how many hundreds of people pass through you in a matter of seconds.

But even though there are so many people, how many of them would actually greet you?

Calling a random stranger, how many would reply with a smile rather than a suspicious gaze?

Cars, trains, airplanes.

They’re convenient but we know how the world turns out due to pursuing too much convenience.

And, exactly because this world isn’t that convenient, the bonds between people are this strong. This world feels much warmer exactly because of that.

Maybe that’s why——-we chose this world.

It’s not convenient. There’s no internet nor any telephones.

It hurts when you get injured and you could die just because of slight negligence.

Even then, this world felt fascinating. Even though the danger to life was always by our side, still we thought of this world as much better.

“If it’s Miss Francesca, goblins would soon be of no threat to you.”(renji)

“Is that so?”(fran)


“…….you’re supposed to say ‘absolutely’ or any other such word there………”

I looked away from Miss Francesca who was grumbling and looked to the front.

The gate to the city was in front of us.

There was an inspection for entering and about 10 people were standing and waiting for their turn to come. Everyone had to pass through it. Well, we shouldn’t have any problem.

Joining the line, I sighed.

“With this, we’ll finally be done eh?”(renji)

“Sorry for all the trouble.”(fran)

Even though she had been tired till now, she’s laughing energetically now.

Our destination—–or rather, she must have felt relaxed to have reached the place where she lives.

“Well, it is my job after all.”(renji)

[You’re not being honest.]

Saying that, I shrugged my shoulders.

“Job, is it?……..”(fran)

Ermenhilde’s fed up voice and Miss Francesca’s slightly sad voice.

But, I had no other way to describe it. Job, request. All that’s left is to get my reward.

I don’t hate nobles but I don’t really want to get involved with them either.

I simply want to leisurely live as an adventurer in this world. For now, at least.

I don’t want to involve myself in troublesome things.

That’s why—–

“Yes, job. Well, I had fun with my job since the other party was a beauty though.”(renji)


Miss Francesca blushed at being called a beauty.

She really is cute.

[You’re making a sloppy face.]

“Well, I was born with it.”

As I sighed, I lightly hit Ermenhilde inside my pocket with my finger.

Seriously……my partner is such a smooth-talker.




The Magic City had changed quite a bit since the time I last visited.

We had stopped quite a bit of times during our journey to subjugate the Demon God but at that time the city felt less energetic and also had less people, I think.

Also, there were lesser demi-humans and beastmen back then as well.

But now, the main street was filled with lots of people, the stores and stalls were lively, and there were many different species other than humans walking down the street as well.

Unlike a rural village, I felt overwhelmed from the lines of stone-made houses and buildings along the streets.

………I must have gotten a bit too used to the atmosphere of a village.

And, the ones walking on the street were Elves, famous for hating humans.

Fairies, with a total size of about 10cm.

Beastmen, whose some part of the body was similar to some animal.

After the Demon God had been killed, the differences between the various races had also been resolved somewhat.

Also, the threat to this world—–the threat of monsters had not been removed either as of yet.

With the subjugation of the Demon God as a chance, they must have begun to compromise with each other slowly.

I slightly felt regret the fact that for the past half-year, I had been moving around only rural villages.

…….but, there are many beastmen in a human city. And they’re laughing. Walking alongside humans. To be able to see this scene, I feel that there really was a meaning behind our journey. I laughed that it wasn’t useless.

“In the time I didn’t visit, it really has changed.”(renji)

[You’re talking like a country bumpkin now.]

“Well, I did spend most of the time in villages recently.”

Saying that, I shrugged my shoulders.

But, leaving aside beastmen, for even elves and fairies to be here, I’m surprised.

As I looked around the surroundings, I really did look completely like a country bumpkin. I couldn’t refute that fact no matter what. Even my clothes matched that.

As the surrounding gazes focused on me for a second, I became embarrassed and stopped surveying everything.

“I’ll return to Albana Magic Academy for now but what will Renji-sama do?”(fran)

“nn…….for the time being, I’ll just find a random inn and rest, I guess?”(renji)

While looking at the crowd, I replied so.

Well I did come all the way to Magic Academy after all, it’ll be a waste to leave already.

My wallet is filled as well. It won’t be bad to think of the next journey while eating delicious meal with alcohol.

Also, I need to talk about the black Orc as well.

Though I don’t want to bring too much trouble for Souichi and other who are comfortably living as students either. I did have such adult-like or rather, guardian-like thinking as well for once.

In the worst case, it’ll end up with asking them for help but I do want children to live as children.

It’s an adults job to take care of troublesome things………..even if it ends in failure.

While thinking that, I guess I really have to show up at the Royal Capital. Utano-san…….is like ‘that’ so I should at least meet Toudou for once.

I also need to think about the journey as well——

“Well, I’d be in Oufan for the time being. If anything happens, bring a request to the guild.”(renji)

For the time being. I won’t stay here very long though.

When I said that, her expression suddenly became very bright.

“Which inn will you be…….”(fran)

“Well, it’ll be some cheap inn somewhere. As usual.”(renji)

[I want to sleep on a better bed for once.]

The quality of bed doesn’t even matter to you. I don’t know whether you’re a metal or not but you’re still a medal.

As I gave tsukkomi inside my mind, I shrugged. My partner medal really acts like a human sometimes.

I’m not really the type to fuss about the inn. As long as it’s cheap and can prepare meals, I’m good with it. It’s such a big city, there should be some inn with a bar as well.

“Then, we might meet again as well.”(fran)

“that’s true. Well, if there’s a chance, let’s meet again.”(renji)

Saying that, we parted. That’s all there was. There were no any lingering attachments.

I don’t have a stiff thinking like it was a once-in-a-lifetime encounter or something. I took a job and got my reward. We met, parted and might meet again.

Since we’re both in the city, there’s a chance we’d meet again.

Even after I leave this city, we might meet again if she continues to live as an adventurer.

Like I said before, she might request another job as well.

The world is vast but the bonds between people don’t disappear that easily.

That’s the kind of world—-this world is.

“In the end, nothing happened.”(renji)

[Don’t you hate trouble? Aren’t you happy?”]

On hearing that, I could only shrug my shoulders again.

“Well, troublesome things don’t happen that easily, I guess?”

[A trouble would be trouble only if you get involved in it but if you don’t, it’s only someone else’s problem after all.]

“That’s true as well.”

I agree with that.

And, I don’t have the hobby of getting close to other people’s problems. It’s a different thing if I’m getting a reward though.

For the time being I want to enjoy some luxury while wallet is still fat.

[So? Where are we heading?]

“A place which has both inn and a bar.”

I think I heard a sigh from inside my pocket but it was probably just my imagination.


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