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Interlude 2 The Academy Life of the Brave

(Souichi (Brave) POV)

Albana Magic Academy.

It is the oldest academy with a honourable origin. Publically, that is.

True, it is honourable and is definitely the oldest academy in the Magic City as well.

Every student that goes there either possesses a high status or is highly talented in magic.

But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those students possess a proper personality as well. After all, they are boys and girls in their teens. Even if they know what’s right or wrong, they lose to their own curiosity.

They want to indulge in dangerous things, hating boredom, they seek for thrill.

And even when they know that it’s bad and dangerous, they still end up doing it.


“It really was troublesome, you know? The demon inside the grimoire sealed in the magic room was really strong.”


A blue robe worn over a white blouse. One could tell at a single glance that the robe that had gold embroidery was a high class item.

The fabric also looked excellent. I don’t really know but apparently it had been created  with a fabric which is very popular with the girls, and both Aya and Yayoi were very happy with it when we first came here.

A knee long skirt of the same colour as the robe and underneath it were black stockings. That was the uniform of the Albana Magic Academy.

It is considered as a somewhat obvious fact in this academy that girls don’t show of much of their skin.

The uniform remains the same, just with thinner fabric, even in summers so apparently it’s really hot though.

My childhood friend wearing that uniform was informing me about the incident that happened in the magic room last week while puffing her non-existent chest proudly.

I’ll get beaten to death if I said that so I won’t though. I have become mature. The mouth is the source of calamity.

“Well done, I guess.”

“…….you’re really speaking in a tone as if doesn’t really concern you, you know?”

“After all it’s a demon that could be sealed inside a Grimoire right? Something like that won’t even be a proper enemy for Aya.”

The fact it had been sealed inside a grimoire means that most of that demon’s magical power had been sealed inside the book.

Even if the seal was released, all the magical energy won’t return back to its body instantly.

Then, Aya, who fought on par with the Demon Lord won’t even have any problems in defeating it.

Her neat black hair that had been tied to the left side as side ponytail slightly swayed.

Big, cat-like eyes. They were also black.

It’s a bit rare in this other world but she looks like a typical Japanese.

Similarly, myself as well as my aforementioned sister, Yaoi, also have the same colour of hair and eyes.

“So you sneaked into the Magic Room and laid your hands on the sealed grimoire. As usual, I’m envious of your stimulating, thrill-filled lifestyle.”(Souichi)

Saying that, I turned towards the notes spread in front of me on the desk.

As for me, I could only worry for the test in the next class.

I looked towards her with a gaze asking her to let me study.

“Souichi, you still suck at studies eh?”(Aya)

“Aya, you’re just too intelligent.”(souichi)

I had difficulty just getting used to the letters of this world, and at the same time, this childhood friend of mine in front of me could easily read even complex grimoires.

This must be the difference between a genius and a normal person, I couldn’t help but think like that.

I may have been praised as the Brave and whatnot but inside I’m still a normal person.

I specialise in fighting but suck at studying. Even the Brave is a normal human.

“Is that so?”(aya)

“After all, Aya, you can even read those earthworm like letters of those magic writings. When did you even learn something like that?”

“Yuuko-san taught me during our journey.”

On hearing that, I feel that maybe I should have also learnt something like that as well during our journey.

Not just how to swing the sword. Well, it’s too late now though.

As I sighed, Aya laughed at me.

With just that, the whole class focused on Aya.

Aya is cute, or so I’m told. I don’t really understand though.

She’s popular with the guys of the class and some even confessed to her. Even though she sinks them everytime.

Aya, already has a guy she likes after all.

By the way, my younger sister Yayoi who is in the class one year below ours, also gets confessed to a lot.

And apparently, a condition that first they have to go through me before that has been set apparently. Yayoi said that when she got confessed and got me needlessly involved in the chaos.

…….Even though I’m not, why the hell do I have to act like I’m some over-protective elder brother?

“I did say that, didn’t I? To read books every time we stopped at inns?”(aya)

“That’s true.”(souichi)

Saying that, I dropped my shoulders.

“By the way, do you know? A letter came from Yuuko-san yesterday.”(aya)

“Huh? For what?”

Just when I was going to finally start reading the notes again, Aya started talking again.

Does she not have a single friend? I shouldn’t say that out loud.

“Renji-san is near this city apparently.”

“Eh? This is the first I’m hearing of such a thing!?”

I raised my voice due to the sudden amazing news.

Everyone’s gazes focused on me, in a different meaning than Aya’s, and I cleared my though and calmed myself down.


During our journey to kill the Demon God, he is a man who travelled with us. The oldest among us all and who was always gentle with us.

Even though he was lazy, he was amazingly strong. A person who always took the coolest parts.

He’s also someone we admire greatly. No matter how painful the situation was, he always walked in front of us. We travelled while chasing his back.

……….he got us lost sometimes though.

When I was in pain, or tired due to the journey, when I lost someone close to me, he was the one that comforted me. He always stayed by me.

……….he taught some weird things to cheer me up though.

Peeping, or guiding me through the night city, etc.

After that, we were scolded a lot by Yuuko-san though. Even though we concealed ourselves, how did those guys know about it?

I still don’t know the reason.

Well, I’ll think about such nostalgic things later.

“Was Renji-niichan found?”(souichi)

“Yeah. It seems he accepted a request in a village near the Magic City.”(aya)

“Ah, so he really is working as an adventurer.”

“So it seems. He seems to be helping people as always, I guess.”

Saying that, Aya laughed happily and somewhat proudly.

Why the heck is Aya acting so proud? I shouldn’t say that out loud either.

“Before that, he had been exterminating an Ogre in the south right?”(souichi)

“That was 3 months ago. This time, he had been exterminating Orc that seem to have gathered. I think there were 15 of them.”(aya)

“haaa……..As usual eh? Renji-niichan.”


While I was surprised, Aya puffed up her chest proudly again. No, you aren’t the amazing one, Aya.

Heh, I smiled wryly while looking at her face.

For Aya, Renji-niichan is special.

Since we’re childhood friends, I know since I have been the closest to her.

Aya had been always chasing after Renji-niichan’s back. She always went to talk to him on her own.

“Also, he sold his Mithril sword to a village that was having money problems as well. It has become quite a big topic at the Royal Castle, it seems.”(aya)

“…… usual, the things he does is……..”

He always stays one step ahead of our expectations.

I think, there are only 13 of those Mithril Swords in the whole world that we possess.

Well, it’s quality is obviously lesser than Er-san but I doubt its something that can be sold dirt cheap.

Even a single sword can buy a whole mansion easily.

To sell it to a village having money problems eh?………I gave a sigh.

Well, obviously it’ll become a huge topic. I hope the King isn’t angry. Though Yuuko-san would be definitely angry, I think.

“I think he stayed for about a month in that village.”(aya)

“After that, he went for the Orc subjugation?”(souichi)


He really lives freely, as usual.

That is very Renji-niichan-like though.

“That’s good right? Renji-san is safe.”(souichi)

“Don’t say such ominous things, idiot!”(aya)

I was scolded. Why? Before I could even think that, my head was hit.

It was lightly but it still hurts. And once again the gazes of the class focused towards us.

Leave me out of this.

“Renji-san won’t die that easily. Mou, saying such unlucky things……”(aya)

She started grumbling now.

Well, I think the same way though.

But I did get worried since his whereabouts went missing about three months ago.

I felt relieved knowing that he’s fine. Aya is the same. Her expression feels much softer than usual.

She had been sighing a lot recently so I’m happy as well.

“I don’t really get it but sorry.”(souichi)

“Don’t apologise if you don’t even know the reason!”(aya)

I was hit again. Why??

Getting hit two times is unreasonable so I looked towards her only to get glared at.

I averted my gaze.

For some reason, I can’t win against Aya. It has been like that since we were children. I ended up sighing towards such a me.

When I did that—–

“Don’t be so weakly!”(aya)

I was scolded again.

In the end, I couldn’t study at all for the test. I could only sigh……..haah.




After the test was over, I left the class.

It was so-so. In the end, I think I was able to do well.

Even though the lesson ended just now, barely any students could be seen.

Aya should be with her friends. Yayoi as well.

I, for some reason, felt like eating alone.

“Time for lunch~ lunch~”(souichi)

As I moved towards the cafeteria, I felt my lips slacken a bit.

I must have become happy due to what Aya told me.

Renji-niichan. Though I believed that he was fine, it still is a relief to hear it properly.

I think it should be the same for Aya as well. Among all of us, Renji-niichan was the one who was the most fixated on [Killing the God].

When asking for the cheat from the Goddess, we wished for fighting power and other convenient powers.

But even then, only Renji-niichan asked for a power solely to defeat the Demon God.

The [God Slaying Weapon] Ermenhilde—–Er-san.

It was a weapon which was like a very normal weapon against anyone except the Demon God. This made Yuuko-san and Hiiragi-san feel very sad at first.

Though it could talk and was a funny person. Well, not a person but a medal.

In reality, Renji-niichan was only slightly stronger than an average human in fights except when fighting against the Demon God or his descendants.

All of us knew that. But even though we knew that, we ended up depending on Renji-niichan.

In a fight, I was stronger, I could defeat more monsters.

But, the one who defeated the Demon Lord was Renji-nicchan and it was also Renji-nicchan that dealt the final blow to the Demon God as well.

Everytime we were cornered, Renji-niichan was the first one to stand at the very front.

Everytime we wished for someone to save us, Renji-niichan was the first one to run to help us.

“I hope Renji-niichan’s is healthy and safe.”(souichi)

Though the journey was harsh, it was fun because everyone was together.

This world is a different world and we could trust the 13 of summoned together the most.

There are many who are good towards us or get along with us but I guess you can still trust the ones from your own world the most.

That’s why I want to be with Renji-niichan. I want to talk to him.

I call him nii-chan but he feels more like a father to me. That’s why, I want to meet him and be with him.

My reason is obviously different than Aya or Yuuko-san but I want to meet Renji-san as well.

But Renji-niichan is going around villages resolving troublesome things.

With Er-san on his side, I could imagine him defeating groups of Ogres and Goblins which can’t be matched by normal adventurers.

I think it really suits him.

It’s not like the Holy Sword that I received from the Goddess.

A weapon only to kill the Demon God. That beautiful jewel-like weapon. A weapon not to protect someone, but to simply to kill Gods. And the person who wished to save and protect people with that weapon.

That back, we kept chasing after it forever. And finally, we stand here, where we are now.

That’s why—-

“I really want to see him again.”

Taking out a copper coin from my pocket, I flicked it with *ping* sound.

The coin didn’t rotate properly and I panicked to catch it so that I don’t drop it.

Renji-niichan’s habit.

Since he always flicked Er-san like that, I tried to mimic him. But, I can’t do it well. Aya always laughs at me for it. That it doesn’t suit me.

But, I’m not Renji-niichan, neither do I want to become like him.

That’s why I only try to mimic him.

So that I can persevere and do my best like him. So that I can move forward and become a man on whom people can rely on.

I am called a Brave, and possess the Holy Sword of the Goddess but that’s it.

The Goddess pleaded all of us to save this world but the one that Goddess holds the dearest is Renji-niichan.

That Goddess should be looking over Renji-niichan all the time.

That’s why I want to meet him as well.

If we can meet him, Aya would also be definitely happy.

Both me and Yayoi would be happy as well but Aya would be much more delighted.

“I wonder if he’ll come and watch the combat competition in Royal Capital.”

In 2 months time, a once in a year giant festival shall take place in the royal capital.

The test to compete in that will also end soon.

I will also take part. Or rather, I was requested to take part in it.

——I wonder if Renji-niichan would also take part. I guess not, I smiled wryly.

He hates standing out after all.

But, I’m looking forward to it slightly. 5 people will take part from this magic academy.

Me and Aya, the rest of the 3 are yet to be decided. That’s because not every student has returned as of yet.

Actually only one is remaining. A senpai who’s late so it’s become a bit of a topic.

Francesca Barton senpai. I have seen her once, she’s a really amazing beauty.

Will she return, or will the exam period end earlier?

2 days remain till the end of the examination period.

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