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Interlude 3 The Girl’s Day (2)

What kind of person do you think Renji Yamada is?

If you’d ask 10 people, all 10 of them would answer – [A Hero]. The ultimate Hero. Saviour. One of the 13 God Slayers summoned from another world to save this world.

Black haired and black eyed like all others from the other world, he had an excellent personality and never abandoned those in need.

Likes children, and it is said that he looked after all the other heroes that were in their teens when they were summoned.

The royalty trusted him a lot, and it was popular belief that it was him that helped strengthen the bonds with the Elfreim continent where a different race lived.

There were even rumours that the Priests that were directly gifted by their God, the Spirit God, held feelings more than just trust for him as well.

The hero who was entrusted with the [Gift], the Goddess’ sword [Ermenhilde], by the Goddess Astraera.

He was skilled with the sword and combat, and above all he was diligent and modest as well.

It is said that he trained everyday before their journey started so that he could become as strong as possible.

The commander of the 1st Order of Knights of the Imnesia kingdom, the man called as the strongest knight, O’brien and his rival and friend, the commander of the 3rd Order of Knights, Cerbelie, both of them had been astonished by his level of diligence and his speed of growth.

Even in terms of knowledge, along with the GodSlayer known as the [Sage] [Witch], Yuuko Utano, he had had read all of the books in the royal castle which was an undeniable fact.

Everyone would say that he put in more effort in both training and studies more than normal.

There were even those who said that the true Brave one was Renji Yamada and not Souichi Amagi who later on received the Holy Sword of the Goddess and was called as the [Brave].

He was the one who walked in front of the other 12 God Slayer, showed them the way, and continued fighting.

Refusing to surrender, getting rid of the despair; the bards sing that even the Demon God was afraid of his attitude.

In truth, he fought one-on-one with the Demon God that had surpassed human understanding and some say that he even made the Demon God retreat.

He did not fear the Demon Lord, he did not fear the Dragon, he was the Hero that crossed swords with the Demon God and finally killed him.

Even as a God Slayer, he received the affection of the Goddess and was the one who received the highest level of Divine Protection from her.

With the jade-coloured Divine Sword in his hands, protected by the divine protection of the Goddess, he is the great Hero who saved the world.

And, after the Demon God was subjugated——–he hid his whereabouts.

Many say that he returned to his old world, or that he is still fighting the armies of the Demons or that he’s now living happily with the goddess.

The Royal Family had hid the truth and had not been told to anyone.

The bards sung about various endings but the truth was still unknown.

The only ones who knew the truth were royal family, some of the nobles, and the remaining 12 God Slayers——.




It has been three days since I, Francesca Barton, returned to the Albana Magic Academy.

My journey with Renji Yamada-sama. He taught me the basics of journeying and even helped me with completing my task.

The journey had only lasted 2 weeks but these 2 weeks were definitely the most shocking time of my life.

Hero. One of the 13 summoned from another world to kill the Demon God. The God Slayers.

I still can’t believe how social, and easy to talk to he was.

I always thought that he’d be more formal and strict type of person.

And also, he was very strong.  Let alone Goblins, he wasn’t afraid of even more than 10 Orcs. I still remember his back as he faced them bravely.

The moment when Renji-sama killed the Orc that could use magic, he really felt like a hero from the fairy tales.

Black Flames that seemed like they could burn up even the soul. I, who had been captured by the Orc. And Renji-sama stood in the way of those flames to protect me.

In his hands was the jade green Divine sword of the Goddess, [Ermenhilde]. He had obliterated that magic with simply the magical energy being released from him.

I had travelled with that Renji-sama and had completed my test.

……..and there was a slight change in my school life.

“Good morning.”

Giving a greeting, I entered the classroom.

Ancient and honourable school is good and all but the old-fashioned sliding door really makes a loud sound on being opened.

Due to that, the classmates talking in loud voices suddenly focused towards me.

“Go, good morning……”

Getting a bit surprised, I gave a greeting once again.

My cramped voice…….didn’t really come out properly. My heartbeat grew faster a bit I think.

While I wondered if someone would say something, everyone’s gazes soon turned away from me.

Breathing a sigh in relief, I entered the classroom.

Some of my close classmates greeted me and I greeted them back.

“Say, Francesca-san.”

“What is it?”

As I sat on my seat, one of my close classmates called to me.

Yesterday I hadn’t been able to answer properly due to muscular pains but I have calmed down a bit today.

Some parts of my body still hurt here and there but I answered with a smile.

“That…..the test this time, is it true that you took it along with Yamada-sama?”

“Eh, ah, yes.”

The change in the gazes of my classmates.

That change was because of the fact that I had travelled with Renji Yamada-sama, one of Heroes.

That topic had soon spread all over the school.

I had pleaded the teachers to not reveal it too much because Renji-sama, for some reason, had told me that he didn’t want to stand out too much.

……..but it ended up spreading in the end though. Is this my fault? I should not have revealed his name so easily.

The details of my test. The subjugation of Orcs.

There was no problem there. I did succeed. But the number was 10 of them. Along with a new species that could use magic. There was no way that teachers would have believed me.

They didn’t say that lying but they persistently asked how I had taken down so many of them.

On being asked, I ended up telling them about Renji-sama as well. I had even ended up telling them about Ermenhilde-sama…….yeah, this is my fault.

I hope this doesn’t turn into a serious matter but my stomach hurts a bit. I owe him for saving me and helping me.

I really don’t want to cause any trouble for him……..haah.

“I was saved by Renji-sama.”(fran)

“Then that rumour was true?!?”

“Eh, yes……though I don’t know what kind of rumour is going around.”

The classmate raised her voice happily. Due to that, once again the gazes of my classmates focused here. This is embarrassing.

Any information about Renji Yamada-sama was scarce. His name, appearance and personality——–other than that nothing else was known from the past 1 year.

No other information about him had appeared. Neither to villagers nor to the nobles.

There were rumours that he alone had gone back to his own world, or that he was giving burial to the loves ones he had lost during the journey, or that her was living happily with the Goddess.

But in truth, it seems he had simply continued journeying.

Any info regarding such a Hero would definitely become a huge topic in the school.

I had been saved since I was having muscular pains yesterday but I have been asked the same thing countless times from the morning, even at the dorm.

About Renji-sama. His personality, what things he liked, things he hated, what had he been doing till now.

In just two weeks, there was no way I’d learn so much about him though. But I couldn’t answer something randomly so I had to tell them truthfully that I knew nothing.

It’s really true but……one guy even said that I was monopolising the info about Renji-sama.

Even though, I myself want to know such things.

“He was a sociable guy. During our journey, he took care of me as well after all.”(fran)

“Isn’t that because Francesca-san is a beauty?”

“……I doubt that’s it though.”

I had no idea how to reply to that so I could only give a wry smile.

It was a fact that during our journey, or while sleeping outdoors, I did feel Renji-sama’s gaze at times.

But, he never laid his hands on me, in fact his presence alone made me feel safe.

Was that what you’d call a natural virtue or was I simply too softhearted, I don’t know.

But remembering him calling me a beauty, my heart beat grew a bit faster.

Well, from Renji-sama’s point of view, it was either a joke or he was making fun of me.

“Can you tell me more about your journey later?”


I was at a loss for words but the teacher, a middle-aged woman, came into the class at a perfect time.

“The teacher is here.”(fran)

“Oh…..then, see you later.”

I didn’t know whether to consider myself lucky or to sigh at the fact that this conversation will continue.

For some reason, Renji-sama didn’t like being called and treated as a Hero.

Even after subjugating the Orcs, he gave all the credit to me and he himself had been satisfied and happy with just drinking some alcohol.

Even though he’s so much more amazing than someone like me, but everytime I said that, he’d laugh and say that it wasn’t like that.

I think he’s just being modest.

He doesn’t boast at all and was always worried for me instead.

And, even I’m not an idiot. I may be ignorant of worldly matters but it’s not like I know nothing at all.

14 Orcs.

The expense incurred in killing them is not a few a gold coins.

One-by-one might not be that difficult but for facing more than 10 Orcs at the same time, there was a need for the Knight Orders to take action.

The expenses for that won’t ever be just a few gold coins. There’s a chance that the reward alone would be in silver coins.

But even then, Renji-sama only asked for 4 gold coins total. Even selling those Orcs would have gotten him double that amount.

I’m sure he probably realized that the villagers won’t be able to pay him that much but still, the amount he asked for was especially less.

And, half of it had been given to me who was basically useless.

He even taught me how to fight and how to use my magic. Let alone being of use to him, I had ended up getting caught due to lowering my guard, but still I had received half of the reward.

It was my first income that I earned as an adventurer, that too along with the Hero Renji-sama.

Those two gold coins have become my treasure now. It’s really precious to me.

The Academy had apologised for not being able to arrange proper adventurers for my help but now I’m actually thankful for that.

Thanks to that, I was able to experience something irreplaceable.




And there was another change in my academy life.

That was, after the classes ended.


“Hello Souichi-kun. Thank you for coming to the class.”(fran)

“No, please don’t mind it.”

“No need to be so formal towards me.”(fran)

The class became noisy.

That was not because the classes had ended. It was because the [Brave] had come to their class.

The fact that I had travelled and taken a request along with Renji-sama had of course reached the ears of the [God Slayers] Souichi-kun, Yayoi-san and Aya-san.

They come to me instantly and asked about Renji-san.

“Hello to Yayoi-san as well.”(fran)

“Yes, hello Francesca-senpai.”

Souichi-kun and Yayoi-san. Souichi-kun wasn’t very tall and Yayoi-san was tall for a girl, so together they seemed like twins. As a man and a woman they had differences but if they were to wear the same clothes…….won’t it be difficult to recognise who’s who?

These two were brother and sister and really got along well. Since they had similar appearance, Souichi-san would look very similar to Yayoi-san if he grew out his hair.

I also had two elder sisters but I couldn’t really say that we got along well.

Or rather, we don’t really interfere with each other’s lives.

The eldest sister who’ll inherit the house, the middle sister who has business skills and so our parents have a lot of expectation from her, and then there’s me who has a meagre talent in magic.

After graduating, I’ll probably have to marry some noble or some famous merchant family.

Then, at least till that time, I decided to live as freely as possible so I came to the Magic Academy. I know that I have asked for a big favour from my family.

They didn’t say it out loud but I’m sure that they’d have wanted me to have a more safe school life.

After coming to this school, I have only been able to visit my home at the bare minimum.

Once in a month, a letter from my parents would come so I think I might be making them worry for me. Though the contents of the letters are always – come back soon or about marriage interviews etc.

Since it’s a bit awkward at my own home, I feel happy on seeing them both like this.

“Aya-san didn’t come together today?”(fran)

“Aya, she went to the guild today to put in a request……”(souichi)

“Aya-san did?”

Souichi-kun said that while inkling his head to a side, as if troubled.

Aya Fuyou-san. She is another one of the [God Slayers] in the school and is a famous magician with the title of [Grand Magus].

Honestly speaking, I have no idea why an amazing magician like Aya-san would attend school now.

It’s a fact that Aya-san is actually more skilled than even the teachers at this school. She is talented enough to even decipher sealed magic grimoires.

Even the teachers are worried about how to handle her, and it’s become a situation where they can’t say anything no matter what she does.

She herself isn’t a bad person but due to her abilities and titles, she ahs been unable to make friends of her own age.

Even with skills and experience, teachers would still look down upon youngsters, which is one of the bad aspects of this school. So even among the teachers, there were many who hate—-well, not that much but still there were many who didn’t really like her.

But it was a fact that she had the skills. And along with the title of [God Slayer], there was no one who could say anything to her.

Also, it was the royal family that recommended entering her into the school. There was no way anyone would cause any trouble with her.

But still, I couldn’t understand why the [Grand Magus] would go as far as to request something from the guild.

A magician of my level has no choice but to depend on someone but if it’s her, she could do anything, is what I think.

“Well, when we asked about Renji-niichan from you, Francesca-senpai, you said that you had requested him to take the request from the guild right?”(souichi)

“Eh, yes. That’s true.”(fran)

“So, Aya-chan has been putting up requests at the guild from yesterday so that she can catch Renji-niichan.”

“I see.”

Somehow, she’s really cute.

Aya-san gives an image of a strong-willed person.

Slanting eyes, and always walks around proudly, and also keeps on shouting at Souichi-kun always……

Probably, it’s something normal for them and they’re just being playful I think.

But even so, to be like that inside the school, she really gives an image of strong willed person.

And she is currently going to the guild after classes just so she could meet Renji-san.

The Magic City Ofan has many districts/areas.

The Noble district where nobles live.

The commerce district where merchants put up there shops.

The academy district where the magic schools and Alchemy workshops are located.

The pleasure district where inns, bars and other places for enjoyment are located.

These four are the major ones.

There’s a lot of distance between the commerce district where the guild is and our Albana academy which is in the academy district.

Going there after classes means that it’ll be really late time.

But even so, Aya-san went so that she could meet him, we could only smile wryly at that.

“Just like Francesca-senpai had told, Aya-chan actually put up a proper request for gathering medicinal herbs.”(souichi)

“Somehow, she really is cute. I thought she was more strong willed type of person.”(fran)

“No…….she really is a bit to strong minded….”(souichi)

As Souichi muttered that in a tired tone, I smiled wryly. Yayoi-san also looked at Souichi-kun with a worried expression.

For her elder brother to being unable to match a woman, as a younger sister she really might have things to say.

This was another one of the changes to my school life.

Due to the topic of Renji-sama, I was able to become friends with Souichi-kun and other [God Slayers].

“Cut is that fine? Coming just to talk to me, you don’t have anything else to do?”(fran)

“haha……everyone says that but neither me nor Yayoi have anything special to do.”(souichi)

“Is that so?”(fran)

“Yes. Both me and Onii-chan are normal students for now after all.”(yayoi)

Normal students, for now.

Those words that left Yayoi-san’s mouth naturally showed their status.

Souichi-kun, Yayoi-san, Aya-san.

Even though they are all younger than me, those three are bearing the heavy burden as God Slayers and as devout heroes.

And Renji-sama——-I remembered him saying that he wasn’t a hero.

Hero. That title was very heavy. Much more than what I think.

While being surrounded by gazes full of admiration and inquisitiveness, still Souichi-kun and others continued their lifestyle as normal students.

Other Heroes were all working for the country in some way or the other.

Renji-sama. He alone, without the support of the country, without the fame of a God Slayer—–was going around saving people he didn’t know at all while roaming from village to village.

For a reward that’d be small for even an adventurer, he saved a noble like me who knew nothing.

I heard from Souichi-kun and others but it seems that he’d been living like that for the whole past 1 year.

I wonder who could actually do that.

Even though one could live without any troubles if he worked for the country as a hero. But rejecting that, he went around saving villages in rural areas.

That truly was the life style of a genuine [Hero]. That’s why Souichi-kun and others laughed happily and proudly when I talked about Renji-sama.

“For now, is it?”(fran)

“Yes, for now.”(yayoi)

Saying that, both Souichi-kun and Yayoi-san laughed.

It was a smile fitting their ages and didn’t one feel the burden as a hero and a god slayer they were carrying. Even I felt happy.

It was such a smile.

“Soon, there’ll be the last selection for the fighting competition so I’m free till then.”(souichi)

“Oh, right…….”(fran)

“Francesca-senpai, you should also give your best.”(yayoi)

“Thank you very much Yayoi-san.”

The last selection for the fighting competition. Only 5 will be chose. 2 have already been decided.

With a little more effort, I could also get selected as a participant. If I could fight alongside those 2, I’ll finally have a definite meaning for coming to this school.

Born as a noble, I had a duty to live as a noble as well. I have no objections to that since I think the same.

But, I want to leave with something tangible. Not as the noble Francesca Barton but as an adventurer and as a student of Albana Magic Academy.

That’s why I had not realized it yet.

The fact that I got close to these 3 [God Slayers].

The fact that I had travelled with the Hero Renji Yamada, and had defeated Orcs with him.

The meaning behind it and just how would that be looked upon.

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