Island: Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5: It’s a Rainbow of Diverse Colors Now
>>Part 1<<

Half an hour later, everyone gathered at the underground sect field at Yonghe. The Sect Leader, Bai Xuanlan, who had received the information and her husband, Huang Qi, were already waiting in the lounge.

First, Ye Weishan gave a simple report regarding the development of today’s battle after obtaining Qi Ya’s agreement. The most important parts within the report were naturally the parts about Chen Luonian’s monster qi sensing ability and the matter of the wolf monster.

Bai Xuanlan and Huang Qi couldn’t help but be astonished upon hearing about Chen Luonian’s ability. They glanced at Chen Luonian several times, but didn’t interrupt Ye Weishan’s recount and continued listening. When she brought up the wolf monster, Bai Xuanlan and Huang Qi shared a glance as their expressions simultaneously became more grave.

“Sect Leader, why don’t we ask QiaowenT/N jie to come help?” Malian asked with a smile. “Didn’t her group take in a whole batch of people?”

“Most of the monsters that fled to the southern part of Taiwan had headed towards the mountain ranges of Mount Yu. The terrain there is complex which made it even harder to deal with… At that time, there were not a lot of martial dao members in the southern area, so they weren’t able to drive the monsters towards the region in between the three cities of Xidian, Tucheng, and Sanxia like the members in the northern area had…” Bai Xuanlan muttered irresolutely to herself for a while before continuing, “Not to mention, though she has a lot of members, they’re mostly newcomers that have only been practicing for half a year. There’s not many of them that can be put to use yet.

“Did she find any dispersion types?” asked Malian.

“Excluding her, there’s a total of six. Four of them went through Bian Ti recently, so they still can’t lead groups. Right now, they’re spitting into three groups to search.” Bai Xuanlan glanced at Chen Luonian as she said, “If we knew earlier that Luonian had such a strong monster qi sensing ability, these past five days…”

“That’s right ah!” Malian finally could not resist crying out any longer. “Qi Ya and I practically ran ourselves ragged these past few days yet we didn’t catch half as much during those past days as we did this single night.”

Bai Xuanlan gave a slight smile and turned around to look at Chen Luonian. In a gentle voice, she asked, “Luonian, is it possible for me to meet Miss Huaizhen? There’s a lot of things that I want to consult with her.”

Chen Luonian shook his head as he replied, “I don’t know where she ran off to either.”

“Really…” Bai Xuanlan thought for a while, then said, “The ancient records did mention the existence of the Monster Binding Faction whose members had no qi xi. However, it said that the specialties of the faction were using their minds to control qi and binding monsters to command them. Sensing monster qi wasn’t listed… Is your ability a new idea your sect came up with, or was it due to some other reason?”

Other than the Sect Leader, her husband, and Ye Weishan, none of the other people present had even heard of the three words ‘Monster Binding Faction’ so they were naturally shocked. Everyone looked towards Chen Luonian with astonishment. Ma Lian’s eyes were the widest, but since she respected Bai Xuanlan, she didn’t dare to rashly interrupt. The only thing was that her entire face turned red from holding herself back.

Chen Luonian, on the other hand, was a little troubled. He had no idea what the Monster Binding Faction did. At that time, Huai Zhen had only casually talked about it a little and didn’t explain it very clearly. Not to mention, the ability to detect monster qi came from the phoenix spirit, it was completely unrelated to the Monster Binding Faction. Even if Chen Luonian wanted to come up with a lie, he didn’t know where to start. Besides, he didn’t want to lie at all.

When Bai Xuanlan saw Chen Luonian frown without replying, she gave a slight smile and said, “Each faction will naturally have its own secrets that are passed down. I shouldn’t have asked such an inconsiderate question. However, in this kind of situation, you should consider tossing aside some sect biases… Of course, you aren’t the Sect Leader after all. If you can’t make this decision, I won’t compel you.”

It was earlier to deal with now. He’ll just let Huai Zhen come up with a lie once she shows up. Chen Luonian immediately replied, “Thanks. Indeed, I can’t make the decision.”

Ma Lian couldn’t help but glower at him. “Stinkin’ brat doesn’t drink the proposed toast…T/N2

“Ma Lian!” Qi Ya pulled her and Ma Lian swallowed the rest of the sentence back into her stomach.

“But, I can help with finding monsters,” said Chen Luonian.

“En, then we’ll be troubling you.” Bai Xuanlan nodded, then said, “After the north side is cleaned out, we may need you to help a little with the south side as well.

Chen Luonian nodded without saying anything.

“In regards to the wolf monster…” Bai Xuanlan turned around to ask, “Huang ge, what do you think?”

Huang Qi had been thinking about this the entire time. Now that he had been asked, he muttered to himself a little more before slowly starting to say, “Sounds like it won’t be that hard to get rid of this wolf monster. However, since it may flee, I’m afraid we won’t have enough power to form an encircling barrier… perhaps we should consider asking the Li Sect to provide assistance. This matter can’t be delayed.”

“Qi Ya.” Bai Xuanlan turned back around and said, “For the sake of avoiding any unexpected incidents, stop searching for monsters for the next two days. You two should go to the south and help Qiaowen out. After we finish coordination arrangements with the Li Sect, we’ll contact you guys and have you two come back.”

“Alright,” Qi Ya nodded.

“Sect Leader! Wait!” Unexpectedly, Ma Lian cried out and interrupted them. “Can we bring this kid, Luonian, with us? That way, we might be able to finish dealing with the entire south section in two days.”

“It seems like I’ve become muddleheaded from old age.” Bai Xuanlan smiled as she asked, “Luonian, if you’re willing to help out…”

“Am I going by myself?” Chen Luonian glanced at Ma Lian, feeling a little hesitant. This woman’s always speaking with her hands. It was troublesome being around her.

“Weishan and Yixin should come too!” It’s unknown if Ma Lian had seen through Chen Luonian’s thoughts, but she said with a bright smile, “What are you still going to school for? Don’t go anymore, you should all just come to the south section to work!”

Ye Weishan and Lai Yixin were taken aback. However, Bai Xuanlan shook her head and said, “Before the world fell into chaos, the majority’s goal was to get as much education as possible. It’s best if you guys don’t abandon your studies. However, there are too many monsters this time. If Luonian is willing to help, a lot of time can be saved. You guys can consider taking a couple days of leave.”

In any case, he only needed to give directions. Since he didn’t need to fight, there’s not really any reason to refuse. Thus, Chen Luonian nodded and said, “I’m alright with helping.”

“That’s great!” Ma Lian suddenly had a good idea and she said, “Luonian, can you input the monsters’ locations in the GPS processor? That way, we can split into several groups and act simultaneously. We wouldn’t have to wait for you to slowly run around either.” (GPS: abbreviation for global positioning system)

“I never used that type of thing before. Is it easy to use?” Chen Luonian was actually pretty interested. If he used that thing, he wouldn’t have to run until he was covered with mud, right?

“It’s really simple. Big Sis will teach you how to use it right now.” Ma Lian beckoned Chen Luonian as she turned around to ask, “Qi Ya, let me borrow yours.”

“No way. You’re always randomly pressing stuff. You’ve already ruined two of them.” Qi Ya turned her head away, ignoring Ma Lian.

“Urgh…” Ma Lian scratched her head embarrassedly.

“This is a good idea. I’ll teach Luonian once we head down,” Ye Weishan agreed rather happily. “If Luonian can control the hunting operation of five groups remotely, the success rate would be much higher.”

“Then I’ll get in touch with the military and send a helicopter to bring Luonian around the area,” Bai Xuanlan said with a slight smile. “You guys can split into five groups and hunt the monsters according to the marks that Luonian lays down.”

“Awesome!” Ma Lian exclaimed happily. “We can’t let Li Sect find out about Luonian, this secret weapon of ours. When they find out that we cleaned out all of the concealed fused monsters in just a couple days, they’ll definitely be dumbfounded. Not to mention, after the southern region is cleared out, we can just have Qiaowen jie and the others provide assistance to kill the wolf monster rather than asking Li Sect.”

“En. Currently, the large majority of Li Sect members are along the east coast beach hunting those monsters. It is better if we don’t request help from them. If things go successfully, we can arrange things this way… You guys, meet up at eight tomorrow morning at Songshan Airport. I’ll make preparations and have a military helicopter send you guys to Tainan,” said Bai Xuanlan. “That’s fine, right?”

“Sect Leader,” Huang Zongru couldn’t resist asking. “Can I go as well?”

“There’s a lot of condensation type members in the southern area. There’s probably no need for you to go.” Bai Xuanlan looked towards Ye Weishan as she said, “That is, unless Weishan wants to bring you guys over to train.”

“Zongru, there’ll be more opportunities in the future.” Ye Weishan turned around and said, “It’s not that we’re trying to prevent you from going, but I really don’t feel at ease leaving all of the newcomers to Tianliang and Zhiwen for two entire days… They can never remain serious for more than a couple minutes.”

Huang Zongru had known those two for quite a long time so there was nothing he could say in return. He could only nod with a bitter smile. “I understand, I’ll stay behind.”

Bai Xuanlan gave a slight smile and said, “Is there anything else?”

“We still have something to report.” Ye Weishan hesitated for a moment, then said, “One matter is related to Wu Peirui, one is um…” She glanced at Lai Yixin with hesitation in her eyes as if she didn’t know whether she should say it.

“And one matter is related to me,” said Lai Yixin with a smile.

“Yixin?” Ye Weishan was a little flustered.

“It’s still best to clear everything up.” Lai Yixin wasn’t worried at all and laughed. “I feel like it’s a good method.”

Ye Weishan could only nod and tell Bai Xuanlan, “Yes, the other matter is related to Yixin.”

“Sect Leader, we’ll leave first,” Qi Ya suddenly said.

“Why are we leaving in such a hurry?” Ma Lian was surprised.

“It’s their group’s internal matters, what are we staying to act as the peanut gallery for?” Qi Ya pulled Ma Lian, then left.

Ma Lian pouted and walked out sulkily as well while muttering, “It’s not like anything will happen if we just listen in a little…”

After Ma Lian and Qi Ya left, Bai Xuanlan glanced at Lai Yixin before saying with a slight smile, “Isn’t Wu Peirui that little girl we decided not to accept a couple days ago? What about her?”

“Luonian wants to use the name of Hu Sect to help request monster essence for her,” said Ye Weishan. “However, in reality, she’ll still be a subordinate of Bai Sect.”

Bai Xuanlan looked at Chen Luonian in surprise. “Your sect isn’t planning on accepting more members? Does your sect leader know the current situation’s severity?”

“She probably knows,” said Chen Luonian. “However, it is true that we don’t intend on accepting more members.”

“My side is fine with it if it’s like this. Weishan, you can make the decision,” said Bai Xuanlan.

“En. If no mishaps come up, I plan to have them formally join the sect and go through Bian Ti together on Friday,” said Ye Weishan. “I ask Sect Leader to preside over this.”

“Alright.” Bai Xuanlan gave a warm smile as she asked, “Now then, what happened with Yixin?”

Ye Weishan rolled her eyes at Lai Yixin and gave a soft humph. “Say it for yourself.”

“Okay.” Lai Yixin said with a laugh, “I discovered that qi xi can be changed when controlled with one’s intentions. It can increase the power of our attacks. The monster qi of the wolf monster we encountered today was really strong so I tried one of the methods…”

Ye Weishan saw Lai Yixin pause and hurriedly interrupted, “Even though Yixin broke one of the sect rules, we would have been incapable of harming the monster had he not used this method. The monster might not have been forced to retreat and everyone would have suffered injuries… Sect Leader. Will Yixin’s body be fine after this?”

Bai Xuanlan and Huang Qi shared a glance. Their gaze was a bit strange. They didn’t seem angry or particularly happy, they only seemed to be discussing something with their eyes that was hard to decide.

After a few moments, Bai Xuanlan said, “Zongru, Luonian, can you two head home first?”

She wants us away? Chen Luonian didn’t really care so he nodded and said, “Okay.”

Huang Zongru, however, was a little disappointed though he still immediately nodded and agreed.

“Sect Leader, there are no buses this late at night. I have to send them home,” said Lai Yixin, surprised.

“Then… please wait for a little while outside,” said Bai Xuanlan with a slight smile. “It won’t take very long.”

“Got it.” Huang Zongru and Chen Luonian walked out side by side. After passing through those dark-colored glass doors, they headed up the stairs and waited by the mostly empty street.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sigil

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – In regards to Qiao Wen, I discovered that she had a surname..
T/N2 – The saying goes something like this. [you] choose not to drink the proposed toast, instead, [you] choose to drink the punishment round. Aka, when someone asks something of you nicely, you refuse their request so now the person’s going to force you to comply to their request.


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