Island: Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3: If You Want to Die So Much, I’ll Fulfill Your Wish
>>Part 2<<

What way ah? What way is the other way?” As they walked, Wu Peirui kept asking persistently.

After a little while, Chen Luonian knitted his brows and said, “Stop being so noisy. I don’t know yet if it’ll work, don’t hope too much.”

Oh.” Wu Peirui paused for a moment before speaking again, “You still don’t want to join? Weishan jie and the others really need a dispersion type.”

Looks like she’s still unaware of the changes that took place these last couple days. Chen Luonian gave a hum but didn’t reply.

Wu Peirui saw that Chen Luonian’s expression was off so she didn’t dare to ask about this anymore. After pausing for a few seconds, she spoke again, “I heard that Yixin ge has learned martial arts styles from many different schools before. Did you know this?”

Chen Luonian couldn’t help but be a bit surprised as he had never heard of this. Ever since he found out that the attacking style Lai Yixin taught kept in accordance with the characteristics of the martial dao schools, Chen Luonian had assumed that he had learned martial arts from a martial dao school. He never thought Yixin had studied other traditional martial arts.

Wu Peirui didn’t mind that Chen Luonian wasn’t speaking. She thought for a moment, then said, “My classmate said that Weishan jie decided to attend this school because of Yixin ge.”

Oh?” It was probably a rumor. Chen Luonian didn’t place much importance on these things.

And ah, do you know why Zongru ge is called the Unrivaled Giant?” Wu Peirui asked.

She even knows about this? Chen Luonian was shocked for a moment and he finally couldn’t resist turning around to ask, “Why?”

Because ah…” Wu Peirui laughed as she said, “He’s called ‘Respect This Unrivaled’ inside a game and it seems that he’s a guild leader. So everyone inside the game call him Unrivaled Giant or Unrivaled Dada.”

Da(big)? What’s big? Why don’t they call him Unrivaled Boss(lao3(old) da4(big)) or Big Brother(da4 ge1)?” Even though Chen Luonian had played games before as well, he didn’t understand these internet customs very well.

Everyone’s probably too lazy to type? That’s right, Monkey(a hou2) and Mosquito(wen2 zi) both belong to that guild,” Wu Peirui said.

Monkey and Mosquito? Chen Luonian thought for quite a few seconds before he realized this was pointing to Hou Tianliang(Hou2, marquis) and Zhang Zhiwen(wen2, language). He nodded, then felt something wasn’t right. He knitted his brows as he asked, “Didn’t you only go for like one or two days? How do you know so much?”

I was chatting with them ah.” Wu Peirui continued, “Then, at night, Unrivaled Giant invited me to his internet cafe to play together with everyone. I created a character, its ID is ‘Female Overlord’! It’s a priest!”

Oh…” Are there any priests that would name themselves this way? Does this girl suit being a priest? However, no matter what, she was definitely better than him at communicating. He had practiced together with them close to ten days, but he knew less than what she learned in one day. Chen Luonian saw that they had already arrived at the basement and thought for a moment before asking, “I might not be able to make it happen, so do you want to come in with me or wait outside?”

I’ll just wait outside… will it take long?” Wu Peirui became timid again.

Oh…” Chen Luonian paused, then said, “Wait a moment, Weishan seems to want to come out. When I ask her, don’t make a racket at the side.”

Weishan jie? Where?” Wu Peirui looked at the iron door below the stairs and the iron door suddenly opened. As expected, Ye Weishan was the one that poked her head out.

Luonian, Xiao Rui…” Ye Weishan saw the two and was stunned. Her expression was a bit ashamed and she hurriedly walked up as she said, “Xiao Rui told you? I’m really sorry that I wasn’t able to get it…”

I did tell Luonian not to come,” Wu Peirui hastily said. “Weishan jie, I don’t blame you.”

Xiao Rui, stop making noise for now,” Chen Luonian interrupted. “Was it the Li Sect that blocked it? You guys had obtained enough monster essence, right? Could it be they want to snatch even the portion you guys gathered?”

It’s not like that.” Ye Weishan gave a light sigh and said, “They didn’t interfere with our usage of monster essence and just suggested to the Sect Leader that it’s best if our group stopped expanding due to the fact we were too young and focused on accepting young people. The Sect Leader felt that their consideration wasn’t without reason and Xiao Rui just happened to have only attended for one day… Her data hasn’t been sent up yet and she was only fourteen after all. If we send the data up now and have monster essence prepared, it could seem like we’re deliberately provoking them… that’s why I was told to report only five portions.”

How about using the name of Hu Sect?” Chen Luonian asked. “Didn’t I also kill about ten? It should probably be enough for Xiao Rui to use?”

Eh?” Wu Peirui cried out but immediately closed her mouth again when Chen Luonian glared at her.

Of course it’s enough,” Ye Weishan replied, a little surprised. “You plan to admit Xiao Rui into Hu Sect?”

No.” Chen Luonian shook his head as he said, “We’re just using our name to get the monster essence, she still counts as a member of your group.”

Then… Huai Zhen jie doesn’t have any other usage for it?” Ye Weishan asked, surprised, “You guys don’t plan on increasing your numbers?”

The so called Hu Sect was just cooked up nonsense, what would they increase their numbers for? Chen Luonian shook his head. “Don’t worry about this. In any case, would that work?”

We don’t lack monster essence right now, we just didn’t want to incite conflict. However, I’ll still have to ask the Sect Leader for confirmation.” Ye Weishan smiled towards Wu Peirui. “There probably won’t be any problem. That’s great!”

Wu Peirui had been seriously lost since halfway through the conversation but didn’t dare to speak either. Now that she saw the situation change, she couldn’t help but tug on Chen Luonian’s sleeve to ask, “Can I ask now?”

What do you still need to ask? Weishan already said it was fine,” Chen Luonian said.

What’s Hu Sect? What do you mean by ‘killed ten’? Monsters? Ones you killed? Who’s Huai Zhen jie?” Wu Peirui asked in succession.

Why does she have so many questions? Chen Luonian looked at Wu Peirui for three seconds, then decided to just pretend he didn’t hear anything. He turned around and asked Ye Weishan, “Did you tell everyone about my situation?”

Not yet.” Ye Weishan spoke with a smile, “You have such a big temper, so who knows if you’ll suddenly decided not to come again?”

My temper is normal though? Chen Luonian knitted his brows and said, “If it’s possible, don’t bring up the matters about Hu Sect and Huai Zhen for now. It’s a bit hard to explain. Just say that I’ll be working together with you guys for the time being.”

If you want to do it this way, then alright.” Ye Weishan said with a smile.

Hey! Luonian!” Wu Peirui couldn’t stop herself from shouting, “Don’t ignore me!”

You can join the martial dao school again.” Chen Luonian turned around to glare at Wu Peirui as he pointed at himself. “Hurry up and say thanks.”

Wu Peirui was stunned for a moment before stuttering with her head lowered, “Tha… thank you.”

Good girl.” Chen Luonian rubbed Wu Peirui’s head, then turned towards Ye Weishan to say, “Let’s go in?”

Upon seeing this, Ye Weishan burst out laughing with a ‘pfff’. She shook her head and led Chen Luonian down.

Wu Peirui watched as the two turned and headed down. She stared blankly for a second before reacting. “I’m not a little kid!”

Alright, hurry up. Otherwise, I’m closing the door,” Chen Luonian said as he stood at the entrance.

Wait for me!” Wu Peirui hastily chased after them.


It naturally caused a big riot when the two entered the basement. Only half of the people knew Chen Luonian, but Wu Peirui was already quite familiar with everyone so they all immediately rushed up to encircle the three.

Yesterday, everyone had found out that Wu Peirui couldn’t join and after school today, quite a few of them went to console her. However, even if they were concerned, there was nothing they could do. Unexpectedly, at night, she actually appeared with Chen Luonian. Everyone started talking at once asking for the reason. However, Wu Peirui wasn’t sure what was going on either and could only look towards Chen Luonian and Ye Weishan for help.

Alright, listen. I’ll explain.” In any case, it was impossible that Chen Luonian would talk. Ye Weishan took the initative to start speaking with a slight smile, “There’s two good news. First, due to Luonian’s help, Xiao Rui probably has a chance to obtain the monster essence necessary for Bian Ti.

Huh? That’s great!” Lai Yixin exclaimed happily. “How did you do it? And what’s the other good news?”

Secondly, Chen Luonian will be working with us for the time being,” Ye Weishan said. “But it doesn’t count as formally joining Bai Sect, it counts… counts as a guest?” She looked towards Chen Luonian, unsure if it was appropriate to put it this way. Chen Luonian only shrugged, having no objections.

Guest?” Everyone looked at each other, confused as to what this meant.

These are newcomers. You guys may have seen Luonian last time.” Ye Weishan started introducing them. “Zhang Junui and Jin Wenshui are first years, Chen Yishe and Wang Yunqing are second years, and Fan Zhicheng is a third year. They were all accepted about a month ago.”

Chen Luonian nodded to the other five young men, then Ye Weishan continued, “In a couple more days, Xiao Rui’s material will probably be looked through. Then, you six can go through Bian Ti together. We predict that we’ll do it Friday. If you don’t have any special matters to attend to, leave that night open.”

Weishan,” Lei Yixin interrupted. “Shouldn’t Luonian have passed the investigation already? Why don’t we also ask for his portion of monster essence and put him through the process?”

En…” Ye Weishan glanced at Chen Luonian, then said, “Luonian… has already gone through Bian Ti.

Hah?” Several people cried out, surprised. Lai Yixin immediately asked, “When? Why does he still not attract qi? Could it be that you’re a dispersion type?”

En, there’s a reason.” Chen Luonian swept his gaze around as he said, “I’m using a different method to cultivate. It’s naturally not as good as yours, but it’s still good enough for dealing with the weakest monsters.”

So those monsters Li Sect talked about were really killed by you?” Zhang Zhiwen was the first to remember this incident and asked excitedly.

I just happened to encounter them as I was heading home.” Chen Luonian looked at the row of rubber bands and asked, “It’s probably time to start practice? I haven’t practiced in a long time.”

That’s right, stop questioning Luonian.” Ye Weishan clapped her hands and said to the newcomers, “You guys should hurry and get moving. If you don’t finish your homework, you can’t go home.”

People that haven’t gone through Bian Ti move a lot slower and there were more moves to practice for some of the weapons so everyone including Wu Peirui hastily went to begin practicing.

Chen Luonian glanced over and discovered that the weapon Wu Peirui picked was the large knife weapon commonly referred to as a glaive or reclining moon blade*. This was even bigger than Lai Yixin’s spear. Would a girl choose this sort of weapon? No wonder she’s always saying that she wasn’t like a girl. At this instant, he really didn’t know whether he should laugh out loud or not.

Yixin.” Chen Luonian walked towards Lai Yixin and asked with a smile, “Is there anything you can teach me?”

Of course,” Lai Yixin replied happily. “Have you gotten used to those seven moves?”

Chen Luonian said, “In general. I just practiced a little whenever I had time.”

Then that’s great.” Lai Yixin said, “There’s not that much moves for daggers. Next, you should practice matching it with martial art poses and footwork. I have a few moves I want you to practice.”

Oh?” Chen Luonian didn’t think that the next step would be this and asked in surprise, “I heard someone say a few days ago that there was no need to put emphasis on posture in the martial dao schools?”

Oh?” Lai Yixin’s expression darkened a little before he relaxed again. “Was it a member of the Li Sect?”

How did he guess so accurately? Chen Luonian froze slightly, then nodded.

That’s because they cultivate both inner and outer qi at the same time. When their position is weak, they can use outer qi to forcefully move.” Lai Yixin continued, “However, we only specialize in cultivating inner qi so we can’t do that. It’s still ok when we’re attacking or defending, but when moving, we still have to pay attention to basic posture in order to lessen the dangers.”

Oh?” It made quite a lot of sense. For him, a person that couldn’t use any qi and could only use brute force, it was naturally even more important. As he thought about it, Chen Luonian couldn’t help but ask, “Who taught you these martial arts?”

Lai Yixin was slightly surprised, then said with a smile, “It’s adapted from many martial arts styles.”

Eh?” Chen Luonian was astonished and he continued to ask, “I heard that you learned a lot of martial arts styles, but I don’t know much about it.”

That’s something that happened in my freshman year…” Lai Yixin said, “If you’re interested it, I’ll talk about it while I demonstrate?”

Alright.” Chen Luonian was seriously curious. In addition, after Wu Peirui’s earlier demonstration, Chen Luonian realized he didn’t know much about these people so listening a little would be good.



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