Island: Volume 2 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3: If You Want to Die So Much, I’ll Fulfill Your Wish
>>Part 1<<

I do have a few questions I want to ask…” Ye Weishan looked at Chen Luonian for a moment, then said, “In regards to Hu Sect, if there are things you don’t want to talk about, I can understand.”

And then? Chen Luonian waited for the rest.

If I didn’t guess wrong, back then, you still didn’t go through Bian Ti, right?” Ye Weishan said, “You didn’t go through it until right before you left.”

His physique back then was like an ordinary person’s so the correct answer should probably be an affirmation, right? Chen Luonian said, “Yes.”

I understand now.” Then, Ye Weishan paused for a moment, hesitating as if she wanted to say something.

What?” Chen Luonian asked.

Why… why did you say Huai Zhen jie was your older sister?” Ye Weishan said, “Even though this really is none of my business… but you two… clearly… should be…” Ye Weishan seemed a bit troubled as to how she should continue. As she spoke, it seems she thought of something and her cheeks slowly flushed red.

Now her emotions were simpler. This was embarrassment, confusion, vexation, worry, and a bit of… envy mixed together? It’s really quite interesting… But how should he go about explaining now? Chen Luonian paused for a few seconds as he deliberated. In the end, he still felt that explaining was a pain and that being misunderstood was nothing much, so he said, “Back then, the moment Huai Zhen appeared, she pretend to be my older sister. Even though I didn’t understand what it was for, I just went along with it.”

Ye Weishan thought for a moment, then suddenly nodded. She gave a wry smile as if she could understand and said, “There’s probably no one that could refuse to go along with what a girl like her wants, right? Speaking of which, it’s strange… In front of Huai Zhen jie, I feel like my head doesn’t quite work.”

Perhaps it’s because of that Enrapture Aura of hers? Chen Luonian didn’t reply.

Oh, that’s right. Due to the fact that we’re currently hunting monsters, the usual practice is temporarily stopped. It also happens to be near New Years so there’s no classes. That’s why, practice will only resume next Monday…” Ye Weishan thought for a moment, then said, “During the time we’re hunting monsters, we’ll be meeting up at eight in the morning in front of the school. If you don’t want to come, that’s also fine.”

This way is best since I don’t want to fight monsters at all. Chen Luonian immediately said, “Then I won’t go for the time being.”

En. In any case, those are just some small monsters. It’s fine if it’s left just for us to take care of.” Ye Weishan nodded, then said, “There’s no need to see me off any further. Bye.”

Then… take care.” Chen Luonian said.


After sending Ye Weishan off, Chen Luonian angrily rushed back to house on the fifth story. The moment he pushed open the door and entered the room, he saw Huai Zhen shrinking into the blanket with only her little head poking out as she looked meekly towards him. Chen Luonian’s anger immediately decreased by a half. Shaking his head, he asked, “What’re you up to now?”

Aren’t you going to scold me?” Huai Zhen looked at him with a pitiful face.

Stop faking,” Chen Luonian laughed. “Hurry and get up.”

Let’s talk on the bed. Help me scratch?” Huai Zhen stretched out a snow-white jade hand that seemed naked and beckoned Chen Luonian with it.

Not scratching!” Chen Luonian gave a humph and sat down in front of the table. “What exactly do you want? Didn’t you want me to stay away from the martial dao schools?”

That’s right ah, but if what if you ended up being locked up after that collision earlier?” Huai Zhen stopped messing around. She threw aside the blanket and popped out. She had changed into that large, v-neck wool sweater again and had only purposely rolled up her right arm sleeve earlier in order to act like she was naked. She pulled down the sleeve, then placed her hands on her hips as she said, “How am I supposed to get Chaos Breath if you’re locked up? Or are you willing to throw aside everything and come with me to the mountains? If you are, then we’ll still make it in time if we leave now.”

Oh…” Chen Luonian really wasn’t that willing to just hide in the mountains an entire lifetime. He thought for a moment, then asked, “Then what am I supposed to do now? Do I really have to follow their instructions and go kill monsters?”

It doesn’t really matter. It’s just some small monsters anyways, there’s not much danger,” Huai Zhen said as she approached.

As if there would be no danger!” Chen Luonian complained, “The dagger’s too small. If the monster’s too big, I can’t stab it in.”

Fine.” Huai Zhen wrinkled her nose. “I’ll just teach you how to deal with them later.”

As expected, this stinkin’ fox really did leave something out. Chen Luonian couldn’t help but glower at her, but Huai Zhen didn’t mind at all and just giggled. “Just roll with it like this for a while. We can just hide away once the world gets thrown into chaos.”

What if we can’t escape?” Chen Luonian asked.

That won’t happen.” Huai Zhen curled up her little mouth and said with a slightly conceited tone, “If I really wanted to take you away, there’s no one that could possibly stop me. It’s just that it’ll be a little troublesome.”

It’s really that simple? Based on Chen Luonian’s past experience, it would be better to run off as early as possible if you didn’t want to get involved with people. The longer you dragged on, the deeper you would get involved. Isn’t this fox being a little too optimistic? Chen Luonian looked at Huai Zhen who had drawn closer to him while saying ‘scratch me, scratch me’ without the slightest trace of worry on her sweetly smiling face and couldn’t help but silently sigh.


Last Wednesday, the entire country was in chaos. Many humans and monsters had died, so of course all the schools called for a holiday on Thursday. West High School, which was in the battle zone, declare the holiday with particular confidence. Then, Friday just happened to be New Year’s, and with the two weekend days, all the students enjoyed four continuous days off from school.

Early Friday morning, Huai Zhen sucked a bellyful of Original Chaos Breath, then left satisfied. As for Chen Shangshan, he asked a couple questions related to the martial dao schools at the beginning, then ran off somewhere. So this weekend was actually quite peaceful and leisurely for Chen Luonian.

However, good days inevitably end. When Monday rolled around, it was time to go to school again. School wasn’t the important part, the problem was that he had to go report after school. It seemed that Ye Weishan was the only slightly more normal person in that entire group. All the others, for some reason, were friendly to the point it felt a little over the top. He really didn’t understand why they weren’t like the other students and didn’t stay a set distance away from him.

But no matter how he worried about it, it was useless. A day’s worth of lessons soon ended and Chen Luonian once again waited in the classroom for everyone to leave before heading over there. As he looked at the sports field out of boredom, he noticed a girl’s figure that didn’t belong there. Chen Luonian couldn’t help but be slightly shocked and stood up.

That girl lifted her head and just happened to look towards his direction. The two’s gaze locked and the girl started before hastily turning away and starting to run on the sports field.

Why did she come back to run again? What happened? This girl’s thoughts were seriously much more simple than Ye Weishan’s. What was with that sadness that enveloped her entire body? Chen Luonian seriously couldn’t stand by and watch anymore. He lifted up his backpack, then headed towards the sports field.

The girl was focusing on running when she suddenly saw Chen Luonian appear next to the sports field and received a huge shock. After sneaking a peek, she hastily turned away but after thinking a bit, she snuck another peek. When she confirmed that Chen Luonian was staring straight at her, the girl became more and more flustered as she ran. In the end, she finally stopped in bewilderment.

Wu… Xiao Rui! Come here,” Chen Luonian said as he beckoned.

This girl was precisely Wu Peirui. She stared blankly for a moment, then walked over a little unwillingly. Afterwards, she just stood there cowering as she looked at Chen Luonian.

When did this girl switch from being sad to being scared? Am I that scary? Chen Luonian was a bit baffled as he asked, “What are you being scared for?”

Aren’t you here to yell at me?” Wu Peirui asked timidly.

Chen Luonian froze for a second, then asked, “What would I yell at you for?”

Now it was Wu Peirui’s turn to be confused. “Weren’t you angry at me last week?”

Oh.” Only now did Chen Luonian recall. He scratched his head and said, “Didn’t you say you’d stop? I’ve already scold you so it’s fine. I’ve already forgotten about it.”

Really?” Wu Peirui loosened a breath in relief and that fear abruptly faded away. However, the sadness returned again like some entwining black smoke.

God! So it turns out that being able to see through people’s true thoughts would bring an additional source of trouble. Chen Luonian was stifled by that gloomy air so much he had to retreat a little before speaking. “What are you sad for? Why’re you running? Shouldn’t you be in the basement practicing?”

I…” Wu Peirui’s eyes suddenly turned red. She flattened her lips and refused to say anymore.

What is it?” Chen Luonian continued to press her.

Wu Peirui fiercely shook her head and refused to reply.

Say something ah!” Chen Luonian didn’t have anymore patience for this and raised his voice a little.

Wu Peirui was startled and said, “I can’t…” But right after those two words came out, her tears immediately started falling in large uncontrollable drops.

Chen Luonian was shocked into asking, “Wh… why are you crying?”

You shouldn’t force people to talk…” After having already started crying, Wu Peirui stopped trying to act strong. Her little face scrunched together as she cried loudly, “People will be unable to endure and start crying!”

Fuck! As expected, she was a little kid. Chen Luonian saw that everyone was looking this way in surprise and hastily pulled Wu Peirui to the side. “You’re already crying, so take advantage of this time to tell me everything clearly.”

Wu Peirui cried as she said, “When I’m crying… how am I supposed to speak clearly?”

In any case, you start crying the moment you talk about it, so shouldn’t you talk about it while you’re crying? Otherwise, when would be a better time to talk about it?” There didn’t seem to be the term ‘pitying the jade and cherishing the fragrance’ in Chen Luonian’s dictionary as replied while glowering at her. (pitying the jade and cherishing the fragrance means to be gentle with the weaker sex)

However, perhaps due to shock, Wu Peirui’s tears actually stopped. She stared dumbly at Chen Luonian for a moment before she sobbed. “I-…I can’t join…the martial dao school.”

Why?” Chen Luonian asked.

That… Not… not enough monster essence. There’s no share for me.” Wu Peirui said dejectedly.

How’s that possible?” Chen Luonian asked. “The past two days they’ve killed at least a hundred small monsters. There should be enough for even ten people and aren’t there only about six new members? I’ll go ask Weishan!”

Don’t!” Wu Peirui nervously grabbed Chen Luonian as she said, “It’s not Weishan jies fault. She’s been apologizing to me this whole time. Don’t scold Weishan jie.

Who says I’m going to scold Weishan?” His image seems to have become a bit messed up. Chen Luonian made his tone a little gentler as he said, “I’m only saying that I’m going to go ask about it. There should clearly be a lot of monster essence.”

It seems that some people think… our group’s members are too young or something… and told them to stop accepting new members.” Wu Peirui then continued, “Everyone else has already been in the group a month so they were allowed to join. I only joined for a day and wasn’t a dispersion type either… so they didn’t give Weishan jie monster essence for me…”

Although everything was said in parts and paired with continuous tears and sniffles, it was still clear enough. Chen Luonian listened until she finished, then nodded and said, “This is pretty good. If they won’t let you join, then so be it. In any case, joining isn’t anything good.”

Why?” Wu Peirui asked, upset. “I want to fight monsters too ah. I’m not scared.”

Why aren’t you scared? People will die.” Chen Luonian curled his lip.

I’m not scared!” Wu Peirui shouted loudly.

Stop acting shamelessly!” Chen Luonian glowered. “Noisy as hell.”

Wu Peirui froze for a moment, then pouted as she lowered her head and muttered, “I’m just really not scared ah… I just want to do some things I feel the desire to put in all my effort for. Can’t I do that? I just feel like my original way of living was really annoying! I just like being able to rely on my own power to protect everyone! I just don’t want to hide in the back! I’m just not like a girl ah!”

Chen Luonian was taken aback a little. After thinking a bit, he said, “Even if you’re not afraid of dying, do you feel like it’ll be worth it to die because of this?”

Why wouldn’t it be worth it? And it’s not like we’ll definitely die,” Wu Peirui replied as she looked at Chen Luonian.

What if we’ll definitely die?” Chen Luonian asked. “What if a strange monster like the one from the film appeared? No one would be able to beat it.”

But there’s still a need for someone to face it!” Wu Peirui gritted her teeth and spoke as if she was making an oath. “Even if they don’t let me join right now, I’ll definitely still join in the future. This is what I truly want to do.”

Hell, you’re seriously rather majestic and admirable. If you want to die so much, I’ll just fulfill your wish. Chen Luonian rolled his eyes as he said, “Come with me. Let’s go try.”

Go where?” Wu Peirui was confused.

You still need to ask?” Chen Luonian started walking as he replied, “To the basement.”

Don’t make things difficult for Weishan jie.” Wu Peirui saw that Chen Luonian was walking forward without paying attention to her and hastily caught up to say, “She’s also just being instructed.”

I won’t make things difficult for her. I’m just trying a different method.” Chen Luonian didn’t stop walking. He thought for a bit, then said, “But if you don’t want to join, then don’t come with me.”

Eh?” Wu Peirui stared blankly for a moment, then her eyes lit up as she rushed to say, “Then wait, I’m going to grab my bag!” Afterwards, she hastily ran back to grab her backpack before chasing after Chen Luonian.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sigil

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