Island: Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Chapter 1: Half Will Be Yours
>>Part 3<<

These past two months, Chen Luonian had spoken quite a bit with Huai Zhen and came to understand that what Huai Zhen called the Original Chaos Essence was the dao xi that the martial dao schools talk about. This was pretty much the equivalent of oxygen and food to monsters. It was something they couldn’t do without. The stronger the monster, the greater the amount they would require. Which is why, Huai Zhen had to enter a deep sleep on Frog God Island as she waited bitterly for three thousand years. It was also why her vitality failed to completely recover and she was unable to break out of the shell of stone that had formed around her at that crucial moment.

Currently, there was very little Original Chaos Essence in the air. It simply wasn’t enough to allow Huai Zhen, this sort of formidable monster to move about freely. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was Chen Luonian, this thick dao xi generating machine, around for Huai Zhen to absorb from on set dates to the point where she even had enough to cultivate, there was no way that Huai Zhen would be able to lead such a comfortable life. This also meant that at present, it wasn’t not possible for any extremely strong monster to appear. Even if such a monster had appeared due to some unusual factors, it would be very hard for it to move about freely.

Other than this usage, the concentration of Original Chaos Essence also directly influenced the connections between the two worlds. This was the so-called passageways through which monsters appeared.

At that instant just now, Chen Luonian clearly felt that the Original Chaos Essence outside his body which did not belong to him, for some unknown reason, suddenly gave a violent tremble. This fluctuation originated from a distance in the north. All the Original Chaos Essence tightened and loosened as its density greatly changed. In that single instant, all types of small strange creatures appeared all around in the surroundings. Even though these monsters didn’t have a lot of monster qi, they scared a lot of people. It surged outwards in a large circle and countless places suffered from its influence.

Was this the situation that Huai Zhen talked about? But it doesn’t seem to resemble it that much.

Chen Luonian rushed out of the train station and headed south. After running only for a short while, Chen Luonian abruptly stopped. This was because he had suddenly sensed Ye Weishan and the others quickly leaving the school and approaching this area.

But a problem of this magnitude wasn’t something they could they deal with, right? Their strength wasn’t the issue. The problem was that there were too many monster… Chen Luonian felt the surrounding monster miasma. It had only been a couple minutes since then, but the large crowd of monsters had already started scattering off in all directions. As for Ye Weishan and the others, they’d already split up and each person took off in a different direction, pursuing and attacking all sides. It looks like they had also come to the conclusion that they didn’t need to operate as a small group this time. Each person was capable of taking charge of a section.

Eh? And there were a lot of people approaching still. Chen Luonian’s eyes turned towards the north. There seemed to be another person who had a large quantity of qi xi who was currently dispersing it as he attacked the monsters that were running all over the place… Those were probably members of Li Sect? They really did have lots of members.

A few moments later, the cries of alarm and screams gradually drew closer. The far away, ear-piercing sound of the siren cried nonstop as a large group of people rushed madly towards this direction from the south street opening.

Were the monsters here? Chen Luonian snapped back to his senses. As he followed the tide of people and headed towards the south, he felt a bit puzzled. The speed of monsters should be much greater than ordinary people, so why were there no monsters behind the crowd? Chen Luonian probed the area for traces of monster qi. Even the closest monster group behind them were still quite a distance away. For some unknown reason, it was paused there.

As he ran, Chen Luonian suddenly felt a monster rush over. He couldn’t help but turn his head, only to see a giant centipede about two meters long speedily rush over while moving two long rows of legs. It suddenly caught up to a child that was running near the tail of the crowd and climbed directly onto his back.

The child couldn’t withstand such force and cried as he fell forward. The centipede took a large bite and with a ‘pop’, the kid’s head immediately cracked open. The sound of his scream also instantly stopped. All that could be seen was the centipede fiercely sucking on the wound as red and white brain matter continuously gushed out.

Chen Luonian suddenly stopped. These monsters weren’t following closely because it took up some time for them to enjoy their meals every time someone fell? But that kid seemed to have already died, so he should probably continue running? Or should he…

Chen Luonian hadn’t even thought it through yet when he saw another grotesque monster jump out. That monster was a big ball of flesh that was connected to two enormous and strange hands. Only a single mouth and eye could be distinguished on that ball of flesh. It had no other features. The monster slapped the floor with both hands to propel itself forward through the air. It passed the centipede that was currently gorging itself and rushed towards the crowd.

Fuck! It still hadn’t eaten its fill? Chen Luonian’s blood rushed to his head. He stooped down to pull out the Azure Dagger and rushed directly towards that ball of flesh.

The ball of flesh’s eye swerved directly towards Chen Luonian and a look of confusion appeared in its gaze. It supported itself with one hand as its other hand quickly swung straight towards Chen Luonian to swat him.

If it was three months ago, there was no way Chen Luonian would have been able to deal with this attack. However, his speed and strength had already increased a lot since then. A small monster like this was already no longer enough to inspire fear in him. He didn’t even need to use his time control ability. He simply dropped down and dodged that palm which was even taller than a person, slid under the monster, then leaped up and aimed the Azure Dagger straight towards the monster’s eye——the place the monster qi was concentrated. With a ‘pop’, it pierced straight through.

Stabbing like freaking hell with his right hand!E/N This dagger wasn’t half bad. Even though it didn’t seem like a godly weapon, it didn’t take much effort to cut through flesh.

After Chen Luonian finished stabbing, he gave the ball of flesh a push and borrowed the momentum to flip backwards in order to avoid the collapsing monster. Then he saw a three meter long, one meter wide large meat pillar suddenly appear at the intersection. The meat pillar was currently rolling over horizontally with a rumbling sound. When it got to the centipede that was currently eating, without any trace of politeness, it rolled the centipede over. The centipede cried out from being crushed and flipped over a few times to struggle its way out. However, that thoroughly dead kid’s head was squeezed to the point where his head was unrecognizable and his flesh fell all over the ground.

The large meat pillar stopped on the ground that had blood and flesh pasted all over it. Its shape suddenly started changing and it spread out downwards, pressing upon the ground. Chen Luonian wasn’t sure if it was snatching food, but the centipede seemed very unhappy. It gave a couple strange cries before it climbed onto the pillar, seeming intent on biting the pillar. However, there was no place for it to chomp down on, so it could only continue scuttling forward.

The monster qi in this centipede was concentrated in… its third section. Chen Luonian waited for it to come close, but all he saw was the centipede rapidly slithering across the floor towards him. At this moment, Chen Luonian couldn’t help but feel a bit troubled. Back then, when he was learning ways to use the dagger, he didn’t learn any moves that could be used for defeating enemies that were lying flat against the ground. Just as he was hesitating, the centipede suddenly shot up and moved to chomp towards his head.

Perfect timing! This guy’s movements was much faster than the last guy’s. Chen Luonian knew that he wasn’t suited to a clash of force due to the fact that he didn’t know how to utilize qi. In that instant, he utilized his ability to control the flow of time and dodged while moving forward. As he brushed past from the left, he pierced down with his dagger in a reverse grip. With one stab, he dispersed the centipede’s hidden monster qi.

The ball of flesh monster with the strange hands that had been killed first had already shrunk into a small ball. The centipede was also starting to change forms while it twisted. However, that flattening large meat pillar once again returned to a cylindrical shape and was now rushing towards Chen Luonian.

What should he do with this guy? His monster qi was contained stably in its center. It wasn’t hard to find at all. However, that half-a-meter thick flesh wall was the best defense. Chen Luonian’s dagger was simply incapable of piercing into such a deep area.

Seeing the meat pillar monster rush over, Chen Luonian jumped over it. However, unexpectedly, the meat pillar didn’t stop but continued rolling forward, chasing the people fleeing up ahead. Seeing this,  Chen Luonian made his way forward as well and caught up with the meat pillar with a few steps. He jabbed his dagger in it a couple times. Even though he poked out quite a few holes, the monster didn’t react at all and continued to roll forward quickly.

Fuck! I just said that daggers are too small. Couldn’t that stupid fox have brought an Azure ‘Sword’ or an Azure ‘Gun’ back? Chen Luonian gave a cry and turned as he stabbed the dagger down. He carved out a large chunk of meat as he attempted to dig a path to the center.

With this scoop, the meat pillar couldn’t take it anymore. It suddenly shook and Chen Luonian felt the monster qi changing, as well as the opponent’s anger. He was slightly shocked, but leaped backwards. At this moment, the large meat pillar shot out ten pointed rods that all flew towards Chen Luonian in an attempt to pierce him.

There wouldn’t be any point even if he slashed through these rods. Chen Luonian once again leaped backwards and left the meat pillar’s attacking range. The meat pillar shot into the air and retrieved its bunch of needles. It stopped for several seconds before continuing to roll towards the crowd.

No way I’m going to let you eat people again. Chen Luonian was just about to head forward when he suddenly felt the presence of qi xi emerge behind him. He turned around in shock and a black-robed young man holding a short slender sword dashed past above Chen Luonian’s head as he shouted, “Student? Bai Sect’s?”

That person had a square shaped face with a grave expression and a dignified atmosphere. He was probably around twenty or so. Chen Luonian immediately recognized his outfit as the Li Sect’s uniform. He didn’t know how he should answer, so he just gave a casual affirmation.

That person caught up to the meat pillar and pierced it with one strike. He dispersed the monster qi of the meat pillar monster as he turned back to ask, “You’re using a knife to fight? How come?”

Chen Luonian was just pondering how he could go about beating around the bush when the person jumped backwards once again. Flying over Chen Luonian’s head, he said, “Follow me. There’s still ten behind that street. Half will be yours.”
Eh? Why are half mine? Chen Luonian was stunned for a moment and wasn’t able to reject in time, so he had no choice but to run in that direction.

When he rounded the corner, he bumped right into some monsters that had just finished eating and were slowly moving their way here. All the people nearby had long since ran away. The cars on the streets were parked haphazardly and human corpses as well as random items were scattered all around. The monsters seemed to be rather interested in human brains. All the corpses were headless, but their bodies weren’t always eaten.

That Li Sect youngster didn’t hesitate in the slightest. He moved forward, approached a monster, then stabbed. Chen Luonian also followed him and moved forward, picking out some bulky and rather small monsters to attack.

The two acted separately. After exerting themselves for just a short period of them, they’d each killed around eight. Not long later, the monsters nearby had all been eradicated. Each of them shrank into balls.

After they stopped, the youngster looked at Chen Luonian with some puzzlement in his eyes. His expression seemed like he wanted to ask something, however, this wasn’t the time to chat. He slightly hesitated before he said, “The troops will arrive soon. You can patrol the surroundings first.” After he finished, he nodded and headed towards the south.

Chen Luonian couldn’t help but feel a little envious when he observed the way he controlled the qi internally and externally. This person’s inner and outer qi were completely uniform. With the inner control lightening his body and the outer control supporting his attacks, he truly was as lithe as a swallow. He could probably also float for quite a distance. He seemed quite a bit more amazing than the two from last time. Jian Xiu Fraction(double cultivation) really is pretty good ah. As for him, all he could do was rely on brute force to run…

When the guy vanished at the mouth of the street, Chen Luonian finally returned to his senses. Blood had rushed to his head earlier, causing him to rush out here like an idiot. But he can’t continue to participate in the liveliness anymore. At this time, he naturally wouldn’t obediently go ‘patrol the surroundings’ like the youngster had said. Seeing no one around, he immediately put away the dagger, forcefully stomped the floor, and shot towards the north.

Chen Luonian froze the moment he rushed out of the street. In front, a burst of unceasing ‘ping pang’ sounds could be heard as an entire row of armed forces continuously attacked a curled up furry monster with semi-automatic rifles. Even though the monster’s body was shrinking and swelling, it still seemed to be very much alive. Chen Luonian could sense that the monster’s monster qi was already extremely weak. And it was also because it was so weak that Chen Luonian had overlooked it when he approached.

However, the bullets were being fired nonstop so he couldn’t get close. Chen Luonian was just about to think of changing directions and slipping off when he suddenly heard someone shout into a megaphone, “Stop firing, stop firing! A monster subjugation unit has arrived!”


屠妖部隊 = Monster killing unit? Monster hunting unit? Idk what would sound more tacky, but I started translating this when I still played Shikihime Garden, and in that game, going on a trip to kill monsters = subjugating… So choices are between monster hunter unit, that in my opinion is a bit more tacky, or ignore how it’s supposed to be tacky and go with monster subjugation unit? Lol, what do you guys think?


Monster subjugation unit? What a tacky name. Chen Luonian stretched out his senses but didn’t sense any other existence with qi xi around. Just as he was feeling puzzled, he noticed that the officer holding the megaphone on the jeep behind the troops was currently looking with a completely fervent expression at him…

Fuck! Monster subjugation unit is referring to me?

That person, as expectedly, looked at Chen Luonian and shouted, “We’ll have to trouble you.”

This monster was about to be beaten to death by your barrage. It’ll die the moment someone just goes up and gives it a stab, so why do you need to look to me for help? Chen Luonian was stunned for a moment. He saw that those soldiers were all nervous as hell and no one dared to move a step forward, so he could only pull out his dagger, walk up, and give a jab to the furball monster’s monster qi concentration area. With this, Chen Luonian scattered the last of its monster qi and sent it back to the Western Paradise.

“Troops, continue advancing.” After that person gave the command, the troops picked up their weapons and continued marching. In the back, a car slowly followed, pushing them towards the south. Chen Luonian was just about to wind around these people and slip off when the officer on the jeep said with a smile, “There’s no need to check that side. Please turn south.”

“Hah?” Chen Luonian spaced out for a moment. This person seems a little familiar.

“The troops at the north side have already sealed the roads leading to Shulin, Banqiao, and Zhonghe. Right now, they’re currently splitting up and advancing towards the south.” The officer said, “A large number of monsters are currently fleeing towards the mountain area. The higher ups ordered us to let any monster subjugation units we encounter know to change directions. Right now, we’ll be heading up the mountain on Chengtian Road and sweeping towards the south. It’s rare for us to encounter someone we recognize, do you want to get on the car and come along with us?”

Chen Luonian finally recalled. This person was Wu Zhongwei who they’d met three months ago. No wonder his expression was so friendly. Chen Luonian slightly shook his head and said, “I’m not part of a monster subjugation unit.”

“Eh?” Wu Zhongwei didn’t seem to have heard clearly.

“Nothing much, I have some business in the north.” Chen Luonian said.

“I understand. Please take care.” Wu Zhongwei said deferentially.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sigil

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – *shudders* Let’s give a moment of silence for the first vivid fictional casualty for the start of the end of the world. But yay!! It might finally get a bit more exciting!
E/N – “Stabbing like freaking hell with his right hand!” ?
C: *shrugs* “他媽的正手上刺” ;3


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