Island: Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1: Half Will Be Yours
>>Part 2<<


Buckling under Huai Zhen’s continuous pleading, Chen Luonian tied the Azure Dagger to his right calf when he went to school the next day The Fortunelux covering for the dagger was personally manufactured by Huai Zhen last night. It looked like a black velvet skin and even had faint lines on it that resembled fish scales which completely enveloped the dagger. It was said that this object was untouched by dust, wouldn’t burn in flames and wouldn’t get wet in water. It was also an unusual treasure.

But when Chen Luonian didn’t feel all that grateful when he found out about it last night. In his opinion, it was just a covering, so what if you need to switch it out after it gets ruined? Why would you use a treasure to make it? And ended up angering Huai Zhen to the point she pouted and wouldn’t speak with him for half the day.

On the days when Huai Zhen was around, Chen Luonian usually wouldn’t hang around school for long when it ended. He’d head home immediately once the crowd started to subside. At this time, school had just ended, so he was still inside the classroom. He was looking outside the window–searching. And as expected, there was one figure missing from the sports field today: the figure of that baby-faced girl, Wu Peirui. It looked like she’d been admitted by Ye Weishan and the rest, successfully becoming a member of the martial dao school. It’s just a pity he wouldn’t have anything to look at anymore.

As he thought about it, Chen Luonian found it funny. Only after he chatted with Huai Zhen yesterday did he realize why he noticed Wu Peirui for such a long time. So it turned out it was because lately, his interest towards female bodies has decreased?

Looking at it objectively, even though Wu Peirui’s body was healthy and beautiful, there were plenty of other healthy and beautiful girls on the sports field as well. Based on his past habits, he wouldn’t stare at the same person every day. Back then, his eyes had been fixated on Wu Peirui due to the fact that he could feel a natural, happy, and carefree feeling from her when he looked at her run. Perhaps it also had some connection to her mood when she ran.

As for other people, they seemed more like they were enduring some sort of suffering. For the sake of those occasional happy instants when they improved, they’d continuously grit their teeth and persevere… These painful investments were probably made solely for the sake of obtaining victory during competitions and to experience that split second feeling of enormous exhilaration?

It is true that there is meaning in this for the people that choose this type of lifestyle, but the training process really wasn’t fit for appreciation… He felt like gaining the ability to discern the nature of others had really wrecked his hobby.

Well, since there wasn’t anything worth looking at anymore, he should head home earlier in the future… Chen Luonian turned around, picked up his schoolbag and stood up and made to leave.

He’d just walked out the door when he saw Wu Peirui rush in his direction from the staircase. Chen Luonian was stunned for a moment and subconsciously stopped walking.

“Luonian!” Wu Peirui rushed up to him and stopped without even a change in her breathing. She looked at Chen Luonian with bright eyes and said, “As expected, you really are here.”

“What is it?” Chen Luonian asked as he laughed in his heart. This girl was quite easy-mannered, she’s calling him by name of her own discretion already?

“I wanted to tell you that I saw that film and I’m not scared. They’re also getting ready to have me join. Everything will be ready once I pass the background check!” Wu Peirui blurted out everything she wanted to say at one shot. “So for the time being, I have no way to practice running. I felt like I needed to let you know.”

“En, congratulations.” Chen Luonian said.

“But I’m also a congregation type!” Wu Peirui knitted her brows as she asked, “What to do?”

What do you mean what to do? What does it have to do with me? Chen Luonian was dumbfounded for a moment, before saying, “So it turns out that girls aren’t always dispersion types… ah, I forgot, Malian was probably a congregation type as well.”

“Malian?” Wu Peirui asked with surprise.

“Another Bai Sect senior, she’s in a different group.” Chen Luonian replied.

“Oh. Luonian… that’s right, Senior, can I call you Luonian?” Wu Peirui said, “They all call you this so I also got used to calling you this. Please call me Xiao Rui, everyone calls me this.”

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Chen Luonian nodded and walked towards the outside as he said, “Since they’ve allowed you to join, then that means it’s fine even if you’re a congregation type. Shouldn’t you be receiving training now?”

“They said that we needed you ah!” Wu Peirui said with a face filled with expectation. “So I said I’ll take care of requesting you to join. Didn’t you join for a while before? Won’t you join us again?”

“Uh…” A female version of Lai Yixin? Chen Luonian sized Wu Peirui up and shook his head. “Don’t waste your time on me. I won’t be joining.”

“Why?” Without looking, Wu Peirui followed Chen Luonian outside as she said, “Everyone says that the conditions for dispersion types at Bai Sect are the best. You can fully exhibit your talents and can even be a group leader.”

Looks like she was better at talking than Lai Yixin. Chen Luonian secretly found it funny and said, “You’ve talked quite a bit with them last night?”

“That’s right ah. And you still haven’t told me why you won’t join!” Wu Peirui said, “Everyone that knows you say that you’re not afraid of death; even Weishan jie says the same. They say that you’ve already fought with monsters several times before even going through Bian Ti. Wah! You’re really amazing ah!”

Happiness and bright excitement flashed through Wu Peirui’s eyes, making those who saw it feel a wave of comfort flow through them. If only she weren’t happy because of this kind of thing. Chen Luonian didn’t feel like finding excuses, so he just shook his head and headed downstairs without replying.

Seeing Chen Luonian leave without making a sound, Wu Peirui knitted her brows. She pouted as she followed along and the two wound around a school building. Chen Luonian was just about to try to shoo her off to the teacher’s building when Wu Peirui suddenly said, “Or is it because you like Weishan jie and you don’t like the way her and Yixin ge look like when they’re together?”

Chen Luonian was shocked and stopped in his tracks. He turned and glared at Wu Peirui before saying, “What nonsense are you saying?”

“Because your and Weishan jie’s expressions yesterday were really strange.” Wu Peirui said, pleased with herself. “At the start, the two of you seemed really awkward around each other. Later, Weishan jie sent Yixin ge away and privately talked with you for a long time. After you left, Weishan jie seemed in pretty high spirits when she returned, then afterwards seemed like she was deep in thoughts. I wonder what she was thinking about… eh! Could it be that it’s not only you that likes Weishan jie, Weishan jie also… What… Why are you looking at me like that? You’re angry?” As she talked, Wu Peirui discovered that Chen Luonian’s face had turned dark and he was coldly looking at her, so she couldn’t help but stop.

“That’s right, I’m angry.” Chen Luonian said with a dour face, “Don’t you feel that the way you’re thoughtlessly coming up with conjectures in front of the person involved is really impolite? And if it accidently gets spread around, it would even cause other people harm. Once this kind of thing happens, it’s not something that could be made up for with a single word of ‘sorry’. Don’t mess around!” Chen Luonian couldn’t help but raise his voice when he got to the end.

“Oh…” Wu Peirui seemed have been pressured into silence and remained that way for awhile before saying with a flushed face, “…then I just won’t talk about it anymore. Why do you have to be so fierce!?”

“Don’t look for me anymore!” Chen Luonian was truly angry. This kind of thing couldn’t be randomly talked about just because you’re ignorant. He turned around and ignored Wu Peirui as he headed straight for the school’s entrance.

Wu Peirui looked at Chen Luonian’s back, no longer daring to chase after him again. She stood in place and thought about what had happened. In the end, her lips flattened and her eyes turned red as she headed towards the teacher’s building tearfully.


After walking out of the school, Chen Luonian strode all the way to the train station in anger and bought a ticket before realizing that he had forgotten to eat dinner near school.

Oh well, there’s plenty of things near Banqiao Station. They just weren’t as cheap as the student district. Chen Luonian walked onto the railway platform. As he waited for the train, he started feeling some regret. He might have been a little too harsh towards that little girl… Why did he suddenly flare up like that?

Forget it. With this, she probably wouldn’t come looking for him anymore? Chen Luonian wasn’t the type to feel regret at losing a friend. And besides, Wu Peirui didn’t really count as a friend yet either. So, he let go of this matter and watched as the train entered the station.

Just as he was about to get on, he suddenly froze and looked towards the north, a surprised expression surfacing on his face. Immediately following that, the sound of an alarm suddenly went off in the station. The trolleybus that had just stopped opened its doors wide, seeming as if it had no intention of closing them. The people inside felt that something was off and spiritedly discussed it as they walked outside. There were several people who couldn’t help but suspect whether a monster had appeared. But by now, everyone knew that the electricity and electronic devices would become unstable as they heralded the appearance of monster. At present, the lights were still stable, so it probably wasn’t due to the appearance of monsters. In that case, why did the trolleybus suddenly stop? A bunch of people were already heading towards the information desk to ask about it.

Chen Luonian saw that he probably wouldn’t be able to get on the bus, and after quickly giving it some thought, he headed towards the entrance of the station.


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sigil

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