Island: Volume 1 Chapter 10 Part 1

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Chapter 10: You Really Are a Pervert?
>>Part 1<<

To say the distance between Yonghe City and Banqiao City was huge wasn’t true, but going on foot would still be quite tiring. If you wanted to take the subway, you’d still have to wait for the train to wind up around Taibei before it curves back to Banqiao. So instead, Chen Luonian asked around and found a bus stop, then took the bus back to Banqiao.

With this, the activities after classes are finally over. For a while, Chen Luonian didn’t know if he was happy or disappointed. Ye Weishan’s figure suddenly appeared in his mind and his heart couldn’t help but feel slightly heavy. If he kept staying there, this feeling would’ve probably grown even stronger, wouldn’t it?

Chen Luonian arrived at the entrance of his own apartment complex and climbed up to the fifth floor. He hadn’t even opened his door yet when he saw that the light was on inside and that there was even sound from the TV. Chen Luonian was slightly startled. Is Uncle still here? Or…… He hurriedly opened the door, only to see Huai Zhen inside. She was currently hugging a giant tub of fried chicken nuggets and had her wide eyes fixated on the TV screen.

When Huai Zhen saw Chen Luonian, she laughed ‘heehee’ and said: “Want some?” And passed that tub of chicken nuggets over.

A monster that can shapeshift like this probably won’t get fat from eating either, right? Chen Luonian took a piece and looked at Huai Zhen as he said: “Why are you wearing so little clothing? It’s autumn right now ah.”

It turned out that Huai  Zhen was only wearing a woolen short sleeve blouse with horizontal stripes paired with a pair of shorts. Her long pair of white jade-like legs were stretched out and crossed as they rested on the sofa table. She was the picture of satisfied relaxation.

“Didn’t you say I was really pretty? That you liked looking?” Huai Zhen smiled, “But I’m afraid you’ll lose control if I’m naked, so this way it’s convenient for you to look.”

“Who’d lose control?” Chen Luonian said jokingly: “Since you don’t mind then I’ll just boldly look.”

“As long as you don’t want me to fulfill your lust, that I can’t do.” Huai Zhen took a bite of a large nugget. While chewing, she ambiguously continued: “As for the rest, whatever you want.”
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“Thanks then.” Chen Luonian found it funny as he put down his backpack. Sitting down next to Huai Zhen he said: “There’s something I have to talk to you about.”

“Hm?” Huai Zhen’s body had just leaned up against Chen Luonian’s shoulder when she suddenly pointed at the TV and laughed, “Look at this, it’s so amusing.”

What thing? Chen Luonian’s gaze shifted over only to see that it was the typical local romance tragedy that had been rebroadcasted quite a few times already. A bunch of people killed their way here and loved their way there and mutually retaliated against each other. It’s known to be one of the recent dramas that caused people to shed hot tears. At this time, the male lead currently had a distorted expression as he shouted with some other supporting female character who had a face full of tears. It didn’t seem like a place you should laugh at all.

“How is that funny?” Chen Luonian asked.

“That person is using so much effort to act and crying this loudly, don’t you feel like it’s funnyT/N?” Huai Zhen looked at Chen Luonian with surprise.

Chen Luonian was speechless for a moment, and could only say: “This…… Stop watching for now. I have some things I need to say.”

“Ok.” Huai Zhen picked up the remote control, closed the TV, then turned to look at Chen Luonian.

“I just withdrew from that Sect.” Chen Luonian said: “So in the future, you also shouldn’t go to school to look for me.”

“Eh?” Huai Zhen started, “Why’s that? Didn’t we already plan things out?”

“Don’t worry.” Chen Luonian said: “I’ve already thought of something. Due to the dispersing of Hun Dun Yuan Xi, you’re worried that I’ll be injured by monsters, right?”
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“Right ah.” Huai Zhen said: “I can’t accompany you every single night ah.”

“You probably don’t need to anymore.” Chen Luonian said: “As long as I raise my alertness whenever day and night exchange places, I’ll be prepared so that when the Yuan Xi spreads outwards I can slow the speed of time and instantly retrieve the Yuan Xi, just like last night…… This way monsters won’t appear next to me, isn’t that so?”
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“Hey!” Huai Zhen tilted her head as she said: “It seems to make sense.”

“And earlier if I didn’t withdraw, we would’ve immediately had to go through Bian Ti.” Chen Luonian sighed, “After Bian Ti I wouldn’t be able to muddle along anymore. So it was better to just withdraw myself and avoid wasting their monster essence.”

“Then you won’t practice that dragger anymore?” Huai Zhen said.

“Probably.” Chen Luonian said: “It’s not like I have any combat ability, even if I practice it’s useless.

“That’s actually hard to say.” Huai Zhen said: “If you often wrap Yuan Xi around your entire body, after a while the strength of your body will increase, so dealing with typical little monsters won’t be much of a problem.”

“Then should I switch to a longer ranged weapon?” Chen Luonian knitted his brows, “Yixin also recommended for them to learn how to use long ranged weapons like spears and broadswords.”

“The longer the weapon is, the stronger the power is, but the speed would usually slow down too.” Huai Zhen said: “Isn’t your advantage precisely that in a situation which both sides have the same speed, because time becomes slow you have the advantage of better judgment? You should probably choose a weapon that’s light and fast. If you don’t like the dagger then a slim shortsword would also work.”

Slim shortsword? Isn’t that the Li Sect’s weapon? Even though he doesn’t know why Ye Weishan hates the Li Sect that much but…… Chen Luonian slightly shook his head and said: “According to what you’re saying, wouldn’t holding a needle be even faster?”

“Idiot.” Huai Zhen said: “Heavy weapons are still because their body is very heavy. But the limit of the speed of light weapons mainly depend on the slashing speed of the arm. Switching out the dagger for a needle at most would only be a few grams lighter, how much faster could you get?”

So it’s like that, Chen Luonian nodded and said: “Then it’s still the dagger that’s better…… But I have to return it together, and there’s also no place to practice.”

“If you want to practice, you can also practice at home.” Huai Zhen thought for a moment, then stared at Chen Luonian and said: “Haa, since you’ve found a way to avoid randomly generating passageways between the two worlds, it seems I don’t need to guard you anymore.”

“Seems so……” Chen Luonian looked at Huai Zhen. After pausing a while, he said: “Then you’re going to leave again?”

“You can’t bear to part with me?” Huai Zhen said while laughing at first, then she suddenly froze. She stopped smiling and pouted, “Crap, you actually can’t bear to part with me. The contract vow definitely can’t be undone at this rate.”

“Who can’t bear to part with you!? So shamelessly vain.” Chen Luonian humphed as he extended his hand and said: “Come one, try undoing it!”

Huai Zhen looked at him with suspicion for a little while before extending her hand and undoing the vow according to the rules. The two held their breath with rapt attention, waiting for the result, but like before a soft force floated out and the two blood ice rings were untouched. Huai Zhen stomped the ground and said: “Look! And you still won’t admit it! You clearly can’t bear to part with me.”

“Eh?” Chen Luonian’s gaze turned and looked at Huai Zhen’s pretty face, her exquisite curves and couldn’t help but feel a bit guilty. Scratching his head, he said: “You’re too pretty ah. Next time transform into an uglier form and we’ll try again.”

“How could I randomly transform as I please!?” Huai Zhen glared as she said: “I used a lot of time to adjust this body to get this final design you know!”

“Then I can’t do anything either.” Chen Luonian spread out his hands helplessly, then said: “Maybe it’s you that can’t bear to part? Don’t tell me that you really don’t want to absorb Yuan Xi anymore?”

“Eh?” This also has some logic. Huai Zhen was stunned, then said: “But I’m planning to establish a new contract vow after undoing this one ah? Could it be that even that won’t work?”

“How would I know?” Chen Luonian humphed, “And even if I do like looking at you, it doesn’t mean I want to be with you ‘until forever’ ah. The problem might actually be with you.”
“Oh, I’ll think about it again carefully. After all, I haven’t used this technique in a long time, so I don’t quite remember all the rules……” Huai Zhen shook her head and got up, “I really have to go now. Cultivating in the mountains is still more convenient. You can have the chicken nuggets, I’m going to go change.” And she shoved that bucket of chicken nuggets at Chen Luonian.

Chen Luonian took and hugged the bucket. He saw Huai Zhen enter the room, but she didn’t even bother closing it before taking off her clothes with slight rustling noises. Even though Huai Zhen probably wouldn’t mind even if he went over to watch, but Chen Luonian for some reason didn’t particularly desire to see. He just sat in the living room and asked: “When will you be coming again to absorb Yuan Xi?”

“Since you won’t lose control most of the time, I’ll just come once every full moon.” Huai Zhen fixed her clothes as she said: “You be careful, alright? Don’t cause me to die.”
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“Yes.” Chen Luonian laughed.

Huai Zhen walked out now. She had changed into a cowboy style short skirt and had on a tank top with a little sleeveless jacket and was standing on two low-heel sandals. Pushing back her hair, she immediately gave off another flavor. Chen Luonian’s eyes lit up and very naturally started to look her up and down.

Huai Zhen couldn’t help but laugh, “Have you looked enough? Do you want to try touching? You have to stroke from the top down following the direction of the fur ah.”

“Can’t, I feel like rubbing upwards againsts the direction of the fur would be better.” Chen Luonian looked at that pair of beautiful legs as he spoke.
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“Tsk tsk, where are you planning to stroke to?” Huai Zhen sent Chen Luonian an eyeroll, “I won’t let you rub.”

Seeing Huai Zhen’s slightly annoyed attitude, her cheerful and lithe appearance, Chen Luonian suddenly spoke, a bit perplexed: “You’re clearly also pretty and attractive, how come I don’t feel attracted?”

“What do you want to feel attracted for?” Huai Zhen looked suspiciously at him, “I told you before I can’t……”

“I know……” Chen Luonian said: “Even if we don’t do that…… Wouldn’t it still be a lot of fun to be together with you? I feel like you’re not bad as a friend ah.”

Huai Zhen slightly smiled and walked closer to Chen Luonian’s front. Extending a hand, she lightly stroked his chest as she softly said: “Your body bears Hun Dun Yuan Xi, so you can see through the true nature of things. The me in your eyes, will become more and more like a fox, you know?”

“So it’s like that……” No wonder the more he looks at Huai Zhen, the less she seems human.

“Unless in the future……” Huai Zhen suddenly switched the topic and grinned, “Could it be you fell in love with someone and now you’re frustrated? Otherwise, why would you moan and despair, wishing you liked me?”

Chen Luonian froze and his face turned stiff, “Weren’t you about to leave? Hurry up and go!”

“Bashful little boy.” Huai Zhen moved closer and smiled, “Before I leave let me absorb my fill?”
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“You……” Chen Luonian wanted to yell at her but Huai Zhen already pressed up in front of his face, so he could only open his mouth and let her freely take it.
“Really nice.” After Huai Zhen was satisfied, she chuckled, twisted around and headed out, leaving the words, “Don’t die ah!”

“Shoo,” Chen Luonian yelled as he sent her off, standing by the door and watching until Huai Zhen left.

After sending Huai Zhen off, Chen Luonian recalled what she said before she left and his brows furrowed. He was felt rather gloomy.

But when he picked up his backpack and entered his own room, he discovered female clothing thrown all over the floor. Chen Luonian couldn’t help but open his mouth and curse….. Fucking, this damned messy stinkin’ fox!


It was another usual end of the school day. Chen Luonian sat next to the window and looked outwards, just like in the past, waiting for the flood of people to disperse before heading home.

Lately what he had been paying attention to the most was the track and field team. More precisely, the pony-tailed freshman girl that had just joined that team.

About a month ago, Chen Luonian had started to notice her. Girls that like running, needless to say, had healthy and beautiful bodies. It was particularly special that she had that childish little baby doll face and wheat colored honey skin. But these weren’t the reasons Chen Luonian noticed her.

The event that pony-tailed girl seemed to be training for was the marathon. Everyday, after she finished doing the fixed drills with the rest of the team, she’d start to continuously run around the sports field: one lap, another lap, then another lap. She always ran until there was pretty much no one left on the sports field before wiping off her sweat alone, grabbing her clothes, and leaving.

What caught Chen Luonian’s attention was that along with that firm persistence on her little face, there was also a trace of enjoyment. Matched with the regular, methodic, flowing steps, it gave people a relaxing and refreshing feeling. Moreover, during this period of time which was close to two hours, other than at the start and finish, the girl didn’t speak with anyone. She just kept her lips pinched as she ran, giving off a unwavering, solitary sort of beauty.

After the girl finished running, she walked to a nearby chair and took out a stopwatch and a towel from her backpack, then looked at her own time while wiping her sweat.

At this time, Chen Luonian suddenly felt a bit nervous and a bit of anticipation. These couple days, there was something that he didn’t know if it was just by chance? That girl at this time would always…… It’s here! It can only be seen that the girl put down the towel and her gaze shift over, towards this direction, and came into contact with his own gaze.

As expected it wasn’t an illusion. She probably noticed that he was watching her run every day? Chen Luonian also didn’t dodge but welcomed her stare, meeting the girl’s eyes.

Then she would turn around and with one hand on her waist, take a large swallow out of the drink before slowly leaving the sports field……

But today went against Chen Luonian’s expectations. The girl didn’t turn around today. She picked up the backpack and directly walked in Chen Luonian’s direction.

What’s going on? Chen Luonian was shocked as he watched that girl walk closer and closer until she stopped under the floor. The girl lifted her small face which was healthy with a glowing wheat color, glistening with sweat under the setting sun. She shouted towards Chen Luonian who was behind the third story window: “Hai!”

Chen Luonian was stunned for a moment before replying: “Hi.”


Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Edited by Sonia

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – I get Huai Zhen’s sense of humor lol. Especially with Korean dramas, I get really touched, but then I step back and think about how they’re acting it out, I can’t help but laugh and feel slightly embarrassed for them. Especially after I saw the Supernatural episode in which the characters crossed over into a world where they’re actors and failed hilariously.



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