DDFYM – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Serious Wounds and Danger

Sima You Yue was completely clueless towards the thoughts that were running through the minds of the few people behind her. In any case, she was unable to think about other things and had to give 120 percent of her attention to the Acacia Silk Snake in front of her.

Right now, Ya Guang and Little Roar were unable to help her so she could only rely on her own strength to defeat this Acacia Silk Snake.

However, in the minds of others, normally, only highly ranked Great Spirit Masters would be able to defeat Saint Beasts. She was an entire rank lower than it, so she had to think of other methods in order to defeat it.

Furthermore, the only thing that she was able to rely on now was strength.
In her past life, she knew a profound martial art that focused solely on speed. So when she came to this world and was cultivating her body, she thought of ways to attain the martial art moves that she used to know.

When the Acacia Silk Snake saw that Sima You Yue was actually more agile than its tail, its heart raged even more. It increased the speed of which it was swinging its tail, forcing Sima You Yue to increase her speed as well. There were a few times where she was struck by the tail, sending her crashing heavily into the ground.

She felt a scorching heat coming from behind and a piercing pain came when she mover her left hand slightly. According to her past experiences, she knew that she had broken at least two ribs.

“I can’t carry on like this, I need to think of a solution quickly!”
Sima You Yue felt that the strength in her body was quickly fading away and there was not much left of her spirit power either. If she continued like this, she would definitely be the one to suffer a crushing defeat.

As a result, when the Acacia Silk Snake tried to attack her again, this time, she didn’t choose to hide. Instead, she narrowly avoided it and grabbed onto the tail when it brought its tail back to its body, brandishing the frying pan in hand, striking it heavily.

When Bei Gong Tang and the others saw that Sima You Yue had actually grabbed onto the Acacia Silk Snake, they were very worried for her. Seeing her brandish that frying pan so naturally and landing a direct hit on that Acacia Silk Snake, they really didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If it wasn’t such an inappropriate timing right now, it appeared that they would have laughed out loud long ago.

If they were able to survive today, this scene would definitely be etched into their memory for the rest of their lives.

Even though Ling long had transformed into a frying pan, her power was definitely not comparable to an ordinary frying pan. Even a Spirit Beast with thick skin that would normally stand up to a beating would suffer under the hands of Sima You Yue’s attacks.

“Argh- malicious human!” The tail of the Acacia Silk Snake thrashed about in pain. Sima You Yue, who was hugging onto its tail, had to hug on tightly with her legs in order to avoid getting thrown off.


The Acacia Silk Snake heavily raised its tail as it prepared to smash her to death on the ground.

Sima You Yue saw a position that was just right and she released its tail, landing on the seventh inch part of the Acacia Silk Snake. With a slight tilt of her body, she blocked the vision of Wei Zi Qi and the others. Ling Long, who was in her hands, changed into a dagger as she stabbed it straight in.


Receiving a fatal injury, the Acacia Silk snake curled up like a bow.

Sima You Yue’s legs clamped onto the Acacia Silk Snake as her pair of hands wielded the dagger, stabbing the rest of the knife in. After that, she used a lot of strength to pull downwards and the Acacia Silk Snake’s back was directly cut with a 90 over metre wound.
The Acacia Silk Snake thrashed on the ground as it used all of its remaining strength to viciously fling Sima You Yue off, falling onto the ground, never to stir again.

“You Yue?!”

“You Yue!”

Bei Gong Tang and the others had already been stunned by the sudden twist in events and shouted anxiously when they saw Sima You Yue lying motionlessly on the ground.

“Ss- ah-”

The Acacia Silk Snake was still thrashing about on the ground, albeit less wildly than before. Eventually, it lay motionlessly on the ground.

“You Yue, what’s wrong?” Bei Gong Tang saw her silhouette lie motionlessly on the ground and her eyes turned red for the first time since they met.

However, no matter how much they called out, Sima You Yue did not have any form of response.

“You Yue, You Yue, say something!” Fatty Qu looked teary eyed at Sima You Yue and wished that he could dash up immediately.
“No, Sima You Yue wouldn’t just die like this!” Wei Zi Qi mumbled.

“What are you all flustered about?! Ya Guang is still breathing so this shows that You Yue is still alive.” At this crucial moment, it was still Ouyang Fei who retained some clarity of mind and he reminded them as he saw Ya Guang who was lying down under Fatty Qu’s body.

“She- she’s fine?” Fatty Qu glanced coldly at Ouyang Fei as he felt the breathing under his body. His heart gradually calmed down.

Seeing her crumpled on the ground after a battle with a Saint Ranked beast, it was no wonder that everyone thought that she was dead.

“cough cough-”

After a moment, light coughing sounds could be heard. It was music to the ears of the four of them.

“You Yue!”

“You Yue, how are you feeling?”

Sima You Yue moved her body and there was not a single part of her body that didn’t hurt. With a thought, a Jade pill bottle appeared in her hand. With great difficulty, she ate the pill before turning her head over to look at Wei Zi Qi and the rest.

“I’m fine.”

Seeing Sima You Yue’s exhausted yet shining eyes, the four of them relaxed.

As long as she was alive, it was fine.
After they had rested for around an hour, Wei Zi Qi and the others finally felt that their bodies had recovered a bit of strength. Ouyang Fei was the first to regain his movement as he struggled to get up, rocking and shaking as he came beside Sima You Yue. He stretched forth a hand and wanted to give her a hug.


When Sima You Yue moved, she felt a cold and even more biting pain.

“Which part hurts?” Ouyang Fei didn’t dare to move again after seeing Sima You Yue in pain. He hugged Sima You Yue as they sat in their original spot.

“Cough cough, I think most of my ribs are broken. The injuries in other places are not too light either.” Sima You Yue said.

Ouyang Fei supported Sima You Yue with one hand, and with a single thought, a Jade pill bottle appeared in his other hand.

A fourth ranked pill?!

Sima You Yue was incomparably shocked when she saw the pill in Ouyang Fei’s hand.

How could he have such a precious pill?!

Ouyang Fei didn’t say anything before directly feeding Sima You Yue the pill without letting her voice any objections.

Wei Zi Qi and the others also regained their strength as they came beside Bei Gong Tang, saying, “How are you?”

“Nothing major, my legs are just broken and I can’t walk.” Bei Gong Tang said.

Wei Zi Qi pulled up Bei Gong Tang’s pants and saw how much her leg had swollen.
“I’ll go look for a rod to help you stint it.” Fatty Qu, who was the last to crawl back up, said.

“Wait, Fatty.” Sima You Yue was wrapped in Ouyang Fei’s embrace as she said, “Let’s leave this place first or we’ll be in trouble when other Spirit Beasts are attracted here.”

“Right, let’s leave first.” Wei Zi Qi said, “Bei Gong, I’ll carry you. We’ll bandage you in a moment.”

“Mm.” Bei Gong Tang nodded and could not be bothered about things like the inappropriateness between male or female for the moment.

Sima You Yue called out Ya Guang before calling out Little Roar and letting him enlarge his body.

“Yue Yue, why are you so seriously injured?” Little Roar saw the wounds on Sima You Yue’s body and said tearfully, “ It’s all Little Roar’s fault. I screwed up when I was supposed to guard you.”

“ It’s not your fault. Grow a little bigger, enough for ten people.” Sima You Yue said as she shook her head.

Little Roar’s body flashed as he became bigger. It was no problem even if ten people lay down.

“You Yue, why do you want space for ten people?” Fatty Qu didn’t understand.

Sima You Yue looked into the distance, her gaze were cold. “Because we have to take a few enemies with us.”


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