DDFYM – Chapter 210

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Chapter 210: Teaching the wrong thing

Little Tu was in the room. Sima You Yue and the other four of them sat at the table watching Little Tu, who was watching them. All of their gazes were as if they were looking at a beast.

Little Tu got goosebumps under their stares and he subconsciously shrunk back.

“Older brothers, sister, you all…” You all shouldn’t look at me like that! Little Tu lamented in his heart.

Fatty Qu was the first to speak, saying, “Can you really feel the light element?”

Little Tu nodded his head fearfully.

“You can also feel the water and ice elements?” Sima You Yue looked at him with bright eyes.

Little Tu nodded his head fearfully again.

“It’s only been a day and a night but you’re able to absorb Spiritual Qi?” Ouyang Fei asked.

He continued to nod his head.

“Hehe, worthy of being the sapling that we uncovered. So powerful!” Bei Gong Tang beamed.

“Gah- it’s truly that comparison leads to death!” Fatty Qu yelled as he climbed on the table, “Our hearts are already crying with just one You Yue who agitates us from time to time. Now we have a little child too… I really don’t dare to think about how heaven defying he will be once he reaches our age. Oh Heavens, why do you hurt us this way!”

The heavens had not heard Fatty Qu’s cry but Sima You Yue slapped him hard on his head, saying, “Your talent will provoke anyone else outside as well, don’t you wail and howl here!”

“There’s no justice, you refuse to let me vent my frustration even after provoking me like this!” Fatty Qu complained in a small voice.

“No matter what, Little Tu’s talent is really shocking. This water and ice… tsk tsk, in the future Zi Qi and Fatty, you guys can teach him.” Sima You Yue delegated their responsibilities really quickly, “Mm. Bei Gong is his older sister, so you can’t neglect him. Ouyang’s battle ability is not bad, so you can teach Little Tu. Ah, then let’s settle it this way!”

The four of them who had been pointed out looked at her speechlessly, saying, “Then what about you?”

“I’m in charge of supplying the resources. Mm, we will raise Little Tu and in the future, whoever dares to bully us will be dealt with by Little Tu.” Sima You Yue beamed as she said, then she turned to look at Little Tu and ask, “Little Tu, is this okay?”

“Yes!” Little Tu smiled as well.

Nobody had ever treated him so well. Whoever dared to bully his Older Brothers and Sister would pay with their life!

As such, a Death God began his journey. Many watched his appearance as he killed people after he grew up, and contrasted it with his obedient countenance in front of Sima You Yue and Bei Gong Tang. They had to wonder if it was truly the same person.

For the next few days, they went around Peace City and played around. It was still two days before the West Moon Emperor’s birthday when the City Lord came looking for them, telling them they could set off. They said their goodbyes to Bai Yun Qi and the others before taking the teleportation array to the imperial capital.

Before they left, Sima You Yue gave Bai Yun Qi a jade bottle. She didn’t say what it was and he didn’t take a look, only caring about his sadness at their departure.

“Sigh, I wonder if Sima You Yue and the others will ever come back to Peace City?” Bai Yun Qi sighed.

Sun Ran Ran looked at the vast sky, sighing in return, “Their goal is over there instead.”

Bai Yuan Chun looked at the greatly matured Bai Yun Qi, and thanked Sima You Yue and the others for the impact they had on him. Seeing the jade bottle in Bai Yun Qi’s hand, he asked, “Aren’t you going to see what he left for you?”

“Right, I wonder what he put in this bottle for me. This guy, not only is he extremely strong, he’s even an Alchemist. He really fills you with a sense of defeat!” Bai Yun Qi said as he opened the jade bottle and poured out the pill inside. Two golden pills fell into his hand.”

“Father, why do I feel that these two pills are vaguely familiar?” Bai Yun Qi said as he looked at the pills.

Bai Yuan Chun was stunned by the two pills and his mouth was gaping wide. It was only a while later that he stuttered, “This, isn’t this the, the heaven defying Hundred Revolutions Pill sold at the auction the last time?”

It was only then that Bai Yun Qi recalled it and stared at the pill, mumbling, “It really looks like that pill.”

Bai Yuan Chun slapped Bai Yun Qi’s head, shouting, “What do you means like? Isn’t this exactly it? You stupid son!”

“It really is?” Bai Yun Qi rubbed his head, saying, “Then… isn’t Sima You Yue that mysterious person?”

Bai Yuan Chun nodded his head thoughtfully, saying, “It looks like he is even more powerful than we thought!”

Bai Yun Qi had already been shocked speechless by the information that he had just received. He lowered his head to look at the pill in his hand and thought of how before Sima You Yue left, he had told him that he hoped to see him again in the future. He made a resolve in his heart. In the future, he would definitely reach a lot higher!

In the past, he had felt that living in the army was not bad. Upon meeting Sima You Yue and the others, there were times that he heard them talking about the life in the higher realms and wasn’t too interested. It was only now that he felt that he would like to go to that world to take a look and wander around if he could.

“Let’s go, your father and I will protect you. Go and eat this pill.” Sun Ran Ran said as she patted her dazed son.


Sima You Yue and the others followed the City Lord of Peace City to the imperial capital. Just as they left the teleportation array, they felt a weird aura and it seemed as thought everyone was looking at them with strange looks.

“Why are they looking at us like that?” Fatty Qu flew beside Ouyang Fei.

“No idea.” Ouyang Fei said honestly.

“There’s a powerful intent that has trailed us.” Sima You Yue said as she surveyed the area.

“It would be better for us to leave here.” Bei Gong Tang said.

Seeing that everyone looked like they were about to face a great enemy, the City Lord of Peace City said, “Everyone, please do not be flustered. I think that news has spread of you all exterminating the Domineering Army, so everyone is very curious towards you, especially the emperor. I’m guessing that everyone wants to catch a glimpse of you.

Everyone relaxed when they heard the City Lord speak thusly and followed him to the Spirit Master Guild.

“Greetings to our guests.” A beautiful lady standing at the door bowed to Sima You Yue and the others.

“Who are you?” Fatty Qu’s eyes were looking straight the moment he saw the pretty lady.

“This servant has been assigned specifically by the emperor to take care of everyone. This servant’s name is Yao Guang.” Yao Guang smiled at them flirtatiously and those whose strengths were low were unable to block out her charm.

“Did the emperor know that we would arrive today?” The City Lord of Peace City asked Yao Guang.

“Emperor did not know, but he has ordered for this servant to remain here and keep watch. When you all arrived, I was to first bring you to to stay at the establishment.” Yao Guang replied. Then, she turned to the City Lord of Peace City and said, “Great City Lord, the emperor said that, as usual, you should still go to the place you arranged beforehand.”

The city lord of peace City’s smile faltered as he eyes flashed with anger. However, he suppressed it and cupped his hands at Sima You Yue and the others, saying, “Since the Emperor has personally arranged a living space for you all, we will split up here. We will meet again at the banquet.”

Sima You Yue and the others had never had any good impression of this city lord, so they snickered in their hearts when they saw his jealousy.

However, he was still the City Lord of the second largest city, so they could not express this too obviously. They cupped their hands towards him in farewell and waited for him to leave before bursting out with laughter.


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