DDFYM – Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: A youth that defies the natural order

Bei Gong Tang saw Little Tu cry with such despair that she looked helplessly at Sima You Yue, saying, “Why don’t we bring him with us?”

“Ugh you, you’ve become helpless the moment you met him.” Sima You Yue looked disapprovingly at Bei Gong Tang, saying, “It can’t just be the two of us who decide on it. We need to discuss with the others.”

Compared to living a life filled with so much uncertainty, staying here was undoubtedly the better choice.

Bei Gong Tang called Wei Zi Qi and the other three over and explained about Little Tu. The three of them had some disagreements as well.

“We don’t know what the situation is like over at the Central Wu Kingdom where the Sima Clan is. If it’s good, then all is well. However, if the opponents are bad, he will be put in a lot of danger if he follows us.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“I agree with what Ouyang Fei said.”

“But Little Tu doesn’t want to stay here. He wouldn’t be happy even if we leave him here.” Fatty Qu said, “When we reach the Central Wu Kingdom, we can arrange things properly for him before going to rescue Grandfather and the rest.”

Sima You Yue said, “I still feel that this isn’t too good. Our numbers would be too big.”

“Older sisters and brothers, you all don’t have to bother about me. You can go settle your things and I will wait for you all nearby. If you need to run, I will run with you.” Little Tu said.

Seeing that he spoke this way, Sima You Yue and the others didn’t feel too good about abandoning him here without care. The most important thing was that it was clear to all that Bei Gong Tang could not let him go.

“Sigh.” Sima You Yue sighed, saying, “Little Tu, if we all get killed, you would become a street urchin once again!”

“I won’t!” Little Tu said seriously.

“Why?” Fatty Qu asked.

Little Tu looked at Fatty Qu, saying, “If you all are dead, then I would definitely be dead as well. There’s no way I would become a street urchin!”

The hearts of the few of them were struck. He had already decided to live or die with them?

“Since you have decided this, then it shall be.” Sima You Yue said, “If it comes down to it we’ll just leave him at that place.”

‘That place’, was something Little Tu did not know, but the others did. It was the Spirit Pagoda.

After they firmed up their plans, everyone dispersed and went out, leaving Sima You Yue and Little Tu behind.

Sima You Yue let Little Tu eat two Frost Cold Pills. With one pill, she used her Spiritual power to activate it. With the other pill, she used her spirit power to wrap it up and left it in his body.

She realised that her own mental strength had grown quite a lot during this period of time. She planned to unblock his connecting arteries and veins after unblocking his twelve meridians if Little Tu could handle it.

The remaining three meridians were the same as the previous ones. They had been dead blocked. Who knew what it was that was blocking it, but it was extremely hard and could even be lodged within every single meridian.

Because she was even more skillful at controlling Crimson Flame’s flame, she was a lot quicker at unblocking the meridians. Once the remaining three meridians were unblocked, she began to dissolve the other Ice Cold Pill, lowering Little Tu’s body temperature once again while she inserted her flame into his arteries and veins.

Although those arteries and veins were not as stubbornly clogged as those meridians, it was still filled with impurities. At least it was not as hard as those original ones, and were fewer in number, so she managed to purge it completely with just one try.

After she retracted her flame from Little Tu’s body, he fainted as he had the previous times. However, Sima You Yue was not as tired as she had been before.

Bei Gong Tang came in. Seeing that Sima You Yue’s still looked pretty good, she asked, “It’s over?”

Sima You Yue nodded and stood up, saying, “I’ve already done all that I can do. In the future, I’ll leave it to you guys to teach him about cultivation! I don’t have the patience to become a teacher.”

Bei Gong Tang rolled her eyes, “No patience. Then who taught Ouyang Fei and I pill refinement?”

“You learnt it yourselves.” Sima You Yue took out a pill and ate it, saying, “When he wakes up, you can teach him how to absorb Spiritual Qi. He was able to feel Spiritual Qi before, so I think it should be pretty easy to absorb it.”

“Okay. You can go and rest.” Bei Gong Tang said.

Before Sima You Yue left, she glanced over at Little Tu. She thought that he was really lucky to have been able to meet her. She was lucky as well.

If, at that time, her meridians had not been killed by poison, but blocked like Little Tu’s had been, she might have been a waste her entire life.

Furthermore, if Little Tu had not met her, he would have been a waste forever.

This was fate! With this one exclamation in her heart, she went back to rest.

Little Tu awoke after sleeping for only one day and he saw an empty house the moment he opened his eyes, so he immediately jumped up from the bed and ran outside, shouting in panic, “Older brothers, older sisters!”

Bei Gong Tang, who was refining pill nearby, thought that something had happened to him and got a shock. She almost wasted the entire pot of pills in her hand.

Wei Zi Qi opened and door and saw Little Tu barefooted and asked, “What’s wrong, Little tu?”

Little Tu only relaxed when he saw Wei Zi Qi and pounced into his embrace, saying, “I thought that you all had abandoned me and left.”

Wei Zi Qi patted Little Tu’s head, smiling as he said, “Since we’ve already promised to bring you with us, there’s no way we would abandon you.”

“Mm.” Little Tu nodded.

“How are you now?” Wei Zi Qi asked, “Can you cultivate?”

“I don’t know either. I ran out the moment I woke up.” Little Tu said a little sheepishly.

Wei Zi Qi saw him on barefoot and smiled at the obvious, saying, “Then let’s go into your room. I’ll teach you how to cultivate.”

“Mm, okay!” Little Tu said happily.

Bei Gong Tang finally relaxed when she heard what Wei Zi Qi said, and she continued to refine the pills in her hand.

When they went back to the house Little Tu directly climbed on the bed and sat cross legged in the position to cultivate. After that, Wei ZI Qi began to tell him to close his eyes and meditate, to feel for Spiritual Qi. He even told him about the different colors of light for that different attributes of spiritual qi would have.

“Older Brother Zi Qi, I could feel Spiritual Qi a long time ago.” Little Tu said.

“You could feel it a long time ago?” Wei Zi Qi said in surprise.

He could feel it when he couldn’t even cultivate?

“Mm. I could feel Spiritual Qi after the first time that Big brother You Yue helped me to unblock my meridians.” Little Tu answered.

“Then what kind of Spiritual Qi are you able to sense?” Wei Zi Qi thought of how he had the bloodline of a Spirit Beast flowing in him and thought it was pretty normal for this kind of thing to happen.

“Let me see.” Little Tu closed his eyes after he said this and then opened his eyes and said, “There’s water, ice, oh, and something I don’t know.”

“What color is that?” Wei Zi Qi asked.

“White.” Little Tu said, “However, there’s really little of it.”


Wei Zi Qi had never encountered white Spiritual Power before. Inside his brain he started to try and find information about the different types of Spiritual Qi. He thought of what Feng Zhi Xing had said before about how there was a type that was even more uncommon that ice, lightning, and wind, which were light and darkness attributes. Furthermore, those of the light attribute would see white rays of light.

He never thought that Little Tu, apart from having the ice attribute, would actually have the even rarer light attribute! Even if there were a hundred thousand spirit masters, it was possible for there to not even be one with this attribute!


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