DDFYM – Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: Exterminating the Domineering Army (3)

The Domineering Army men that Qin Ming had brought with him completely surrounded the Sandgull men. Bai Yun Qi took his Sandgull men and charged out from inside. When he saw Qin Ming and the others, their expressions were completely dark.

“Yang Cheng, you traitor!” Bai Yun Qi cursed loudly when he saw Yang Cheng standing beside Qin Ming.

Yang Cheng gave a cold laugh, “Traitor? I’m not a traitor! I’m merely regarding my safety as priority.”

“You dare to say that you’re not a traitor? Was it not you who told Qin Ming and the others about us killing Qin Wu?” Li Kui accused angrily.

“You’re wrong!” Yang Cheng said, “I did not tell them directly. However, when someone offered me money while asking, I did tell that person. Who knew that that person would be one of the Imperial Concubine’s people!”

“It’s still the same either way!” Another senior said.

Qin Wan saw the utterly flustered and enraged Bai Yun Qi and smiled arrogantly, “Bai Yun Qi, what’s wrong with you today? Didn’t you always use to declare proudly that you would let your father bring his men to exterminate our Domineering Army? How come you’re not saying that today?”

“Since I’m listening to a dog bark, I naturally have to maintain my humanity.” Bai Yun Qi said disdainfully.

“What?! Did you just call me a dog?!” Qin Wan shouted as she pointed at him.

Bai Yun Qi shrugged, saying, “Since you like to claim other’s curses for yourself, then just take it as I’m talking about you!”


“Wan’er!” Qin Ming called after Qin Wan, who had stomped off in a rage. After that, he turned to the Sandgulls, who were standing in front of him, “I’ll give you all one last chance. If you are willing to defect to our Domineering Army right now, we will not kill you. Otherwise, we will cut you all down without question! I will give you one minute to consider.”

At time time, Xi Yue Xi brought the two Paragons with her as the flew oven. They stopped in midair and stared wordlessly at the people below.

Once they saw that the Spirit Paragon experts had come and thought again about how they didn’t have a single Spirit Paragon on their side, many of them began to move.

“If you are thinking of leaving, I still mean what I said. I will not blame you. However, if we are ever fortunate enough to pass this tribulation, you will never again be a Sandgull!”

Sun Ran Ran said to the people who were moving, as she brought Sima You Yue and the others with her out the front gate.

“Madam!” Many of the seniors called out in surprise when they saw Sun Ran Ran speak this way.

“Madam, our initial strength is already so weak. If yet another wave of people are to leave…”

Sun Ran Ran raised a hand to interrupt the. She glanced at those traitors and said, “Their hearts are no longer with us. At that point in time, they may even stab us at the back. It is better to let them cross over to the other side while they are standing right in front of us.”

When those men heard what Sun Ran Ran said, they were rendered speechless.

Within the span of one minute, a few others from the Sandgulls had left as well. Barely a few hundred remained of the intial thousand strong army.

“The time has come. It seems that quite a few of you are still adamant on staying even if you die!” Qin Ming said, “Since this is the case, we’ll help you along! You can all rest assured. After you all have gone down, we will send your captain to accompany you.”

“Are you talking about me?” A powerful voice sounded from the main gate, giving the people outside a huge shock.

“Bai Yuan Chun, aren’t you supposed to be a crippled waste!” Qin Ming stared at Bai Yuan Chun, who was walking out with large strides. Which part of him looked like a crippled waste?

Bai Yuan Chun came to the front and stood there steadily, like the famous Mount Tai, steadying the hearts of the Sandgulls.

“Ha Ha, am I supposed to be a crippled waste just because others said I am? If you still listen to mere rumors, it can only mean that you’re too childish!” Bai Yuan Chun guffawed.

“Ha ha-”

When the Sandgulls heard their captain say this, they all broke into large grins.

Although the situation was dire, everyone was filled with confidence when they saw him.

As for those who had left, each and every single one of them appeared ashamed as they lowered their heads without daring to look at Bai Yuan Chun.

“Impossible, your tendons were all obviously broken. How could you possibly be well!” Master Hu, who was in the air, exerted his power as he spoke, but he was pushed back by Bai Yuan Chun’s own power.

“Third Ranked Spirit Paragon!” Master Hu’s body flashed backwards as if he had been shocked, “You advanced in rank?!”

“Ha ha, that’s right. Not only did I recover, I even increased in rank!” Bai Yuan Chun said, “You men of Domineering Army better listen up. I will give you one chance. If you’re willing to leave Domineering Army and abstain from this event, I can still let bygones by bygones. Otherwise, I will kill one person for every one that comes, and two for every two!”

“Hmph, Bai Yuan Chun, you’re too insolent!” Qin Ming snorted coldly, “Even if you have become a third ranked Spirit Paragon, do not forget that we have a second ranked Spirit Paragon and a third ranked Spirit Paragon. On the other hand, how can you, as someone who has advanced in rank only recently, hope to compare to Senior Liu who has already been third ranked for so many years?”

“Even if you did not die, we’ll just go through it again.” Spirit Paragon Liu said insipidly. Although he was mildly surprised when he saw Bai Yuan Chun appear just now, his expression did not reveal much otherwise.

“Is it? Then we shall have to see whether or not you have the ability!” When Bai Yuan Chun finished speaking, he took a leap and landed in mid air and began to exchange blows with them.

Qin Ming also flew up and looked at Bai Yuan Chun, saying, “We have a total of three Spirit Paragons, including me. Do you think you can turn the tide around when there’s only you, this one Spirit Paragon?”

“Who said that we only have one Spirit Paragon?” Bai Yun Qi look at Qin Ming with ridicule, “I already said that those who still believe in gossip are too childish. Do you still not admit it?”

“Hmph, don’t tell me that you are able to produce two more Spirit Paragons? Do you think Spirit Paragons are like cabbages?” Qin Wan scoffed at his words.

“Are you stupid! Quality is the most important! We just need one person to settle all of you.” Fatty Qu said while touching his nose.

“Image.” Ouyang Fei reminded him.

“When did he ever have any image?” Wei Zi Qi snickered.

“That’s true.” Ouyang Fei nodded.

“Hey hey hey, just now, I felt that I was getting a bit popular. Why did you tear my stage down!” Fatty Qu complained.

“This isn’t tearing your stage down, since the stage was not made by you. Fatty, you’re being inappropriate again!: Sima You Yue joined in.

The five of them joked around as if there was no sense of danger. This greatly upset the opposing party.

“Sima You Yue, it was you who killed my fifth uncle. Today, I definitely have to take revenge on behalf of my fifth uncle!” Qin Wan shouted.

“You?” Sima You Yue glanced at her, saying insipidly, “You don’t have the qualification.”

“She doesn’t have the qualification, then what about me?” Xi Yue Xi stepped in front of Sima You Yue and took her as her own opponent.

Sima You Yue did not like to look upwards at people at flew into the sky. She looked at Xi Yue Xi, saying, “Why do you women always love picking a fight with me? I have no interest in women! Why don’t I get our family’s Bei Gong to exchange some moves with you!”

Bei Gong happened to fly beside Sima You Yue. She looked at Sima You Yue and nodded, saying, “Then I will force myself to help you take care of this.”

“An arrogant brat!” Spirit Paragon Hu saw that they were looking down on Xi Yue Xi and started to exert some pressure on them, planning to create some trouble. However, the pressure he exerted was completely useless.

This completely surprised the men from both armies.


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