DDFYM – Chapter 204

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Chapter 204: Exterminating the Domineering Army (2)

Sima You Yue pushed his hands away, saying, “I’m much better, thanks.”

“That’s great.” Bai Yun Qi released her shoulders, saying, “Thank you.”

“No need to thank me.” Sima You Yue smiled, saying, “When we came, we saw some people packing up some things. What’s going on?”

The expressions of Bai Yun Qi and the other two were not too great when they heard her talk about this.

“All of those people are traitors!” Bai Yun Qi spat.

“What do you mean?” Fatty Qu asked.

Li Kui sighed, “The men from the Domineering Army released word, saying that they would come to bathe us Sandgulls in blood one day later. They even said that if they were willing to defect to the Domineering Army, they could spare them. All those people defected to the Domineering Army.”

“What?!” Bei Gong Tang and the others looked at Sun Ran Ran with shock. They only knew that this was the truth when they saw her nod.

“If they’ve left, so be it.” Sun Ran Ran said. “The fact that those people would leave right now means that they are do not hold the Sandgulls in high enough regard. It’s a good opportunity to rid ourselves of those traitors.”

“There are times where you don’t need more people, just the faithful ones.” Sima You Yue said, “It’s better to go without, than to have those of lousy quality. It’s not a good thing to have those people remain here anyway. It best that you have this chance to cleanse yourselves of them.”

“However, if so many people have left, how can we possible muster the strength to fight the Domineering Army the day after tomorrow?” Li Kui said worriedly.

“We came precisely to speak of this matter.” Sima You Yue said.

“You Yue, it would be best for you all to leave first.” Li Kui looked at Sima You Yue and the few of them, saying, “You all can leave the West Moon Kingdom and head to the Central Wu kingdom later on. You’ll be safe, then.”

“Li Kui, you’ve forgotten. Our strength is not low!” Sima You Yue said, “If there’s any danger, Halcyon will protect me.”

“Oh yes, how could I have forgotten that Sacred beast!” Li Kui’s initial worried gaze had faded away.

It was because Halcyon was keeping too low of a profile and even restrained his aura that others had forgotten about him.

“However, Halcyon had said that he would only take care of the few strongest ones.” Sima you Yue explained.

“Okay. As long as he takes care of those strongest ones we have confidence in defeating the others.” Li Kui said with full confidence. After that, he sighed again, “It would be great if the Captain could fight together with us. He has always said that he would bring his men to exterminate the Domineering Army. Now our two armies have finally clashed, but he has already fallen.”

“Brother Li, follow me. The few of you should come too.” After Sun Ran Ran finished speaking, she brought them to her and Bai Yuan Chun’s room.

Sima You Yue and the others knew that Bai Yuan Chun were okay so they were not that surprised, but Li Kui started to stammer when he saw the person sitting on the bedside, “Cap- Captain?”

“Li Kui, when did you develop a stutter?” Bai Yuan Chun smiled as he asked.

Li Kui walked over excitedly and saw Bai Yuan Chun who was completely well and said with disbelief, “Captain. It’s really you; you’re perfectly fine!”

“Mm. You Yue and the others saved me.” Bai Yuan Chun looked at Sima You Yue and the others gratefully after he said this.

Li Kui never thought that they would really be able to treat Bai Yuan Chun. He turned around and gave them a lengthy bow, saying, “Many thanks to you all.”

Sima You Yue went forward helped Li Kui up, saying, “Uncle Li is too courteous.”

“Darling Chun, over a hundred of our men have left since yesterday, up till this afternoon.” Sun Ran Ran said, “When I think about the day after, I’ m afraid that even more people will defect over to the Domineering Army.”

Bai Yuan Chun was not surprised. These few years, the Sandgull’s growth had been too quick. The people it had attracted were not too great. There were also people with all sorts of hidden agendas. He was also thinking of using this chance to purge them of the men from Domineering Army.

“How many of our high rankers have left?”

“Around seven to eight of them have left. One of our seniors have left.” Sun Ran Ran replied.


“Yang Cheng.”

Sima You Yue did not have much of an impression of this Yang Cheng guy. However, she guessed that it must be the person who had leaked out the information that they had been the ones who killed Qin Wu.

“Never thought that Yang Cheng would actually have relied on others at such an early point. He actually sold out news of us in exchange for some benefits!” Li Kui exclaimed in anger, “As he left, he told us that he he had been bought over by Domineering Army three years ago. I called it didn’t I, I asked why it was that they always knew about us these past two years.”


“Do not let news about my recovery leak out for the time being. I want to to see how many of our thousand strong men will remain!” Bai Yuan Chun said.

“Yes, Captain.”

“Yes, Father.”

Actually, the plan that Sima You Yue and the others had discussed was a simple one. They would kill one person if one person showed up, and two for two. Also, one had to capture the king in order to seize the thief. Once the head of the Domineering Army was eliminated, the remaining soldiers would all be in danger.

Sun Ran Ran sent word that the army would not blame those who wanted to leave. However, once they left, they would never again belong to the Sandgulls. Even if the Sandgulls was fortunate enough to overcome this, those who left were never to return.

With Sun Ran Ran’s announcement, many of those who were looking for excuses to leave, no longer had to find an excuse. They immediately left without leaving a single word. Many of them directly defected to the Domineering Army and the other group left the capital.

Bai Yuan Chun heard the news that Sun Ran Ran had announced herself and merely had one thing to say – “Good.” His composed countenance revealed no anger.

Sima You Yue, they and himself remained in the house to cultivate. In order for her to recover to her peak, she ate a huge amount of pills before entering into a state of cultivation.

One day later, Xi Yue Xi prepared to appear with the two Spirit Paragons. The men of Domineering Army as already ready and waiting. There were even quite a number of men amongst them who came from the Sandgulls.


Xi Yue Xi looked at those people and said, “We will not participate in the battle immediately. The masters will only act when someone appears that you cannot defeat.”

“Princess has considered much.” Qin Ming said, “We have received accurate information that many of the highly ranked Sandfulls have left. They have even lost Bai Yuan Chun as their Spirit Paragon overseer. Now, they are like a pile of loose sand and are unable to cooperate with each other. Princess and the Honored Seniors can just watch from the side.”

“It would be the best if this were the case.” Xi Yue Xi said, “Let us get this done quickly. It will be Father King’s birthday in a few days. I have to rush back.”

“Yes, we will go now.” Qin Ming said. After that, he waved his hands towards the men of the Domineering Army, saying, “Men of Domineering Army, follow me!”

Sima You Yue, who was currently cultivating, opened her eyes. She had already recovered to her peak condition.

Halcyon came in from outside, saying, “Men from Domineering Army have come.”

“They have truly arrived on time! Let us head over to take a look as well.” Sima You Yue came down from the bed. As she walked past him, she patted Halcyon on the shoulder, saying, “In a moment, I’ll ask of you to do your best to protect Zi Qi and the gang as well as uncle’s family.”

“What about you?” Halcyon asked.

“Me?” Sima You Yue smiled, “Today, I will battle to the fullest. I want to test my currently abilities!”

“What if you encounter a dangerous situation?” Halcyon saw the smile on Sima You Yue’s Face. That smile was clearly tinged with malice. However, he did not react negatively at all, and was merely worried for her safety.

“I will definitely not fight against those who are way stronger than me, I’m not an idiot!” Sima You Yue walked past Halcyon and left when she finished speaking, leaving him behind in a daze.


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