DDFYM – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: An Old Clan Feud

It actually escalated into an Old Clan feud?!

Sima Lie gave Sima You Yue a fright the moment he started speaking.

“Sigh, I never intended for this to be revealed to you all, but if this happens again and I suddenly die, you all won’t even know what’s happening.” Sima Lie sighed.

Sima You Yue saw his unresignation coupled with hesitation and held on to his hand, saying, “Grandfather, we are also the descendents of the Sima Clan. We can also share a part of your burdens, isn’t that right?”

Sima Lie patted Sima You Yue’s hand. This granddaughter of his really was so mature that she caused one’s heart to ache.

“Have you ever thought about it before – other clans have so many branches yet it is only the Sima Clan that has us as its single branch?” Sima Lie asked.

Sima You Yue pondered about it; it really did seem to be the case. Other clans really had quite a few branches but it was only their Sima Clan that consisted of only Sima Lie and Sima You Yue and her 4 brothers.

She never thought much about it at first because the clan in her previous life was not really that powerful. However, thinking about it now, it was really too inconsistent with this world. This was a place where a clan was considered as a gang. There weren’t any others like them who only had a few members.

Unless, they really didn’t have any other relatives!

“Grandfather, could it be that the relatives from all our other branches have died?” Sima You Yue asked.

Sima Lie shook his head, saying? “ They didn’t die. It was actually us who were chased out.”

“Chased out?!”

“That’s right, Furthermore, we were exiled into this land of captivity.’

“Land of captivity?” Sima You Yue felt that she had been completely confused by all that Sima Lie was telling her. This was a land of captivity? Were they living inside of a jail?

“Actually, the country of Dong Chen is just a part of Yi Lin continent. You know this, right?” Sima Lie asked.

Sima You Yue nodded her head, this was something she did know.

“Actually, this Dong Chen Country is the land of captivity for the Yi Lin continent.” Sima Lie said, “People in this country are those who had been exiled to this place. Those clans who consist of many people are that way because they had been here for a very long time and slowly grew to this state. As for us, it’s because we haven’t been here for long that we have not yet grown.”

“Grandfather, why do you say that this Dong Chen Country is the land of captivity?” Sima You Yue asked in confusion.

“Because Dong Chen Country is surrounded by steep mountains that are also filled with highly ranked Spirit Beasts. Those areas make it convenient to use to lock up up this area like a jail, making it so these people can only live in this place. If they wanted to go out, i’m afraid that it would not be long before they perished is the Sofia Mountain Range.” Sima Lie said, “Dong Chen Country has very few resources, and is totally different from other places. When compared to other places, this place is like a jail.”

“So what you’re saying is that we’re actually living in a closed off area surrounded by natural geographical barriers.” Sima You Yue said.

Sima Lie nodded

“Then, Grandfather, why were we expelled to this place?” Sima You Yue asked.

“Because we were framed.” When Sima Lie said this, he could not help by to tremble. “Outside, our Sima Clan is considered a Great Clan, however, because your great grandfather was framed, our branch of people had entered for a brief period of

time before we were framed and expelled from the family. The people that framed us also relentlessly chased us to kill us. There was no choice. He could only take us to escape into the Sofia Mountain Range. But Sofia Mountain Range was fraught with peril, and the group of us entered for a short time before we met with dangers from all sides. Even your great grandfather and great grandmother could not escape. With sheer luck, at the very end, I was the only one left. Actually, i had almost been buried like an animal, but I was lucky to have been rescued by my benefactor, who brought me out of Sofia Mountain Range and into Dong Chen Country.

Speaking up to this point Sima Lie glanced at Sima You Yue and didn’t tell her that that man was actually her father.

“After that, I started my life anew and worked hard in order to increase my own power. Luckily, my talent was not too bad and slowly thrived and prospered, even achieving a grand position as a great General, governing the peace of Dong Chen Country for his Majesty.”

“Is the person who harmed you the same one who framed our clan in the past?”

Sima You Yue guessed.

“Mm.” Sima Lie nodded, “That was a friend that I had grown up with. I don’t know how but he actually knew about the Golden Snake Fruit and used some unknown method to come to Pu Luo Mountain Range. Initially, our strengths were around the same level but his battle experience could not be compared to mine. Just as I was about to emerge victorious, a long and ugly creature came out from his body and struck me. At that time, I felt that something was not right so I immediately escaped.”

“Will that person come since he knows that Grandfather escaped?” Sima You Yue was a little worried.

“I don’t think he will.” Sima Lie said, “ I know that person’s character, he has always been conceited. Since I had been injured by that Devil creature, to him, I would not live past a day. He would have assumed that it was impossible for me to survive. Even if he felt that I was lucky enough to survive, he has no idea where I am. Even if he wanted to look for me, Dong Chen Country is not small and he would have to waste a few days. However, he does not have this kind of time to waste.”

“Why not?”

“If I didn’t remember it wrongly, there will soon be a grand event happening in the Sima Clan. So, everyone has to go back or else they will be punished. He can’t afford the delay.” Sima Lie said.

“But at the end of the day, this is still a possibility.” Sima You Yue thought it over. “Since he knows you are here, he would be able to guess that you are the head of the family. If the plan to get rid of all witnesses, I only fear that our future days will not be easy to pass.”

“I think so too.” Sima Lie let out a sigh.

Sima You Yue saw Sima Lie furrow his eyebrows and smiled at him, saying, “ Grandfather, you don’t have to worry too much. This is just something we’re guessing. Who knows, that person may not have the spare time to come over. It is better for you to heal up properly, we can talk about future things later on.”

Sima Lie saw Sima You Yue’s smile and the worried in his heart faded quite a bit. He resolved in his heart that no matter what happened, he would definitely protect her.

Sima You Yue waited for Sima Lie to meditate and heal his wounds before leaving the room. As she was leaving the room, the smile on her face disappeared and was replaced by a deep worry.

That person could possibly not come down right now, but he was definitely a threat.

“It looks like I have to think of a way to increase my brothers powers, or else we would not have the power to fight back when those people come.”

Sima You Yue teleported into the Spirit Pearl and ran over to take a look at the five remaining Golden Snake Fruits.

Right now, these were the only things she could use to increase their powers. However, she was unable to refine any of these pills right now.

“Aside from relying on pills, there are other methods.” Little Spirit informed her as he appeared at her side.

“There are other ways?” Sima You Yue looked at Little Spirit and ran over to him, saying, “Little Spirit, what other ways are there?”

“Your current fawning look is so ugly.” Little Spirit looked down on her as he said.

Sima You Yue slapped him on the head and yelled, “What fawning look, say it quickly, what other methods can I use?”

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