Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C20

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Translator: Kourii

Editor: Raven

Chapter 20

Author: Phillka: The brother, derived from the alchemist “Fulka” Neri.

Feria: The sister, derived from the Norse mythology Ain“Feria”l.
[To think that brother of mine would let someone get close to him. There really are strange things in this world huh. Are you perhaps his lover?] Feria


At first, I could only scratch my neck at Feria-san’s remark.

Even the people at the academy were the same. Why do people always think like that?
[You’re wrong. Moreover, isn’t it impossible between the 10 years old me and 18 years old Phillka-san?] Alty

[*Fumu, this might be, because of the difference in culture.

As I have traveled to various countries, the people here in Malgaroid mature extremely fast you see.

There are even cases of getting married at eight, so it isn’t unusual for them to think of you as a couple. ] Feria
Add 11 to 18 equals 29.

I thought their mother looked very young, but to think that she isn’t even 30.
[Anyway, I can see that you don’t think that way.

But …I don’t know about my brother though.] Feria


[I-it’s okay, I…think.] Alty
I should have gone in a scenario of the Another End in the original game.
[If you were to become my sister-in-law, un~ such a lovely doll-like girl, I’ll give you a big welcome, and a seriously hard working one at that. Would you like to be my bride?]Feria

[That is an attractive proposal, but aren’t you a girl, Feria-san?

That ear piercing, it’s beautiful and elegant.] Alty

[Hee- you noticed, huh.

It’s such a small piercing that no one has noticed and said anything about it.] Feria


Feria-san’s voice has noticeably gotten a degree higher than before
To have someone who understand a modest girl’s appeal, is a happy thing.

I was also like that in my previous life.



As expected, I feel familiar with Feria-san. After all, I was also a prince-sama like character in high school.

I want to get along with her.


[Feria-san, are you free tomorrow?] Alty
[Yes, I’m planning on staying here for a while.] Feria
[Then will you show me around the capital?

Actually, I have never done any sightseeing here in Malgaroid, you see.] Alty

[That means you haven’t seen the “Res fountain gate” or the “Star cup plaza” yet?

What a waste, you ought to have visit them.

I’m okay with that, but what about the academy?] Feria

[It’s going to be fine. Actually, Phillka-san is supposed to leave the capital for a while.]Alty

He said something about an Alchemist Association meeting or the like.

Last month he boasted about neglecting it though I wonder when he changed his mind.
[I can’t go to the academy alone anyway. Just at the right moment when I don’t know how to spend my time.] Alty

[I see. Then please let me escort you tomorrow, I guess.] Feria


And just like that me and Feria-san will be going on a date.

[Now then, I better not oversleep tomorrow. It’s getting late so, I’ll be excusing myself.]Feria


[Are you not going into the mansion?] Alty

[I’m someone who has ran away from home, you see. It’s not going to look good if I just suddenly pop out and return like nothing happened. I’m going to make up with them when father and Onii-sama are present together.] Feria
See you, and Feria-san refreshingly left.

I thought while I was waving my hand.
The Father stayed at court and didn’t come home, the Mother stayed in her room not showing herself.
Moreover, the brother left the capital with the excuse of a meeting that he didn’t plan to attend.

The whole family is definitely avoiding Feria-san.

It doesn’t seem like she has a problem in terms of character but I wonder why?

The daughter who ran away came back home, I thought whether it was okay to not have anyone welcome her but-
More like,

Not just towards Feria-san alone, it seems like those of the Louivas house are keeping away from each other.

It has been a while since I’ve come to live here, but I haven’t once seen the whole family having dinner together. I have never seen them where more than two people face each other. This is too unnatural.
I wonder why I haven’t noticed this until now.

I’m have been slacking and didn’t pay attention to my surroundings.

I should have been slightly better,than the me that just regained my memories.

Like ending the confrontation with the earl or me going to study abroad in Malgaroid.

While my good luck continued with my future safe, I really got more stupid.
…. I wonder if the dolls had been burdened with lots of hardships and worries.


Author note:

Q   What would happen to Feria if Alty wasn’t doing self-training?

A   After erasing her presence, walking near the gate of the mansion and finding out that her father wasn’t there, she would just go back to the inn.


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