Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C19

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Translator: Kourii

Editor: Raven

Chapter 19
Returning from the workshop, leaving cactus-kun and saying good night…

No way!!

Today It’s not going to be my routine.
What are you talking about?

I’m not much of an understanding others type of person.

If you really want something, all you have to do is to repeat the task till you achieve it.


Although it might not be good to stay up late as I am ten years old, we’ll overlook it for once.

* *

Even though the sun had already set, summer in Malgaroid is very hot.

If you open the window, the hot air would suffocate you.

I’m glad that I made the water pendant the other week, because of that I can more or less bear it.

The sky looked as if a bottle of milk has been spilled on it.

The night sky was filled with so many stars, that it seemed as if they would come crashing down.

What had been called as The Milky Way in my previous life, is known as “The Flames of the Sky” here in Malgaroid.

According to the legends, it was said that the surface was once ruled by the gods living in heaven.

They were incredibly cruel. They sometimes even killed humans just to pass time.

Unable to bear with the oppression, they sought help from a sage.

“Please save us from this hell”.

Answering to their plead, the sage fired an Arrow of Light to destroy the heavens.

The traces of the flame are exactly The Flames of The Sky.

By the way,

The sage killed all the gods without leaving a single one, and it seems like their remains have become the source of magic and alchemy.

My doll magic might be too much of a power for a single human, but it’s not like I didn’t know that my power once belonged to a god.

The things I could do with it are a lot and has been growing even more ever since I started to learn alchemy.

I wonder what would I find at the end of its road.

…. With no connection between the future of the Wisp house with myself, I am really curious about it.

Let’s give my best today too.

When I jump outside, the wind cushions my fall.

There is no sound even upon landing. Thank you, wind spirit.

I borrowed a section of the backyard that was covered by bushes as my “practice area”.

You can see the result of the practice as the land is gouged a little or that the branches of the trees are twisted in odd angles.
I draw a magic square with a wand that was crafted from oak wood.

This is actually the most primitive alchemy furnace.

This is what alchemy really is.

Like producing orichalcum from scrap iron.  (Raven: Orichalcum???)

Or creating miracle drugs from muddy water.

In other words, it is to completely transmute the existence of things.

If it’s human…. I guess they’ll perhaps get everlasting life. (K: 0-0)

(Ojou-sama, here.) Kajero

The thing which Kajero handed me was a rusted copper sword. Putting it into the furnace then smear it with dirt.
This is one of the basic practices.

Refining the sword with dirt would remove the rust.
When it starts to shine, let it go back to being rusty. Repeat it like this again and again.

At first ‘a reverse process’ took almost two hours, but now it has shortened to only one hour.

During the process, the sword would probably crack into pieces. Because if the refining is not done properly then it will shorten the lifespan of the object.

The next step required is not only speed but also keen senses.

The goal is to have the sword go through ten ‘reverse process’ per day.


This sword has gone through 19 reverse process till now.


Just one more reverse process and it would be done.
Concentrate, concentrate.

For the first half.
It’s cleaner than the new ones sold in shops.

Next, let’s degrade it.


* *

(3rd person POV)
The first one who noticed was the knight doll Walf.

(There is something there.) Walf


Glancing at Kajero, it seemed as he understood. Then they nodded.

(That side attack, the other side defend.) Kajero
Something has broken into the garden of the Louivas mansion.

They completely hid their presence and killing intent so that they don’t notice anything.
Kajero was standing as if he is protecting a princess while also ordering the animals in the garden to get into a formation.
Walf kicked the ground and jump out with the speed of a bullet.


There was someone looking at the princess in the shade a little distance away.

There were no evil intentions.

Although, they were just looking here.


(Peeping is no good.) Walf

Walf didn’t carry his sword. He would definitely thrash them down if they were bad guys.

The situation this time is pretty sensitive so he just went with a body ramming attack.

Though it was with filled with vigorous speed and power-
[Otto!] A certain peeping tom
The opponent hugged Walf to restrain him while magically scattering away the impact of the attack.


[Such a cute knight-sama, sorry. It’s not like I want to do anything to your *goshujin-sama.]  Peeping tom (TL: here goshujin=master.)
The guy had a smiling face as if a toast covered with honey.
* *

[*I am Feria, Phillka Louivas’ sister. Don’t mind this way of talking and my clothes. I have been traveling lately, so I dressed as a man in order avoid various kinds of troubles you see.] Peeping tom= Feria

(K: Uhem, here she used ‘Boku’ which also means I but in a manly way, and also her speech is very boy-like that’s why she said not to mind it so as to not confuse her as a boy.)

A black haired young swordsman gave her name in a sweet voice.
She is pretty good at making a gender-neutral expression, so she probably got hit on by many girls.
This might just be me but, somehow, I sympathize with her.

I was also confessed to by the same sex only in my previous life….

[At first, I was planning to show myself tomorrow morning, you see. I heard a sound in the backyard when I got close. Just that when I decided to look, my sight got stolen by a beautiful princess.] Feria
What a cheesy line.

If she was a boy then perhaps I would have punched her.

I’ll forgive her since she’s a girl. Moreover, I remembered that I used to talk like this in high school, too.

[You were practicing alchemy just now, right? You’re pretty amazing, working so hard even this late into the night. Aren’t you Phillka- niisama’s disciple?] Feria

[Yes, Phillka-san is really kind to me.] Alty

[Heee-, that brother of mine can also let someone come close to him, huh. There really are such strange things in this world. Perhaps, are you his lover?] Feria

How did it come to this again….

I am ten years old, not an age to be suspected of being in a relationship with an eighteen years old, Phillka-san you know.


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