Not to Compete and Create Dolls V2 C18

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Chapter 18

Translator: Kourii

Editor: Raven
Phillka-san has a younger sister.
It wasn’t shown in the game but I remembered it because it was a hot topic on the WEB radio program.

The voice actor and scenario writer who went as guests got carried away and leaked out all kinds of settings.

For example–

A girl with an awe-inspiring manly appearance which can be mistaken for a handsome boy.
She was probably even more of an *ikemen than her big brother Phillka (TL: ikemen=handsome man).

Having been taught the two-handed sword and spear school by a mysterious elder living outside the royal capital, she was already at the expert level at the age of 14.
In order to deliver the elder’s, her master’s, remains back to his family, she took her talking falcon and crossed the ocean. That was when she was 15 years old.
Although she came back to the Louivas house at 17 years old, she then quickly went on a warrior’s training journey.

Since she isn’t supposed to appear in the story , she can do everything recklessly. That’s why I was really looking forward to it when I found out that I was going to be staying in the Louivas house.

[If you’re talking about my sister then she already went somewhere. It’s already been two years.](Phillka)

I tried asking whether he had a little sister after looking after the fire into the alchemy furnace in the workshop while waiting for the white potion to cool down.

Phillka-san who talked with his eyes down looked as if he was lamenting about something.

Wanting to cheer him up, I said:

[It’s okay. She will definitely come back.](Alty)

As expected I couldn’t say [She’ll be back shortly].

[Fumu, Hearing this from the demon eyed doll princess, it will definitely be true.](Phillka)

[…….What’s with that?](Alty)

[The merchants who came from the empire told me about it. It seemed like imouto-dono predicted Mr. Talbot’s death or something like that.](Phillka)


The name Talbot does ring a bell…..

Aah! At the party when the earl appeared two years ago!

I told him that he would die if he didn’t pay attention to his health though…. Just how did such a thing happen, I wonder.

[It’s mostly just exaggeration you know.](Alty)

Phillka-san smirked  ….He seems to be making fun of me.

[Is it just rebuking him for eating too much?](Phillka)

[Yes. He seemed to like Karaage very much.](Alty)

[I heard it is very delicious. There are even people who rode the ship to the empire just to eat it. I also want to try it once.](Phillka)

[Shall we try making it?](Alty)

[Hou-  Imouto-dono is also interested in cooking. What a surprise. I heard that Karaage’s recipe is not told to outsider though….](Phillka)

[Well, I was the one who taught the guys at the ‘Hatoba Inn’.](Alty)


Phillka-san was thunderstruck .
His glasses fell off to the ground due to that.
It’s because the balance of the lens and frame is bad. It still needs improvement.

[No, this is possible as imouto-dono was the one who created such a wonderful tool. It’s as expected.](Phillka)

Perhaps because of always reading books in dark places, Phillka-san had become nearsighted.
Though the people of this world knew about using lens to make things seem bigger, it seems like the idea to further use it to correct vision irregularities haven’t been discovered yet.
I told that to Phillka-san. As expected of the genius alchemist, he developed glasses in no time.
However, Phillka-san was supposed to develop eyeglasses when he is twenty years old in the original story. I do feel a little guilty for stealing his discovery.

* *

I would also like to invite Phillka-san’s parents who I have been troubling to dinner together , so I tried asking whether meat dishes was okay.

But his father was too busy with work that we can’t even meet.
Saying that we should go home first.

As for his mother, she said she wasn’t feeling well and has withdrawn to her room.

Phillka-san also said something like ‘This is a critical point.’ and went away since early in the morning and was supposed to come back late at night.

I guess karaage is going to be put off for a while.

Was what I thought at that point.

That’s when I heard that Phillka-san’s sister was coming back.

The source of the information was the staff in the mansion. It seems like Phillka-san and his parents had already known about it.

I am feeling a little uncomfortable.

It’s hard to put it into words but this atmosphere is not the feeling of welcoming her back after two years.
It’s almost as if they are avoiding it all together.

Just what is going on?


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