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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 9 – The Training Camp and the Moonlight and the Palpitation (3)

The route for this kimodameshi entails passing through the gymnasium at the starting point, the infirmary, the science lab and finally the music room. After which, participants simply have to write their names on the blackboard at the final destination.

In fact, it’s so easy to guess what they’d planned for the infirmary and science lab that it’s laughable. Mysterious chemicals in the infirmary and how it resembles a hospital, frog specimens and human anatomical models in the science lab. These were all things that instills a sense of fear. Certainly, anything would appear frightening when it’s dark.

Soutarou was still holding onto the cuffs of my jersey behind me.

“Uwah, you gave me a shock. Don’t cling to me so much.”

Panic-stricken, Soutarou glued himself perfectly onto my back. My back feels kind of warm when Soutarou who has a high body temperature clings to me.

He was so frightened that his eyebrows became 八 and he kept staring towards the school building. Having heard my words, Soutarou gave me a stiff smile. He moved a few steps back while still holding onto my jersey.

“Sorry…… It’s embarrassing but, like what Mako said, I’m bad with things like ghosts and spirits.”

“You don’t need to feel embarrassed about having something you’re bad with. We can return now if you want.”

As we conversed, the 2-man team before us who were on standby started walking. Seems like it’s our turn next. We have to depart in a few minutes.

Soutarou who was agitated up until a moment ago narrowed his eyes and smiled after hearing my words. It was a tender smile one would expect from children or animals. It’s because he smiled like that so suddenly that my heart went thump without thinking. Dangerous, dangerous.

“It’s okay. Didn’t I say just now? That I’ll be fine if I’m with Mako.”

This, are you saying this air-headedly?

I can’t help but think he’s making a pass, but what does he mean by this? Or could it be that it’s normal for guys to have such a conversation? I’m confused. I don’t understand.

I bet that my thoughts were showing on my face. Soutarou let out another smile.

“Because Mako’s my important friend.”

“I see. That’s right, huh. I too, think of Soutarou as important.”

I understand if that’s what he means. Yes, I can interpret it this way.

As a character who’s supposed to be captured by Mitsuki, isn’t it laughable if he falls in love with her older brother? This is an otome game, not a BL game.

“Ohー, it’s Sakurai-kun and Tsubaki-kun’s turn next. It will be sca~ry so. Do your best~. Don’t get hurt, okay~”

Yurino-sensei handed me a handheld flashlight while making an exaggerated voice. 

I’m amazed at sensei. He managed to maintain this vigour even though it’s already the 12th team. I can feel his enthusiasm of wanting the students to enjoy themselves.

“Hai. Let’s go, Soutarou.”


Clutching my jersey, Soutarou started walking gingerly.

Putting me aside, won’t he lose his popularity if he shows such a sight to the other girls? What will happen to this lead character if they start thinking things like Tsubaki-kun is pathetic?

“Tsubaki-kun, you’re scared of spirits? Cuteー”
“He’s completely attached to Sakurai-kun. I want to be Sakurai-kun!”
“Sakurai-kun, do you mind changing partners with me?”

Seems like my worries were unfounded. I apologise. I should mind my own business.

They probably thought they were whispering softly but I can actually hear them pretty well.

Granted, it’s not like I don’t feel vexed. However, as expected, ikemen will be ikemen no matter what they do. I might have even said the same things as those girls when I was female.

I left the gymnasium carrying such complicated feeling, taking the first step towards the infirmary.

“Where was the infirmary again?”

The light from the flashlight illuminated the corridor. As I thought, the school building looks different at night. Not very familiar with the surroundings, I wasn’t sure where to go. Even if not for that, I’ve never stepped foot into the infirmary before.

Hence I questioned the Soutarou glued perfectly to my back. He eventually answered me in one breath with a foolish-sounding voice.

“The infirmary is at the 2nd school building……”

“Ah, I see.”

Izumino Gakuen comprises of the 1st school building to the 3rd, and there’s also an old school building.

Entering through the main gate, you’ll see the 1st school building where the staff room, principal’s office and important classrooms are. The 2nd school building is located to the east of the main gate and within are the science lab, student council room, music room and other special classrooms. To the west of the main gate is the 3rd school building where the classrooms of 1st to 3rd-years are situated. In the old school building were the rooms for clubs and extracurricular activities. Apparently there’s also changing rooms.

The 2nd school building isn’t far from the gymnasium.

Seeing how frightened Soutarou is, let’s quicken the pace.

“Mako, that way is to the 3rd school building.”

“Eh? Ah, …… it’s because of my glasses.”

Soutarou tilted his head and gave a puzzled look in response to my excuse.

That was a bad excuse just now. Though it’d have been fine if I admitted that I didn’t know the way, for some reason I was embarrassed.

Despite telling Soutarou it’s okay to have things you’re bad at, as expected it’s embarrassing when it comes to myself.

“To tell the truth…… I’m bad at memorizing directions.”

That’s right. I’m not particularly good at remembering directions. Simply put, I’m directionally-challenged.

“Mako says funny things with a straight face once in a while.”

For some reason Soutarou started laughing even though all I did was seriously tell him I don’t know the way with a straight face.

Whether it’s Kaname or Soutarou, the residents of this world burst into laughter too easily. I don’t think I said anything that was even remotely funny.

Soutarou, this guy, he was so scared just before  but now he’s smiling at me. For some reason despite feeling relieved, another part of me was mortified.

“I’m going to leave you behind if you prattle on.”

“Wait, Mako.”

Soutarou, this guy, he’s still laughing! Exasperated, I ignored him and walked off. Flustered, Soutarou grabbed onto my clothes.

We can reach the infirmary in less than 5 minutes if we walk quickly. As proof having been there, we have to sign at our names on the register at the fridge in the infirmary.


When I placed my hand on the door of the infirmary we’re supposed to enter, I noticed there were sounds coming from inside. Was the pair before us still here? There’s no way it’s a thief, right? I came up with several speculations but all of them seem to miss the mark.

“Soutarou, what do you think these sounds are?”

“Perhaps it’s the sensei who’s acting as a ghost?”

“Ah, that makes sense.”

The sensei who’s acting as a ghost could be trying to scare us. Still, the sounds seem too rowdy even for that but, is that’s how it’s supposed to be? I’m not sure because I don’t usually go to places like haunted houses.

Having agreed with Soutarou’s thinking, I boldly opened the door.

“Wait, Mako, all of a sudden…”

“Since we’re entering anyway, there’s no need to hesitate――…… Eh?”


Were ghosts beings who’d push down a half-naked girl in a place like this? By chance, my eyes met with the ghost(temporary)’s. It’s a little awkward, but who asked him to do this kind of thing in a place like this.

That ‘ghost’ had black hair with blue highlights, cut in a Wolf style[1]. Only his right eye was hidden behind his hair like a certain Kitarou[2]. It was arranged so precisely that it’s kinda off-putting. There were earrings on his ears like loose leaves and there were jingling accessories even on his neck and fingers. With a single glance, one could tell he was neither a serious nor diligent person.

Nonetheless, he has pointlessly good looks. An oval-shaped face with a light complexion. Large, round eyes and a strangely amorous mole at the corner of his eye. Although the way his mouth curled mischievously is irritating, he appears to be quite a lady-killer.

Incidentally, the girl seems to be of the same type. Both her clothes and make-up are flashy.

From the colour of their ties, they should be 3rd-years.

“What’s with ‘emー. They seriously can’t read the moodー. Aren’t y’all the second years havin’ training camp now?”

Even the things she says are unscrupulous.

I scolded in my mind. As a girl, you should speak in a more well-mannered way.

“Nー? Seems like itー. What happened, did you lose your way?”

It appears that this isn’t the infirmary.

The moonlight permeated the classroom and brightened the surrounding, allowing us to see the entire room. This is probably the Student Council room. I could see a note stating ‘Student Council President’ on the desk in the back.

“That’s right. Sorry to bother you.”

I don’t want to have anything to do with such strange people whom we met in such a strange way. Besides, getting involved is troublesome.

“You don’t have to be so scared, bunny-chan.”

“…… bunny-chan?”

What’s with this guy. The words he say are so incomprehensible that it was scarier to me than ghosts.

“Oh my, you don’t like bunny-chan? How about honey-chan or sweetie-chan or cutiepie-chan?”

“Nonsense. I’m leaving.”

“Ahaha, wait a moment, bunny-chan. You’re the transfer student Sakurai Mitsuki’s onii-chan right?”

Holding onto Soutarou’s arm, my feet reflexively stopped moving.

Turning around, the guy happened to have just risen from the sofa is walking towards me. The half-naked girl is fixing her eyelashes with an disinterested face. Although I personally think that she should first wear her clothes, the status of her eyelashes is probably more important to her than being half-naked.

Looking closely, the guy’s clothes are also fairly messy. In fact, his top is completely unbuttoned, he isn’t wearing a belt and some of his underwear is even showing. What’s with them, really, did they try to do it in the classroom, these guys?

“Bingo. Mitsuki-chan is cute, huh~. She may be plain but aren’t her features quite satisfactory? Ehehe, are you glaring at me, onii-chan?”

“Stop messing around. I won’t hand Mitsuki over to a shallow fool like you. Also, the only one who can call me ‘onii-chan’ is Mitsuki.” 

“Then, I’ll call you bunny-chan. Even though bunny-chan doesn’t resemble Mitsuki-chan, you’re quite cute too~. It’s like, you have a girly faceー. If Mitsuki-chan’s no good, perhaps I’ll aim for you~?”

He seized my chin and forcibly turned my face towards his direction.

Sorry for having a girly face. It can’t be helped since I was originally female. But the current me is male, so don’t bring your face so close to mine! What’s with this guy? This guy with pointlessly good looks feels a bit like a capturable character. I wonder if I’m right. Let’s ask Subaru later.

Nevertheless, he’s about the same height as Soutarou, so my neck hurts when he forcibly tilted my chin up for so long. He contrived a dejected face when I involuntarily grimaced.

“Does it hurt? I’m sorry. Let me give you a kiss to help heal the pain.”

“Hah?! Idiot, stop! Let go of me!”

“Ehh, cute. Is it your first kiss?”

Pinning my chin down, he brought his face closer and closer.

To be kissed by such a guy riding on the momentum is the worst. Moreover, this really is my first kiss. Is that so bad? I’ve had no relation with romance until now.

Ah, what should I do.

Let me press the reset button RIGHT NOW!


[1] Wolf cut ウルフカット (hairstyle)
[2] GeGeGe no Kitarou’s protagonist.

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