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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 10 – The Training Camp and the Moonlight and the Palpitation (4)

“Let go……!”

A few more centimeters and our lips will touch.

This is the worst. To be kissed by this kind of guy who stinks of cologne. Rather, isn’t that girl his lover? Is it okay to kiss someone like me?!

Even if you’re fine with it, I’m absolutely against it. I definitely don’t want to kiss this guy.

“Narahashi-senpai, please stop.”

Soutarou hugged me from behind and pulled with all his might.

My first kiss was defended thanks to the strong Soutarou. While it wasn’t like I’m emotionally attached to my first kiss, it would be more meaningful if I give it to a cat or a dog than this guy. I’m against kissing this guy. I’ve decided.

“Ohー, you, know my name~?”

“You’re famous. Despite being the Student Council President you don’t act like one at all. The Student Council President, Narahashi Junya.”

“Ahaha, I seeー. I may look like this but I do work hardー. Right, bunny-chan?”

I can’t believe he’s the Student Council President. What happened to student autonomy in Izumino Gakuen?

Even if he says stuff like, “Right, bunny-chan?”, today is the first time I met him. And from my first impression, I can’t imagine this wild Narahashi being a proper Student Council President.

For some reason Narahashi appeared pleased when I looked at him with narrowed eyes. On top of being a skirt-chaser and delinquent, he has shockingly high masochist and pervert specs. More and more, I don’t want to let Mitsuki near him. If I let this kind of guy come near Mitsuki, she’ll be done in by his poison. Even worse, she might get pregnant.

“Work harder if you want me to say yes. Soutarou, let’s go.”

Thank goodness Mitsuki didn’t encounter Narahashi first.
I’ll absolutely not let him near her. Absolutely. Absolutely not.
And to the best of my ability, I’ll make sure I don’t meet him either. This guy is dangerous.

“What a cold bunny-chan, huh~? Even though you might become my brother-in-law~”

“That won’t happen. There’s no way it will.”

“If I marry Mitsuki, the cute twins siblings will become mine and I’ll have flowers in both hands. I can’t wait~”

I got goosebumps when Narahashi looked at me while licking his lips.

Let’s quickly take our leave and return to the gymnasium. It may not be that frightening, but I don’t have the mood for kimodameshi anymore now that I’ve met something scarier than ghosts.

“Are you scared, bunny-chan? Since you might lose your virginity to me?”

“Mako’s virgi……! What are you saying!”

“Oi, wait a moment. The idiot over there.”

With a red face, Soutarou was trying to retort something but his words got caught. All of a sudden, the door to the Student Council room opened with vigour.

The tranquil-looking young man who came out has reddish-brown hair. His reddish-brown hair seems soft and behind his glasses are a pair of blue eyes. He is fair like a doll. So much so that he almost doesn’t appear to be Japanese.

He had on an armband that says, ‘Student Council’ above a white school cardigan. Is he also from the Student Council?

“Ah, Chika-chan. Thanks for the good work~”

“You’re really an idiot. Have you completed your duties?”

The male student being called ‘Chika-chan’ walked briskly towards Narahashi and unhesitatingly gave him a Lariat in a polished manner.

Then Narahashi, having brilliantly dodged that, embraced ‘Chika-chan’. After stroking ‘Chika-chan’’s head, Narahashi swiftly distanced himself.

“Sorry. I’ll do them later~”

“Forget it. The work will only increase if I leave it to the studhorse who’s sexually excited all-year round[1]. Please wear your clothes properly before talking about rabbits or marriage.”

“Ehehe, Chika-chan’s scary. Right, bunny-chan? Ah, bunny-chan, this is the Vice-President Chika-chan~. Takayanagi Yasuchika-kun. Cool, huh?”

Appearing like he’s accustomed to being scolded by Takayanagi, Narahashi started fixing his clothes.

“You guys too, don’t come here. The Student Council room is off-limits for ordinary students.”

“Ah, hai.”

“Be on your way quickly.”

Heeding Takayanagi’s words, we left from the Student Council room.

We got scolded even though it’s that perverted Student Council President’s fault. I felt slightly displeased as I walked through the corridor.

Although a significant amount of time has passed since we departed[2], if we don’t wander around and head directly to the gymnasium, it might be just about time.

It seems like it’s been established that I’ll encounter the capturable characters before Mitsuki does, but this time at least I’m glad that I met him first. Putting aside Takayanagi, Narahashi’s the worst.

That Subaru, why did she create such a perverted character. Just the thought of him sinking his poison fangs into the cute Mitsuki made me shudder. While it’s only provisional, Mitsuki’s my cute imouto. If Mitsuki who’s so pure and naive meets that pervert M bastard, she’ll definitely get eaten up. Uwah, you can’t, Mitsuki!

As I thought, Mitsuki should end up with the Prince. Ah, speaking of which, did she properly go to the infirmary……? There’s a chance they mistakenly went to the Student Council room and met that pervert like us. I wonder if they’re okay. Mitsuki’s in your hands, Prince.

As I agonized on my own, Soutarou who had been quiet embraced me from behind.

“Uwah, what’s wrong, Soutarou. Suddenly hugging me. As expected, you feel scared? Then, quickly, towards the gymnasium……”

“……. I was afraid.”

“I see. Then, let’s quickly――……”

Squeeze, he held me tighter.

As expected, Soutarou’s really strong. He squeezed me hard enough that my bones creaked.

“I don’t mean it that way. When I thought you and Narahashi-senpai were going to kiss, …… I was afraid.”

Soutarou’s voice was trembling.

He hugged me with all his strength, and the tip of his nose brushed against the back of my head. It’s like being fawned over by a huge dog, but what’s with this palpitation…… That my protective instinct was stirred, or that I had the urge to say “Hand”[3], complicated emotions rose up in my heart.

Though it wasn’t the time to think of such things, if I don’t distract myself by thinking of them, I won’t be able to stand this CG-like atmosphere. 

How is it that I became like the heroine? This is something that should be experienced by Mitsuki, right?

“Ah, …… thanks for saving me just now. You really saved me. Truly.”

“Un…… Mako, ……”

Timidly turning back, I saw that the ends of Soutarou’s eyebrows were lowered as he gave me a troubled smile.

Covered by the moonlight, the usual dog-like feeling Soutarou gives off was suppressed. My gaze happened to fall on his strangely risqué-looking lips which were curved in a heartrending way. Embarrassed, I lowered my field of vision, only to notice his beautiful neckline. Though I never realised before, there were two beauty spots lined up on Soutarou’s left collarbone.

In accordance to the timing of his breathing, Soutarou’s chest repeatedly rose and fell. I wonder if his heart was also beating fast. His hot breath landed on my ear. I have a feeling his body temperature increased by about a degree.

Soutarou had his arms around me who stiffened due to nervousness. He slowly brought his huge hand up and tenderly caressed my head. Somehow the atmosphere is turning lewd. If you include the incident just now, isn’t this already the second time today?

Nope nope, this can’t be. It definitely can’t be. In this game, the story is that Mitsuki will obtain her reverse harem and, in the end get together with the Prince. What’s the meaning of me having this pink atmosphere with Soutarou!

“I think of Mako as a very important friend. That’s why anything Mako dislikes, I don’t like it too.”

Ah, I see. That’s right, huh. You meant it in a ‘friendship’ kind of way. It should be fine, right? No flags are raised, right?

I totally thought it was that just now. Seems like I was being too self-conscious. Thank goodness.

Relieved, I faced Soutarou and stroked his head.

The atmosphere a moment ago thinned and he returned to being the usual sly dog. I see that his tail and ears are standing.

“Thank you, Soutarou.”

Soutarou gave a deep nod.

“Even though I said I’d protect you, I ended up being protected.”

“Isn’t that fine? Aren’t friends the type of existence that protects and gets protected, helps and receives help?”

“I see…… that’s right. Haha, somehow……. when you put it this way, it feels kind of ticklish.”

A ticklish feeling emerged in the depths of the depths of my heart.

Although it wasn’t like the relationship I had with my friends up until now were shallow, no one showed me such good will so openly before. While I didn’t intend to associate with them only on the surface, friends who are this assertive are rarely seen. The things Soutarou say is embarrassing. However, admittedly, I also feel happy at the same time.

Such feeling is pretty strange.
I’ve never felt this way before coming here.


[1] Studhorses are kept for breeding purposes.
[2] From the starting point.
[3] Give me your hand. Like how pet owners instruct their pets when they’re trying to get them to do tricks. (play dead, roll over, etc.)

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