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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 8 – The Training Camp and the Moonlight and the Palpitation (2)

Groupings are decided by lottery. In a nutshell, we were split into male-female pairs. Awesome. Thank you so much, God-sama, Buddha-sama, ancestors-sama and the other gods-sama.

Although I don’t know whether Prince and Mitsuki will end up together, but Prince would definitely not pair up with her if not for the lottery. So it’s better for the pairing to be decided by lottery.

“Okay boys, please come over and line up here~”

Holding the box with the lottery slips, Yurino-sensei waved his right hand to gather the participants. Surrounded by male students, Sensei who wasn’t tall disappeared within the crowd.

I’ll go last since I’m fine with anyone being my partner. With that in mind, I went to the back and waited for the line to clear.

Besides, from a girl’s point of view, rather than an average-looking guy like me, they’d probably prefer to group with ikemen like Prince, Kaname or Soutarou. To the girl who’ll become my partner, I apologise in advance.

“Sakurai-kun’s slip is the last one.”

“Ah, hai.”

“Mako-chan, what’s your number? What’s your number?”

Putting my hand in the box, I grabbed onto a scrap of paper.

The number on it was 12.

“Tch~, 12, huh. It’s different from mine.”

Stealing a glance at my paper, Kaname shrugged in disappointment.

“What did you get, Soutarou, Kiritani?

“Mako, I, got number 12!”

“Ah, I’m with Soutarou, huh.”

Soutarou’s expression brightened in a flash. Overwhelmed with emotions, he approached me. Even as I was thinking that he doesn’t have to be this delighted, I realised that being hugged by him doesn’t feel so bad.

On the other hand, Prince was in a bad mood from his draw. He looked at Soutarou and I with narrowed eyes. I hope he doesn’t say stuff like wanting to go home.

“Mako-chan, what’s your number? I couldn’t find the person with the same number as me.”

Mitsuki who was wearing a long-sleeved russet jersey with long trousers came over.

Mitsuki was holding onto a piece of paper with both hands poked out from her overly-long sleeves, giving a moe feeling[1]. I really couldn’t help but think that she’s an angel as she looked at me with upturned eyes,.

So sly. So sly and cute.

However, her charm specs is still on the low side. It’s okay, Mitsuki has the potential to grow indefinitely. I must turn her into a high-specs woman so that she can become the Prince’s princess. For both Mitsuki’s sake and my sake, onii-chan will work hard.

I pushed my glasses up as I once again experienced Mitsuki’s cuteness.

“Ah, I got 12, along with Soutarou. You?”

“I’m number 7……”

“Kaname and Prince, what were yours?”

May Prince have the same number! I asked Prince while praying that he drew the number 7.

“…… 7.”

“7?! Kiritani, you got 7?”

I don’t think it was my imagination that my voice sounded strange. It can’t be helped that I feel so moved.

My wish was heard. It’s that, isn’t it, the God-sama of otome games granted my wish.

I made a victory pose in my heart the moment I heard Prince’s number. The flow finally turned in Mitsuki’s and Prince’s direction.

“Ah, I’m a pair with Kiritani-kun. Please take care of me.”


According to my research, Mitsuki can’t handle horror stuff.

During the kimodameshi, Mitsuki going “To be honest, I’m bad with things like ghosts…… I’m scared……“ then the Prince replying ”Can’t be helped, you can hold my hand”. Something like that could possibly happen.

Behind me, Kaname was saying something like, “Where’s my partner?”, but I don’t have the time for that. Right now, I’m very busy.

“I see, Mitsuki’s together with Kiritani. Now I can have a peace of mind. Kiritani, Mitsuki can’t handle things like ghosts or the dark so lend her a hand, alright.”

“Gee, Mako-chan, stop it. Kiritani’s troubled.”

Looking at Prince who was prompted by Mitsuki’s words, he was staring at me with his usual expressionless face.

Neither sulky nor angry, like an abandoned cat, he simply looked at me with his large, wavering eyes.

Gazing into those eyes, I felt like I was doing something bad. More painful than any words, this action stabs deeply into my heart.


“Makoto, leave Sakurai to me.”

“Un. …… N? Ue?!”

The right corner of his mouth raised as a smile surfaced on Prince’s face.

Because of the surprising words that came out of that very mouth, I unintentionally let out a strange sound.

Just when I thought that at this rate, the situation would develop badly and that he would sulk or want to take his leave, what exactly were those words Prince just said?

“Don’t let out such a strange sound.”

“Because I didn’t expect you to say something like that.”

“Well, isn’t it because Makoto was worried about Sakurai?”

I got into quite a fluster when Prince asked me with a straight face.

Frankly, I wasn’t really worried about Mitsuki. Rather, I was more nervous about Prince flirting with her.

But as expected, I can’t say such a thing.

“Un, wellll, that’s right.”

“If so, I’ll protect Sakurai.”

Mitsuki who had been quietly listening to Prince’s words started blushing. Prince then nonchalantly walked towards the starting point of the kimodameshi after issuing such impactful words.

What, perhaps because Prince is a prince, in addition to his befitting face and atmosphere, statements like these come out from him unconsciously?

“In return, you owe me one.”

“Eh, ah, un.”

With his usual emotionless and serious face where it’s hard for one to grasp his expression, he asserted with by raising his index finger.

Being pushed by an unfathomable momentum, I reflexively nodded.

“Let’s go, Sakurai.”

“Ah, un.”

I saw off the two who were walking towards the starting point of the kimodameshi with my eyes.

They seemed to be chatting about something. Although the Prince was expressionless, Mitsuki was smiling.

“Soutarou, isn’t it about time we left too?


I casually patted his shoulder, but he was surprised far beyond my expectations. He was so surprised that it was as though there were 5 exclamation marks at the end of his utterance. His body also sprung up in a funny way.

“Why are you going “Eh”, shouldn’t we head for the kimodameshi?”

“Kimodameshi…… U-Un. Let’s go.”

Soutarou was smiling so hard that his cheeks were twitching, is he okay?

Come to think of it, Soutarou hadn’t spoken a word since just now. Judging from his words ever since the topic changed to the kimodameshi, the only thing that comes to mind is that he’s trying to assert how happy he felt to be in the same group as me?

Glancing at Soutarou, he was trembling from the occasional screams which rung out from the direction of the school building, part of the kimodameshi route. Judging from this reaction, could it be?

“Are you afraid of the kimodameshi?”


“So you are afraid?”

Soutarou didn’t give a sign of assent. Although he didn’t, his face revealed his obvious fear towards the kimodameshi.

His fear of kimodameshi might be unavoidable, but if he’s like this even before we begin, then there’s no way he’ll enjoy it later on.

“You don’t have to force yourself to come if you’re scared? It’s not too late for us to go back now.”

After all, I’ve accomplished my goal. I’ve no qualms about returning now.

“Nah, I’m fine. I have a feeling I can do this if Makoto’s with me.”

“I, can’t do things like purify or exorcise spirits, you know.”

“I know. I didn’t meant it in that way.”

Holding onto Soutarou’s arm, I dragged him towards the starting point of the kimodameshi. He allowed me to pull him without resisting and we reached the start point.

Is it really okay to participate after all? I don’t mind if Soutarou wants to do it, but it’s okay to stop if he’s scared. It’s not like I like kimodameshi a lot and neither am I afraid of ghosts.

Nonetheless, I might as well forcibly bring him to the goal now that we are here. Thankfully, I’m not really scared of spiritual or dark stuff.

“Then, since Kiritani’s protecting Mitsuki, I’ll protect Soutarou. Just kidding.”


It’s our turn after two more pairs.

Soutarou was holding onto the cuffs of the long-sleeved russet jersey I was wearing. The jersey will stretch if you pull so hard.

Behind me, Soutarou finally fell into complete silence. What should I do? It’s okay to give up halfway if you can’t last till the end. That’s right. Let’s do that.


[1] Original: 萌え袖 Moe sode or moe sleeves. Sleeves are longer than usual, going beyond the wrist, giving a moe feel.

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