GoT last two of the weekend.

Puttty: I’ve decided to go for the speed of two chapters a week.

I’m lazy. I have no motivation. Even if I can translate at the speed of light, it doesn’t mean I must do it. I’m better suited to be a leech, the ways if a leech has been ingrained into my soul from my birth, I’m a true leech that follows the ways of a leech to my best ability.

I’ve lowered the bar for each chapter, I will translate them as always, but as a student finally free with exams, I’d rather play around or even go visit my father. Youth is something I should appreciate, before my back breaks I want to play.

My spine is 50 years old while my heart is 5.

ANNOUNCEMENT — Changed ten thousand Lun master to Million Lun master.

Give a great big thanks to Adrian for sponsoring both of these chapters!!!

With out any further ado. Chapters 14 & 15.

If you where also interested in donating to GoT please click the donation button on the table of contents page or use this handy direct link to donate. —> Here.   Remember it is only $10 per chapter right now so get on this!

Also let me know if you spot and mistakes or have suggestions by posting in the comments. Or if you just want to show your support. Thanks!

Translated by Puttty

Edited by l3lacksheep

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3 Responses to GoT last two of the weekend.

  1. thevongolax says:

    thanks Putty!

  2. Minh says:

    So how many free and paid chapters per week? I think everyone and myself donated with the impression that we would be getting many chapters per week. Something like 1 a day seems reasonable when it was advertised that there was no limit to chapter donations before. I know the price for the chapters was a steal at $10, but I personally would have rather donated $15 or $20 a chapter it it meant more than 2 a week.

    • l3lacksheep says:

      Technically it is unlimited sponsored chapters per week. The only real deciding factor is just how many Puttty can do during her available time per week. And as in the new post it was my fault for not checking my email that this happened. Otherwise you would have had 1 – 2 per day since then. Sorry.

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