God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 14

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Book 6 Chapter 14: Mister Tanda (2)

Tanda was extremely shocked in his heart, he had indeed caught Qian Yu just now, but it was not him, it was a piece of scrapped cloth while Qian Yu fell into the water. He became increasingly wary of XinFeng, what did this mean? XinFeng did not even act like a Milun master, but someone of an even higher cultivation, greatly unsettling him.

XinFeng laughed, “Take a cold bath and compose yourself, or you’ll die without even understanding the situation.”

And in a few seconds, Qian Yu surfaced from the water, and as if he were a fish, he leaped up all the way uo to the platform. Even if he were given new courage now, he still wouldn’t dare to raise his fist against XinFeng now, knowing that the opponent had already given him mercy. Pointing at XinFeng, he mouthed a few words no one could understand.

Zhong Geng could not help but back up a step. He was similarly shocked, not understanding why he who was also a Milun master could not do the same things XinFeng could, sending a Milun master flying so easily, and he could even see how XinFeng had been merciful to him. If XinFeng wanted to kill Qian Yu, with his strength, even if Qian Yu was not dead, he would at least suffer heavy injuries.

Wu Zhen and Han Xiao Bao were shocked as well, they both knew XinFeng was strong, but not that strong, he could actually overpower a Milun master.

Qian Yu stabilized himself extremely resentfully as he spoke, “Qian Yu, Milun master!” he used the standard practitioner introduction. Since he couldn’t guess XinFeng’s cultivation, he could only use this method.

XinFeng of course knew this rule, this was very normal, he just needed to say his name and cultivation. This rule was a form of respect, and having mercy, he did not reject him. Stepping forward, he spoke, “Lei Xin Feng, Great True Lun Yin master.”

Pu tong, pu tong!

Two man sat down in that instant, one being Qian Yu and the other being Zhong Geng. Both of their legs had gone numb, causing their asses to hit the floor.

Another one even backed away so much he almost fell into the lake. Tanda tried his best to control himself as a bitter smile appeared on his face. No matter how careful he was, he didn’t expect such a terrifying expert to appear in such an isolated place, but he did not suspect XinFeng’s words at all, no one would lie about this kind of thing.

A Great True Lun Yin Master with his fourth True Ring body. Perhaps other low leveled practitioners wouldn’t know but both Qian Yu and Zhong Geng knew that this level of true Master shouldn’t be in these kind of places at all. Both of them were extremely shocked.

Tanda was more so shocked, it was because he had no hope of increasing his cultivation that he wanted to find an isolated location and start a family tribe to nurture the next generation, broadening his influence. Yet he met with such a young Great True Lun Yin master, it was no doubt he was the disciple of an extremely large sect, a top leveled disciple that someone like him couldn’t even compare to.

Tanda sighed as he reached to grab Qian Yu, lifting him as he spoke, “Ai, senior……senior Lei……” he did not know how to address him, in terms of age they were too far apart, but in terms of cultivation, XinFeng was someone he should respect.

Zhong Geng was helped up by Wu Zhen and could not help but ask, “Lei……e, you, aren’t you a Milun master? You…… You……”

XinFeng could not just say that he had leveled up from a Milun master all the way to a Great True Milun master during the rainy season, no one would believe him. He spoke, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to lie, it’s just more convenient for me.”

Zhong Geng did not know what to do and merely laughed bitterly, “Senior, this joke is too big.”

XinFeng spoke, “Alright, isn’t this good anyways? If I were to say I was a Great True Lun Yin master from the beginning you wouldn’t treat me so casually, I don’t mean any harm. ”

Zhong Geng replied, “Yes, yes, I know, thank you senior for your pointers last time.” the reason he leveled up was thanks to XinFeng who had given him some pointers, helping him successfully become a Milun master. Now he understood how XinFeng could so casually help them.

XinFeng laughed, “This isn’t much, alright.  You……oh, Tanda, Qian Yu, hehe, since you’re here you guys should be considered guests.”

Both Tanda and Qian Yu sighed in relief, for now XinFeng didn’t seem to be an enemy, something extremely favorable to them. No matter how mad they were, they wouldn’t want to offend such an expert.

Qian Yu was still trembling. This blow was too much to him, as the land owner of a small place, he had never even met a few true masters, much less a Great True Lun Yin master with his fourth True Ring body. He was almost shocked to death, knowing that he dared to raise his hand against such a terrifying expert just now.

Tanda spoke, “Yes, yes, yes we were too presumptuous, old brother Zhong Geng, I, I apologize, but, I don’t mean any harm.”

Since Tanda was a true master, no matter what Zhong Geng thought, he couldn’t be rude to a true master. He spoke, “Since you’re here you’re considered guests, senior Lei is right, please! Let’s go to the house and discuss this.” He wasn’t an idiot, to be able to meet an expert like this was great too.

Tanda had no desire to fight from the beginning, creating a family tribe was extremely normal to practitioners, with their strength and status, taking control of a few small places and forming an area of influence was very standard, something even Zhong Geng would do if he were a true master.

Returning to Zhong Geng’s residence, they sat in the large hall with XinFeng returning to his original seat first, no one else daring to sit before he did.

Tanda and Qian Yu eventually calmed down, seeing how tranquil XinFeng was acting, they knew he wasn’t going to fight them. As Qian Yu continuously apologized, XinFeng even spoke up, “No need to apologize anymore. Right, Tanda, do you really not have a sect? ”

Tanda laughed bitterly, “I dare not to lie to senior, but I actually have a sect, but since I’m too old and cannot increase my cultivation anymore, I wanted to come back to my homeland to nurture a few disciples, Qian Yu is my cousin, I came back before the rainy season and brought a few Lun rings and helped him become a Milun master, hoping to take control of a few markets for resources and helpers.”

XinFeng nodded, “What sect?”

Tanda replied, “I don’t know if senior has heard of the Black Corner Sect?”

XinFeng had no knowledge on any of the sects here in Wansee Island, he shook his head, “Never……”

Zhong Geng was shocked, “Black Corner Sect? That’s not a bad sect, I heard they have many experts, e, and that the Black Corner Sect had a recent…en, clash with the Great Dong Feng sect, but I don’t know what sect is Great Dong Feng, I’ve never heard of them.”

Tanda laughed bitterly, “I didn’t expect such an isolated place to even know about it. Alright, to tell the truth, I escaped from it, our Black Corner Sect had already disbanded, half of our people died, ai, we were too weak.”

Qian Yu spoke, “Senior, this is good too, since the Black Corner Sect didn’t even have much future prospects and that gave you a chance to leave the sect, this place is full of freedom, unlike how constraining a sect is.”

Tanda shook his head, “You don’t understand, if only I were able to find Lun Yin rings, I may be able to improve further, unfortunately, finding these things is nearly impossible.”

Qian Yu spoke, “Senior, Lun rings and Lun Yin rings are too hard to find, you stayed in that sect for so long and yet you only have so little, most of which I used……ai, it’s too……hard.” his tone was full of gratitude.

Zhong Geng spoke, “What Lun ring, what Lun Yin ring?” he didn’t even know of their existence, and hearing their conversation, he knew it was related to Qian Yu’s increase in cultivation, he was extremely curious.

After XinFeng’s brief explanation, Zhong Geng’s eyes glinted with light, this was too unbelievable, these things could actually improve one’s cultivation. He sighed, “Heavens, I want some too!”

Qian Yu laughed, “Stop dreaming, my senior stayed in Black Corner Sect for almost a hundred years, and yet how many Lun and Lun Yin rings did he even get?”

Tanda laughed, “It’s not that bad, I get about twenty Lun rings yearly. Oh, right, that’s the amount I recieved after becoming a True master, in the beginning I got about two or three Lun rings normally, after I became a Milun master, I got the luck to obtain a Lun Yin ring and became true master, my luck is already quite good.”

Only then did XinFeng realize that even in a sect, Lun and Lun Yin rings were hard to come by. In his family tribe he had gotten ten Yin rings, a hundred and fifty Lun Yin rings and a million Lun rings in one go, and at that time he was still thinking about how little the amount was, but he didn’t expect how rare these things were, especially Yin rings, something even large sects found hard to obtain.

Tanda spoke again, “If I had a lot of them, I could still increase my cultivation, but this failure of the Black Corner Sect has caused our disbanding, and I can’t join other sects anymore, it’ll be hard to get Lun rings in the future.”

XinFeng spoke up, “How many do you need?”

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