God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 7

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Book 8 Chapter 7: Hanya Castle

It had been a month since XinFeng returned to the Secret Hidden Lun space, XinFeng had been unhappy ever since. His failure to find Lei Bao and Lei Xin Yao had made him upset and he had basically holed himself in his house as he steadied his foundation and studied.

When he had just returned, XinFeng had specially went to find his master Guqi and told him what happened, in return Guqi comforted him. However, Tanya asked about the situation with Lei Xin Yao and suggested he go look for his seniors for help.

But XinFeng felt unfamiliar with his seniors and could not ask.

XinFeng’s only thought now was to become a ninth ringed expert and travel through the continent freely without fearing people like Sun Buru.

XinFeng sat in his room, after cultivating he took a deep breath and walked around a bit, leaving the room to shower and change into white spider silk clothing, only then did he go to the court yard.

This was the core area of the Secret Hidden Lun space where Guqi, his wife and his disciples stayed, the best area of a Secret Hidden Lun space. It was a mysterious area where it was always as warm as spring, the trees were very green and grew flowers all year, especially where the nine disciples stayed. Each of them occupied a large space with disciples managing it.

Though XinFeng was the youngest disciple, he received the same treatment the other disciples did. He had a large amount of servants and even the servants were pracititoners. No mortal could come to this place, which was why XinFeng wanted to bring his sister here, it was extremely safe and if she were to stay here, he would be able to relax, a pity that he couldn’t find her.

The skies were extremely blue as well. XinFeng still couldn’t understand what a Secret Hidden Lun space was, there was also a sun here and a moon that was the same as the ones at Wansee and Barbarian Gathering Continent. The only difference was in climate, the air here was very suited for humans and the clean air allowed vegetation to prosper. If no one were to manage his courtyard, it would be filled with plants in just one month.

The great manager Aiba and XinFeng’s own manager Ai Shan Er both walked in. XinFeng asked, “Uncle Aiba, is there anything wrong?”

Aiba laughed, “Old master wants you.”

XinFeng asked, “Why is master looking for me?”

Aiba shook his head, “I don’t know either, hehe, go quickly.”

XinFeng spoke as he walked, “He should’ve instructed a few random men to tell me, why did uncle have to come here personally.”

Aiba laughed, “I was passing by only, I still have other things to do so I won’t be able to accompany you. ”

XinFeng nodded, “I got it.”

Ai Shan Er spoke, “The sedan chair is already prepared, I’ll accompany you over, there’s also things to take.”

(l3lacksheep: It is really weird for it to be car so I am changing it to Sedan Chair as that is what it is. At least untill Puttty yells at me. Look up a picture of it.)

Sitting in the sedan chair, XinFeng was followed by a group of guards and servants behind it, XinFeng had already slowly gotten used to being followed. He disliked it in the beginning but he slowly started to enjoy it, he only had to worry about studying and cultivating, everything else was taken care of, anything could be done as long as the order was given.

XinFeng came to Guqi’s cultivation room.

Guqi was there, his entire body rippled with inexplicable fluctations, this was a cultivation method XinFeng couldn’t understand. He could see that were was a transparent layer on Guqi’s body that was rippling nonstop like the surface of water, however most of the fluctations were fixated at his head.

After ten minutes, the ripples slowly disappeared and Guqi let out a long breath before opening his eyes, “Feng, let’s go talk outside.”

XinFeng followed Guqi out.

Guqi was a man who knew how to enjoy life, no matter if it was his house or the objects he used daily, they was all built beautifully and were extremely detailed, thanks to his sufficient manpower and resources.

This room was heavy padded with a thick rug and expensive fur, the furniture was top class, made with Cheng Tang wood. As Cheng Tang wood came from the hotter regions and took a long time to grow, it required a few hundred years to be able to be used and the top quality wood took over a thousand years to mature. It was a light yellow colour and didn’t need paint when made into furniture as it shines with exquisite layer of what seemed to be wax as well as releases a faint fragrance. This was the best wood material in the entire world.

Guqi had XinFeng sit down, he spoke, “Feng, your third senior brother came yesterday……”

XinFeng spoke, “Isn’t third senior bother travelling?”

Guqi spoke, “En, he just came back, don’t interrupt me……listen.”

XinFeng laughed, “Yes, yes, master you speak, you speak, hehe.”

Guqi spoke, “Your senior brother is preparing to go to Hanya Castle and is intending to bring a few people with him, do you want to go?”

XinFeng asked curiously, “What’s Hanya Castle?”

Guqi replied, “An outpost station, in another world.”

XinFeng didn’t understand, “Another world?”

Guqi nodded, “En, it isn’t the world you’re born in……”

XinFeng was dumbstruck, “Shit…..I don’t understand, how do we go to another world? E, master, explain it to me.”

Guqi jokingly scolded, “Explain bullshit!”

XinFeng spoke, “E, master, I’m curious.” He felt a little disdain towards himself, he had actually acted cute.

Guqi spoke, “The reason why we are a secret sect is not because we are a secretive sect, but because we can go to other worlds. Secret sects are the entrance to other worlds, which is why we have the Secret Hidden Lun space, which is like a crossroad, without strength one cannot open this space, understand?”

(Puttty: I have always translated 秘门 as secret sect, thinking that the 门 is a shortened version of 门派, sect, but now it becomes clear that the character 门 is used as ‘entrance’ or ‘door’, but I’m not sure if a genre of groups called secret doors will be actually passable, any suggestions?)

XinFeng rubbed his head as he smiled bitterly, “Nope!”

Guqi replied, “I didn’t expect you to.”

XinFeng’s head drooped, “Alright, it’s not like I lose anything.”

Guqi spoke, “Are you going or not? You can bring a few people. Let me tell you, this is a chance, there’s plenty of resources in Hanya Castle, though it’s dangerous, your rewards will be very good, you can train your combat ability and also relax there.”

XinFeng suddenly understood, his master was afraid of him feeling too oppressed at home and wanted him to go relax and learn somewhere else. He spoke after thinking, “Alright, I’ll go.”

Guqi spoke, “There isn’t much food produced in Hanya castle, only meat, everything else must be brought there yourself. Also……its very cold there, it’s a place of ice and snow, en, the locals there are rather strong, you must bring your guards.”

XinFeng nodded, “I know, master, my sister and grandpa……I have to trouble master to find men to find them.”

Guqi reached his hand out to pat XinFeng’s head, he laughed, “I know, I’ve already sent my men, this requires a bit of luck.”

XinFeng spoke, “Thank you, master.”

Guqi spoke, “You go find senior.”

Third senior brother was Xin Zhou Lun, and according to XinFeng, he was a saint of love.

Finding Xin Zhou Lun, XinFeng laughed, “Senior, you’re going to Hanya castle?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke curiously, “Yi, how did you know? Oh, did master tell you?”

XinFeng laughed, “En, master said you’re going and I should go too.”

Xin Zhou Lun didn’t mind, checking XinFeng once over, he suddenly asked, “When did you level up? Good fellow, how quick, hehe, no wonder master let you come, with your cultivation you’ll be fine there, En, come find me in a few days.”

XinFeng spoke, “Alright, anything I have to remember?

Xin Zhou Lun sooke, “En, you must prepare well, especially wooden materials for burning, it’s too cold there. Also, grains and vegetables, there’s virtually nothing other than meat there.”

XinFeng spoke, “I’ll remember that, what else do I need?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Actually, there’s a lot of good things there, but you’ll have to find it in the wilderness, go ask old Ying, he’s been there before, hehe, his suggestions would be better than mine.”

XinFeng nodded and left.

Returning home, XinFeng immediately called for Feng Ying and Shi Hu.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu came to XinFeng’s side. Feng Ying asked, “Ah Feng, to call for us so urgently, is there anything wrong?”

XinFeng smiled, “Do you know Hanya Castle?”

Feng Ying revealed a shocked expression, “I do, I went there before in the past, do you……want to go there?”

XinFeng nodded, that’s right, third senior brother wants to go, he can bring us along.”

Feng Ying grumbled, “God, I’m going that damned place again. AI, always cold and hungry, there’s ice and snow everywhere. I……you……alright, you’re the owner, you decide.” he didn’t mind going at all actually, he just wanted to grumble.

Shi Hu could not stop laughing. XinFeng asked curiously, “Why is Uncle Ying acting like this?”

Feng Ying sighed and didn’t speak.

Shi Hu spoke, “He was only a third ringed master when he was brought there, and he……didnt bring enough supplies, so……you can tell he has some grudge against Hanya castle. Hey, old Ying, you did benefit from it, that period of suffering helped you become a fifth ringed true master, it’s not bad.”

Feng Ying rubbed his nose, “Fuck, if I didn’t level quickly, I would’ve died. Ai.”

XinFeng asked, “Did uncle Hu go there before?”

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