God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 8

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Book 8 Chapter 8: Hanya Castle (2)

Shi Hu spoke, “I didn’t go there before but I’ve heard a lot about it, in our generation, quite a few died at Hanya Castle. At that place, those with their first true ring body can already leave the castle, they couldn’t go far but they can benefit from it regardless. As for million Lun and Milun masters, they trade with the others, surviving would not be a problem.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Rubbish, old Hu, you’ve never experienced how cold that can be, if you’re too weak, you’ll die.”

XinFeng spoke, “Ai, uncle Feng, don’t scare me, since its so dangerous, why do people still go there?”

Feng Ying spoke, “Don’t kid around, you can’t get there from just simply wanting to, though it’s dangerous, everyone would fight for the chance to go. Us practitioners just need to prepare sufficently and we would be able to benefit from that place.”

XinFeng spoke, “What do we need to prepare? Uncle Feng, you should know.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Leave it all to me, I’ll rather over pack than under pack!”

Shi Hu laughed nonstop, he knew that ever since that fellow suffered, he became extrememly cautious and would always prepare a lot of food. As practitioners had a large appetite, especially in cold places, they would suffer if they didn’t prepare enough food.

Feng Ying knew what his friend was thinking and laughed, “It’s been a while since I hoarded large amounts of food, if it weren’t for XinFeng wanting to go there, I wouldn’t do it again. Ah Feng, honestly, Hanya castle is indeed a good place to cultivate for first to sixth ringed true masters, it’s the best place to train.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, we’ll go gather food together.”

In the entire secret sect was large amounts and variety of food, it was the best place for plants to grow and there were large amounts of mortals living in the outer areas who were servants that specially grow and produce all kinds of food.

XinFeng brought his two guards there to collect food.

Manager Ai Shan Er brought a few people and personally came to help, they came to a large farm that was XinFeng’s according to Ai Shan Er, every disciple of Guqi’s had a few farms to themselves, and XinFeng was no exception, he had five large farms and seventeen small farms, the number of people under him amounted to tens of thousands.

XinFeng felt like this was a dream, he did not expect to have so many men under him.

In the garden of the farm, the leader quickly brought large amounts of people to service him.

XinFeng only needed to tell them what he wanted and there would immediately be people to gather it.

The Hidden Lun space of a true master was very big and could keep a lot of things, just that it couldn’t be kept for long, fresh vegetables and fruits would easily dry in there, though it wouldn’t rot, therefore it was only feastable to keep dry foods for long periods of time.

XinFeng wrote a list and presented it to the head, it was all dried food like dried mushrooms and bamboo shoots, many of the food was produced from the large farm, like salted meat, smoked meat, sauced meat and dried meat from duck’s or chickens. There were also beans like green beans or soy beans, which XinFeng was shocked to know about.

After the food was prepared, they prepared fuel like wood oil, these fuels were specially collected in bulk as they were good to burn, they also collected charcoal.

A basket had two hundred Jin of charcoal and XinFeng had asked for a hundred baskets at once, splitting about thirty or so baskets between the three of them.

The three of them were like locusts as they kept the all kinds of resources that was brought to the garden under Ai Shan Er’s instructions into their Hidden Lun Space, after three days of busying, Feng Ying was finally satisfied.

Only after resting another day at home did XinFeng bring his two guards Feng Ying and Shi Hu to the residence of his third senior brother, who’s manager Ai Si Shan was already waiting for them.

(Puttty: Si Shan = Thirteen.)

Ai Si San smiled, “Ninth young master, owner is in the room, please follow me.”

XinFeng spoke, “Uncle Thirteen, what are you calling me ninth young master for, it sounds so bad, just call me Ah Feng.”

Ai Si Shan replied sternly, “I wouldn’t dare……rules are rules, don’t persuade me, ninth young master.”

XinFeng mumbled, “How boring.” amongst all the managers, Xin Zhou Lun’s manager was the sternest, he followed every rule and didn’t slack off in the slightest, however, Xin Zhou Lun appreciated him greatly and he gave him an extrememly high status in his house.

Walking into the room, Xin Zhou Lun who was talking with a woman saw XinFeng enter and smiled, “You’re here, Ah Feng, I’ll introduce you, this is your eighth senior sister, Miao Ling. ”

This was an extremely plain looking female, she was so normal that if you were to throw her into a group of people, you wouldn’t be able to find her. She wore a pale blue dress and an indifferent expression, but seeing XinFeng, she revealed an extremely faint smile, “Miao Ling, Great True Lun Yin Master.” she was a fourth ringed true master.

XinFeng did not dare to ignore her, “Lei Xin Feng, True Treasure Yin master.”

Miao Ling revealed a shocked expression, “Fifth True Ring body?”

XinFeng spoke, “I just leveled up, hehe, eighth senior sister, this is our first meeting, please take care of me.”

Miao Ling spoke, “You’re strong, a level higher than me, how does junior brother cultivate?” she was rather happy, it was always her who was the smallest, but now a junior brother joined them.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Master didn’t want to take in any more disciples but seeing ninth junior brother he couldn’t control himself, his potential is too good.”

XinFeng laughed and didn’t say anything.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “This chance is hard to come by, junior sister Miao will be coming with us as well with her two guards, a total of three people. Ah Feng, will you be bringing the both of them?”

XinFeng nodded, “I don’t have a choice, I’m too weak and can only bring them.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “En, if it’s like that its a total of seven people going, En, forget it, I’ll bring another person, Ai Si Shan, do you want to come?”

Ai Si Shan was full of professionalism, “Third master, I won’t be going, this position is hard to get, please leave it to people who need it. En, let Xiao Diya go, he has been a second ringed true master for a long time now, going to Hanya castle will be beneficial to him.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “You……alright, let Xiao Diya go with us.”

Xiao Diya was his guard, though he was like his disciple since he was specially trained into a true master by Xin Zhou Lun, but since he wasn’t a true monarch yet, he couldn’t take in real disciples.

Miao Ling asked, “Third senior brother, when will we be leaving?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “Tomorrow……right, little junior sister, have you gathered enough reasources? Especially food.”

Miao ling laughed, “I prepared already, hehe, sister Hong helped me.”

Xin Zhou lun spoke, “Then that’s good, don’t go home for today, we’ll leave tomorrow morning, just rest at my residence.

XinFeng and Miao Ling agreed and were easily arranged rooms by Ai Si Shan as Xin Zhou Lun lived in a large residence with a great number of rooms.

Daybreak on the following day, the crowd gathered and left with Xin Zhou Lun on a carridge.

(l3lacksheep: I will be using carridge for moving more then one person.)

They quickly came to senior master’s house, making XinFeng curious, “Why are we looking for senior master?”

Xin Zhou Lun explained, “We need the help of senior master to go there.”

XinFeng spoke, “When did he come back, I went to his house once but they told me the old man went out?”

Xin Zhou lun spoke, “He’s already been back for a few days, it’s just that you’ve been cooped up in your house.”

XinFeng spoke, “It’s not like I didn’t want to leave, I was occupied with cultivating.”

In just a while, the car entered the residence of senior master and they entered his room lead by Xin Zhou Lun.

XinFeng followed behind as he looked at senior master. This senior master of his made him extremely curious, the biggest question was how old he was, even if he wasn’t a thousand years old, he was at least eight hundred years old, but his appearance was different, it was like a demon’s. Sometimes he really couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman and everytime he saw him, he would feel rather strange.

Senior master Wuri saw them coming and scolded jokingly, “A group of little fellows came to bully me the moment when I’ve just come back!”

XinFeng knew how to suck up, he immediately walked forward and greeted, “Senior master.”

Wuri smiled, “Not bad, little fellow is not bad, you haven’t been slacking, your cultivation speed is rather fast, you’re already fifth ringed.”

XinFeng laughed, “It’s just that I have good luck, hehe.”

Wuri spoke, “Luck has nothing to do with cultivation, without hardwork, you can’t improve.”

Xin Zhou Lun and Miao Ling came forward, “Senior Master.” Xin Zhou Lun even thanked, “I’ve troubled senior master this time.”

Wuri scolded jokingly, “Of course you did, won’t it be better for your master to do it? You come specially to trouble this old man, really!”

Once XinFeng heard Wuri call himself an old man, a series of goosebumps appeared on his body. This fellow was definitely a demon, he could pass off as a woman easily, he was too beautiful. However, he didn’t dare to say anything, even if it weren’t his senior master, but a person with XinFeng’s cultivation, he would still be scared.

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “Master has things to attend to, hehe, I can only trouble senior master.”

Wuri was only complaing for a bit, he spoke, “Come with me.” He walked out with the few of them, “Are you all done packing? Hanya castle isn’t a place you can easily come and go in, without sufficient preparation, you’ll only suffer there.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke respectfully, “We’re done preparing.”

Wuri nodded as he brought them to a strange black door frame.

XinFeng was rather curious as he thought, “What is this? A black door frame?”

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