God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 6

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Book 8 Chapter 6: Hope and Disappointment (2)

XinFeng kept his spear, he knew he couldn’t get anymore information, he spoke, “Uncle Feng, I’ll leave it to you!”

Feng Ying smiled, “Alright, we’ll take care of it.”

The three of them shouted, they knew they couldn’t escape.

XinFeng spoke, “Uncle Ying, bring me to Hei Zi’s house.”

Feng Ying spoke, “You leave first, I’ll follow soon!”

Shi Hu grabbed XinFeng and flew into the sky. Feng Ying laughed coldly, “Gentlemen, I apologise but I’ll be the one to send you on your way.”

Sunbai sooke, “You should’ve heard of secret sects, I’m from a secret sect, you can’t kill me!”

Feng Ying smiled with squinted eyes, “Who asked you to offend my little owner, I apologize, we are also from a secret sect.”

Sunbai spoke, “My owner is a True Monarch! If you kill me, he will find out!”

Feng Ying slightly furrowed his brows as he suddenly laughed, “Interesting, who had you come and offend my owner, we also have……a True Monarch, hehe, I believe that between True Monarches……they can negotiate, but you won’t be able to see that happen. Further more, would a True Monarch care about us? You’re not even his disciple, you’re probably just like me, En, or worse.”

Sunbai was dealt so many blows he couldn’t speak, he was truly in despair. Feng Ying was right, he wasn’t the disciple of a true monarch, his status was lower than Feng Ying’s, he was just an odd job as being a runner only, a lot of his words were just to scare people.

Feng Ying spoke, “Gentlemen, goodbye.”

Yi Daton felt extremely regretful, he had regretted involving himself in such a terrifying fight between secret sects, and before he could even plead for mercy, he was already killed.

Feng Ying killed three of them continuously, he glanced at the surroundings and found out that the practitioners were all gone, only then did he fly up and send a bunch of flames down, burning them into ashes instantly.

XinFeng and Shi Hu entered the residence of the owner of Tilong island, there wasn’t a single person left inside, even the servants were gone. The empty house was incredibly messy, as if it was just robbed. XinFeng sighed, “They all left, hehe.” a quick inspection revealed nothing.

Feng Ying descended from the sky, “I took care of it, Ah Feng, I think we better return and tell the family owner.”

XinFeng nodded, “En, let’s go back.” he had lost hope of finding Lei Xin Yao, but he now knew that Si Donald was chasing his grandpa and sister.

Feng Ying looked at the lethargic XinFeng and spoke, “Don’t panic, Ah Feng, let’s return and think of something.”

Shi Hu also comforted, “That’s right, there’s no point in panicking, A Silan probably hid with your sister, hehe, to find them quickly will be hard, let’s go back first.”

XinFeng spoke, “Killing those three men has probably removed any clues they had to my sister, but I don’t now who’s in charge of this. Ai, I was too anxious, I shouldve controlled the people on the islands first, everyone already left with the information.”

Feng Ying spoke, “We didn’t expect them to be against your little sister, if we did we wouldn’t have acted so quickly.”

Shi Hu spoke, “We can’t stay here for too long, let’s quickly return.”

Knowing Si Donald’s existence and his position as a member of a secret sect made both Shi Hu and Feng Ying serious. If he were from a normal sect, then they wouldn’t care much but experts were as plentiful as clouds at secret sects, in this continent, seventh, eighth and ninth ringed masters were top tiered existences yet in secret sects, they were nothing much.

The two of them were fairly experienced and would not fail to act during these types of situations, they rushed for XinFeng to leave.

Going around once more, XinFeng still couldn’t find anything. He spoke, “Alright, we’ll leave this place, fuck!” he could not help but cuss, he was angry.

Feng Ying squatted down, “I’ll carry you. ”

XinFeng did not reject him, he got onto Feng Ying’s back, “Alright, let’s go back, I’ll inform master.”

The three of them just got into the sky and hadn’t even left Tilong island before a human silhoutte appeared in the sky, he shouted, “Stop there!”

XinFeng looked over, he had never met this man, this was slightly plump middle aged man with a kind expression who was blocking their way.

Feng Ying spoke, “Be careful, that man is definitely an eighth ringed true master. Old Hu, you go in front.” he was carrying XinFeng, it wouldnt be convinent for him to fight.

That man moved slightly forward, “Sun Buru, True Heart Yin master!”

Shi Hu spoke, “Sun Buru? Why are you blocking our way?”

Sun Buru laughed coldly, “Where is Sunbai?”

Xinfend understood immediately, this person was probably related to Sunbai.

Shi Hu spoke indifferently, “I apologise, he was killed by us.”

A hint of killing intent appeared in Sun Buru’s eyed, he asked, “Give me a reason? Why did you kill him?”

XinFeng spoke, “Put me down first.”

Feng Ying and Shi Hu looked at each other, Shi Hu spoke, “Let’s go down.”

Sun Buru reacted and landed first. Shi Hu and Feng Ying prepared themselves as they returned to the island, XinFeng jumped from Feng Ying’s back and whispered to him, “Kill him together!”

Sun Buru steadied himself and spoke, “Can you tell me now?” he was extremely worried in his heart, his opponents were two eighth ringed true masters, he would try to avoid battling. Of course, he needed to know at least if it were Sunbai who offended the two of them and was therefore been killed, if not, then it would be more serious.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu looked at each other, the two of their lips suddenly tilted as they pounced at Sun Buru suddenly.

Sun Buru was shocked, he understood in this instant that the other party was against them, or they wouldn’t have attacked immediately without speaking.

The simultanious attacks of two eighth ringed experts was something even a ninth ringed expert needed to avoid, Sun Buru wasnt dumb enough to take it and as if there was a cable connected to him, he retreated backwards extrememly quickly.


Their attacks landed on the ground, and in an instant a large pillar of ashes rose up. This attack had destroyed a third of the buildings in this island, the fire pillars towered to a hundred meters.

XinFeng cursed as his silhouette flashed, his speed was great as he appeared at the beach, he unhesitantly dove into the he water, even though he was a fifth ringed true expert, he didn’t dare to take the ripples of a battle between eighth ringed true masters head on.

Sun Buru cursed, he couldn’t fight against two eighth ringed true masters. Without hesitation, he immediately turned and flew in the other direction.

Shi Hu was already prepared for this and he immediately appeared to block Sun Buru’s way, the two of them exchanged a blow as Feng Ying attacked Sun Buru from behind, making him shout in anger as he escaped to the side.

The three of them fought like that on Tilong island, and in a few minutes, the island became completely different. XinFeng had already swam a few hundred meters away where he could see countless little boats moving away with all their might. The people on the boats were all practitioners and they were smart enough to know that staying in this battlefield only meant death.

XinFeng suddenly jumped onto a boat, it was much more comfortable to be on one compared to swimming.

On the boat was four practitioners, all of which were low leveled practitioners. The strongest amongst them was a Milun master, and therefore all from Tilong Island. Seeing XinFeng get on the boat, they immediately recognised him as a true master, and they were extremely coordinated, the moment he got up, they all jumped down.

XinFeng didn’t want to chase them away and seeing them jump into the water, he shook his head, he did not bother to say anything and walked to the back and took out his steel paddle, paddling outwards.

Sun Buru was like a tornado that bumped into everything as he tried to escape.

Actually, Feng Ying and Shi Hu had a headache, catching an eighth ringed expert hellbent on escaping was rather difficult, since they were all of the same strength roughly. Even if they got together, it would be hard to catch him unless he had chose to fight them, it would be easier then to kill him, but Sun Buru wasn’t that dumb, he chose to run.

The three of them ran around the island as they attacked. Moving around for ten minutes, sSun Buru found a chance and immediately escaped the battlefield without even leaving a sentence, escaping outwards.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu couldn’t make him stay and could only go to find XinFeng with a bitter laugh.

Seeing the two of them land on the small boat, XinFeng spoke, “That fellow ran off?” the battle was too intense and the island was filled with smoke, they couldnt see the three men battle at all, however, he guessed that they didn’t catch him.

Feng Ying spoke, “Even a ninth ringed true master would find it hard to catch an eighth ringed true master hellbent on escaping, hehe, that fellow ran off. He’s very smart and was intending on escaping the moment we started our fight, we couldn’t even harm him, unless there was something we could use to control him, it’s impossible. ”

XinFeng knew that an eighth ringed true master was already quite good in escaping, according to his calculations, unless it was a True Monarch, it would be impossible to catch him.

Feng Ying spoke, “We should leave now, this fellow will definitely have reinforcements, if a ninth ringed expert were to come, we would be fine but as for you, it would be bad.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, well go now, right, will that fellow be able to track us?”

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