God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 5

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Book 8 Chapter 5: Hope and Disappointment

If Sunbai didn’t speak, perhaps XinFeng would still be fine with it, but he had actually dared to threaten him. He of course could not let him go, so he specially aimed at the bones everytime he pierced, making the fellow scream in extreme pain.

These kind of attacks won’t take his life, but this kind of bone piercing was not something anyone could withstand, Sunbai started cursing in the beginning, went quiet in the middle and cried out in pain at the end as he begged for mercy.

XinFeng asked, “A Silan there……who did you catch?”

There was no choice, XinFeng could only use this method to threaten them into giving him information.

Bai Zi, Yi Daton and Sunbai begged for mercy just like that in front of everyone. Yi Daton spoke, “Your hateful……ill speak, I’ll speak!”

XinFeng pierced through the palm of Yi Daton and spoke, “Then speak……” he found him to be too slow.

Yi Daton didn’t even have anymore tears to shed, he spoke, “When we came, A Silan had already escaped, we killed her people there……I, I don’t know where A Silan went!”

XinFeng did not believe him at all, he spoke, “You killed so many people, I don’t believe that you didn’t catch a single one!”

Yi Daton spoke, “Those, those people were killed in anger, even if we caught them, we wouldn’t get any information, because they know nothing. So……we didn’t catch a single one.”

XinFeng spoke, “Don’t you have a single clue?” As he spoke he waved the spear at them, scaring them into flinching everytime the spear came close, but since they were all bound together, they couldn’t escape.

Yi Daton shouted, “I really don’t know……please……stop stabbing!” He realised that this little fellow was much more wicked than his grandpa, his face was constantly adorned with a wicked smile and his eyes flashed a cold glint as he attacked them. How would they know that behind that expression hid his extreme disappointment which brought on his vicious mood.

XinFeng poked Yi Daton with the spear and spoke, “What’s with all that crying? I haven’t got you back for chasing my grandpa. Right, where is he?”.

Yi Daton really wanted to cry, how could he know where Lei Bao was? If he knew he would’ve already went to chase him.

XinFeng spoke, “Quick, quick!”

Yi Daton’s voice already hoarse, he shouted, “I really don’t fucking know, if I did I would’ve went to kill him with my men!” he spoke out even his thoughts, he knew that he shouldn’t have said this and started to inch to the side in fear.

Feng Ying spoke curiously, “I didn’t expect them to be XinFeng’s enemy. ”

Shi Hu nodded, “It seems so, that’s right, ah Feng, your grandpa is also a pracititoner?”

XinFeng nodded, “Just like you two…..en, eighth ringed, but I don’t know how strong he is now, maybe ninth ringed.” he never really knew clearly what strength his grandpa had, especially after grandpa cultivated in the thunderstorm.

Shi Hu and Feng Ying both got a shock, they didn’t expect XinFeng’s grandpa to be an expert as well, but it was rather understandable considering how good XinFeng’s talent was in cultivating, he was indeed the product of an expert.

XinFeng spoke, “They also have a ninth ringed expert named Si Donald, if he wasn’t chasing me in the past, I wouldn’t have been separated from grandpa.” speaking of that fellow, XinFeng became angry, but because of their difference in strength, he didn’t dare to fight Si Donald.

Feng Ying became stern, he was an experienced person and knew what having a ninth True Ring body meant. In this continent, having an eighth or ninth True Ring body already meant that you were a top tiered expert. But usually, those who could attain that cultivation had borrowed some kind of help, this meant that there was some kind of powerful expert backing Si Donald.

XinFeng would also need to borrow help from others to get to ninth True Ring body. In this continent, once you were found to have great talent, you would be taken away unless you were hidden in some small village.

Feng Ying spoke, “Si Donald……where is he from?”

XinFeng spoke, “I don’t know, I need to ask this fellow.”

XinFeng pierced him again, the pain had already made his head go numb and his vision go dark, his body was full of holes and he lost a lot of his blood, he could only feel coldness now. He mumbled, “I don’t know, I know nothing…..”

Feng Ying grabbed him by his hair bringing him to eye level.

Yi Daton spoke, “I, I don’t know……”

Feng Ying could not help but smile bitterly, this fellow knew nothing. He spoke, “Ah Feng, I think this guy won’t give us any information, En, what are you going to do?”

XinFeng also didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t confirm the safety of his sister and could only blame A Silan for taking Lei Xin Yao away, causing him to be unable to find her. He had luckily come across her house but ran into this kind of situation. The more he thought about it the angrier he got.

“Uncle Feng, uncle Ying, what should I do?”

XinFeng couldn’t think of anything and could only ask his two guards, they were eighth ringed true masters that have seen a lot, they should be able to give him some suggestions.

Feng Ying gave him a very simple answer. He spoke, “To avoid meeting Si Donald, kill these three and immediately go back for help.”

Shi Hu spoke, “With the strength of me and Feng Ying, we may not be able to beat Si Donald, but as for protection……there shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m afraid of accidents, so I agree that we should return.”

The moment Feng Ying talked about killing them, Hei Zi, Yi Daton and Sunbai’s faces all turned white. To be able to gain such strength till this point, meant that they’re terribly afraid of death making all that struggle meaningless. One must know that they usually acted like tyrants that did whatever they wanted, dying now was very scary thing for them.

“You can’t kill me!”

Yi Daton screamed desperately.

“Release me!”

Bai Zi, the famous owner of Tilong Island begged.

“If you kill me, the Sun family will never let you go!”

Sunbai threatened.

XinFeng could not help but laugh, they were begging, screaming and threatening. He spoke, “I’ll release you all……just for you to come and kill me? You’re too much of a threat…….I can’t leave you alone.”

XinFeng hadn’t planned on letting them go since the beginning, nor even killing them immediately. He wanted to understand some things, he knew that they were hiding something important.

XinFeng spoke, “Hei Zi, you’re the owner of Tilong Island, I’m sure you’re very familiar with A Silan, why did you try to catch her? Tell me.”

Hei Zi secretly glanced at Bai Zi for an instant, but even this small action was caught by XinFeng, he immediately understood, this matter was related to Sunbai. This fellow was very sly, he had been hiding at the side to avoid XinFeng’s attention and actually succeeded.

XinFeng suddenly laughed, causing their heart beats to quicken.

“Sunbai, I’m very curious, who are you?”

Sunbai had a dead expression, his stiff face was void of any emotion, but his eyes revealed a fearful glint. He spoke, “I’m not someone you can offend……”

XinFeng suddenly pierced through his thigh, “I already offended……so what?”

Sun Bai was so angry he revealed a furious expression, XinFeng stabbed him again, “Don’t pretend to be dead!”

Sunbai revealed a face of hardships, a fifth ringed true master could actually do such things to him, this was absolutely infuriating to him. He gritted his teeth, “I……I’m looking for A Silan because of a little lady! Are you satisfied, fuck, don’t let me……” after that sentence, he suddenly stopped, because he knew that speaking cruel words now just meant pain for him.

XinFeng understand, he wasn’t against A Silan, but Lei Xin Yao. He immediately knew who he was looking for, and yet he was here trying to hide his sister’s existence, the other party already knew about her.

“Little lady, I see, you’re looking for my little sister to force my grandpa to appear?”

XinFeng did not hide that he was looking for his sister.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu were both silently shocked, now they knew XinFeng’s purpose.

Sunbai spoke, “That’s right, we’re also looking for you……just that there wasn’t any news of you, now that you’ve appeared, prepare to be caught!”

XinFeng already knew that the opponent didn’t succeed, he spoke, “When did A Silan leave……don’t tell me you don’t know.”

Sunbai laughed coldly, “No matter how fast she is, she can’t escape, Hmph Hmph, she doesn’t know how powerful we are!”

XinFeng pierced him again and spoke hatefully, “How much emnity do you have to chase them nonstop?”

That man snorted, the last stab had cut through his shoulder and his bone, his arm was now crippled completely. He spoke coldly, “If you kill me, you’ll be making an enemy out of the Sun family, even if you run to the ends of earth, you’ll still be killed.”

XinFeng wasn’t afraid of being threatened, if he didn’t have a master he would be scared, but even if he did not have one, he would still not let Sunbai go. This was the implications brought on by the enemies of Lei Bao, something unavoidable.

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