God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 4

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Book 8 Chapter 4: Killing Your Way In (2)

Landing on the island, the four of them were rather showy as they descended. This was an island full of practitioners, they all knew that two of them were experts that were at least sixth ringed and above and no one dared to get close.

XinFeng spoke, “Helai, you go back.” as he spoke, he flipped his palm and took out a few Lun rings to give to him, “Take this.”

Helai was elated, “Lun rings?” though he knew about them, this was his first time seeing a Lun ring and he felt rather skeptical.

XinFeng nodded, “That’s right, Lun rings, it’s my thanks, en, you better leave Nanliao Mountain, it’s not beneficial here.”

Helai spoke, “Thank you, thank you, I understand, I’ll leave immediately.” running to the pier he immediately took a boat and left.

Feng Ying spoke, “You scared him.”

XinFeng shook his head, “He was scared from the beginning. With his strength, staying here is like seeking death.”

Shi Hu nodded, “That’s right, old Feng, go call them up there.”

XinFeng laughed, he spoke so ambiguously.

Feng Ying glared at Shi Hu, “You do it!”

Shi Hu also sensed his own faults and laughed, “Alright, alright, I’ll do it, I’ll go call them, alright? Hehe.” with a leap, he rose to the air and shouted loudly, “Owner of Tilong Island! Come out!”

With this one shout, the entire island was thrown into chaos.

Two human silhouettes flew from the middle of island, speedily making their way over while Shi Hu stayed in the air waiting for them to arrive.

Those two were sixth ringed true masters, something both Feng Ying and Shi Hu sensed clearly, as the two of them got closer, Shi Hu signaled with his hands and descended, followed by the two true masters.

XinFeng spoke, “Who is the owner of Tilong Island?” at the point. There were quite a few practitioners hiding in the surroundings as they looked on.

Amongst two people, the younger one spoke up, “I’m the owner of Tilong Island, my name is Hei Ze, sixth ringed True Yin Master.” he wore luxurious silk on his body with his hair tumbling to his shoulders, his eyes were similar to a snake’s and his cold aura could still be felt even if he was smiling.

The man next to Hei Zi spoke, “Sunbai, True Yin Master.” He had a dead face, it was completely stiff and lacking any emotion. He was much uglier than Hei Zi, whose eyes were the only scary thing, but this guy’s entire face could bring nightmares.

XinFeng didn’t bother to chat, “I’m looking for A Silan.” he was too lazy to even report his name, they would just end up fighting anyways. He knew that as long as he mentioned A Silan, the other party would already be unhappy and may even attack.

As expected, the moment ‘A Silan’ was heard, the opponent’s face changed.

Hei Zi spoke, “Who are you people?”

XinFeng spoke impatiently, “Don’t talk rubbish, did you catch A Silan or not?”

Sunbai who stood next to Hei Zi laughed coldly, “You’re a group with A Silan? Hmph, don’t blame me for being discourteous, Hei Zi, catch him!”

XinFeng turned his head, “Catch them!” the two of them spoke almost simultaneously similar words.

Hei Zi pounced unhesitatingly hearing his words.

Feng Ying laughed coldly, “Courting death!” As he pounced.


Feng Ying was not merciful at all, he used almost eighty percent of his strength and took half of Hei Zi’s life with one attack.

Sunbai’s pupils shrank to the size of a needle tips, he understood the moment Feng Ying released all his aura, “Eighth ringed!” He cursed in his heart as he turned to run, he didn’t dare to fight with Feng Ying, knowing the large difference between the eighth and sixth rings.

Before he even took his second step, Shi Hu had appeared suddenly in front of him, “Escaping? Stay!”


With a kick he was pushed the ground, and grabbing his neck, Shi Hu threw him forcefully.

Sunbai and Hei Zi collided as the defenses on their bodies were shattered instantly, this collision had caused them both to see stars and they only recovered after a while. XinFeng spoke indifferently, “I want A Silan!”

Feng Ying threatened, “Don’t fucking play dead, if you won’t want to die, listen obediently.”

Hei Zi felt a chill, the two of them fell with just one attack each, and He had also heard SunBai shout the two words, ‘Eighth ringed’. There was actually an eighth ringed expert here, he was nothing to him. He spoke, “A Silan……already escaped, we didn’t catch her!”

A glint flashed in Sunbai’s eyes as he glared at XinFeng, after a while, he spoke, “You are……”

XinFeng didn’t hide, “Lei Xin Feng, True Treasure Lun Yin master.”

Light flashed in Sunbai’s eyes, “You……Lei Bao, who is he to you?”

XinFeng’s heart thumped, he spoke, “Lei Bao! You know him? Where is he?!”

Before Sunbai could speak, a human silhouette landed and XinFeng looked up, seeing that person, he laughed, “Yi Daton! Haha, uncle Feng, catch him!”

The reason why Yi Daton appeared was to be a mediator to drag the time out, but he didn’t expect someone to want to catch him the moment he landed. He could not help but feel angry, “Who dares to catch me?”

Feng Ying pounced, “Fuck you, who do you think you are!”


Yi Daton was hit to the ground, only then did he realize that Hei Zi and Sunbai were already subdued, Hei Zi even scolded, “Yi Daton you idiot!”

XinFeng already started to feel unsettled, Yi Daton only had his sixth true ringed body, but he had a backer, Si Donald, that man was a ninth True Ring body, even if he had Feng Ying and Shi Hu, they were not his opponents.

Feng Ying walked forward and bound them together, he spoke, “Now what?”

XinFeng walked to Yi Daton and spoke, “Do you still recognize me?”

Looking at him carefully, Yi Daton reacted, “You’re the grandson of Lei Bao……this, this isn’t possible! Fifth True Ring body!” With his cultivation, he could easily see XinFeng’s cultivation, but he remembered him as a Milun master at Stellar Night Fortress, after only a while, this fellow actually became a fifth ringed true master, this was unbelievable to him.

XinFeng asked, “Where is my grandpa?”

Yi Daton felt terrified, “If I were to say……I don’t know, would you believe me?” When he was caught in the beginning by Lei Bao, he was treated badly, but he still managed to escape eventually.

XinFeng shook his head, “Of course not, you found A Silan here already, how could I believe you?”

Yi Daton was full of hate, he didn’t hate XinFeng, but he hated Hei Zi and Sunbai, since the enemy was so strong, they should’ve sent a signal, but they didn’t and he came all the way here, wasn’t this too unlucky?

Hei Zi shouted, “I’m only helping my friend! I didn’t catch A Silan, you……can you……” He didn’t know what to say, he killed a lot of A Silan’s disciples and friends, their enmity ran deep.

XinFeng laughed coldly, “Who did you catch from A Silan?”

Hei Zi spoke, “I didn’t!”

A long spear suddenly appeared in XinFeng’s hand that was stabbed through his thigh, he laughed coldly, “I’m still young and my temper is rather short, I can’t really control myself well, I apologize.”

Hei Zi started trembling in fear, the stronger one got, the more terrified of death they became, with only a few strange exceptions.

Not only was Hei Zi terrified, Yi Daton and Sunbai was terrified as well, especially Yi Daton, he didn’t know if Lei Bao talked about him, if he didn’t then perhaps he could survive, but if he did… He knew that XinFeng was much more terrifying than Lei Bao, he was not twenty yet and was still considered a child. Children were the scariest as they didn’t fear anything.

Hei Zi shouted and started as the spear pierced his thigh, he didn’t have any defense as his Yinli had already been bound by Feng Ying.

Stabbing again, it was Yi Daton who shouted this time. Hei Zi had closed his eyes and waited for the pain yet again but he didn’t expect that the stab would land on Yi Daton this time. He turned and saw the long spear piercing through Yi Daton’s shoulder.

The surrounding practitioners were going mad from fear as they looked on stupefied. One must know that all three of them were top existences here, but they were currently beaten like dogs.

The poor Yi Daton did not know what to say as he screamed, though he was a sixth ringed true master, he couldn’t use his Yinli and could only feel pain like mortals.

XinFeng spoke indifferently, “Where’s my grandpa? A Silan?” he didn’t dare to talk about his sister, if anyone knew and found his sister before him, it would mean trouble.

Yi Daton really did not know, he shouted, “I don’t know! Ah……ah ah!”

XinFeng unhesitantly pierced through his thigh and spoke, “Do you still not know? Then, again!”

Stab after stab went through his thigh, XinFeng knew about Yi Daton, it was because of him his grandpa suffered and they had to separate, he absolutely hated him.

After a few stabs, XinFeng changed his target. Piercing through Sunbai’s thigh, he spoke, “You’re also an accomplice, no?”

Sunbai could not help but scold, “Little fellow, even if you kill me, do you think you can escape?”

XinFeng nodded, “It doesn’t matter if I can, the thing that matters is that……you can’t fucking escape!”

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