God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 3

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Book 8 Chapter 3: Killing Your Way In

Jin Daliao was going crazy, he couldn’t escape through flight, as long as he got to the air, Shi Hu would suddenly appear at the top of his head and step on him, kicking him down to the ground. Despite the great defense brought by the gold attribute, this torrent of attacks was something he couldn’t bear, he was beat to the point of crying.

Actually, Feng Ying and Shi Hu were quite the bullies, the two of them were eighth ringed experts, just one of them could win, but the two of them chose to attack together. Jin Daliao was extremely pitiful, luckily, XinFeng had only ordered them to beat him up, which saved his life, but if he didn’t, he would’ve died.

Helai knew how strong Jin Daliao was, he was a True Yin master with his sixth True Ring body, yet he was beat like a dog, this was unimaginable to him, how strong were these two fellows? This was too scary.

XinFeng instantly felt better, he could not help but smile bitterly, he suspected that there was some kind of darkness in his heart.

Jin Daliao was like a ball kicked back and forth by Feng Ying and Shi Hu, that fellow finally understood that they didn’t want to kill him and he chose to stop resisting and activated his defense.  But the pain was too unbearable and he could not help but shout, “Stop, stop! I’ve lost……I surrender!”

Feng Ying and Shi Hu didn’t listen to him, even his shouts were useless, they would only stop if XinFeng said so.

This beating lasted for five minutes, XinFeng then spoke indifferently, “Alright, drag him here!”

Feng Ying grabbed Jin Daliao’s hair and dragged him to XinFeng as he spoke, “I don’t care if you’re Jin big bird or Jin little bird, if you treat our little owner with disrespect again, I’ll rip off your bird!”

(puttty: Bird>Niao, rhymes with Liao, and Da>Big. He’s referring to…the……..umm………in the last sentence.)

XinFeng almost laughed out loud, Feng Ying wasn’t polite at all.

Jin Daliao did not speak at all, he lost completely and dared not to do anything rash, he laid on the ground panting nonstop.

Not only was Jin Daliao trembling, even Helai was doing the same, he wasn’t beaten, yet he was terrified to the point of trembling. Seeing a sixth ringed expert beat like this was too scary.

XinFeng spoke, “Speak, what happened at A Silan’s?”

Jin Daliao sat up, his head was covered in blood and he looked rather scary, but his injuries were not too bad. He took out a towel and wiped his face. Feng Ying took a step forward to kick but XinFeng stopped him.

Feng Ying spoke, “Do you want to die again!”

Jin Daliao threw his towel, “Do you get a sense of achievement from beating me? That’s nice, a top tier expert pretending to be a servant, you think it’s fun?”

Feng Ying kicked him, “Old man, I may not be a servant, but I’m a guard, what am I acting for!”

Jin Daliao felt a chill in his heart, he could tell XinFeng was a fifth ringed true master, these two fellows who were much stronger than him were actually his guards? Who was this little fellow? He felt at a loss but he didn’t dare to offend them anymore, “A Silan’s home was indeed destroyed by someone.”

XinFeng spoke, “By who? Also, A Silan……was she caught?”

Jin Daliao spoke, “She ran away, a group of friends helped her, I don’t know anything else, I only know that she didn’t die.”

XinFeng asked, “Is there a small lady with a Silan, around seven to eight years old?”

Jin Daliao spoke, “How would I know, A Silan didn’t seem to have disciples……e, let me think……”

XinFeng’s heart sunk, but he didn’t give up, “Do you usually go to A Silan’s place?”

Jin Daliao replied, “No, I don’t. But she’ll visit me regularly……” with his status, he did not need to visit A Silan directly.

A murderous glint appeared in XinFeng’s eyes, “Who destroyed her home and killed her underlings?”

Jin Daliao did not want to speak but seeing XinFeng’s eyes flash with a murderous glint, he felt a chill as he understood, if he said he didn’t know, this fellow would probably kill him. Though he did not know his relationship with A Silan, he did not want to offend this kind of a terrifying man, “It’s the owner of the Tilong Island, he came with his underlings to catch……”

XinFeng looked at Helai, scaring him into trembling. XinFeng asked, “Who’s the owner of Tilong Island?”

Helai was on the verge of pissing himself, the owner of Tilong Island was much scarier than Jin Daliao, who was usually a lone person who lived by himself. Though he was very powerful, he was not scary as he didn’t bother you if you didn’t provoke him.

But the owner of Tilong Island was different, he had a similar cultivation to Jin Daliao but he had a lot of underlings and shady friends, most of which were fifth or fourth ringed, offending him meant that you offended all of them, in Nanliao Mountain, not a single person didn’t fear him.

Helai stuttered, “I don’t understand, the owner of Tilong Island should be A Silan’s friend……why did they fight? And even kill……”

XinFeng looked at Jin Daliao, “What happened?”

Jin Daliao wanted to choke Helai to death, he spoke, “What rubbish are you talking about, why do I not know that they are friends? They show horrible faces when they see each other.”

Helai did not dare to speak anymore.

XinFeng spoke, “Why aren’t they friends?”

Jin Daliao spoke, “The owner of Tilong Island has a lot of friends who get injured easily and he is a nosy man who would always bother A Silan, after time, A Silan came to dislike him and their relationship worsened.”

XinFeng spoke, “Did the owner of Tilong Island not pay her?”

Jin Daliao nodded, “Or they wouldn’t have enmity.” he thought in his heart, “This fellow is rather smart.”

XinFeng spoke, “This shouldn’t be the reason why he attacked, right, where does he live?” he chose to find the owner of Tilong Island, he needed to know at least that A Silan wasn’t captured and his sister was safe, if she was dragged into this…… XinFeng sighed. He went out to find a person for information and he offended the Fake Masked Men, and at this place, he was about to offend the owner of Tilong Island, what was this luck.

Jin Daliao spoke, “The owner of Tilong Island is only a few kilometers away, by flight, it’s only a distance of a few minutes.”

XinFeng glared at him and in an instant, Jin Daliao was drenched in cold sweat, he spoke after a while, “Don’t, don’t kill me……”

Jin Daliao was completely terrified, if XinFeng were to kill him to seal his mouth, he wouldn’t even be able to resist or escape, there was no hope.

XinFeng spoke, “I’m not going to kill you, however, I will remind you, watch your mouth. Especially before we reach Tilong Island, but if you want revenge, I won’t mind, but you……won’t be as lucky as this time, understand?”

Jin Daliao’s forehead was covered in sweat, “Yes, yes……I understand.”

XinFeng spoke again, “Once we’ve confirmed that it was indeed a battle against A Silan and the owner of Tilong Island, there will be no problem, but if it wasn’t the owner of Tilong Island, hehe, even if you escape to the ends of earth, I’ll still find you.”

Jin Daliao nodded, “Don’t worry, I’m speaking the truth.” he had already decided to immediately leave this place after XinFeng was gone, with his strength, he could live luxuriously anywhere he went.

Only then did XinFeng stand up to leave, “Helai, lead us. Uncle Feng, uncle Ying, let’s go.”

Tilong Island was not very far, with flight it was indeed very close. Jin Daliao did not lie about this. The four of them quickly reached an island about a hundred acres large filled with all kinds of buildings.

Helai explained, “A lot of practitioners live here…… theyrely on the owner of Tilong island, this island is called Tilong, the largest island in this area.”

XinFeng spoke, “On this island, how many practitioners are there? How’s their strength?”

Helai spoke, “I’m not sure how many in general but they are not too strong. They consist mostly of Milun masters and low tier true masters, truly high tier true masters do not live on this island, but on the surrounding ones.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Your meaning of high tier true masters is what true ringed?”

Helai laughed bitterly, “First ringed are low tiered, third ringed is considered middle tiered and the high tiered are fourth ringed and above, none of them surpass sixth ringed. I’ve never heard of an eighth ringed true master in Nanliao Mountain, but I heard a seventh ringed true master came in the past and left……”

Feng Ying spoke, “E, then what is the eighth and ninth ringed masters considered as?”

Helai replied, “Top tiered, we consider them to be top tiered true masters here.”

Feng Ying laughed, “That’s about right.”

Shi Hu spoke, “Old Feng, stop gloating, we’re nothing with this little strength, you know as well, we’re nothing.”

Feng Ying’s face turned sad, “Alright, it’s rare for me to be happy yet you come and give me a blow, we two brothers are nothing, considered as hopeless men.”

Helai was shocked as he listened, thinking in his heart, “If you two are hopeless, then what are people like us still living for? We might as well die, this sarcasm is enough to kill.”

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