God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 2

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Book 8 Chapter 2: Ruins (2)

This water region had the circumference of tens of thousands of kilometers, rarely would sixth ringed true masters and above appear, it was mostly low leveled practitioners that lived here, most leaders which were million Lun or Milun masters and true masters, especially first ringed true masters.

One first ringed true master sat at the edge of his island, fishing away. As he reeled up a two foot fish, he suddenly noticed two men stopping above him in the skies, one was even carrying another man.

It terrified him until his hands trembled, throwing the rod in his hands away, he jumped backwards holding his chest, his heart was thumping away like a drum. After a while, he finally calmed down and heard the man in the sky speak, “Hey, little fellow!”

That man hurriedly replied, “Yes, senior.” he didn’t dare to offend such an expert.

Feng Ying laughed, “Bi Shi Ji……do you know him?”

That fellow spoke, “Senior, Bi Shi Ji……lives on the island in front.” He pointed at the island at the side.

Looking at that direction, they saw that the island was rather big, as big as an acre of land. On it was a cottage and a bunch of trees. Feng Ying nodded, “Little fellow, thanks!” the three of them flew in that direction.

Rubbing his chest, he spoke after a while,  “Fuck……that scared me to death, ai, terrifying……two true masters capable of flight, I wonder if something’s about to happen, ai, it’s getting more and more chaotic recently, I can’t stay here anymore, e, I’ll leave when I get the chance.” His heart was in a mess, he felt unsettled.

re he could return to his house, those three people came back and even landed on his island, causing his face to change. In accordance to the rules of this place, landing on an island without the owner’s permission meant that one wanted to fight the owner and take the rights of the island.

That man laughed bitterly, “Please wait, I’ll prepare a small boat and leave……this island, I’ll leave it to you.”

XinFeng slid off from Shi Hu’s back, he spoke, “What rubbish are you talking about, we’re not here to take your island, how strange, hey, little fellow, answer my questions.”

That first ringed true master was middle aged, and hearing XinFeng called him little fellow almost made him lose his balance, he thought, “You’re the little fellow……” he spoke, “Senior, please ask.”

XinFeng did not mean it, he just followed Feng Ying in calling him little fellow, he spoke, “Bi Shi Ji is not home, you know when he’ll be back?”

That man laughed bitterly, “A few days ago a group of men came to find him, he probably has something to do, I don’t know when he’ll be back, though.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, since he’s not here, then another person, I wonder if you know her?”

That man asked, “Who?”

XinFeng spoke, “A Silan, you know her?”

That man nodded, “A Silan, of course I do, barely anyone here don’t know who she is.”

XinFeng laughed, “That’s great, bring me to her.” he was quite shocked, he didn’t expect a Silan to be so famous here.

That man spoke, “Alright, I’ll prepare a boat, let’s go.”

Feng Ying spoke, “No need for the trouble, I’ll fly you there, right, little fellow, what’s your name?”

That man replied, “Helai, first ringed true master.”

Feng Ying spoke, “I’m Surnamed Ying, let’s go.” He grabbed the arm of Helai as he spoke, pulling him into the sky. Shi Hu picked up XinFeng again and also flew up.

Helai led them with Feng Ying and Shi Hu flying, their speed was extremely quick, in half an hour they came to an extremely big island. In the sky, XinFeng saw a bunch of ruins and disembodied corpses, his heart stopped for a moment. He spoke, “Quick……uncle Hu, land!” his voice was dry.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu’s faces also changed, this was signs of a battle. Landing, XinFeng jumped off him Shi Hu’s back and ran to the house nearby.

Every time he saw a corpse, he would stop, and if it wasn’t A Silan’s or his sister’s body, he would feel slightly better. Along the road, there was at least ten corpses, this island was extremely chaotic. XinFeng’s heart had sunk to its lowest, he could only feel a bone piercing coldness, he did not speak and his face was pale while.

Standing on the burnt ruins, XinFeng’s eyes were dyed with red in anger.

Feng Ying spoke, “Ah Feng, calm down, let’s look around and see……if there’s A Silan and your sister’s…..en, marks.” He almost said corspes, but he was lucky to react in time, he knew he couldn’t agitate him and quickly changed his words.

XinFeng nodded, “Everyone help me look.” His voice was completely hoarse.

The four of them quickly searched around but XinFeng didn’t find any trace of his sister, which meant that she should not be dead, at least they didn’t find her corpse or A Silan’s. This made XinFeng hopeful.

XinFeng spoke, “Ah Lai, is there any familiar people here?”

Helai knew what XinFeng needed, he nodded, “No problem, I’ll lead you to someone’s house, En, he lives nearby.”

Feng Ying and Shi Hu brought the two of them quickly to the small island.

Landing on the island, Helai spoke softly, “Senior, the owner of this island is very powerful, a sixth ringed expert named Jin Daliao, en, a very proud man that doesn’t think much of me…..”

XinFeng spoke, “Uncle Feng, you go negotiate.” his emotions were terrible and he was not in the mood to chat with another person, he wanted news of his sister’s safety no matter what.

Feng Ying nodded, “Leave it to me.” He also knew XinFeng was in a bad mood and wouldn’t feel better easily.

Shi Hu spoke, “I’ll do it.” he walked forward quickly and came to the house, he shouted, “Anyone home? Anyone?”

A skinny man wearing a gold robe walked out of the house with a frustrated expression, “Who is it? Who let you come here?” he glared, looking at them with dissatisfaction. Noticing Helai, he spoke, “Helai……why did you fucking come here? Do you want to die?”

Helai’s face turned pale, “This……this……I’m, I’m accompanying them……not……not……”

Shi Hu waved his hands and had him retreat, he walked forward, “You’re Jin Daliao?”

Jin Daliao looked at Shi Hu with bulging eyes and spoke with impatience, “And who are you?”

Shi Hu spoke, “My name is Shi Hu, En, I have something to ask you……” he spoke rather politely.

Jin Daliao furrowed his brows, “What is it?” his tone was full of displeasure.

XinFeng felt a burning feeling in his heart, it was lucky that he was bearing it.

Shi Hu spoke, “A Silan’s house had been destroyed, can you tell me, who did it?”

Jin Daliao rolled his eyes, “Not my business, I don’t know!”

XinFeng was furious, “How could you not know? This is something near your house.”

Jin Daliao spoke, “Near my house? I should know? Ridiculous……I know nothing, you all can leave now!” he turned to leave, mumbling, “Where did they come from? I’ve been too friendly recently, anyone dares to come.”

Helai spoke hurriedly, “Senior, senior Jin!”

Jin Daliao suddenly turned around and shouted, “Leave! Fuck, talk again and I’ll kill you!”

Helai was scared into taking a step back, not daring to speak.

XinFeng was really angry now, he shouted, “Stay there!”

Jin Daliao slowly turned around and spoke indifferently, “You probably don’t know who I am, people who dare to speak to me like this have had their bones turn to ashes, leave while my mood is still good!”

XinFeng was already suppressing his anger since he was here for information, but being scolded a few sentences by Jin Daliao, he eyes turned red, he sighed, “I’m really sorry, your mood is good but old man mine is not, it’s fine, it’s your bad fucking luck. Uncle Ying, beat him!” he wasn’t dumb enough to attack himself.

Actually, both Feng Ying and Shi Hu was already furious. The stronger one was, the more they couldn’t bear such treatment. They were already worried about XinFeng, the little fellow was already furious to the point of exploding, of course they wouldn’t let this go kindly, furthermore since he had already gave them an order, Feng Ying immediately spoke, “I’ll do it!”

Jin Daliao laughed coldly, “Since you’re looking to die, hehe, then don’t hold a grudge.” he had never met a practitioner who treated him with such disrespect, he was furious.

XinFeng was angrier, he spoke, “Uncle Feng!”


Though Jin Daliao was prepared to fight, he didn’t expect his opponent to be an eighth ringed true master, the two of them were too different in strength. Even with preparation he wouldn’t be able to attack. Sent flying by Feng Ying, he heard him shout, “Just who dares to tell my little owner to leave? Fuck you!” he kicked him to the ground.

Feng Ying flew towards him and kicked him yet again.

Jin Daliao cried out as he was suddenly thrown into the air, but someone was already waiting for him, he only heard a shout from above, “Get the fuck down!”


Jin Daliao was sent downwards, he didn’t expect there to be another eighth ringed true master above and was kicked down without resistance.

Shi Hu’s body flashed as he returned to XinFeng’s side.

Helai’s mouth was open as drool leaked out, he was scared silly.

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