God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 6

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Book 7 Chapter 6: Local Land Owner (2)

In only a short while, the large plate of bull meat was finished cleanly.

Qi Yao Yan sucked his lips as he spoke, “It’s too delicious, hehe, thanks for the generosity. En, right, if you need anything, I’ll help you to the best of my ability, hehe.”

XinFeng actually had such a motive, with the help of a local he could understand a lot, therefore even though the other person was overbearing in the beginning, he didn’t fight them, with their strength, he only needed to show off a bit of it and no one would dare to go against him unless he was bullying someone, but XinFeng wasn’t that bored.

Tanda laughed, “What’s the large sects around here……en, the powerful ones?”

Qi Yao Yan replied, “I know one but it’s quite far from here, at Ripple Origin city, the island at the Ripple Origin Lake, at the north, about a forty to fifty day trip.”

XinFeng spoke, “Have you been there?”

Qi Yao Yan laughed bitterly, “I can’t enter, it’s a large sect there, no one dares to go without an invitation.”

With Qi Yan Yao’s strength, he only moved around within a hundred kilometers, any further and he would be out of his territory. After all, he was only a hundred Lun master, the lowest of the low amongst practitioners.

XinFeng asked, “Aren’t there anymore sects?” he was slightly skeptical, this was the center of the Wansee Continent, how could it only have just one large sect?”

Qi Yao Yan explained, “From what I know, there’s only one rather large sect around this area, I don’t know any that are further, there’s definitely many powerful sects within the Wansee continent being as large as it is, weaker practitioners travel very little like mortals, hehe, only true master practitioners can have the ability to travel anywhere, if you want to ask, ask a true master.”

XinFeng was very interested, “Is there a true master here?”

Qi Yao Yan could not help but laugh, “How could that be possible……true master experts normally would not come to this small place, the strongest here is only a Milun master.”

Wu Zhen slanted his lips, “There’s two true masters here right now, why wouldn’t there be true masters coming?”

Qi Yao Yan was shocked, pointing at XinFeng and Tanda, he produced a string of incoherent noises as his face became extremely pale.

XinFeng spoke, “It’s fine, no need to find it strange or worry, relax.”

Qi Yao Yan dared not to sit anymore, his two underlings and him stood up with his arms at his shoulders, his expression was cautious and serious. He had only seen one true master in his entire life before at a far distance, he did not even dare to go close, but this time he had scammed them for some food. His heart was pounding like a drum as he spoke, “Senior, junior was ignorant, I plead for senior to forgive me.”

XinFeng spoke, “I said its fine, sit down.”

Qi Yao Yan dared not to disobey his orders and sat down cautiously, speaking, “Yes. Senior.” He had never expected to meet with such a strange situation, seeing two true masters in a run-down shop next to a road, this was too fucking lucky.

XinFeng asked, “Who controls this small town? Get him to come, I have questions to ask.”

Qi Yao Yan spoke, “It’s, it’s my great uncle, his name is Wan Dao, e, a Milun master……” he immediately instructed a underling, “Go tell uncle, tell him that there’s two seniors here and to be quick, don’t let the seniors wait.” causing the underling to immediately run out of the store.

In only a short while, an old man with a head full of white hair came over with the messenger behind him. Without even looking at the people in the store carefully, he had already lowered his head in greeting, “Wan Dao, Milun master, I’ve seen the two seniors.”

Qi Yao Yan immediately stood up, “Great uncle.”

Wan Dao had him stand behind him before he looked up at the three people before him, in the middle was an extremely young man that was obviously not of age yet, this was shocking to him. From their seating, it was obvious that the young man was the leader. He could not help but wonder, could it be that this child was a true master expert?

XinFeng spoke, “Alright sit, no need to be so formal.” before actually introducing himself, “Lei Xin Feng, Great True Lun Yin master.”

Tanda also introduced, “Tanda, True Milun master.”

Wan Dao’s legs went soft, True Milun master only had one True Ring body, but a Great True Milun master was truly terrifying, yet there was a Great True Lun Yin master here, a top tier existence even in a large sect. He couldn’t understand why a true master of this caliber would come here.

Wu Zhen did not speak, he dared not to introduce himself, he was just a thousand Lun master.

XinFeng spoke, “We’re just passing by……”

With this sentence, Wan Dao finally breathed in relief, this was his territory that only had twenty practitioners, the strongest only being a Milun master while the rest were million Lun masters, thousand Lun masters and the weakest being the hundred Lun masters, this kind of strength was extremely lacking. A true master could mean their demise, causing him to become cautious.

XinFeng spoke, “I want to know about the situation here and find some famous large sects, En, any true master experts here?”

Wan Dao spoke very respectfully, “There’s no true masters here, En, no large sects either. Senior, if there were a large sect, we won’t be able to stay here.”

XinFeng asked, “Isn’t there the Ripple Origin city?”

Wan Dao took a while before replying, “Ripple Origin City is indeed a rather large sect, but they are at the Ripple Origin Lake, it’s extremely far, by boat it’ll take……at least forty to fifty days, even longer if you walk there, they wouldn’t care about us.”

Wan Dao then explained, “Of course, we are still within their reach and every year, they’ll send people to recruit disciples, we’ll have to cooperate then but any other time……they won’t care about us.”

XinFeng noticed that this world’s governing systems were very weak, most large sects would only care about places in the immediate vicinity around where they lived, other areas slightly further out they would ignore. With such a large world, resources abound, living was not a problem. Like in the Wansee continent, if one knew how to farm or fish, living was not a problem.

Tanda spoke, “You cultivated by yourself?”

Wan Dao replied, “Not really, when I was younger I used to be in a small sect, hehe, now that I’m old without any hope of leveling, I came back to my homeland to teach a few disciples.”

One thing he did not say was that when he came back, he brought a few friends and killed the local Milun master, taking over this place. His few friends helped each other take over the surrounding towns, forming a spread out alliance. As long as there wasn’t a true master expert, they would be fine, but not a single true master would want this kind of place.

XinFeng nodded, he did not know the cruelty hidden in this matter, but even if he did, he couldn’t care. This world operated as such. He spoke, “Other than Ripple Origin City, is there any other sects? En, even ones that have true masters are fine.”

Wan Dao spoke, “En, there is a few small sects here that may have true master experts, however, even if they do, it’ll be a secret kept from the public, in small sects, true masters are all ancestral experts, and unless there was an emergency, they wouldn’t appear.”

Thinking for a while, XinFeng chose to go to Ripple Origin City, even if there were really true master experts in the small sects, they would not have much experience. Only large sects would have more contact with the outside world, they would know more.

He spoke, “Forget it, let’s just go to Ripple Origin city, these small sects……aren’t interesting at all.”

Tanda spoke, “That’s right, even if those small sects had true masters, they’ll most likely have only one or two true bodies and regularly stay at their sects since to them, if their strongest were to leave, they would be in danger.”

Wan Dao did not dare to interrupt, he did not understand the situation but he knew one thing, that was to never annoy these three people, nothing else was important. He knew clearly now that these three were just passing by and did not want to take his territory, he would just hold on until these three left, and to expedite them leaving, he would do anything. They were too much of a threat since they could easily ruin this small place.

XinFeng asked, “Oh right, we need some food to bring along, what are the specialties here?”

Wan Dao spoke, “We have dry food here, mostly grain, fresh fish, pranks, dolphin meat, dried wild ducks. The most famous dish here would be our Wild Reed Marsh ducks, but those things are not easy to catch, we need large amounts of people and large nets to catch them. Hehe, I have a few with me I caught with my disciple’s a few days ago, ten fat wild reed marsh ducks. ”

XinFeng nodded, “Good, I want them all.” he spoke before adding, “Don’t worry, I’ll pay.”

How would Wan Dao dare to ask for XinFeng to pay? He even wanted to improve their relationship. Hurried, he spoke, “No need, no need to pay, it’ll be my offerings to senior!”

XinFeng did not reject either, since the other party wanted to gift him, then he wouldn’t force money on them. He knew what he was thinking, and since he had nothing against these land owners, he hoped to have a few as his friends. He nodded, “Then, thanks.”

Wan Dao was shocked as he hurriedly spoke, “No need to thank, no need to thank, hehe, Qi Yao Yan, get someone to prepare the best grains and seafood from home, also, go to the town to find……prepare more of it. ”

Nodding, Qi Yao Yan immediately left with his two underlings.

XinFeng suddenly remembered, “Wan Dao, there’s something……”

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