God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 7

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Book 7 Chapter 7: Tracking

Wan Dao also spoke, “Senior, please instruct me if you need anything.”

XinFeng spoke, “When I got her through the Lun spot, I saw a group of merchants……do merchants regularly pass through here?”

Wan Dao replied, “Yes, yes, this place is situated on the route of the merchants, which is why this small town is so prosperous.”

XinFeng spoke, “Then is there any big merchant firms locally?” he wanted to know more about this place, and merchant firms were perfect to start from.

Wan Dao spoke, “No, only passing merchants, because our town is between two Lun stops, it is a resting point for merchants, they’re our income.”

Tanda was shocked, “Two Lun spots?”

XinFeng could not help but shake his head, “Really too extravagant! To actually have two Lun spots, no wonder this is called the center of the Wansee Continent.”

Wan Dao explained, “We’re considered to have little here, some places have seven to eight Lun spots, those are where people gather.”

XinFeng found it incredulous, he knew that these were set Lun spots, every Lun spot was paired with a single other Lun spot which mortals could use.  This place was different from the Wild Edge place, at that place only powerful true masters could use Lun spots and the ancient Lun passages.

Wan Dao explained, “However, using the Ancient Lun Passage costs a heavy price, only merchants have the ability and wealth to do so. Even people like us have to pay a lot just to join a merchant group, normally people would rather walk or take a boat there instead of using the ancient Lun passages.”

Wu Zhen asked, “What price do we have to pay to travel with merchants?”

Wan Dao replied, “For one person, you need about a hundred or so gold rings, it also depends on where you’re going, if it’s someone far, it’s even pricier.”

A hundred or so gold rings, even Wu Zhen was shocked, in this world, gold rings had extremely high value. In normal circumstances, mortals never had gold rings, this service must be very unpopular, since if a mortal were to earn even a single gold ring, they would bring it to the blacksmith to create jewelry.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “It’s truly expensive.”

But XinFeng didn’t think the same, he had a lot of gold rings his sister collected, and even after they were separated, he had earned quite a few, especially from master, collecting Lun and Lun Yin rings as well. These were treasures even large sects did not have much of, those things were much more precious than gold rings.

Wan Dao invited the three of them to stay at his house, in such a small town, he, as the tyrannical land owner, was in control of everything, the only exception being the other strong practitioners that came.

XinFeng nodded, this shop was too cramped, and since he couldn’t travel anymore today, he wanted to look for a place to stay. Having someone receive them was better than looking for an inn, therefore the three of them followed Wan Dao out.

Wan Dao’s house was at the side of the small town, it was rather ordinary and similar to the houses of the mortal’s, though it was just slightly larger. Wan Dao laughed, “It’s a bit crude, hehe, enter, please enter!”

The house was rather run down, but after entering, the interior was completely different. Though it wasn’t extravagant, it was neat and clean, the floors were shiny and the walls were decorated with vases of flowers. XinFeng could not help but think how being one of the practitioners of this world could be really relaxing, even if the exterior was plain, the inside was a completely different place.

XinFeng sat down and laughed, “A not bad place.”

The crowd sat down as Wan Dao spoke, “Where does senior plan to go? If there’s anything I can help with, please instruct me.” since XinFeng had mentioned he was only passing by, he became curious in where these two true masters were heading. Repeating his previous words again, he hoped in his heart that these two experts could leave as soon as possible.

XinFeng waved his hand, “Nothing really, we will be going to the Ripple Origin City, hehe, since the ancient Lun passages here are rich in number, getting there shouldn’t be too hard.”

Wan Dao was instantly relieved, these two true masters were too much of a threat, especially the Great True Lun Yin master.

XinFeng asked, “Are you familiar with……Ripple Origin City?”

Wan Dao spoke, “I know a bit about it.”

Ripple Origin City is the one of the largest sects around here, they occupy the largest island in the Ripple Origin Lake. The Ripple Origin Lake has a circumference of a few thousand kilometer squared, the largest lake here. There’s a lot of islands in it and the largest is the Ripple Origin Island which was occupied by a large influential power, becoming Ripple Origin City.

Wan Dao introduced the history of Ripple Origin City simply, “Ripple Origin City is very strong, I heard that there’s a lot of true master experts, their disciple’s amount to tens of thousands, there’s thousand Lun, million Lun and Milun masters. Luckily this place is isolated and small, they don’t have much of an interest in us, hehe, if not……”

XinFeng laughed, “They’ll never let you take this place if so.”

Wan Dao nodded, “Right, I have a bit of history with Ripple Origin City, they recognize our existence, hehe, we’re pretty lucky.”

After a while of chatting, Qi Yao Yan brought a few men in and spoke, “Great uncle, the things are prepared and placed in the hall, senior……do you want to see if it is satisfactory or not?”

XinFeng stood up with a nod and the few of them came to the hall where a dozen bags were laid on the ground along with eight rattan baskets. All of them were filled with food, the bags carrying grain while the baskets carried meat.

Qi Yao Yan spoke, “These are a few of our local specialties, it’s not worth much, hehe.”

Taking out a few gold rings, he laughed, “Thanks.” as he waved his hand to keep the food in his Hidden Lun space. With his current cultivation, his Hidden Lun space was extremely large and capable of keeping a lot of things.

Qi Yao Yan spoke, “I met uncle Tian earlier, he said that a few strangers came and we should be cautious.”

Wan Dao spoke, “Don’t worry, strangers…… Are they practitioners? What’s their strength?”

Qi Yao Yan spoke, “Most likely, or uncle Tian wouldn’t have warned me……or let me inform you, we should keep a watch on them.”

Wan Dao asked, “How many?”

Qi Yao Yan replied, “Seven, we spotted another three a while later, they should be a group.”

Wan Dao asked, “Can you tell their strength?”

Qi Yan Yao spoke, “A few hundred Lun masters and thousand Lun masters, but uncle Tian said that one of them has a strength he couldn’t see, that person is obviously the leader.”

Instantly, Wan Dao’s face became dark. One must know that uncle Tian was a million Lun master, what this meant was that man was at least a Milun master, like him. This made him rather worried, these people could be aiming to take his territory, which would result in a fight, and whether he lost or won, he would suffer.

After a while, Wan Dao spoke, “Watch then and instruct our men to not fight unless forced to.”

Qi Yao Yan replied, “Yes, I know.”

Wan Dao spoke, “En, right, is there any symbol on them?”

Only then did Qi Yao Yan remember an important thing, he slapped his head as he spoke, “Ai, I forgot one thing, these people are very weird, they all wore masks.”

XinFeng straightened his back as he glanced at Tanda, slight anger appearing in both of their eyes. Those people had actually chased them all the way here, those tenacious Fake Masked men. XinFeng asked, “What kind of masks?”

Qi Yao Yan roughly described the shape of the masks as XinFeng nodded, these were really the Fake Masked men, but the only thing he wasn’t sure of was if these people were here for him.

Qi Yao Yan spoke, “Other than these masked fellows, there’s also a few strangers, they don’t look like merchants, they’re people we’ve never seen people, there’s hundreds of them coming our way.”

At this point, a disciple of Wan Dao came over, “These strangers entered the city, they’re all wearing masks, master, they’re very tyrannical and are heading to our house……”

Wan Dao’s face changed, “Could they be here for us? Strange, we haven’t offended such people……”

XinFeng did not speak, he knew these people would definitely go to the land owner of a small city, he would take action then. Since these people were not willing to let him go, then he had no reason to let them go as well.

Tanda and XinFeng exchanged glances, Tanda knew what XinFeng was thinking while Wu Zhen was lost. But since both Tanda and XinFeng were here, he did not need to worry much, he just needed to follow them.

Wan Dao could not sit around anymore and stood up, “Senior, I’ll go out and see, please forgive me for not being able to accompany senior tonight.” he was extremely worried, knowing that these masked men were dangerous.

XinFeng nodded, “En, you go help.”

Once Wan Dao left, Tanda could not help but speak, “Are they looking for Hugo or looking for us?”

XinFeng spoke, “No matter who they’re looking for, I think……if they see us, it’ll not be peaceful at all, let’s prepare to fight.”

Wu Zhen spoke carefully, “How about……avoiding them?”

XinFeng shook his head, “Impossible.”

Wu Zhen did not understand, “Why can’t we? If we’re careful, avoiding them should be easy.”

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