God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 5

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Book 7 Chapter 5: Local Land Owner

Large wooden plates of rice, a plate of steamed fish and a plate of boiled vegetables were brought out, all cooked with less oil and salt. Tasting it, the bland vegetables without a hint of oil were disappointing to XinFeng. He asked, “These are all the specialties? Isn’t there meat? ”

The boss laughed, “There isn’t, there were a few wild ducks earlier but they were bought by a customer, hehe.”

XinFeng shook his head as he took out a bag made of Thousand Leaf containing the prepared bull meat he collected last time, he spoke, “Cut it and put it on a plate.” the Thousand leaf came from a plant whose leaves were as large as a table, after cooking and drying, it was a useful material for storing things, a material every household used in the Tiger Cliff Castle.

This bull meat was a specialty of Tiger Cliff Castle, the meat was tender and nutritious. Ever since he left Tiger Cliff, the reserve of meat had been exhausted by a lot, he had been eating very sparingly, eating it only when there was nothing else to eat.

And in only a little while, the boss took out a large wooden plate filled with the oily, juicy bull meat. Upon cutting it open, red meat could be seen as a thick fragrance wafted out thanks to the marinade, causing the boss’s throat to swallow nonstop, it was obvious to see that he was salivating.

Both Tanda and Wu Zhen had never eaten this bull meat, smelling the fragrance, they both couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. Tanda spoke, “What meat is this? How does it smell so good? ”

XinFeng spoke, “Bull meat, the specialty of my homeland, a pity I don’t have much, it’s just that the dishes here are too bland……”

Tasting a mouthful of bull meat, Wu Zhen could not help but praise loudly, “Delicious! En……delicious……”

Tanda also ate a mouthful, causing his eyes to go big, “Ai, it’s really delicious……”

“What smells so good?”

XinFeng turned over, this sentence had come from outside, he immediately noticed a few people walking in, and he immediately understood that these people were practitioners just from the way they dressed. They wore silk clothes, scale boots, black leather belts and had all kinds of little ornaments on their body, all of them carrying a confident look as well.

A young man with only one arm sniffled like a little dog as he walked into the store following the fragrance, his mouth muttering, “What’s that nice smell……”

Entering the small shop, that man immediately noticed the bull meat on the table as his eyes gave off light, he immediately understood that the smell had come from the plate of meat. He spoke loudly, “Wei, get someone panting here……”

(No idea what he means…)

XinFeng furrowed his brows, this person is too crazy, what did he mean by getting someone who can pant? Tanda looked on with a smile while Wu Zhen continued to stuff himself, this was too delicious, yet it was too tormenting, it kept him eating nonstop, causing him to only focus on eating this delicious bull meat which was marinated to the point of perfection.

The boss ran out again, and noticing these few people, his face became pale.

“Master, three masters, please, please…..please sit……”

Another man spoke, “Come, come, let’s go……right, give us a plate……of that, that meat.” He pointed to the bull meat plate on XinFeng’s table.

The boss was on the verge of crying, how could he even find bull meat? It wasn’t a product of this place. He spoke, “Mas, master, this, this was brought here by the guest himself……not a dish we sell here.” he looked at the three of them with fear.

That man waved his sleeve, and with a ‘PA’ sound, the owner was sent a few steps back as a red mark appeared on his face, he spoke, “I do not care, give me a few plates of that meat or I’ll tear down your shop!”

That thick fragrance had caused that fellow to become unreasonable.

XinFeng had slowly understood this world and knew that practitioners were extremely unreasonable in this world, once they wanted something, they would do anything to get it unless the opponent was stronger than them.

The owner finally cried, this was too unfair and spontaneous, someone bringing their own food to his store had brought disaster to him. He didn’t know what to do, and from what he saw, XinFeng and the two others were not pushovers either. He could only cry. That one armed man was the local Land owner, irking him would mean the end of his small shop.

Wu Zhen rose his head and spoke with surprise, “What’s he crying about?” he had been too occupied with the food and completely missed the events that happened in the store.

Tanda could not help but shake his head, “Someone wants to eat meat, hehe, and forced the owner to get some or he’ll take down his shop.” His voice was not too loud, but loud enough for the people in the store to hear.

Wu Zhen spoke, “How tyrannical……impressive, impressive!” he was full of sarcasm since he was also a land owner at his village, yet he had never bullied someone so unreasonably. He found this situation irking.

That man came over and borrowed this chance to start a conversation, “Friend, where are you from?”

Hugging his arms, XinFeng looked at them coldly as he laughed in his heart, this fellow had used such a method for food. Tanda did not speak either and simply stared at him. Wu Zhen who was reaching for another piece of food spoke, “We’re passing by.”

That man observed the three of them, noticing how they were not to be irked, these three men were all wearing extravagant clothing, and just their aura was unordinary. He was sure that they were practitioners, yet he couldn’t see their cultivation, this made him wary, irking these fellows in exchange for food was not worth it.

The two men next to him were obviously just followers, XinFeng easily saw their cultivation. The one armed man was a hundred Lun master while the other two were barely considered little Lun masters, they had just cultivated enough to be considered as practitioners and were barely stronger than mortals.

The owner shed tears and leaked mucus, he was too terrified.

That man was used to bring tyrannical. He spoke rudely, “Passing by……hey hey, you guys brought this meat?”

Wu Zhen spoke, “Eating meat……it should not bother you guys, should it?” he said innocently.

Thinking for a bit, he spoke, “Of course not, hehe, what meat is it? Why is it so fragrant?” he swallowed a mouthful of saliva, “Can I have some? I’ll pay.” he looked at Wu Zhen, hunger appearing in his eyes. He dared not to act as overbearingly as he did to the owner.

Wu Zhen looked at him with ridicule, “This bit of meat is not enough for even the three of us, and it’s not like we’re lacking in money, why should we give it to you?”

That man stood up, but before he could say anything, Wu Zhen continued, “What is it? You want to fight?” This was his rare chance to show off, he did not want to miss it at all.

XinFeng looked at that man with a smile, it was a pale going man with an eagle hook nose, giving a dark impression, yet he had a pair of peach eyes that neutralized that aura, he had a strange face. Though he was provoked by Wu Zhen, he quickly recovered. He spoke, “Hehe, I’m not looking to fight, just looking to buy some of your meat, no need to be so tense.”

Wu Zhen had a slightly flushed face, “Not selling!”

XinFeng laughed, “Forget it, let’s eat together, it’s not that precious.” he wanted to understand the situation, and since the other party wanted it so much, then he’ll just feed him, it was just a bit of meat.

That man was rather surprised as he looked at XinFeng and spoke, “Qi Yao Yan, hundred Lun master!”

XinFeng spoke, “Lei Xin Feng.” he did not report his cultivation, to him, it wasn’t worth it to report to a mere hundred Lun master.

Tanda also spoke lazily, “Tanda.”

Only Wu Zhen was excited, “Wu Zhen, thousand Lun master!”

Qi Yao Yan was shocked, though a thousand Lun master was nothing, just a bit stronger than him, but he knew that Wu Zhen was not the leader of these three, and that meant that the other two were definitely stronger than Wu Zhen. He thought in his heart, “Could they be million Lun masters? But they’re nothing to fear, this town is taken care of by a Milun master.” he encouraged himself.

He spoke, “A pleasure, a pleasure. Hehe, thanks.”

Wasting so much effort just for meat, even Qi Yao Yan found it funny, for some meat, he was indeed rather unreasonable. He brought his two men to XinFeng’s table as he looked hungrily at the bull meat on the table, he asked, “What meat is this? I’ve never seen it before.”

XinFeng spoke, “Bull meat, a specialty of the Barbarian Gathering Continent.”

Qi Yao Yan was shocked the Barbarian Gathering Continent was extremely far away and he had only heard about it, he didn’t expect to meet a practitioner who had come from that place, was there a need to travel so far? He spoke, “For real?” he spoke as he grabbed a piece of bull meat, placing it into his mouth.

The fragrant meat exploded into a mass of flavors in his mouth, it was delicious to the point where Qi Yao Yan’s eyes widened as he could not help but praise, “Woah, delicious……good……”

Tanda and Wu Zhen both ate as well while the two people Qi Yao Yan brought along hesitated as they watched, their statuses were too low. XinFeng laughed, “You two try as well, or it’ll be gone soon.”

The two of them who were next to Qi Yao Yan both reached for the bull meat immediately, though they were unsightly, XinFeng did not mind.

This chapter had me go make food. Author, you cruel man.

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