God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 4

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Book 7 Chapter 4: Wansee Continent (2)

Where Lun spots were abundant, there were passages specially designed for easy transport of goods. Even mortals could use them, but opening the Lun spot must be left to practitioners, at least a Milun master. These passages were limited to only go one place, and that place had to be within eight hundred kilometers. Using the crystals that were similar to Lun rings or even using Lun rings themselves could open it, of course Lun rings were harder to obtain, but these crystals were something even XinFeng could make.

The single horned water cows pulled the carriages one by one through the large door, disappearing into it.

Tanda and Wu Zhen saw it for the first time as well, their mouths were open as they stared dumbly, after a while, Wu Zhen spoke, “That’s too convenient! We don’t have that back there!”

XinFeng spoke, “Our place……it’s too isolated, the Lun spots there are rarely used, there’s no point in opening this type of……en, commercial passage, I can be sure that in ancient times, the Wansee continent was very prosperous.”

Tanda nodded, “The merchants there use boats, furthermore, they don’t move around much, a few hundred kilometers is considered impressive, unlike this place.”

XinFeng knew about the benefits of transportation, he spoke, “Alright, let’s go, ai, we were all shocked just now, we should go hear about it.”

Tanda spoke, “No need for that, we can just go along……the road those people came from, hehe, I believe it’ll lead us to a densely populated area. Even it isn’t a large city, it should have a town.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, let’s go that way.” they could only pick a direction and walk. Though they were at a Lun spot, it was rather desolate. Not all merchants could use Lun spots, and to be able to sell goods through ancient Lun passages were things only large merchant groups could do.”

The three of them followed the road the carriages passed through.

After half a day, the three of them noticed farmlands long the road, split apart randomly without a complete field, most of which were made of water. As XinFeng guessed/hoped, it was all full of rice. The fields were protected with a fence, perhaps because of the wild life, who pilfered their harvest.

They could see the small village in the woods from afar, they could see pillars and pillars of smoke rising, and on their way there, XinFeng was full of praise, this was like a painting, the scenery from the road was extremely beautiful.

They rarely met anyone along the road, only after walking for ten minutes could they see a few mortals busying away in their fields, only three were spotted. Even though this place had a packed population, the people they actually saw were too really too scarce.

Slowly, the road became better, made of cobbled stones, it was better than dirt.

The amount of people on the road also increased, most of which were farmers carrying baskets. XinFeng noticed that the baskets were filled with mostly farm produce, these people were probably going to the town to sell their products.

XinFeng laughed, “There’s definitely a town in front, if we’re lucky, it may also be a city.”

Tanda laughed, “Definitely so, hehe, with so many people carrying things, not having a town there would be strange thing.”

Of course, as they followed the large road around a forest, they saw the black rooftops, as there was an area of shorter trees, the rooftops were like small boats in a green sea.

Wu Zhen was excited, “It’s a large city!”

Tanda shook his head, “It shouldn’t be……” He was a bit more experienced than Wu Zhen, he had heard about what large cities were like, and from what he saw, these houses were not enough to prove that this was a large city.

XinFeng laughed, “This is a town, it won’t be that big……at most three streets.” according to his knowledge, a small town had one street, a middle sized town had two to three and a large one would have five or seven. Small cities would have at least ten streets, and large cities had a hundred and above streets, without that amount, it was impossible to create the atmosphere of a large city.

(l3lacksheep: Why can you explain the levels of cities so much easier than the cultivation levels author?)

Wu Zhen was shocked, “This is just a small town? Then large cities……how big must it be? ”

Tanda spoke, “On this trip, you’ll definitely get to see one.”

These two were the stereotypical country folk who had never seen that much of the world, living in the water villages of the isolated parts of the Wansee continent. A gathering spot on the water had at most a thousand people, and seeing such a large town was shocking to them.

According to XinFeng’s calculation, this town only had at most two thousand men, to him, this was a very simple small town.

The people of this world dressed very similarly, they simply dressed to cover and warm themselves. Of course, silk was considered too precious to them other than practitioners, the silk from this world definitely had differences with the silk from XinFeng’s past world. The silks here had more variety, other than silk from silk worms, they had silk from spiders. Spider silk was more firm, the colors were more vibrant, but the production was less.

For mortals, only a small amount of them could wear silk, its price was not something mortals could afford. Normally, they wore cloth or hemp clothes and one type of material that came from tree skins, as the color was mostly grey, black or dark blue, it had a dull tone. Therefore along the road, only practitioners wore beautiful clothing, they were very easily recognized.

Therefore, when XinFeng and the two of them entered the city, they were very easily noticeable because they wore silk clothing.

Almost all the mortals that saw the three of them revealed a respectful expression as the lowered their heads and moved to the side, not daring to go close.

XinFeng laughed, “We’re like beasts entering the city, hehe, they’re all avoiding us.”

Wu Zhen did not really understand, “They’re afraid of us!” though mortals were also very respectful in the water village, because of the small population, they were all very familiar with each other and interactions between them were not a problem. There wasn’t a barrier between them, yet in this place, it was as if an invisible wall was present, separating practitioners and mortals.

XinFeng spoke, “Rubbish, you’re a practitioner, a thousand Lun master that could kill them like chickens, if they’re not afraid of you, who would they be afraid of?”

Wu Zhen shook his head, “I won’t kill them without reason, there’s no need for them to be so scared.”

XinFeng spoke, “You won’t kill them without reason but that doesn’t mean that other practitioners won’t, with those people amongst us, it’s impossible for mortals to not be scared. It’s just like that time……we met with a town killed almost clean by practitioners, what could they do then?”

Tanda spoke, “Therefore, mortals rely on practitioners……hehe, this place must be in an area of influence of a sect. Practitioners from the outside won’t dare to kill randomly to prevent offending the sect protecting this place.”

XinFeng nodded, “I think so too, without practitioners protecting this place, they would just be like a fat sheep.”

Wu Zhen did not understand, “What fat sheep? What’s a fat sheep? ”

There are sheep in this world, just not in water villages.

Tanda knew what it was, “A very peaceful animal with delicious meat.”

Wu Zhen instantly understood what it was, it was delicious! Those fat sheep would be slain and killed for food. He spoke, “En, I understand, but very rare there is towns like this, even the towns at our place have practitioners stationed there, I’ve never seen a place without any practitioners.”

XinFeng could be said to have some experience at this point in his cultivation and understood that, in this world, practitioners were the minority, but they were spread throughout the world, seen in every corner, the land owners were mostly all practitioners, even if they lost their territory, if they could still find another place where people lived, they could live comfortably.

Wu Zhen spoke, “I’m hungry, there seems to be a restaurant in front.”

XinFeng nodded, “Let’s go look, I’m hungry too.”

Tanda spoke, “I don’t know what’s good to eat, I hope there’s some specialties.” to be able to try all kinds of specialties was the joy of practitioners, this world was where practitioners could travel and experience a great multitude of things, experiences they could show off. And as every practitioner had a great appetite, they ate much more than mortals.

This was a small restaurant on a street, a reed shelter covering three long tables outside of it. Inside it was much better, with two square tables and circular chairs. Outside, there were three farmers eating under the reed shelter, while the two tables inside were empty.

XinFeng and the three of them walked in openly as Wu Zhen spoke, “Serve us! ” giving off the feel of an old master, it was just that there wasn’t a servant next to him, and a pity that this old master had to speak as a servant now.

As there were many practitioners around, the shop owner wasn’t scared, running over, he nodded with a bent waist, “Three masters, what instructions do you have?”

Wu Zhen spoke, “Bring all your specialties, this master, I, am hungry.”

XinFeng could not help but laugh, Tanda had started calling himself “master” by himself, a pity that he was a bit weak in terms of influence, but the restaurant boss didn’t mind and replied promptly, “Please sit, please sit, I’ll cook myself, hehe, I can’t guarantee if master will be satisfied but it will definitely be the best dish in our small shop.”

Wu Zhen added, “Give us a large portion.”

This was also a trait of practitioners, something the boss knew clearly, “I understand, hehe, please sit, I’ll come back soon!”

l3lacksheep: All this talk about sheep is disturbing me……. I really don’t like this chapter.

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