God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 3

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Book 7 Chapter 3: Wansee Continent

A total of three lightning balls as well as a lightning bolt were summoned, the lightning bolt arriving before the lightning balls. The fastest attacks of practitioners belonged firstly to the light element, and secondly the lightning element. As long as one was targeted by these two attributes, almost no one could dodge, they could only defend.

The two masked men did not have enough time to dodge, they were too careless, they believed that the two of them were strong enough to suppress the enemy, but they didn’t expect the enemy to attack first.

XinFeng had aimed the lightning bolt at the red masked man, the true master with his third True Ring body, while his three lighting balls were aimed at the black masked man. The lightning balls were much stronger, XinFeng had aimed to immediately eliminate the second True Ring bodied master, he didn’t wish for the two of them to attack him together.

The red masked man could not dodge, being attacked by a lightning bolt it was no wonder he couldn’t dodge. Even if he had completely focused all his attention on dodging it would still be impossible to avoid an attack from a lightning attributed practitioner. A layer of gold light instantly appeared on his body, he could only block, counterattacking was impossible.

With a “pipa” sound, the horrified red masked man found out that his defense was actually useless, and before he could react, he was blown away by the bucket thick lightning bolt.

The black masked man was even more pitiful, a total of three lightning balls were aimed at him.

The first ball had destroyed the black masked man’s defense, attacking the extremely weak flesh body, and with a few shudders, the last lightning ball killed him.

XinFeng’s two attacks had caused a third ringed true master to retreat and the death of a second ringed true master. This was completely out of the calculations of the enemy, the boats were extremely chaotic. This was too scary, with the show of power from the other side, no one dared to be rash.

The red masked man stared as the black masked man was turned to ash, his pupils constricting as he spoke in surprise, “Great True Lun Yin master! ” a true master with his fourth ring body, he was definitely not a match for him. He hadn’t expected that there was someone of that caliber here, it was unimaginable.

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XinFeng was not merciful at all, after killing one, he immediately turned to the red masked man.

The red masked man shouted, “I’ll fight you!”

XinFeng readied himself to attack, prepared to destroy the masked man’s defense. After that the man screamed, turned and ran to the boat with one leap, his figure moving nonstop as he went to the further boat, shouting, “Leave this place……hurry the fuck up!”

The men on the first boat were still stunned when the second boat already left towards the middle of the lake.

XinFeng laughed bitterly, he didn’t expect that fellow to lie. Not interested in chasing, he stood on the pier as he could not help but say, “What the? He actually ran? ”

No one dared to irk XinFeng, the three boats left unhesitantly. XinFeng wasn’t regretful either, since the enemy had chosen to leave, he, who did not lose anything, had no reason to chase. It was not that he had an irreconcilable issue with that Masked Men.

Tanda came out form hiding with Wu Zhen. XinFeng spoke, “Forget it. Tanda, let’s go.”

Wu Zhen asked, “We’re not going in?”

XinFeng replied, “No need to, even if we go in, we may not be able to find him……and if we go, we might have to fight again, it’s not worth it.”

Tanda understood, this mission was a failure, he couldn’t get anything from it. It was quite depressing. He spoke, “Alright, let’s leave this place! Damn it!” he could not help but curse once.

XinFeng turned and went towards the street that lead to the town’s exit.

The three of them set out on the journey rather depressed. XinFeng thought that even if he couldn’t find that person, continuing to involve themselves in that feud was pointless. He was here to find someone, not kill, yet he had wasted half a day. He spoke, “Tanda, is there any sects or organizations of influence here?”

Tanda replied, “Nothing much.”

XinFeng spoke, “Then where can I find larger sects?”

Tanda replied, “That isn’t a problem, with the Lun spots and Ancient Lun passage……I heard that the center of the Wansee continent has quite a few sects.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, I’ll go myself this time, En, I’ll bring you guys to the Lun spot and send you back, then I’ll leave.”

Tanda hesitated for a bit before speaking, “I’ll come with you……hehe, the two of us can make decisions together.”

Wu Zhen hurriedly spoke as well, “I’ll come along, the two of you are seniors, I’ll be useful as an errand boy. Though I can’t do anything big, you can leave the small things to me.” he was extremely humble, to be able to be with two true masters were not very beneficial, but certainly not bad either.

XinFeng thought for a moment before speaking, “That’s fine as well, then let’s go together.”

Tanda and Wu Zhen were both elated, XinFeng knew their thoughts, if they went with him, they would become familiar with time, in both of the worlds he lived in, familiarity and unfamiliarity meant a lot of differences. Though, he did not reject their motives, this world was about your influence.

The three of them quickly came to the Lun spot, and through the ancient Lun passage, they went to the central area of the Wansee continent.

The center of the Wansee Continent was basically land filled with many rivers and lakes. It gathered countless mortals and practitioners, causing sects to form.

It had a large amount of ancient Lun passages and the land had an estimated area of twenty million square meters.

The population reached a billion, though it seemed rather lacking in comparison to the area, every square meter would have five people if evenly spread, the central area was filled with people. The large sects were gathered where people were abundant, after all even practitioners needed to eat, yet they wouldn’t lower their status make food themselves.

Through a few lun spots, XinFeng came to the Wansee continent’s central area, where most of the people gathered.

The aforementioned populated areas in the Wansee continent’s central region amounted to roughly a dozen, these were areas where the most nutritious soil was, where the mining was prosperous. There were many people at those areas, causing large cities to form in many places, there were also countless small cities.

Once XinFeng took his first step on this land he immediately fell in love with this place. A beautiful place where grass grew, birds flew, and trees were abundant. It was quite similar to Jiang Nan, it was actually even better. The skies here were bluer and the water and air was cleaner. He spoke, “What a great place! A great place!”

He had spent most of his life in this world in Tiger Cliff Castle and had difficulty getting accustomed to that place, especially the winters there were terrible, only when he started cultivating did it become easier. How could that place compare to this?

This was also Tanda’s first time coming here. He spoke, “It’s indeed a good place, my old sect in the past only had a small piece of land, but that small piece of land were enough to invite attacks. This place’s land is boundless, a pity……we couldn’t come last time.”

Without obtaining one’s fourth True Ring body, one could not open the Lun spots and use the Ancient Lun Passage, it was therefore impossible to travel long distances. In such a large world, it was impossible to go far, especially through dangerous lands like Tiger Cliff Castle. The areas XinFeng could go were limited to a hundred kilometers.

A sect powerful enough to be so large must definitely have a fourth ringed true master to open Lun spots and travel to far places, this was why travelling was limited in this world, the only ones capable of moving far being all the fourth ringed true masters and above. Thankfully, the language was roughly the same as well as the culture, one could tell just from the practitioners and the area of influences.

It was obvious that this Lun spot was regularly used, upon leaving they were met with eight roads all connecting here, and choosing the largest road with the width of ten meters filled with marks of carriages and animals, XinFeng lead them.

Wu Zhen spoke curiously, “This……unbelievable, to have so many marks, new and old, isn’t……only fourth ringed true masters can use Lun spots?”

XinFeng shook his head, “I don’t know either……”

Tanda spoke, “A group is coming!”

XinFeng spoke, “Let’s retreat to one side and see how they use the Lun spot.”

Soon after, the group with a carriage came by XinFeng, it was a carriage lead by ten cows, their speed rather fast, quickly going past the road the three of them were on, stopping in front of the Lun spot.

XinFeng then noticed that the cows here were different from the ones from his homeland, the carriage was very strange too. The cows here actually had fish scales and only one horn. Their bodies were very wide. Seeing XinFeng staring at the bulls, Tanda knew that he had never seen them before.

Tanda laughed, “That’s the scaled water cows, or also referred to as the single horn water cows, they can pull carriages through water, the most common form of transportation here.”

XinFeng nodded, this world was full of strange creatures, and he treated them with calmness instead of shock. The carriage the single horned water cows pulled was also very special, it had the shape of a boat, yet at the same time, it also had two large wheels, it was made to travel river infested lands.

A man jumped down from the carriage and walked up to the Lun spot, with the flip of his hand, two jewel like items were deposited into the grooves where Lunli entered, and a bright light appeared, quickly forming into a large glowing entrance.

Suddenly remembering the records in the Star Python Records, he immediately understood.  He had read about this before, but he didn’t care much and had forgotten about it.

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