God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 2

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Book 7 Chapter 2: Mysterious Organization (2)

At that moment, the black masked old man who laid at their feet slowly woke up, and moving his body, he suddenly tried to jump up but was stepped on by XinFeng. With a pitiful cry and a ‘Kacha’ sound, his leg was broken as a spear appeared in XinFeng’s hands, piercing through his arm. At that point, XinFeng didn’t care much and chose to destroy the old man’s ability to resist.

Two more stabs and the old man stopped resisting, with his leg broken and his arms pierced, even a true master would lose the ability to fight. He laid on the floor and raised his head with difficulty, “You, you……who are you? ” he didn’t even know who had beaten him, but he deserved it, since he was aiming to kill everything here, human and animal alike.

XinFeng laughed coldly, “You still know to ask me who I am? You fucker……why didn’t you ask when we met?”

That man revealed a hopeless expression, and suddenly, he noticed something wrong. He spoke, “You, you, you took off my mask! Ah…….”

XinFeng was shocked, “What’s with that ghost wailing? Do you want to die?!”

That man spoke with despair, “You, kill me!”

XinFeng became curious, “Why? Just because I took off your mask?”

That man had a bitter expression, “Just kill me, actually……you’re doomed too, you’re definitely doomed!”

XinFeng spoke, “Who are you guys? Just say it, since you don’t even want to live anymore, just tell me.” he had an expression of a good and noble man.

That man was full of hate, he of course could tell the ridicule in XinFeng’s tone. He spoke hatefully, “I didn’t speak wrongly, you’re doomed!”

XinFeng laughed, “So are you.”

That man spoke, “Even if you don’t kill me, I’ll definitely still die, so……I don’t care anymore.” he revealed a faint dark smile as he continued, “Do you want to know who I am? Haha, I’ll tell you……we are……the masked men!” he thought that XinFeng would be scared half to death hearing this, but what made him angry was that XinFeng did not even have much of a reaction, much less terrified.

XinFeng found it funny, “Why would I be scared?” he never even heard of The Fake Masked Men, or even the sects of the Wansee continent, how was he to know to even get scared?

That man’s face turned red in anger as he scolded, “Where did you appear from you ignorant bastard, to dare to kill us?”

Coldness flashed in XinFeng’s eyes as he pierced the uninjured leg of that man, cutting through it as he spoke, “Who are you calling a bastard?”


That spear had not only pierced through his flesh, but his bones as well. That pain had caused him to tremble uncontrollably as he cursed in his heart, not daring to speak up again, only daring to say, “Stop, stop……wu Wu, ah……o……it hurts!”

XinFeng knew these type of injures only took ten days to recover from with medical help, it wasn’t fatal at all, allowing him to bully him as much as he wished. Pulling out the spear, he spoke indifferently, “How many of you came this week? How many of you are true masters and do any of them have more than four True Ring bodies?”

On that man’s face was a mocking smile, “I’m going to die anyways, do you think I’ll tell you? Haha, keke……keke……” blood leaked from the corners of his mouth.

Staring at the boats coming his way, a slightly annoyed expression appeared on his face as he nodded, “Oh? Since you’re going to die? I’ll have you feel like you’re dead…..” he said as his spear stabbed him repeatedly, “I’m not really good at torturing, so……maybe you’ll manage.”

The sharp spear left holes on the man’s body, most of which going through his bones.

That man was instantly thrown into a sea of pain, he really wanted to hold on but he couldn’t take it anymore and spoke, “I’ll tell you, I……keke, keke……I’m speaking! ” he did not have a choice, it was too torturous, he would rather die than suffer this, but he couldn’t even kill himself.

XinFeng spoke indifferently, “I’m listening, speak!”

“How many people came……I, I’m not very sure, keke, what I know is that there’s about……a thousand or so people if there’s more, I, I don’t know about it……true master experts, I know there’s……theres six of them……six. Three of them have their first True Ring body, two have their second and one have his third, I don’t know about the others……ke, keke……as for if there’s a Great True Lun Yin master here……I, don’t know! ”

XinFeng spoke coldly, “What a joke, six people with the strongest only with his third True Ring body dares to ruin the house of an expert with his fourth True Ring body? Are you all brain dead? Or are you speaking rubbish?” he was silently shocked, if they had an expert with his four True Ring body then winning would be possible.

That man spoke, “I really don’t know……just kill me, let me have a quick death, don’t torture me……I’ve already said what I know!” he coughed again, his face deathly pale.

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, I’ll fulfill your wish.” he said as he pierced through that man’s heart, slight worry appearing in his heart after seeing that man’s relieved expression.

Tanda returned, “I took care of it, what about these captives?”

XinFeng spoke, “Kill them, once they’ve been rescued, they’ll attack us.”

Tanda nodded as a machete as long as a meter appeared in his hands with the flick of his wrist, he quickly killed all the captives present and spoke, “They’re here!”

The two large boats gradually got closer, in the front of the boats were large groups of people. Squinting his eyes, XinFeng looked at the boat, and within a few seconds, he knew enough. He spoke, “One third True Ring body, two second True Ring body, hehe, the rest are normal practitioners. Tanda, you retreat first with Wu Zhen, I’ll try and kill one, if I’m occupied, the rest will come for you two.”

Tanda was shocked, the him now was not enough to block attacks from the two second True Ring bodied experts. He spoke, “Alright, come here, Wu Zhen.” Wu Zhen had come out after Tanda killed that group of people. Running to Tanda’s side, he spoke, “There’s too many people, what do we do?”

XinFeng spoke, “Just follow Tanda, he’ll protect you.” he was slightly regretful, he shouldn’t have brought Wu Zhen here, but how could he have known that not only would they not find the person they were looking for, they would also meet with such killers? It wasn’t that XinFeng couldn’t stay out of it, it was just too angering for him to do so.

Wu Zhen knew he was a burden, but it was impossible for him to leave, he could only hold on tenaciously. He spoke, “Alright, I’ll be careful.”

Tanda lead Wu Zhen into the small town to hide temporarily, he believed that the two experts would not chase them, with XinFeng’s strength, the two of them had hope of surviving.

XinFeng blocked the pier, silently waiting for the opponent’s boat, he did not wish to fight on water, it would be too disrupting.

The two large boats very quickly neared the pier, only a few meters away before the two experts leaped and flew to the pier, causing XinFeng to retreat ten meters. He chose to not attack now, but be careful instead. If the opponent had an expert with his fourth True Ring body, he wouldn’t even consider fighting, it as just like suicide. But if they didn’t, then he would definitely fight.

The two of them wore masks as well, one black and one red. The black masked fellow was just like the fellow he had just killed, he had his second True Ring body as well. XinFeng now understood a bit, the color represented one’s strength.

Blood painted the pier, it will filled with corpses. The two of them stepped on the pier and immediately noticed the dead old man, as next to him was a black mask. The two of them exchanged a glance, revealing a shocked expression. A Great True Milun master had been killed. A shocking thought. In an organization, a Great True Milun master was definitely an important figure, their death would definitely be a blow to the organization.

Any organization would greatly value any true master experts, and killing one meant big trouble. Of course, XinFeng didn’t really care whether one was a true master, as long as they irked him, then he couldn’t care less.

The red masked man spoke, “You killed him?” his voice was filled with coldness and poison, he was like a snake.

XinFeng spoke, “Who are you?”

The red masked man spoke, “It’s not important who I am, the important thing is……did you kill him?”

XinFeng did not know why but he was suddenly angry, “He was courting death, that’s right, I killed him, so what?”

The masked man nodded, “Alright! You’ll go to hell with him! “he turned his head, “Together? Let’s kill him together! ”

The black masked man spoke, “Blame your bad luck, to dare to kill our men, we’ll kill you together!” the two men didn’t really care, even if the opponent was a true master with three True Ring bodies they believed that they could kill him. It was just that they didn’t notice that the opponent was much stronger. Something XinFeng did on purpose, he had made himself give off the strength of having a second to third True Ring body.

XinFeng chose to attack first without waiting for the two of them, the strong would attack first and the weak would defend, a logic XinFeng understood. Even if they were stronger, attacking first brought a lot of benefits, he wouldn’t stupidly wait for the enemy to attack him.

XinFeng did not use his steel spear, that thing was only useful against low leveled practitioners, but useless against true masters. He directly chose to attack with a lightning ball, aiming at the black masked man, that Great True Milun master. To him, he was easier to kill.

In an instant, goosebumps appeared on both the red and black masked men as they felt immensely threatened, the red masked man shouted, “Careful!”

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