God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 13

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Book 7 Chapter 13: The Search for A Silan

With his cry, seven to eight men pounced at him.

With a laugh, XinFeng spoke, “Good!” and releasing the man he held, he stood up in invitation.

Using both of his hands, XinFeng grabbed the hair of the two fastest men, and using force, he smashed the two of their heads together. Bang! The two of them went limp immediately as they grabbed their heads and laid on the ground in pain.

His hands and feet whirled around like a mad man, hitting in every direction, and with a cacophony of ‘pala’ sounds, there were a dozen men laid on the ground. No one could block one of his attacks, and XinFeng had been very heavy with his attacks, with just one hit, these people lost their ability to retaliate.

In the group, a seemingly intelligent man shouted, “Don’t get into close contact with him, use long distance attacks!”

Instantly, countless attacks of all kinds of attributes were fired and descended like rain. With a cold laugh and a flicker of his shadow, an electrical light appeared on XinFeng’s body as the attacks landed on him with ‘Hong Hong’ sounds.

The piercing light disappeared, quickly revealing XinFeng, who was standing there with a face full of indifference. Staring at the crowd, he suddenly laughed, “I’ll reciprocate your gifts, haha! Eat this!”

A lightning bolt flew out and the skies were immediately filled with an electrical charge, causing everyone to fall to the floor in seizures, only Feng Ying and Shi Hu had a nonchalant look on their face as electrical charges danced on their body. Feng Ying even spoke sarcastically, “Wu, this…….you hit us.”

Shi Hu added, “That’s right, is it because we didn’t help you?”

XinFeng snorted, “It’s not like you two are afraid of my attacks, I can’t be bothered to control it, that’s not satisfying at all.”

Shi Hu folded his arms, “Hehe, up to you, up to you……”

The group of men laid on the floor trembling, scaring the practitioners that came out after, it was evident that XinFeng was definitely a true master. Immediately, someone ran to report as the other people surrounded him, keeping a safe distance between them.

There was only three men standing on the ground that was strewn with practitioners, it looked extremely shocking.

XinFeng spoke, “I did not want it to be this way, fist fights are better, why did they have to make it boring?!”

Even after the trembling subsided, no one dared to stand up from the ground, if they still didn’t understand that this person was a true master after that beating, then they would be idiots. Without a doubt, anyone who could defeat so many people and their defenses was not a Milun master. Someone could not help but curse, “Tan Lao Xian, you doomed us, why did you offend……a senior……”

Tan Lao Xian was the man XinFeng had beat up first, that fellow cried without tears, it wasn’t that he could just tell everyone that he had insulted XinFeng after he asked for directions, not just XinFeng, anyone would want to fight if it were them in that situation. He had thought that XinFeng was a Milun master like him, not a true master, because of the white plate at his waist.

XinFeng squatted down and dragged Tan Lao Xian to him, “You’re called Tan Lao Xian?”

Tan Lao Xian was on the verge of crying, he had a face full of blood yet XinFeng had a warm and gentle expression, “I’m just asking for directions, I don’t understand why you would scold me, so harshly at that, do we have some sort of vengeance between us?”

The man next to him could not help but curse, being scolded for asking for directions? Was Tan Lao Xian crazy?

Tan Lao Xian revealed a smiling expression that was uglier than a crying one as he stuttered, “Senior……se-senior, yes, yes, I’m……I’m blind……senior……”

XinFeng asked, “Do I have some sort of enmity with you?”

Tan Lao Xian replied, “No, no……”

XinFeng asked again, “Then, why did you scold me?”

Though this world prioritized strength, when it came to reason, that man’s anger was justified. To bully people like so was XinFeng’s hobby, he liked forcing people he beat to apologize.

Tan Lao Xian spoke, “Senior, senior……so-sorry!” he apologized after all. It wasn’t that he could not apologize, he was at fault for scolding XinFeng so harshly in the beginning as well.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu could not help but laugh, Feng Ying even added softly, “Little owner is too evil, hey hey.”

Shi Hu, “That just makes it fun.”

The two of them suddenly looked up and saw a group of men running towards them extremely quickly. Feng Ying spoke, “The true masters finally came, hehe, this method is not bad, if we didn’t it would have been hard to see them.

The leader of four elders of Ripple Origin City was a white haired old man, his beard reaching his chest. He wore a red satin robe and moved extremely quickly, coming before the three of them with a few steps.

XinFeng could see clearly that this old man’s feet did not land on the ground at all, he had actually flew close to the ground. This proved that he was at least a True Yin master with his sixth True Ring body, there was actually a true master of that caliber coming, this proves the strength of Ripple Origin City.

Behind the old man was three other true masters, which XinFeng easily saw through their cultivation, they only had  their third True Ring body or below.

Feng Ying softly reminded, “Be careful, that man is a sixth ringed master.”

It was impossible for XinFeng to hide his cultivation in front of this man, with just a glance, the old man knew that he was a Great True Lun Yin master, but what really shocked him was that he couldn’t see through the strength of the two other men. He was sure that these two were not mortals, which meant they were stronger than him, they was at least seventh ringed masters, a top tier existence in this continent.

That old man waited for the three other elders to make their way over before he spoke, “An Chun, True Yin master. May I know where the esteemed guests come from?” he scared the crowd with a sentence of his. Every practitioner here knew An Chun, the great elder of Ripple Origin City. Not only was he strong, he was tyrannical too, no one expected him to so carefully introduce himself, this meant that the opponent had similar strength, or he wouldn’t have acted to politely.

XinFeng smiled faintly, “Lei Xin Feng, Great True Lun Yin master.”

The three elders behind An Chun revealed shocked expressions, from appearances alone they could tell that XinFeng was very young, yet he was actually a fourth True Ring master, stronger than all three of them.

XinFeng spoke, “You take care of the matters here?”

An Chun replied, “No, I don’t really take care of things, hehe, these people take care of our problems. En, you all introduce yourselves.” he pointed at the three elders.

The three elders all stood up, one was an old woman and the other two were middle aged men. But the woman seemed to be second to An Chun, she spoke, “Yan Wei, True Lun Yin master.” she was a level lower than XinFeng.

“An Wu, Great True Milun master.”

“Qian Zhen Kun, True Milun Master.” he was the weakest of the three.

An Chun spoke, “Little brother, these two are?” He kept thinking about Feng Ying and Shi Hu, he wanted to know their strength.

Shi Hu and Feng Ying both glanced at XinFeng, they were guards who must listen to their owner. XinFeng nodded, he wasn’t here to kill, but to get information, it would be good to shock the other party.

Seeing XinFeng nod, Feng Ying stepped up, “Old Ying, True Heart Yin master.”

An Chun almost went crazy, True Heart Yin master? What kind of a person was this?

Shi Hu also stepped up, “Old Hu, True Heart Yin master.”

Two eighth ringed masters, this shocked the group of men speechless. This was too terrifying, two super experts were actually here, these two were enough to destroy the sect.

Tan Lao Xian’s eyed rolled to the back as he fainted. He had actually cursed at a Great True Lun Yin master in a group with two True Heart YIn masters, even if he wanted to die, this was no way to suicide. In shock, he immediately fainted.

An Chun did not even look at the disciples on the ground, he smiled, “Please follow me, three esteemed guests, please! Please!” he was extremely friendly, it was not like he could say otherwise, if he offended these three people, then Ripple Origin city would be doomed, for experts with their seventh to ninth True Ring bodies to destroy this city was easy.

Since they were such a threat, An Chun who was one of the most important figures of the city was now in control of the city’s life and death, he was extremely nervous.

XinFeng did not make the lives of the practitioners on the ground difficult anymore, his goal was to lure out true master experts, and now he did it, he did not bother with these low levels practitioners anymore.

After the three of them left with An Chun, only then did the people on the ground dare to climb up slowly. They quickly realized that though their body was numb for a while, it was nothing serious, XinFeng had obviously shown mercy.

Tan Lao Xian was the last one to climb up after he regained consciousness. Someone shouted, “Tan Lao Xian! You Bastard! Do you want to kill all of us? ”

With someone starting the argument, everyone turned to him in anger.

Tan Lao Xian spoke, “Fuck, how would I have known that……those three are true masters, it’s my bad luck! Why do you all need to shout!” in anger, he spoke with little care, easily angering the crowd.

Someone shouted again, “You fucking Bastard, fight him!”

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