God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 14

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Book 7 Chapter 14: The Search for A Silan (2)

Instantly, the crowd surrounded him and attacked. Tan Lao Xian was not XinFeng, he couldn’t defend against so many people and was quickly beat into coughing blood, this was not a simple flesh wound, he was attacked in anger for causing trouble. In a while, Tan Lao Xian did not move anymore and someone shouted, “Stop hitting, he’s going to die!”

Killing a comrade was a big sin, and in an instant, the crowd disappeared, leaving Tan Lao Xian to lie on the ground by himself.

With his servants dragging him back, Tan Lao Xian chose to leave Ripple Origin City after this blow and found a small isolated village, killing the practitioner there, he moved there and never came back to Ripple Origin City.

Sitting in the large hall, XinFeng spoke with a smile, “Old An, this place is not bad, how many practitioners do you have in Ripple Origin City?”

An Chun laughed bitterly, “Old An? This term was new.” even practitioners close to his level called him elder An, but this little fellow called him Old An. Despite that, he wasn’t frustrated, he had noticed how the two eighth ringed masters were actually the followers of XinFeng, even as they walked, the two followed a step behind without speaking.

He spoke, “We have a few dozen thousands of practitioners here, about a thousand of them are Milun masters or stronger.”

XinFeng asked, “How many true master’s do you have? If you don’t mind me asking, I’m just curious.”

An Chun spoke proudly, “We have two hundred and seventy true masters here, hehe.”

XinFeng was shocked, “So little……”

An Chun spoke seriously, “That’s not little, that’s almost three hundred men, normal sects don’t have so many experts!”

Feng Ying curled his lips, bragging over a few hundred true masters. He knew that even though he had so many true masters, it was comprised of at least a hundred first ringed master, but the truly top tiered true masters are very little. According to his estimation, there wouldn’t be over twenty people with their third or higher True Ring body.

Shi Hu also curled his lips, he was in doubt. It was unknown whether Ripple Origin City had a ninth True Ring master, maybe at most a eighth ringed master or maybe one or two seventh ringed masters.

What XinFeng did not know was that Ripple Origin City indeed did not have a ninth ringed master, but they had an eighth ringed master, an ancestor expert who had left the sect to visit friends. This was the reason behind An Chun’s worry, he was not powerful enough to hold down the two eighth ringed master’s attacks. He had already passed the instruction to the entire town to not offend any of the three true masters.

An Chun spoke, “Which sect……is Brother Lei from?”

XinFeng laughed, “I don’t have one.”

An Chun did not believe it, “Hehe, brother Lei, you must be joking……”

XinFeng spoke, “I’m not.”

An Chun suddenly reacted and spoke with shock, “You, you’re not from a secret sect are you……wu, pretend I said nothing.” He felt agitated, descendants of a secret sect were better than any sect, the only reason why they could come to this world was to gain experience as disciples. He knew he was right, no one normal would have two eighth ringed masters as his underlings.

XinFeng smiled faintly as he thought, “We’re better than a secret sect……” A secret sect was an organization, but they were not one, they were an independent master sect.

(puttty: He says he not from a sect, referring to 宗门, and he’s not from a secret sect, referring to 秘门 but from a master sect 师门. Other than sect I don’t know what other names could be used.)

Seeing how XinFeng did not reply, An Chun laughed helplessly, “To come to our sect, does brother Lei need our help with something?”

XinFeng nodded, “I do need your help, hehe, are you familiar with the large sects of Wansee continent? I’m talking about the famous ones.”

An Chun took a moment before replying, “Not really, but I know a bit, which sect are you looking for?”

XinFeng spoke, “I’m looking for someone but I’m not sure which sect she’s from, En, it should be a large sect. Her name is A Silan and like me, she’s a Great True Lun Yin master, her specialty is having the Green attribute.”

An Chun spoke, “A Silan? Fourth True Ring body, green attributed……en, I’ve never heard of her. The central area of the Wansee continent is very big, there’s a lot of large sects and finding a single person is very hard. However, with these leads, it’s not impossible, En, A Silan……is she a female?”

XinFeng nodded, “She’s rather old and is a woman……skilled in making medicine as well, she should be rather famous.”

An Chun shook his head, “A Great True Lun Yin master can be considered high level, but there’s a lot of these experts in the entire Wansee Continent center, but since she has the green attribute, it’ll be easier……” he thought for a while before speaking, “Something you don’t know is that all sects will hide the fact that they have a green attributed true master.”

XinFeng asked, “Are they afraid of poaching?”

An Chun spoke, “Poaching? En, an accurate description, indeed, green attributed experts are something any large sect would want to have if given the chance.”

XinFeng spoke, “It should be hard to hide, a green attributed expert is good in healing rather than fighting, if it’s like that it’ll be impossible to not be famous.”

An Chun nodded “Alright, I’ll get someone to go check, as long as she’s famous I believe that we’ll be able to find her.”

XinFeng spoke, “Thanks, of course, if you can find her, I’ll reward you with Lun or Lun Yin rings.”

An Chun was shocked, any sect would want Lun and Lun Yin rings, it was a rare to come by. He nodded, “Alright, I’ll arrange for it to check with the large sects, I’ll ask every sect that has a relationship with us.”

XinFeng thanked him, he knew that just by himself it would be impossible to find A Silan. Looking for someone in Wansee continent was like looking for a needle in the ocean, it was too hard.

An Chun apologized to XinFeng and promised to punish Tan Lao Xian.

XinFeng waved his hand, “No need to do so.” with his status, there was no point in being petty with a small Milun master.

An Chun only said it in formality, he did not want to punish a low leveled disciple but he had to say it anyways, but he knew XinFeng wouldn’t pursue that matter. He nodded, “En, right, brother Lei, how long are you planning on staying in Ripple Origin City?”

XinFeng spoke, “I’m only here for information, we will leave immediately.” He did not want to stay here for long.

An Chun sighed in relief, he did not want the three of them to stay, who knew when they might accidently offend them, these three people were like time bombs that could destroy their entire sect.

XinFeng asked, “Old An, does it rain regularly here?”

Not only was An Chun shocked, even Feng Ying and Shi Hu found it strange as well as the others.

An Chun did not understand, “The rainy season is over, there’s rarely rain here.”

XinFeng spoke, “En, is there none or very few?”

An Chun spoke, “Very few, this can’t be guaranteed but there may still be rain storms.”

XinFeng nodded, “En, I know. ” he wanted lightning storms badly, now that he had stabilized his cultivation, he could madly level yet again, but he needed a lightning storm to do so, this was his secret method.

At that moment, Qian Zhen Kun opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something, but he quickly closed it. Thankfully, XinFeng who sat opposite of him saw it and laughed, “Old Qian, you seem to have something to say.”

Qian Zhen Kun laughed bitterly in his heart, Old Qian? This nickname was ridiculous. He spoke, “Senior, I went to a place before where there’s a lot of violent storms. It’s not too far from here and can be reached through a Lun spot.”

XinFeng was overjoyed, “Is that true? Wonderful! ”

Qian Zhen Kun spoke, “There’s a mountain on water there.”

An Chun spoke, “You’re talking about Disorder Lake Mountain?”

Qian Zhen Kun nodded, “Yes, it’s Disorder Lake Mountain.”

An Chun spoke, “Then that’s right, there’s indeed a lot of violent storms there, it’s very dangerous.”

XinFeng asked, “What dangers?”

An Chun spoke, “Not only are there violent storms, there’s also lightning, Disorder Lake Mountain has another name, Lightning Lucky mountain, no one dares to live there.”

XinFeng was full of smiles, “Haha, for real, that’s great. Old Qian, lead me, if you’re right, I’ll give you Lun Rings!”

Qian Zhen Kun went crazy, “What? Lun rings! For me? ”

XinFeng laughed heartily, “If that Lightning Lucky Mountain hass countless lightning storms, haha, I’ll give you a hundred Lun rings at least!” To exchange a hundred Lun rings for a place for cultivation was nothing.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu did not care much about Lun Rings, what they needed was Yin rings, a treasure only True Monarchs could make. That thing was very useful for cultivation, but of course, it was hard for the both of them obtain them, they needed to do extremely hard tasks to get them, and even if they did the tasks, they would only receive a few.

Lun rings!

Not only was Qian Zhen Kun excited, even An Chun and the others revealed a greedy expression, that thing was too hard to obtain.

XinFeng spoke, “Old Qian, lead me there, let’s go to Lightning Lucky mountain, En, old An, help me find A Silan quickly, send men to Lightning Lucky Mountain if you have any news!”

Puttty : I wanted to die during the translation of this chapter.

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