God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 12

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Book 7 Chapter 12: Explosive Fight (2)

This place did not have a lot of guards, since it was under a large sect, no one would dare to be reckless, especially practitioners.

Following the path, there were countless roads leading from the pier to the city every few dozen meters.

The three of them entered Ripple Origin City showily. XinFeng was very curious and looked around nonstop, the houses here were made of stone, and as they walked, the buildings became even more clustered. The road was very wide with plants situated on the sides of it, it was a refreshing, clean city.

Feng Ying asked, “Where are we going?”

XinFeng spoke, “We’ll go find the gathering point for practitioners.”

Any city occupied by an influential force would be split into two, one where practitioners stayed and the other where mortals stayed. Both sides knew clearly that mortals could not enter the practitioner’s side unless it was important, but practitioners were allowed to go anywhere they wished.

Asking around, the three of them quickly reached the practitioner residential area.

This area had a barrier surrounding it, it was the center of the island, an extremely good position. Inside were countless single houses with trees and plants, the streets in this section had mush fewer people, but almost of them were practitioners, only a few were mortals who carried baskets or pushed carts, obviously servants.

On the street, he felt a bit thrown off balance, he couldn’t just enter the houses of strangers, he needed to find a true master.

Feng Ying laughed, “So what next? Do you need help?”

Shi Hu could not help but laugh, “I have two choices, one is to knock on their doors and ask, the other……just fight. With a fight……I bet there will be true masters appearing.”

Feng Ying laughed with a nod, “Wu, not bad, one is more peaceful, the other is violent, which one do you like?”

XinFeng smiled bitterly at his vicious guards, this was his first time encountering such a method to deal with things, though it was a bit ridiculous, it would be rather useful. He spoke, “I like the second choice……hey hey, I’m lacking battle experiences.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Then let’s choose a house and fight them!” His tone carried a malicious intent.

XinFeng felt slightly hesitant, to kill without reason was a bit rude and overbearing, no matter what, he needed a reason to do it. He hesitated, “Like this……it doesn’t seem too good? They’re a large sect after all, to pick a fight……wouldn’t we be chased by a group?”

Shi Hu laughed, “Of course.”

Feng going also nodded, “Of course, to fight them without reason, any sect would go crazy.”

Shi Hu spoke, “As long as you can hold them down, hey hey, don’t worry, with us here, no one can harm you.”

They two of them were very excited to fight, as if choosing not to fight would be letting them down.

XinFeng shook his head, “I feel like this is not right? I came to find someone, not bring vengeance upon myself.”

Feng Ying crossed his arms, “You decide, we’re only giving suggestions.”

XinFeng suddenly reacted, “Ai, there’s no need to act like this, what’s the point…..in randomly offending a large sect, we’ll just ask……. you two……” he did not know what to say.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu simply laughed and did not speak further.

Choosing a more extravagant house, XinFeng knocked on the door.

A servant came out, opening the door to the courtyard, he spoke, “Who are you looking for?”

XinFeng spoke, “Is your house owner home?”

The servant asked, “May I know who you are? So that I can tell owner.”

XinFeng spoke, “A friend, just tell him that.”

That servant wanted to ask again, but XinFeng’s face turned cold, “Hurry up! ” releasing only a bit of his aura, he instantly terrified that servant, who replied while his body went soft, “Yes, yes, I’ll go inform owner.”

Scrambling to get back inside, that servant’s face was devoid of all color.”

Feng Ying laughed softly, “I bet that this owner would come out grumpily.”

Shi Hu spoke, “No need to bet, I can confirm.”

Like they guessed, a middle aged man charged over angrily to the door, “Who are you looking for?” he asked as he glanced at the waist of XinFeng, and seeing the white plate, his expression turned better. After all, he was a Milun master like him yet he was so young, to have this strength at that age meant that he had great talent, the man did not dare to get angry.

XinFeng laughed, “I’m just here to ask for directions……how, do I enter the inner sect?”

That man spoke, “Inner sect? Who are you looking for?” his attitude got better, since anyone who was looking for someone in the inner sect would have some sort of relationship with the sect.

XinFeng replied, “No one in particular, I’m just looking for a true master, En, any true master will do, the stronger the better.” he spoke very naturally.

That man almost fell to the ground, his expression changing, “You, you’re playing with me?”

XinFeng spoke, “Why would I play with you?”

That man was instantly enraged, “Bastard, get out of here! Fucking looking for a fight……leave!”

Feng Ying and Shi Hu could not help but laugh.

Scolded silly, XinFeng spoke, “Strange, why are you scolding me?”

That man turned to leave and slammed the door shut, scolding, “What’s this? Running to my house to play, ridiculous!”

Raising his feet, XinFeng kicked the door, breaking it, “You, come here!”

That man was disgruntled to begin with, and turning to see his door broken, he was instantly furious, “Do you want to fucking die? Acting so barbarically at my place, if you want to die, go die yourself, don’t bother me!” he scolded viciously.

Feng Ying and Shi Hu, the two conscienceless guards both could not contain their laughter as they watched the show.

XinFeng suddenly turned around, “Ai, you two are right!” after speaking, he pounced over. To be scolded in such a manner was infuriating to him, with his temper, he wouldn’t sit by and do nothing, reaching this point, he did not force himself to bear with it anymore and used this rare chance to really let loose.

That man did not have the chance to react at all. XinFeng was a Great True Lun Yin master while he was an insignificant Milun master, the two of them were not comparable at all, which was why this man did not even have the time to react.

XinFeng’s shadow flashed as he appeared in front of the man, he grabbed that man’s hair and pushed him downwards as his knee viciously rose up to hit that man. Bang! Bang! With two sounds, his knee had collided with that man’s face. Luckily, XinFeng was not aiming to kill, but to punish.

As he attacked, he spoke, “Didn’t your mother teach you……the basics principles of respect?”

With that sentence, he hit him again with his knee, pulling him up with his hair. That man was like a fish pulled out of water, hit flying by XinFeng’s knee.

Crying out in pain, XinFeng stepped forward as he punched that man’s jaw, “Since you’re mother’s not teaching you, your father here will teach you what the fuck is respect!”

That punch had sent the originally descending man flying yet again.

Feng Ying could not help but rub his chin, even he had felt the pain when he saw XinFeng punch that man, this type of attack was rather unfamiliar to him. He spoke, “Old Hu, our little owner……seems to be rather fierce, hey hey.”

Shi Hu spoke, “What kind of an attack technique is this, it’s rather fierce, hey hey, I like it!”

Feng Ying laughed, “Beating……”

XinFeng beat him tyrannically, even if the opponent were not to release his defenses, it would be broken easily by one punch of his. That man’s cries became louder but he couldn’t form a sentence thanks to the beating.

However, this kind of beating up quickly attracted the neighbors, since they were all practitioners of the same sect, seeing their companion being beat caused about eight practitioners to run out as they offered help while more practitioners appeared.

Quickly, a few dozen people appeared, all of which were Milun masters or weaker. XinFeng did not attract any true masters, only the anger of a crowd.

That group quickly surrounded them as Feng Ying and Shi Hu looked on with displeasure, with their strength, they could kill everyone here with just a slap, but they did not choose to attack, they knew these people were not a threat to XinFeng.

However, Feng Ying reminded, “Prepare for a group fight!”

If XinFeng could handle them, both Feng Ying and Shi Hu would not do anything, but XinFeng did not plan on having the both of them fight, he planned on enjoying this fight. Grabbing that man’s hair, he dragged him towards the door.

That group retreated while XinFeng dragged him out, “Did you enjoy scolding me?”

That man’s nose collapsed, his teeth were broken and his mouth was full of blood. His injuries seemed very serious but XinFeng knew that these were just a flesh wounds, something incapable of seriously harming him, he could heal from after a few days of rest.

The group of men looked at their pitiful companion and were instantly enraged. Someone shouted, “Fuck……beat him!”

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