God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 5

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Book 6 Chapter 5: Lun and Yin Rings

Within seconds, Qi Mei Yun reacted, “Little Yao?” She said with shock as she pulled the screens away.

Yin Yao who sat on a chair quickly came into their view with two men kneeling in front of her, both only Thousand Lun Masters with red noses and tears in their eyes who were probably bullied badly by Yin Yao.

Yin Yao also looked up shocked, instantly shouting, “Wa! What a coincidence……ah, I finally found you, senior brother you promised to bring me out! Why did you sneakily run away?”

Xin Zhou Lun was speechless, he wasn’t a quick-witted man, and after a while did he speak, “This……before we left, we tried looking for you……but I heard you left, so……”

Yin Yao was enraged, “Liar! I was home waiting for you the entire time, I didn’t go out at all! Senior……you’re bullying me!”

Xin Zhou Lun had a headache, “E, senior was wrong, I’ll make it up to you!”

Yin Yao snorted and rolled her eyes, “Senior, you better!”

XinFeng could not help but laugh, senior brother’s honesty was a flaw his two senior sisters were exploiting. Xin Zhou Lun quickly continued, “Definitely, definitely, what does junior sister want? I’ll find it for you……hehe.”

Qi Mei Yun rolled her eyes, “Make up for what, don’t you know how annoying you are? No one likes to bring you around!”

Yin Yao stood up and pounced at her, “I’ll kill you!”

Xin Zhou Lun separated the two of them with the wave of his hands as he said with a headache, “I said, two junior sisters, don’t make this troublesome, this old set of bones can’t keep up. Sit down, all of you, let’s eat!”

XinFeng was confused, why do these two seniors always fight with every meeting, as if not fighting once would kill them? He also knew the destruction that came with their fights, if there were interference, the two of them would probably join together to fight him. Only idiots would try to interfere between the fight of women, it was better to just let it happen.

Xin Zhou Lun was their senior, he simply couldn’t just watch them fight. Yin Yao and Qi Mei Yun also understood that with senior around they couldn’t just fight. The two of them angrily found their own seats, as Yin Yao spoke to the two practitioners, “Scram! Oh, wait remember to pay back your debt, don’t try running……”

The two practitioners quickly shouted harmoniously, “Wouldn’t dare, wouldn’t dare!” Seemingly on the verge of pissing themselves, not daring to leave the bar. Only after their boss’s arrival and payment of the meal of Yin Yao and the others did they dare to leave, the two knew the opponent’s strength was simply unimaginable and that they were simply not their match, to survive, they simply followed her commands.

All kinds of dishes came to their table like flowing water. XinFeng spoke, “This? We haven’t ordered anything yet.”

Yin Yao replied, “Someone’s paying, as a freeloader you shouldn’t comment so much.”

XinFeng couldn’t help but think, “You’re the idiot here!” However, he did not have the courage to insult her directly, knowing she was a heartless murderer.

(Puttty: Eating for free (Bai Chi), Idiot (Bai Chi).)

The dishes were all delicious, with big mouthfuls XinFeng freely ate. In this world, his digestive rate was monstrously fast, as long as he liked a dish, he could eat as much as he wanted. Of course, this terrifying digestive rate was also the reason for suffering for him in the beginning when he came to this world, at that time he simply couldn’t eat his fill and there was never enough food, it was torturous.

A large wooden pan was brought over containing five whole roasted chickens. This building only served practitioners, so regardless of gender, everyone had terrifying appetites, a single roasted chicken could be finished in minutes. Digging into it, XinFeng could not help but praise, “This roasted chicken is delicious!”

Yin Yao spoke, “Then bring up another pan!”

Immediately, the servants brought another pan, allowing XinFeng to eat his fill. He had rather low standards in actuality, if it was filling it was enough, taste was merely a bonus factor.

Being powerful was the only form of truth in this world. As such practitioners did not have to follow things like etiquette during mealtimes. Very rarely did a slow eating practitioner appear, therefore, this meal only took half an hour.

Rubbing his stomach, XinFeng was already pleased filling it to 80%, this was only the third time in this life that he could eat his fill, most of the time he wasn’t completely full, reaching 80% was enough though.

Since he wasn’t lacking money anymore, he could freely eat his fill, and only then did he lose his fear of starving.

Other than him, everyone also ate heartily, and just like that, the table was filled with large empty plates.

“Old brother Xin, haha, it’s really you……I was skeptical at first, I didn’t expect you to really be here……”

A man pulled the screen to the side as he spoke happily, hearing his words Xin Zhou also stood up, “Fei Lun, hehe, your nose seems to be useful, how’d you know I was here?”

Fei Lun was also a large man wearing grey hemp clothing, though he seemed rather ordinary, the only special feature he had was his strong angular head, bushy eyebrows, thick lips and his strong eyes, he seemed rather happy as he spoke, “Coming to my territory without saying anything, that isn’t good!”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “We just got here, I was planning on visiting you after eating. Who knew you’d show up yourself?”

Fei Lun spoke, “With such a powerful fellow popping up, could I not know?” He continued, “A group of my underlings noticed your group of experts and reported it to me quickly, at first I thought it was an expert from another area, but I didn’t expect it to be you, haha.” He was rejoicing in his heart that the visitors were people he knew, if they were strangers, he would’ve had a headache.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “It may not just be us, come, sit down and chat, it’s been a while.”

Fei Lun of course knew there was another group of experts, however he knew who they were. Sitting down with a smile, he looked around, “These people look unfamiliar, are they friends of yours?”

Xin Zhou Lun nodded, “I’ll introduce you to them. My junior sisters Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao, my junior brother, Lei XinFeng. You guys can call him big brother, he is the local leader, hehe, the biggest one at that, no matter the problem he can solve it.”

Qi Mei Yun, Yin Yao and XinFeng all bowed in greeting. XinFeng knew that this was establishing connections. No matter where, as long as they had the support of the local leader, it would be extremely helpful, such a thing was an opportunity not to let go of.

Fei Lun smiled as he returned their greetings before turning to look at Shihu and Feng Ying who had similar strengths as him. XinFeng smiled, “Let me introduce them, this is Shihu, and this is Feng Ying, hehe, they are True Heart Yin Masters.”

Shi Hu and Feng Ying both nodded in greeting as Feng Ying even added, “No need to mind us, we are guards of Ah Feng.”

Fei Lun’s legs instantly went soft. Using two True Heart Yin masters as guards, how luxurious was his life? Such a method of scaring others was too insane! One of Fei Lun’s expert ancestors was also a True Heart Yin master, while this fellow’s guards were the same rank, what kind of joke is this? His heart was in turmoil as he noticed only now how powerful Xin Zhou Lun’s backing was.

XinFeng also noticed how Fei Lun’s smile became friendlier and more gentle, his attitude obviously became much better.

Fei Lun knew that these few people were enough to cause destruction for the city, by getting close to them, there would be countless benefits. They were obviously not from a sect, very rarely would sects have such powerful strength, they were obviously from a hidden clan or a group of experts nurtured by a super expert.

After chatting for a while, XinFeng understood that the sects of this land were actually not that strong, it was just that they controlled large amounts of land that reaped many resources.

Not only that, XinFeng also found out about the statuses of these types of sects. They actually belonged to the lowest tier of this world, which means they were only a bit better than mortals. But due to this city catering to practitioners, Xin Zhou Lun, Fei Lun, and many of the businesses here used the currency large sects also used for their trades, something XinFeng had never seen before, it was even his first time hearing of it.

Lun rings, Lun Yin rings and Yin rings were the practitioner’s equivalent of the gold rings, silver rings, and copper rings mortals used, they also were of much higher value.

XinFeng asked curiously, “What’s Lun Rings, Lun Yin Rings and Yin rings? Let me see it.”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “It’s something us high tier practitioners use, it can also be used for training, as for your level……you can’t make it yet, you have to be at least a True Ashen Yin master, though it’s mostly True Monarchs that make them.”

XinFeng was shocked, “Ah? You need a True Yin Body? True Monarch?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “En, it can be absorbed by practitioners and increases one’s cultivation.”

Fei Lun spoke, “This method can increase the number of experts, but it has a big flaw, it is very hard to use this method to obtain one’s True Yin Body, which also means that these rings are useless for one’s ascension to True Yin Body, at that point it’ll only boost your vitality.”

Curiously, XinFeng turned around and asked, “Uncle Hu, Uncle Feng, did you guys also use these rings?”

Shihu and Feng Ying both nodded, “That’s right, Ah Feng, we used the rings to cultivate, unlike you.”

Xin Zhou Lun quickly added, “Ah Feng, you can’t use them or master will go crazy.”

XinFeng instantly understood how master had gathered so many experts, he had used such a method, while his direct disciples were forbidden from doing so and why large sects had so few experts, it was because they didn’t have such rings, or better phrased, these rings were very rare and could not be obtained in bulk, they had to trade countless goods for them.

….Fumu, Puttty’s a lightweight when it comes to eating, a patty between two slices of bread is a full meal…

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