God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 4

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Book 6 Chapter 4: Pitiful Senior Brother (2)

With a glance Ba Tong’s face became pale. What a joke, this group was too strong. Their strength was something not even a large influencing power could have, these were more like disciples under a secluded super expert no one would dare to offend, they rarely appeared, but once they did, they became extremely terrifying.

Lu Wei Hu was also flustered, the strength of this group was beyond her expectations, if they were to engage, perhaps she could escape with Ba Tong, but the rest were doomed. Even her safety was not guaranteed.

Ba Tong already calculated in his heart. He knew he couldn’t win, once they started fighting, they would overpower him, their strength was sufficient to completely destroy them, despite having so many men on his side, he would not stand a chance. He spoke, “Little Yuan, retreat, this isn’t a matter you can decide on.”

Lu yuan did not expect Xin Zhou Lun to be so powerful, she had always assumed him to be a practitioner without a sect, his strength only a bit stronger than hers, and with her strong backing, she would be able to do as she wished, yet her opponent escaped and now, met with her so quickly.

XinFeng did not understand why Xin Zhou Lun was so passive, he knew that if it weren’t for the swift arrival of the guards, with the ill intent the opponents were giving off, they would have been attacked. He couldn’t help but speak softly, “Senior, you called them back too quickly.”

Qi Mei Yun was pale with rage, the threat in the opposing groups words clearly received. With her temper, even with her unreasonable bickering with her junior Yin Yao she would attack without any courtesy, so how could she retreat after receiving a threat from a group of strangers?

One must know, one of the body guards of Qi Mei Yun was already a True Ashen Yin master, why would she be afraid of this group of people? She spoke, “Senior, since they want to kill me, xixi, how could I just run? Let’s just kill them!”

Ba Tong heard her clearly and shouted loudly, “Wait!”

Walking to Lu Yuan, he spoke, “What exactly is going on?” Only now did he remember to ask, why they suddenly clashed. However, if he was stronger than them he would’ve killed them first, ignoring whether it was reasonable or not.

Lu yuan spoke, “He……he bullied……bullied me!”

“How so!”

Lu yuan spoke, “He……he kissed me……I, I……”

XinFeng stared incredulously at Xin Zhou Lun, “Just for that……she poisoned and attacked you? You’re……too, too……” He didn’t know what to say, and he couldn’t say anything.

Ba Tong and Lu Wei Hu both glanced at each other, this was too ridiculous, even if he was a bit ugly, the guy was a powerful expert, there was no reason for such a violent reaction.

Qi Mei Yun was completely shocked, staring at Xin Zhou Lun incredulously and back at Lu Yuan, she spoke after a while, “The f*ck! What is all this?”

Xin Zhou Lun’s face was completely red, not knowing what to do.

XinFeng smiled bitterly as he thought, “A virgin, virgin! This is a stereotypical virgin who knows nothing, senior is quite pitiful.”

“Just that?”

“Is that not enough? He bullied me!”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke pitifully, “I was too presumptuous, and I’ve caused you some suffering, we will sever all ties with each other from today onwards. It was my foolish thinking. Let us go our separate ways!” He was disheartened in seconds.

XinFeng knew it was best to not interfere with matters of love, with Xin Zhou Lun’s strength, if it weren’t for true love, why would he be so meek. Qi Mei Yun was about to step forward but was grabbed by the shoulder by XinFeng, who softly spoke, “Senior sister, let senior brother take care of this, if he wants to fight we will, but if he doesn’t, we should stay out of it.”

Xin Zhou Lun gave XinFeng an appreciative glance and just like that, he chose to not fight with the opponents.

Lu Yuan didn’t know what to say, she had never felt that she was unreasonable, assuming that she had suffered and with her status, killing someone who had caused her to suffer was completely normal, yet knowing that they were stronger than her, she became dumbfounded. She was simply a woman who had been coddled too much.

Ba Tong and Lu Wei Hu glanced at each other again with a sense of helplessness.

Lu Wei Hu spoke, “Since there isn’t any losses, then it’s fine, this is simply a small misunderstanding.”

Qi Mei Yun was furious, “A small misunderstanding? Your dipshit junior niece poisoned and attacked my senior, if it weren’t for master, he would be dead. A small misunderstanding? F*ck……overreacting with a kiss, what are you? Will you die with a touch? You vixen, I don’t even know how you seduced senior, my senior……must be blind to like you! You……”

Xin Zhou Lun quickly spoke, “Junior sister! Junior……it’s fine.’

Qi Mei Yun was stamping her feet in anger, with her temper, she would rather attack instead of cursing, if it wasn’t for senior brother, she would not simply rest with a few curses.

Lu Yuan was already pale, this was her first time being scolded like this in her entire life. She was instantly enraged.

“Aiya, what are you……”

Before she could even finish, Ba Tong grabbed her, moving her to the side, scolding harshly, “You shut up!”

Lu Wei Hu also spoke softly, “Little Yuan, don’t be so reckless, we’re too weak and being reckless will only cost us!”

Lu yuan gritted her teeth, “I’ll kill him! I’ll kill her!” She hatefully glared at Qi Mei Yun and Xin Zhou Lun.

Ba Tong scolded, “We’ll take care of you later! Now, you shut up!”

Lu Yuan retreated to the side unwillingly, no matter how angry she was, she had to endure, if she were to be reckless now, the only people that will suffer would be hers. This was something both Ba Tong and Lu Wei Hu knew clearly, with their experience and past, how could they be so reckless? It was simply courting death.

Actually, not only did Qi Mei Yun want to fight, XinFeng also wanted to. This group of people were not weak, once they became their enemies, it would be rather difficult to settle this.

But Xin Zhou Lun wouldn’t agree to it, though his heart for Lu Yuan was dead, he didn’t want to kill them.

Both sides had powerful people stopping the group, this battle was destined to not happen. XinFeng muttered, “If only master was here.” He believed that if Master was here, these men would definitely die. Qi Mei Yun nodded heavily, she wasn’t happy with Xin Zhou Lun’s passiveness.

Xin Zhou Lun couldn’t stop smiling bitterly, he was now being looked down upon by his juniors, however, he wasn’t regretful at all, he really did not wish to kill Lu Yuan, not matter how vicious she was.

With both sides retreating, Ba Tong quickly left with Lu Wei Hu and their men. With an upset expression, Qi Mei Yun complained, “Finding such good opponents, senior actually let them go, what a pity.”

XinFeng spoke, “Senior, you really want to fight?”

Qi Mei Yun replied, “Bullshit, what a good chance with decent opponents, we could trash them pleasantly, yet senior let them go……Ai, what a good chance, what a pity!”

XinFeng was shocked, “Didn’t you want to exact revenge for senior?”

Qi Mei Yun replied, “Revenge is just an excuse, hmph hmph, a pity senior isn’t interested……”

XinFeng then understood that Qi Mei Yun was only wanting to fight, reasons were insignificant to her, whether it was there or not, she would fight. This fellow was very aggressive and loved beating opponents slightly weaker than her, she loved to bully others.

“Senior sister……there’ll be another chance, there’ll be another chance!”

XinFeng really did not know what to say, his senior sister was strange, and so was his senior brother. The two of them were very extraordinary, however, he didn’t feel too different from them, since he liked these seniors of his.

Qi Mei Yun spoke, “Everyone disperse, go have fun and don’t crowd us.” Once the guards left, she turned around, “Senior, you must make it up to me!”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “I’ll treat you to a drink, okay?”

XinFeng knew Xin Zhou Lun was troubled, he spoke, “Alright, alright, is there a bar here?”

Qi Mei Yun mumbled, “What’s so good about drinking, geez……” She knew senior was quite depressed and didn’t reject.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “I know of a good bar, it belongs to Tai Meng, follow me.”

The five of them walked along the street, and within a few minutes, they quickly met with a few buildings, one of which had a very large wooden sign that read, ‘Alcohol’. XinFeng asked, “Is this the one?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “Yes, this is a bar practitioners frequent.”

Practitioners did not drink with mortals, not that they belittled them, it was because the two groups were too far apart, therefore this bar was specially constructed to house practitioners when they drink.

Tai Meng was extremely influential here, along with the fact that Tai Meng was also a practitioner, this bar was a good place for information gathering to practitioners.

The bartender was smart enough to immediately notice that these few were all practitioners and unusual ones at that. He immediately invited them to the large hall in the back respectfully. The hall did not have any separate rooms, it was simply a large hall with over a hundred tables, once someone entered there would be servants placing up a screen.

Xin Zhou Lun chose a table near the window, immediately servants came over to set up screens, creating a space for them.

There was another table of people beside them, but with the screens, XinFeng could not tell who they were, but they could clearly hear the conversations of the surrounding tables, as after all it was simply a screen, it was incapable of blocking out sounds.

“Other than Tai Meng, is there any other powerful forces?”

The clear voice was very familiar to XinFeng, and the others similarly turned their heads. A pity that with the screen, they couldn’t tell who it was.

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Puttty: Qi Mei Yun is my spirit animal.

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