God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 6

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Book 6 Chapter 6: Lun and Yin Rings (2)

XinFeng asked, “Senior sisters, have you used them before?”

Qi Mei Yun snorted, “Don’t be stupid, using that kind of thing will force your cultivation to stop at True Yin Body.”

Fei Lun smiled bitterly, “Those kind of things are for……people like us, hehe, this is already an impressive stage, and in sects, only those with impressive potential can have the right to use them, those with normal potential can never use them.”

XinFeng asked, “Senior brother, can I ask for it from master?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “For what?”

XinFeng responded, “Those rings!”

Yin Yao interrupted, “Little idiot, you have them, all direct disciples have a share of it, a lot actually…… it’s just that you didn’t take them yourself.”

XinFeng was puzzled, “Aren’t we not allowed to use it? Why do I have a share?”

Knocking his head, Yin Yao spoke, “I already said you’re a little idiot, if you can’t use it, you can still give it to friends or use it as money.”

XinFeng finally understood as he chuckled to himself, nodding, he laughed, “Yes, yes, hehe, senior sister, how many rings can I take?” He was bewitched by money.

Xin Zhou Lun answered, “Ask your manager, he should be able to withdraw it for you.”

XinFeng spoke, “Ai, Ai Shan Er……he didn’t tell me! I will get back at him when I return! Oh right, someone let me see what it looks like!”

Xin Zhou Lun took out three kinds of rings and gave them to XinFeng, explaining which was which.

Lun rings were very easy to recognize, they were completely transparent like the glass from his past world, with a circular shape a size bigger than the coins of his old world that was slightly cold to the touch in his hand.

Lun Yin rings had seven shades of color and was translucent, the size was similar to a Lun ring and with careful inspection, its multiple layers were like an onion, with each layer a different shade of color, and under light it seemed extremely beautiful.

Yin rings were completely different, it had a deep jade like purple color with a metal texture, giving off a completely different luxurious feeling.

Xin Zhou Lun warned, “Don’t activate your Lun Yin Li or you’ll absorb them in seconds.”

XinFeng nodded, “I know, I won’t do that kind of thing.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “There’s actually no need to be worried, as long as you don’t use it for a long period of time, but in times of danger like when all your Lun Yin Li has been depleted, hehe, this thing can be very useful in replenishing your source.”

XinFeng finally understood why these things were so valuable, not only can it boost one’s cultivation, one could also use it to replenish their power. It was no wonder that he didn’t know about it, since those that had it would carefully guard and hide their rings.

If those gold and silver rings were cash, these things would be checks.

“What’s the exchange rate?”

Qi Mei Yun replied, “Not very expensive, one hundred gold rings can exchange for a Lun ring, of course, whether you can find someone to change for you is another question, as for Lun Yin rings and Yin rings……xixi, ten thousand Lun rings for one Lun Yin ring and one Yin ring is ten thousand Lun Yin rings.”

XinFeng could not help but be shocked, “Ten thousand for one? That’s too ridiculous!”

Fei Lun spoke, “Don’t be so surprised, actually……if old brother Xin is willing, I’m willing to pay even eleven thousand Lun Yin rings for one Yin ring! It’s definitely worth it!”

Fei Lun spoke, “Stop dreaming! I don’t have a lot of Yin rings myself. Feng, when you can use Lun rings, don’t use Lun Yin rings, and when you can use Lun Yin rings, definitely don’t use Yin Rings, especially Yin Rings, don’t waste even a single one of them.”

XinFeng stuttered, “W… why are they so precious?”

Qi Mei Yun laughed as Yin Yao spoke, “You little idiot, you know nothing.”

Fei Lun shook his head as he smiled bitterly, XinFeng was truly a little fellow who knew nothing. Curiously, he asked, “How old are you?” He had assumed XinFeng to be quite young pertaining to his appearance.

XinFeng was still focused on the preciousness of the Yin rings, missing the question completely.

Xin Zhou Lun replied for him, “He’s……only seventeen.”

Hearing this, Fei Lun could not help but shout, “What?” He was extremely shocked, a seventeen year old with his Third True Ring body. He could not help but believe that XinFeng had not used any cultivation boosting methods or rings, and yet training could only happen after reaching 16 years of age.

XinFeng had only started practicing a year, not even two. That kind of potential, how far could he reach? This was something unimaginable for Fei Lun. Fei Lun himself was not a low leveled practitioner, he had control over a large area and had seen countless practitioners in his past, such impossible talent was something he had seen for the first time, it was no wonder he was a disciple under a hidden expert.

XinFeng actually also understood how his leveling was too fast, though he hadn’t reached the point where foundation instability problems appeared, he was still extremely weak and lost to those who had climbed level by level themselves, but one thing he had to his advantage was his level which he could use to forcefully suppress the opponent, using the most simple and crude methods.

Yin Yao muttered softly, “What is there to be shocked about!” She had actually been more surprised than Fei Lun, with her past cultivation speed, she hadn’t even reached the level of a thousand Lun master at seventeen, only reaching that level at eighteen. Hearing XinFeng’s level had almost caused her to go dizzy while her heart was filled with jealousy and hatred.

Fei Lun continued discussing with Xin Zhou Lun, seeing how he rarely appeared, if he were to let this chance go then he wouldn’t be Fei Lun anymore. Practitioners with Lun rings, and in control of large amounts at that, was extremely rare, Xin Zhou Lun was like a moving bank, which was why he was rushing to invite us to Tai Meng’s headquarters, since a bar was not a suitable place to deal.

And in moments, the two of them finally completed a deal.

XinFeng looked over with cold eyes, this time, Xin Zhou Lun had took out a dozen or so Lun Yin rings, causing a dissatisfied expression to appear on Fei Lun’s face from the lack of Yin rings. Fei Lun had longed to receive a Yin ring, yet it was a pity that he didn’t have enough reassures to trade for one.

Xin Zhou Lun instead had a satisfied expressions as he spoke, “Alright, I’ll go live at Tai Men’s, hehe, the bars there are better.”

Fei Lun laughed, “Of course, coming to Wild city, it’s a must to go to Tai Meng to find me, hehe, let’s go!”

Within the few days spent staying at Tai Meng’s, XinFeng didn’t leave once. He had been thinking about finding his grandpa and sister, feeling remorseful about not setting a meeting point in the past. His sister was taken away to god knows where, perhaps the Wansee continent, yet it was so incomparably big that he didn’t know where to start looking, it was like looking for a needle in the ocean, it was practically impossible.

Other than thinking how to start searching, XinFeng had been using his time for reading the Star Python records, the newly obtained one carried a lot of information and had countless techniques and recipes for making items, causing him to only understand a portion. He had decided on fully immersing himself in this record only when he was completely free, for now he would simply try to understand the gist of it, knowing that it would take months to even understand the basics.

Spending a few days of reading, XinFeng did reap some benefits, he had found a record about some bones he had collected at the ancient Lun space which as stated on the record, belonged to a type of Star beast, but for confirmation, he still needed to experiment, but he was quite sure that the bones belonged to a Star Beast, and could be used as a crafting material.

According to the crafting records, this bone could be used to make the bullets of a lightning gun, though he needed to make the gun itself to use the said bullets.

This gun would need many materials to create instead of purely steel, it also needed the assistance of a fire attributed expert, though it was quite luckily that fire attributed experts were easy to find, even more so after obtaining a master.

XinFeng started to organize his Hidden Lun space, the piles of items in it were giving him a headache. He had far too many items, causing him to not know where to start, especially since most of the items came from the Hidden Lun space.

After identifying them, he needed to further categorize them.

XinFeng used to be a man that loved cleanliness and order, yet in this life he was much lazier, resulting in a mess of a Hidden Lun space.

Organizing took a long time since his Hidden Lun space had increased several times in size after he reached the level of a true master, many things were strewn around messily.

And as XinFeng was organizing, Xin Zhou Lun came to find him.

“Ah Feng, are you free?”

“Senior brother, what is it?” Ever since they came to live at Tai Meng’s, his two senior sisters disappeared to God knows where.

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “If you’re free, go out with me, hehe, there’s something fun.”

XinFeng was curious, “What kind of fun things? If its shopping, I’m not interested, I’m only interested in fights.”

Xin Zhou Lun did not know whether to laugh or cry, “What, what is there to fight about…” He muttered before continuing, “Since they aren’t here, where can there be fights?”

XinFeng laughed, “Alright, then what is it about?”

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