God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 20

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Book 6 Chapter 20: Fight Begins (2)

Tanda spoke, “That man? That fellow wearing the black mask? ”

Xinfeng nodded, “If I’m correct, he should be a Great True Milun master with his second true body, hehe, finally a decent opponent.” He was rather interested in True Master opponents, especially those that were weaker, but not that weak, those were his favorite type of enemy.

That sturdy fellow had stared at the thee of them at the pier before speaking, “Not bad, don’t worry, they only have a True Milun master, leave it to me.” he couldn’t see through XinFeng’s cultivation, but could see Tanda’s, who was a level lower, a True Milun master, and as a Great True Milun master, he was very sure of killing an opponent weaker than him, even if the other party had an advantage in attribute, he believed that he wouldn’t lose.

As the distance closed to ten meters, that black masked fellow shouted, “Follow me! ” as he jumped from the front of the boat, a strange weapon appeared in his hands. It was a rod like weapon only a foot long with the thickness of a duck’s egg, it radiated a red glow.

Stepping into the pier, that man pounced towards Tanda as he bellowed, “Kill!”

However, XinFeng moved in front of Tanda as if he were a ghost.

As the black masked man shouted to kill, the weapon in his hands suddenly spouted fire, resembling a flame thrower from XinFeng’s past world, it moved as though water towards them.

In an instant, a layer of electric light appeared on XinFeng’s body, becoming a layer of protection.

Tanda was extremely smart, grabbing Wu Zhen, he retreated nonstop, of course he knew the threat of an attack from a true master.

The fire only shot out for two seconds, and in front of the masked man, XinFeng appeared fine with a layer of an electrical glow, shocking the man. With his experience he knew that as long as someone had a lower cultivation than him, they shouldn’t be able to block this attack. He immediately understood that this young man’s cultivation was not ordinary.

As the sturdy man jumped onto the pier, since the distance between the pier and the boat was only a few meters, the other practitioners on the boat all jumped on as smoothly as flowing water.

XinFeng had purposefully taken that attack to test his own defense, this was something extremely important. Only by familiarizing yourself with your own strength could you fight more freely, especially against weaker practitioners since even if one had been careless, they know that they will not die. From that attack he had felt a rush of heat, but it wasn’t enough to harm him and was completely blocked by his defense.

That black masked man was extremely shocked, from this one attack he knew that the opponent was much stronger than he was, therefore he unhesitantly retreated. Something he did unconsciously without thought, before he knew it, his body was already moving backwards.

With a laugh from XinFeng, a bundle of electricity appeared.

They could only see a silver light flying out as it suddenly became an electric ball as large as a pig’s head fly towards that black masked man.

That masked man reacted extremely quickly as he unhesitantly reached his hand out to grab a practitioner less than two meters away, pulling the man in front of him, he kicked and sent the screaming practitioner flying.

That bundle of electricity had hit not the masked man, but the low level practitioner that man had kicked.

In an instant, that practitioner became a bundle of ashes that slowly descended into the floor, causing shocked cries to be heard.

That black masked man also made a pained sound, even with a man blocking in front of him, he was still very close to the attack and an electrical spark had still gotten to him. Just this spark had burnt his arm to the bones. As he cried painfully, he was extremely shocked, he was able confirm now that the youngster in front of him was at least a level above him.

Just this one attack had made the black masked man resolute in running away. He was sure that a few more exchanges of blows would have him lose at least half of his life, therefore the turned and ran without a hint of hesitation.

XinFeng laughed lightly, “Escape? Where can you escape to?” his silhouette flickered and his body appeared ten meters away to the side of those low leveled practitioners, and with an electrical glow, all of them fell to the ground trembling endlessly, taking away their strength, making Tanda’s job easier. Though Tanda was a true master, killing all these low leveled practitioners would take a toll on him regardless, having to protect Wu Zhen as well.

The moment after he took care of those practitioners, XinFeng had already started chasing the black masked man who was running away along the lake. The black masked man cursed silently in his heart, he hadn’t expected to meet two true masters in this supposedly easy job, and one of them was even a rarely seen True Master with the lighting attribute, this was too unlucky.

With a flick of his wrist, the black bow appeared in XinFeng’s hands. Since it was tiring to chase, he opted to use the black bow, even if he couldn’t shoot him to death, it’ll still be bothersome for the masked practitioner.

The masked man ran madly, he knew he couldn’t hesitate in the slightest as if he were to falter, he would not be able to escape.


An arrow flew at the running masked man’s head.

That man did not dodge at all, instead he tilted his head, allowing the arrow to pass through his ear. XinFeng couldn’t help but curse, did this guy have eyes at the back of his head?

Annoyed, XinFeng shot out seven arrows in an instant.

That black masked man chose to use his weapon repeatedly, causing puffs of red flames to shoot out at the arrows aimed at him.

An exact amount of seven flames appeared, melting the steel arrows in an instant. In just that short amount of time, that fellow had already ran a few hundred meters, annoying XinFeng so much that he kept his bow and chose to chase.

“Bastard! Fucking stay still.”

XinFeng could not help but curse.

That black masked fellow did not reply at all as he ran as fast as he could, thinking in his mind, “Do you think I’m dumb enough to stay and chat with you? Run, I’ll run!” this was the only thought in his mind as he tried to escape this terrifying young man.

Laughing coldly, XinFeng spoke, “I’ll die if I let you escape!”

Hearing that, sweat poured from the black masked man’s body as he circulated his Lun Li, increasing his speed.

Then, there was the sound of thunder.

An electrical glow appeared from XinFeng’s body, in anger he had suddenly used a skill he wasn’t familiar with. It was a skill where one borrowed the trait of lighting, which is to teleport small distances. And accompanied by the sound of thunder, his body appeared a hundred meters away.

That masked man suddenly heard a curse behind him, “Fuck……how unlucky!”

XinFeng had thought that once was enough to reach the man, but who knew he only went a hundred meters. Using the skill once again, he cursed again, “Fuck, again!”

The black masked man was on the verge of pissing himself. With every curse of XinFeng, he felt as though XinFeng got closer. The original distance of a few hundred had decreased by half in two curses, what was this method of moving? Why was it so terrifying!

XinFeng continued chasing by using this skill three times, he wasn’t too familiar with this skill and with every use, he went about a hundred to two hundred meters. It wasn’t that this skill was useless, but he had to delay a bit before using it for time to breathe, and using that time the opponent could escape yet again, pulling the distance apart, driving XinFeng mad.

Actually, XinFeng was quite muddled at that point. With his cultivation, he could have just chased him normally instead of using this skill, and he would’ve long caught this fellow.

That black masked man’s heart thumped nonstop, he felt as though if he were to stop, he would die instantly, this crazy provocation made his speed increase yet again. It was like if a mortal had a tiger chasing behind him, his speed would increase substantially, when provoked, one’s speed could reach unimaginable heights.

Slowly, Xinfeng became familiar with the skill, and with the sound of thunder his silhouette flickered, then another sound had moved him about a few hundred meters, directly appearing ten meters behind the black masked man.

The black masked man was in the verge of crying, he had only hit XinFeng once, yet he was chased so relentlessly. This was too unfair, how could he be so wicked? He continued running, yet now, speed was not enough to shake XinFeng off. With a sound of thunder, he heard a shout, “I went too fucking far!” that terrifying shout came from the front, scaring the black masked man into turning.


Turning around, XinFeng noticed that black masked man jumping into the water. He was just wondering about why this fellow didn’t do so earlier, but now that he did, XinFeng followed him to the lakeside.

That black masked man revealed his head from the water, he had finally gotten away from that fellow, wondering why he didn’t just jump into the water earlier. Being chased by this fellow was like being chased by a dog. Seeing XinFeng, he was shocked to see a faint mocking smile on his face. He was not too far from shore and if the opponent were to attack, he would suffer. Diving into the water, he thought, “I’ll sink inside the water, what will you do then?”

XinFeng cheerfully laughed as he squatted down, he used to play a type of fishing game. He would electrify the fishes who would float upon being shocked. Of course, he only played the game twice because of how many lives one shock took.

Cheerfully submerging his hands into water, he sent a strong electrical current he noticed to be countless times stronger than the ones he gave off when he had played with the fishes.

In an instant, his arms waved a half a circle in the water creating an electric field around three hundred meters long, a semi-circle appeared on the lake with the radius of a hundred fifty meters.

Sending three shocks, XinFeng’s hands released the field. He believed that this kind of electric current was enough to break that black masked man’s defense.

I rate this fight 5/7, much intense very wow.

When I get really bored, I translate the chapters from the bottom for fun.

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