God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 1

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Book 7 Chapter 1: Mysterious Organization

That black masked fellow vigorously jumped from the water, trembling all over. His defense was pierced through by XinFeng, these three attacks were not something he could block, after all, the two of them were too far apart in cultivation. With his cultivation, he did not die but lost half of his life, and he merely laid in the water waiting for death.

XinFeng was shocked, he did not expect this fellow to still be able to move around. Surly with three shocks this fellow should’ve been knocked unconscious, yet he was able to jump out of the water.

“Hehe, interesting. Again! ”

XinFeng reached his hand into the water again, he was also muddled, if the black masked man were to jump out again he would be able to avoid the attack, but he habitually put his hands back into the water as he was used to doing during his time spent on the boat, he spread more electric currents, causing sparks to appear from the water’s surface, instantly creating a silver flower shaped pattern to appear in the water.

Ah!  Ah ah ah ah……

That masked man had a great voice, it was extremely piercing and had a high pitch, it went from low to high slowly, making a wonderful sound.

With a loud sound, the screaming stopped.

Jumping out, XinFeng stepped on the surface of the water, his strength and speed enough to keep himself above the water, and in two steps, he arrived next to the black masked fellow. He had already fainted thanks to the shock and had dropped into the lake, floating on the surface. Deftly grabbing him by the neck, XinFeng took another step and in a flash he had already reached the shore.

That masked fellow resembled a dead dog, his body covered with burn marks.

Bending over, XinFeng took off his mask. This was an old man with a white beard and wrinkled face. With XinFeng’s experiences, he had never met such a person. Though that man had an old man’s face, he had the body of a strong sturdy man. With the mask covering his face, he would undoubtedly be seen as a middle aged man.

The large boat was docked at the pier, and on the shore, other than the masked fellow, everyone was killed by Tanda. Even Wu Zhen had killed a few. These people were not strong at all, with Tanda’s strength, he easily dealt with them.

Dragging the black masked old man with him, XinFeng quickly returned to the pier. He asked, “How is it?”

Around Tanda were a lot of masked men as well, while most of them were in a corpse pile. He spoke, “I don’t know what they’re even thinking, they acted like madmen, it was impossible to save one. Ai, we got dragged into a fatal feud.”

Wu Zhen did not dare to speak. Though he had killed a few, thanks to his low level, he had never experienced such fights.

XinFeng spoke, “It’s not like we could have done nothing, getting dragged into this feud is better than dying for no reason. Hehe, since they irked us, we shouldn’t worry too much and just kill.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “How unreasonable, ai, this is my first time meeting these type of people, they didn’t even try to communicate when they met us, the simply chose to attack, how horrible.”

Tanda was more used to this, “It’s quite normal, they were prepared to wash this place with blood, it’s just that we happened to be here.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “There’s still two sail boats that sent signals, which this boat replied to. There will probably be experts coming our way.” he stared at the large boat in the middle of the lake with a bit of hesitation. Though an expert like XinFeng was here, he felt a lot of warning bells. The opponents were very strong, and they were unknown in number as well. If one of them were to occupy XinFeng, Wu Shen would be killed without knowing even how he died.

Hiding in this world was very easy, if one wanted to hide then perhaps for their entire life they would not need to worry about being found, not only was this world huge, its population was proportionate as well, it was extremely easy to hide somewhere. However, such a life was not what XinFeng wanted, coming to this world with the ability to cultivate, he wanted to be ambitious. It was like how people in his past world wanted wealth, happiness or a good life.

Therefore, XinFeng wanted to fight. The dangers it had was different from a life in seclusion, he wanted to experience battles where strength was everything. He wanted to gain strength to make a living away from home, to obtain the things he wanted. This time, he came out to find someone, enough of a reason for him to fight.

Tanda spoke, “Do we go over?”

XinFeng laughed bitterly, “We’re here to find someone, but it became a rescue mission. If we don’t go……what would happen? Right, do you have anyone as useful as him? If there is, we’ll leave……” He couldn’t be bothered anymore, fighting for a stranger gave him a headache. He only wanted to find someone, not fight, if it weren’t for the enemy attacking them first, he wouldn’t have fought an unknown influential force.

Tanda laughed bitterly, “No one……ai, my meeting with him was purely coincidental, as a True Milun master amongst the true masters, I’m far from influential, even if I was willing to meet stronger true masters, they weren’t.

XinFeng nodded. He understood such logic, only people of similar social standing could band together, like how people of his past life did, at this place, a true Milun master would not be able to join a circle of experts with fourth or fifth True Ring bodies easily.

Wu Zhen spoke, “Are we still going?” he truly did not want to go, and killing strangers was a strange concept to him.

Actually, XinFeng did not want to go either, so did Tanda. But Tanda was in no position to say no, so he could only wait for XinFeng to make a choice since he was the leader. Tanda lifted his head, “Are we going?”

XinFeng was not dumb enough to not know what these two were thinking. Since he did not want to go either, he nodded, “Let’s go!” there were still other chances to find people, but once they involved themselves in a massacre, they would suffer.

Looking at the captives on the floor, Wu Zhen asked, “What about them?”

XinFeng hesitated before speaking, “Never mind. Just leave them, if they can’t appreciate this then forget it.”

Tanda spoke, “What if they don’t?”

XinFeng laughed, “Then if they come to fight, I’ll kill them all the way to their homes!”

Tanda and Wu Zhen both obviously sighed in relief as XinFeng turned to leave. After just three steps, Tanda’s voice could be heard, “Ai, it seems we won’t be able to leave.”

XinFeng turned around to see two large sail boats coming their way swiftly. The large boat that already escaped to the middle of the lake had also inched closer slowly, not daring to get too close.

Tanda laughed bitterly, “This two large boats should contain some experts.”

XinFeng knew that escaping at this time may not be successful, but even if they ran, these people would most likely chase them. Therefore, he did not feel like running anymore. He was strong enough to fight, but once he ran, he would lose all his gathered momentum, something incredibly stupid to do.

Wu Zhen spoke, “People are coming from behind as well!”

A group of mask wearing men came from the street. XinFeng cursed, “Fuck, they’re still lingering here, to actually have reinforcements. It seems that we won’t be able to return now, hehe, let’s just kill!“ he had a burning fire in his heart that appeared every time he prepared himself to kill, giving him the desire to kill, multiplying his madness and courage.

Tanda spoke, “They’re all thousand and Milun masters, the rest are all hundred Lun masters. It’s fine, leave it to me. Wu Zhen, you be careful and protect yourself.” he did not need Wu Zhen to fight, he just needed him to preserve his life and not be a burden.

Wu Zhen nodded, “Alright, I’ll hide there……and when you two win, I’ll come out.” his face was slightly flushed but he understood that just by not burdening them, he was already contributing his best.

XinFeng nodded, “Okay, I’ll leave the people behind to you, Wu Zhen, you hide yourself well.”

Wu Zhen turned and ran towards a burnt house, hiding inside. He was very clear that if the fight ensued, he wouldn’t be found, but after XinFeng and Tanda lost, he would not be able to escape with just a bit of investigating from the other party, he could only hope for XinFeng and Tanda to win.

Tanda headed to that group of people from the street. There were about twenty practitioners, the strongest amongst them a Milun master. To a True master like him, a Milun master was nothing to him, but of course, a True Milun master had to be careful when dealing with such a group of people. Therefore, he charged up and immediately started killing mercilessly.

Blood and flesh flew in the air as they group of people understood in an instant. Someone immediately shouted, “A true master! A true master!” as Tanda killed four people in one go, he killed all of their courage. Killing them was a simple task for a true master expert, especially since there just thousand and hundred Lun masters.

XinFeng only glanced at them once before calming himself, these people were no threat to Tanda. He turned to the two large boats and silently waited.

He should just go, “Pikachu!” and send a lightning bolt into the lake.

Also, I apologize but the siblings meet at book 13, I had seen wrongly.

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