God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 19

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Book 6 Chapter 19: Fight Begins

It was hilarious to XinFeng. Just by scanning them with his eyes he could tell their cultivation. The strongest amongst them were only a Milun master, something of no threat to him. To his cultivation, anything below true master was just nothing to him, no matter how many of them were present, they wouldn’t be able to defeat his defense.

When closing upon them, that Milun master instantly shouted, “Fight!”

Countless fire sparks, gold and silver lights shined as everyone used all of their abilities, exhausting their Lun Yi to their maximum potential as they used their strongest attack in attempt to defeat the opponent.

A pity that they were too weak.

An electric glow shined on XinFeng’s body as he walked over normally, his steel spear rose in the air as a slight smile appeared on his face as he spoke indifferently, “It’s useless!”

Amongst the cacophony of sounds, XinFeng’s voice could easily be heard.

All kinds of attacks surrounded XinFeng, but before the crowd could cheer, his voice was heard, even the sounds of all those attacks couldn’t drown him out. At that instant, that Milun master’s face became as pale as ashes. He instantly understood that XinFeng was definitely a True Master expert, only a true master could be so calm.

In an instant with a flash, a ball of lightning appeared from XinFeng’s hands. This was his first time he used his abilities after becoming a Great True Lun Yin master.

A lightning bolt as thick as a bucket pierced through the formation and dispersed, causing all eighty of them to start trembling without exception, puffs of green smoke appearing from their body.

Only when XinFeng was ready to start killing with his spear did he realize that with just this electric current, he had actually already killed everyone. Every single one of them had been chard the color ash. The results were far from his expectations, it seemed that it was a bit too powerful.

After a moment of silence, XinFeng understood that once someone became a true master, especially after becoming a Great True Lun Yin master, they could easily summon strength with a wave of their hand. It was no wonder that the fight between Qi Mei Yun and Yin Yao had killed tens of thousands of people, they didn’t meant to do so, it was really just the ripples of their fight.

XinFeng did not regret anything, shaking his head slightly, he waved his spear and produced wind that easily destroyed the bodies into ashes, leaving only the smallest of marks behind. The lightning bolt had actually disintegrated even the bones of those people. Perhaps without this strong wind, then those bodies would still be there, but with just the smallest of touches, it would be destroyed regardless.

With a flick of his wrist, the steel spear disappeared from his hands as he walked away.

At the pier, XinFeng asked, “So how is it? Are they still killing at shore?”

Tanda spoke, “They still are, those large boats dispersed, only one boat came this way.”

XinFeng spoke, “Are they here to deal with this part of the lake?”

Tanda spoke “Seems so, they’re heading towards our pier.”

Looking at the lake, a large sail boat was indeed heading their way, riding on the waves. This boat was rather big, much bigger than the sail boats at Hui She Kou Ji he had seen last time, without money or influence, it was impossible to have such a large boat. He spoke, “They want to destroy this pier.”

Wu Zhen spoke, “Let’s retreat.”

XinFeng did not reject him this time. He did not know the opponents’ strength and did not want to start killing randomly, just as he was about to nod his head, a fireball shot up at the sky from the small village, exploding in a sky like fireworks and could be seen from afar

Tanda could not help but curse, “Bastard, there’s still one alive!” he turned towards the origin of the signal and ran.

Within a minute, Tanda returned and spoke, “We’ll have to kill, it’s impossible to leave.”

Many of the people on the boat ran to the front and pointed at the pier. XinFeng nodded, “It’s impossible to leave, since we’re fated to stay, then let’s stay.”

Wu Zhen smiled bitterly, “Fuck, these bastards don’t know that they’ll get to live after we leave.”

Tanda spoke, “Alright, it seems that we have bad luck, getting into this mess when we’re just trying to find someone. Ai, it’s all because of me……if I hadn’t thought of Hugo, we wouldn’t have got into this mess.”

XinFeng shook his head, “We already ran into them, there’s nothing to blame.”

The mortals on the boats were terrified. XinFeng spoke, “Stop hiding in the boats and come up, escape from the town, there’s no one left in there that will kill you.”

Wu Zhen also loudly shouted, “Run, staying in the lake will only cause you to lose your life after the large boat gets here.”

Hesitating for only a brief moment, the people on the boats understood that XinFeng was right. They would only die if they stayed here. Immediately, all of them started to head towards the town in groups.

There were also a few of them who couldn’t bear to leave their small boats behind and started escaping forwards.

XinFeng shook his head, he knew that the most dangerous place was the lake. With the opponent’s speed, to them, the speed of the small boats was like the crawl of a turtle. But XinFeng chose to keep silent, this was their choice, he had reminded them earlier out of the compassion he had from his last life, he had not wanted to see innocent people killed without the ability to fight back.

Quickly, the pier became empty, the only boats left did not have an operator.

The three of them stood on the platform, they all knew that running was useless since the opponent had a lot of men, they would probably chase them, not that they were afraid, after all they only had to fight.

The only way practitioners settled problems was through violence, very rarely would they peacefully solve it. They would rely on their strength to suppress the other side, and if the other party was capable they would return it with violence. However, if the other side had a lot of influence, then the practitioners could only run.

If they had equal strength, then the killing could go on up to a hundred years. Practitioners were extremely cruel people, but this was also a reason why many of them chose to hide in villages and become land owners, practitioners with ordinary strength would want to escape to isolated villages after meeting with such cruel killing, causing the knowledge of cultivation to spread.

XinFeng had slowly come to understand the cruelty of this world, this one massacre and the battle of his two senior sisters last time had allowed him to know that mortals were nothing in this world. Cheering silently in his heart, he was grateful he could cultivate and even had great potential, or he would not have known how to survive here. It was too scary.

Within five minutes, the large sail boat reached the pier. Wu Zhen could not help but say, “Good heavens, this boat is huge!”

The front of the boat was filled with practitioners, each of them equipped with a weapon as they glared at the three of them on the pier.

The two parties only had a hundred meters between them, and XinFeng could clearly see all of them. They were all low leveled practitioners, the strongest amongst them being a Milun master. There wasn’t a single True master. He could not help but feel disappointed, “There isn’t a true master!” he now knew that low leveled practitioners couldn’t withstand his attacks, this battle was uninteresting to him.

If he wanted to fight, he would fight those that were strong to improve himself. Silently thinking, XinFeng felt that he had become rather abnormal, perhaps because of this world, as well as because of his cultivation in the lightning attribute, he usually could not control himself upon being enraged. He did not know whether it was good or not, but he did remember that the old man Lei Bao once said that once they could learn to control themselves, they could improve.

Therefore, XinFeng did his best in controlling his emotions, something he did well thanks to the influence from his personality from his past life. It had helped him control his anger multiple times, and as he killed, he would slowly calm himself.

Just like this time, he was enraged at the side of practitioners killing mortals, but after some killing, he became calm and controlled himself. XinFeng had a fear of himself, he was afraid that his anger would destroy himself.

As he controlled his emotions, XinFeng spoke, “Tanda, there isn’t a true master expert, I’ll leave this boat to you, if there’s any, leave them to me. Right, Wu Zhen, you can just spectate, there’s no need for you to fight.”

Wu Zhen nodded, “Yes!” he was only a thousand Lun master, he would probably die joining the fight, so if he could, he would avoid doing so.

Tanda was in a bit of a difficult situation, as there were too many people on the large boat, at least a hundred on the deck and probably more in the cabin, but XinFeng actually chose to leave him to handle this. He felt a pain in his head, he wasn’t someone that enjoyed killing, it was just that at this situation, he could only choose to do so.  He nodded, “Alright, leave it to me.”

The three of them waited for the boat to come.

Those on the boat had already started to feel uneasy, closing into the town they realized that the people they sent to the town were nowhere to be seen, the town was completely empty, in flames as pillars of black smoke puffed out of it. Sounds of cracking were heard nonstop as well as the collapse of houses, and the only ones they saw were the three of them on the pier.

The killings continued on the lake, but the strange tranquility present on the pier was unsettling to those on the boat, and immediately, someone went to report it to the cabin.

Just as the distance between the pier and the boat closed to fifty meters, a sturdy looking man appeared at the front of the boat, wearing a black mask, causing XinFeng to straighten his back as he spoke, “Leave that guy to me!”

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